Hanging for the Borensterns

A prequel to the story An Eager Slut Dances For Them. The following is a brief excerpt…

Good afternoon, folks. You must be the Johnsons. My name is Simone. Welcome to the company home. This is where our encounter will be taking place.

Take a look over in that corner over there. That’s right; that’s the noose you’ll be using to hang me with. I know full well how this is going to end for me. Why do you think I picked you out of all the applications that were sent in?

You see, I’ve been fantasizing about hanging ever since I saw the video from my friend Sheila’s encounter with the Borensterns. They fucked her good and then enjoyed noosing her up and watching her hang. She really kicked and suffered; I could tell from the video. The company has video cameras hidden everywhere in this room, so don’t worry. You’ll get a great video sent to you of the time we spend together today.

Do you know how many times I’ve masturbated to Sheila’s video? Do you know how many times I was tempted to put in a call to the Borensterns and ask them to come hang me? It’s a hell of a thing to have the urge to be strangled to death in the noose, folks. But that’s my desire.

Do you want to know another reason why? It’s because of the way the Borensterns enjoyed my friend Sheila’s hanging. You should have seen how hard Mr. Borenstern’s cock was when she was kicking her life away! And Mrs. Borenstern? She was really rubbing herself like crazy. Her nipples were really hard; I could tell!

And when you’re done with me? I expect you to take me over to that chair over there and loop that noose around my neck. I expect you to cinch it up tight and take all the slack out of it. I expect you to admire me for a little bit as I stand on my toes gasping for breath. And then I expect to step off the chair into eternity.

Hanging for the Borensterns

“How do you feel, darling?”

“I’m excited as hell. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I suppose I am. It’s just that…”


“We’re not at the Club is all. This feels more…”

“…intimate? Yes, it does. A private location outside of town? It sure is pretty with the woods out back.”

“Who do you think we’re getting?”

“I have no idea. I just hope she’s pretty.”

“I’m sure she will be.”

”But I’m a little concerned.”

“About what?”

“About who we’re getting.”

“What do you mean?”

“The girls out in line are usually taking their chances, you know? Most of them don’t want to die. Oh, they’ll take a gamble just to get inside. It’s just that… well, you know. They’re not all that eager once they find themselves facing the noose or the blade.”

“And you want someone who is?”

“It’s fun to scare the shit out of some of those bitches. And I do enjoy hanging a girl with fear in her eyes. I think it makes her more animated in the noose… puts on a better show, you know? Still… just once I think I’d like to have one who’s one hundred percent willing.”

“The Club assured us they have someone who is precisely that: one hundred percent willing.”

“Do you believe them?”

“In this instance I do, Beverlee. They told us a girl volunteered once she found out we were the ones who won the yearly Club snuff raffle. We get to execute her in their private setting out here without all those noisy machines or all those eager voyeurs watching the Entertainment stage with us.”

“You really think they got someone who’s totally willing?”

“Would it bother you that much if she wasn’t?”

“Not really. I’d just revert to my cruel bitch persona and gleefully snuff her slutty ass. It’s just that… well… it would be… different if she was totally willing. That would make it… special somehow.”

“I think it will be, darling. After all; today’s your birthday. I think they deliberately scheduled the execution to fall on your birthday.”

“Yes, I think they did. That sure was sweet of them. Watching a woman hang to death is probably the best birthday present I could ever receive.”

“Do you hear yourself?? You sound positively ghoulish and inhuman.”

“I can’t help it. I’ve been to that damned Club too many times. You know how I like to witness executions. But they are often so spontaneous that it’s much too late for us to be called and then rush over in time to watch one on the Entertainment Stage. So we have to settle for witnessing them live on the Internet.”

“Not today, darling. Today you get to watch her hang just for us… up close and personal.”

She smiled at him as she lifted her hands up. “You think I can kill anyone with these, Doug?? My gawd; I’m shaking like a leaf! And I’m wet as hell!”

“You probably won’t have to lift a finger, darling. I’m betting she’s going to do most of the work for us.”

“Do you really think so? My gawd; I can’t wait any longer!”

“Then we’d better get inside and snuff the sexy bitch, hadn’t we? Happy birthday, darling.” And with that he kissed her before shutting off the engine as they’d been idling in the parking lot during their conversation.

They got out of the vehicle and walked up to the door. There was a placard on a metal stand next to the entrance. IN APPRECIATION OF YOUR PATRONAGE AT OUR CLUB. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MRS. BORENSTERN.

They stopped right in front of the door. Mrs. Borenstern paused to fan herself. Then Mr. Borenstern pushed the buzzer.

The door opened up within a few seconds. An attendant familiar to the both of them smiled pleasantly. “Happy birthday, Mrs. Borenstern. Welcome to your private little snuff party. Come on in.”

“Nicole! What a pleasure to see you here!”

“I wanted to be here special for you. We at the Club want you to know how much we appreciate the two of you.”

The two women hugged warmly. Then Nicole escorted them inside, closing the door behind them. She paused a moment before grasping Beverlee’s hand.

“My, but you’re trembling.”

“I’m excited. I can’t help it. I could use a drink.”

“Here; let me get you something. Have a seat.”

There were a couple of ornate, cushioned chairs sitting in front of a desk. They both sat down as Nicole slipped into a small alcove where they heard the clinking of ice into glasses. About a minute later she came back out and handed them each a drink.

Mrs. Borentsern downed hers in one gulp. “Delicious,” she smiled. “I think the tremors are subsiding a little.”

“Can I get you folks anything else? Would you like to stay out here for a bit?”

“No – no,” Beverlee said as she stood up. “I know you’re busy people. You went to a lot of trouble to set this up for us. I think I’m ready to get this show on the road.”

“Oh, no trouble at all, Mrs. Borenstern. If you’re eager to get on with it, she’s waiting for you in the back room. It’s right down the hall.”

“Thank you, Nicole.”

“Oh, it’s my pleasure, Mrs. Borenstern.”

They hugged again. Then the excited couple headed down the hall. They heard the attendant call after them, “Enjoy the execution!”

“Thank you, Nicole! We certainly will!”

“You ok darling?” he asked as they headed for the waiting door.

“I’m feeling much better… no, wait… oh damn; I’m getting all excited again.” He just chuckled at his eager wife.

They reached the door where Doug Borenstern knocked twice. It swung right open. Beverlee’s eyes flew open in astonishment.

“Sheila? Ohmygawd; it’s you??” Her husband was equally surprised.

“It certainly is, Mrs. Borenstern.” The young woman in the skimpy Club attendant uniform smiled happily as they hugged warmly.

“I can’t… I can’t believe it’s… what are YOU doing here?”

“I heard about what the Club was doing for you and your husband, Mrs. Borenstern. And I knew today was your birthday. I just couldn’t help myself. You know how fond I am of you both.”

“I… I can’t believe it, honey! You’re… but you’re an attendant!”

“And you and Mr. Borenstern are my favorite clients. You know that.”

“Oh my goodness! You know we love fucking that sexy, nubile body of yours whenever you’re available!”

“And you know how much I love licking orgasms out of you, Mrs. Borenstern.”

“Oh, honey. Those have been some of the best ever!”

The attendant blushed at the complement. “I’m glad to know I’ve treated you so well, Mrs. Borenstern. All I know is you two have been so good to me with your tips as well as the orgasms you have given me.”

Beverlee looked all around the room. That’s when she noticed a corner mostly covered in red sheeting. A plain wooden chair quietly sat beneath a thick, white noose.

“That’s where it’s going to happen?” she gasped in awe, pointing at the corner. Her husband and the attendant both looked in the direction she was gesturing.

“Why?” Sheila asked with concern. “It’s not satisfactory?”

“Oh no, honey; it’s just fine. It’s just that…”

She paused as she shook her head. Then she leaned forward and quietly asked, “Honey, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“I’m not sure of anything right now,” the young woman laughed nervously. Then she smiled as she told them, “But you two mean so much to me. I want this day to be special.”

She smiled warmly at them as she told them, “Of course I’m sure. I really want to do this for you. It’s just that…”

She paused for a moment before explaining how she felt. “It’s just that I’ve never hanged before… never even had my head in a noose or been lifted up off the ground. I don’t know what it’s going to feel like. I’m afraid my dance may not be as… erotic… as some of the other hangings you’ve witnessed.”

Beverlee’s husband looked at her with compassion. “Sheila, we don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“But I want to do this for you, Mr. Borenstern. I have a good idea what you’re looking for in a gasper. After all, I’ve witnessed several hangings myself. So I hope I’ve picked up a few pointers along the way. I want to give you a good, satisfying dance. If anything, I guess I’m worried I might disappoint you.”

“Oh honey. You could never disappoint us!”

“I certainly hope not, Mrs. Borenstern. You can see I picked out a rope that’s nice and thick. I hope to last several minutes before I go. And since I’m what you’d call a newbie to the rope, I hope my dance is raw, original and erotically painful.”

“Honey, are you sure about this?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Borenstern. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my entire life. I really want to hang for you folks today.”

“Oh honey. I don’t know what to say.” And with that Beverlee deeply kissed the young woman.

Sheila returned the kiss as they embraced. They began to hump each other as they moaned into each other’s mouth. Beverlee reached around to squeeze the sexy attendant’s ass as Sheila reached between them to rub the excited woman’s crotch through her skirt.

Beverlee moaned as she kissed the young woman hard. Then they breathlessly pulled apart. Sheila smiled shyly at her.

“It feels like you’re getting excited, Mrs. Borenstern. You feel a little damp down there.”

“Gawd, baby; you have no idea! I’ve been thinking about this all morning. I was trembling so much I had to let Doug do all the driving.”

“You’re really looking forward to this, aren’t you.”

“Oh my goodness; yes! It’s just that… we had no idea it was going to be you! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be you!”

“You don’t feel bad it’s going to be me, do you?”

“Oh, Sheila. I don’t know what to think.”

Beverlee was all breathless again. Sheila tenderly kissed her lips once more as she lifted the woman’s skirt and rubbed the lacy panties. They felt soaked.

Mrs. Borenstern moaned as she humped against the hand that was teasing her. The attendant kissed her harder as she fingered the panties aggressively. Beverlee finally pulled away, trying to fan herself.

“Gawd, baby; you make me so wet!”

“Are you looking forward to hanging me, Mrs. Borenstern? I want you to enjoy my hanging, you know.”

“I don’t… I don’t know how I feel at this moment. I mean… you’re so special to us and all; you mean so much to us. We always look forward to our visits, hoping it’s your shift whenever we show up. I’m not sure if I… I mean if we want…” She paused as though uncertain.

Sheila smiled as she asked, “Have you ever talked about it before… between the two of you? Hanging me, I mean. Have you ever talked about what it would be like if you got me pregnant and had to hang me?”

Beverlee looked at her husband who had taken up a comfortable chair and was smiling as he watched them fondling each other. “Well… there was that one time; right Doug?” she replied sheepishly. “You got that girl pregnant we took in from the line outside. She put up such a fuss that Monique came to our room, took us all to a private snuff room and helped us hang that bitch personally, remember?”

“I remember, darling. As I recall she didn’t want to hang. Monique kept explaining the situation to her. But she acted as though the rules didn’t apply to her… or that they shouldn’t apply to her.”

“I think I remember seeing a video of that hanging,” Sheila mused as she continued gently rubbing Mrs. Borenstern’s panties with her fingers. “She certainly fought the noose all the way.”

“Gawd, that was such an erotic hanging,” Beverlee breathed. “Her nipples were so hard… her pussy all red and wet. Her clit was swollen as though she was turned on despite her terror. She fought so hard… kicked and fought so hard.” The woman was becoming breathless at the memory of the event.

Sheila breathed softly as she continued to rub the breathless woman’s crotch. “Would you like me to fight like that for you, Mrs. Borenstern? Would you like to see fear in my eyes? There’s probably going to be some anxiety on my part anyway once the noose tightens. I probably won’t be able to stop myself from being a little scared. And my body might very well fight against the noose. But if it’s going to turn you on even more, then you know how much I want to do it for you.”

“Well, that’s just it, Sheila. I was asking Doug after we hanged that girl how he would feel if he somehow got you pregnant. I wanted to know what he thought about it. He said you liked us so much you would probably hang willingly and would want to put on a good show for us.”

“Oh I do, Mrs. Borenstern.” She paused with a smile before quietly asking, “So it’s true then? You’ve thought about hanging me? Does the thought excite you?”

“Gawd yes, Sheila. I’m ashamed to admit this. But yes… yes, it excites me. I couldn’t help imagining your dance, picturing you fighting the noose, the possibility of you having an orgasm as your face turns red.”

“And now here we are,” the attendant murmured as she affectionately worked the woman out of her blouse.

“Sheila, I never thought it would be you. I never wanted you to get pregnant by us. I was… I guess I was afraid my thoughts would be like… bad karma for you.”

“But here I am anyway,” she breathed softly as she worked on the excited woman’s lacy bra. A few more seconds and it fell away as well.

“Yes, here you are,” Beverlee murmured breathlessly. “I’m almost sorry.” Mrs. Borenstern appeared to be embarrassed.

“Almost sorry? But why? Didn’t you want it to be me? When you found out you’d won the raffle, didn’t you hope it would be me?”

“Oh, of course not, honey! You’re our favorite and we love you! We love playing with you at the Club. Why we…”

“Darling?” Doug asked quietly, giving his wife a strange look as though seeing right through her. “Ever since we won, whenever I asked who you thought we might get, you always answered hesitantly before saying you were open to anyone. But I always got the impression you had someone in mind whose name you refused to share with me.”

“Oh honey. You know I was open to anyone.”

“But you had someone in mind, didn’t you. I think you had someone in mind, but you never told me.”

“Oh darling. Please don’t do this. I already feel bad enough as it is.”

“Why do you feel bad, Mrs. Borenstern? Don’t feel bad.”

“I feel bad, Sheila, because I was… I was thinking about who I wanted… and my thoughts may have condemned someone… you know… like those words ‘be careful what you wish for’?”

“Don’t be silly, Mrs. Borenstern. Your thoughts didn’t have anything to do with my volunteering.”

“Honey, are you saying you were hoping it was Sheila here?”

“Oh darling; I can’t! It’s… it’s not right!”

“Mrs. Borenstern? Were you hoping it was me you were going to be hanging today?” Sheila gently fondled the woman’s breasts as she slowly worked the skirt down off her legs.

Beverlee lowered her head in shame. “I feel… I feel so guilty.”

“Do you know how turned on I am knowing you want to hang me?”

Sheila took a nipple into her mouth and lovingly sucked on it as she rubbed Mrs. Borenstern’s panties. Beverlee writhed as she moaned softly. Then Doug smiled knowingly at his wife.

“So that explains why you reacted the way you did when she opened the door for us. Sheila is the one you wanted to hang all along; right, honey? Are you saying now you feel guilty about it?”

“Oh honey. I sort of feel bad it’s you. But I also feel bad because I’m so excited it’s you. I had this idea in my mind I was going to, well… throw myself into this one… especially since it’s going to be so personal.”

“Throw yourself into it, Mrs. Borenstern? In what way?” Now the panties were coming down.

“I was going to… be a little bit mean to you, honey.”

“Oh, Mrs. Borenstern. Do you know how aroused I am right now, knowing how much you want to hang me? Do you know how excited I am knowing you’re all turned on at the idea of getting to watch me dance in the air for your sexual pleasure? You can do whatever you want to me. Call me anything you want to call me. I just want to make this hanging special for you. I’ll do my best to channel any anxieties I feel into making this an erotic hanging for you.”

“Oh Sheila, you sexy bitch! Get over here!”

By now the attendant had her naked except for her heels. Beverlee was trembling so bad she could hardly stand. The comfortable chair behind her certainly seemed strategically placed.

She grabbed Sheila by a handful of hair as she fell back into it, dragging her with her. The attendant ended up on her knees with her face mashed between Beverlee’s legs. “Eat my cunt, baby! Eat my cunt before it’s time for us to hang your sexy ass!”

The attendant moaned as her tongue flicked out, her face mashed into the crotch of her favorite customer. Mrs. Borenstern held her head firmly in place, gasping for breath as she panted, “Yes, damn you! I’m so hot right now! Eat me, you sexy bitch! I can’t wait to hang your ass!”

Sheila moaned as her tongue lashed out. Then she nibbled on that swollen clit with her lips. Beverlee gasped and moaned…

“I feel so… I can’t hardly believe… oh fuck! Sweetheart, I can’t believe I’m actually going to watch you… oh fuck!”

Sheila moaned as Mrs. Borenstern shuddered hard in orgasm. Doug sat back and watched the erotic display while touching his bulge. “Damn!” he chuckled. “That didn’t take long. Sheila, you know my wife so very well.”

“It turns me on so much when she cums, Mr. Borenstern.” Then Sheila went back to licking and nibbling and tonguing.

“Oh fuck… oh gawd… shit! I’m so… oh fuck! Doug, it feels… darling, I can’t stop thinking…”

“You’re thinking how she’s going to hang for you; aren’t you, darling.”

“Oh fuck; yes! I’m thinking… how she’s going to swing and… FUCK!”

This time Beverlee let fly with her fluids. Sheila got a faceful, but she never let up. Doug had to open his pants for comfort, removing his erect cock and stroking it from the eroticism of it all.

Beverlee winced as she stiffened again. She cried out, “Ohmygawd; she’s gonna fucking hang for us, Doug!” Then she screamed a third orgasm, her body so highly aroused she couldn’t think straight.

She came down from her plateau, begging for a break. She caught sight of her husband sitting there with his cock in his hand. “Go suck his dick!” she panted, pointing in his direction.

Sheila turned and crawled over on her hands and knees. She wasted no time kissing and licking the shaft, making it twitch with her mouth and tongue. Her eyes twinkled merrily as she took him between her lips.

He gasped and sighed as she eagerly bobbed up and down on it. “Honey, she’s… fuck, she’s just as good as the last time we saw her!” Sheila moaned happily into the cock in her mouth as she redoubled her efforts.

“That slut deserves to hang!” Beverlee gasped excitedly.

She got down on the floor and crawled over to join them. When she got there she started groping, pawing and undressing the horny attendant. Sheila moaned again at the excitement of this couple enjoying her body before experiencing the pleasure of watching her swing.

“Slut… whore… suck it!” Mrs. Borenstern forced Sheila’s head onto her husband’s cock until it was buried in her mouth up to the hilt. She rasped and gurgled as she started to gag and moan. “Can’t breathe?” Beverlee gasped with sadistic glee. “The noose is going to feel a hundred times worse, baby!”

Sheila moaned with a mouthful of cock. It was getting hard to breathe. Her face was taking on a distinct reddish tint.

Mrs. Borenstern roughly pulled her off her husband’s cock. She threw her onto the floor, having removed all her clothes. She vigorously rubbed the attendant’s crotch, calling her all sorts of names just for sucking her husband’s dick.

“Slut… whore… I’m going to enjoy watching you hang, bitch!” Sheila gasped and whimpered, her nipples incredibly erect as her pussy lips began to swell.

“Whore…you like that? You fucking like that? You fucking like the idea of hanging for us?” Then Beverlee thrust her fingers into Sheila’s wet cunt and began fucking her hard.

“Fuck!” the aroused attendant cried out. That’s when Mrs. Borenstern wrapped a hand around her throat and choked her hard. “You’re going to get more of that when the noose takes your breath away, bitch!”

Sheila let out a garbled cry as her face turned red again. She stiffened before letting out a grunt. Then she was cumming hard.

Beverlee gasped with sadistic delight at witnessing the orgasm before letting go of the attendant’s throat. “You see this, Doug? See how she cums? You see how bad the bitch wants it? You want my husband’s dick before you hang, don’t you bitch!”

“Oh Mrs. Borenstern!” Sheila gasped deliriously as she was pulled back up onto her knees. Then she was forced to suck his dick again, taking it all the way down her throat.

“Doug, I’m so… fuck, I’m so hot right now! I shouldn’t… oh fuck; I’m so hot!” Then Beverlee cruelly made the attendant gag on his dick, moaning her excitement at forcing the young woman.

She pulled Sheila off his cock again, throwing her back onto the floor. Beverlee paused to catch her breath as the breathless attendant panted heavily. “Gawd, honey! I shouldn’t… but I want… I really want to hang you!”

“Oh Mrs. Borentstern!”

“Slut! Noose-whore!” Then Beverlee was violently finger-fucking the young woman all over again.

Sheila stiffened before crying out once more in orgasm. The whole damned thing was such a turn-on. She was doubly aroused knowing Mrs. Borenstern was so eager to hang her despite her feelings of attachment for her.

“Get over here, Doug!” his wife demanded. “Get over here and fuck her brains out!”

Her husband needed no further urging, considering how stiff his member had become. Now that his clothes were off he all but dived onto the sexy, naked attendant lying on the floor. In moments his cock was deep inside her as he pounded her hard.

“Fuck her – fuck her – fuck her! Then she’s gonna HANG!” That’s when Beverlee gleefully wrapped her hands around the young woman’s throat again.

Sheila rasped and shuddered as Mr. Borenstern fucked her hard. She was awash in a sea of fiery arousal. She wasn’t sure anything but a good hanging would ultimately put it out.

Her face turned red as Mrs. Borenstern choked her. “How’s it feel, bitch? Can’t breathe? The noose is going to do more to you than that… so much more!” Then the crazed woman choked her harder.

Sheila got to the point where she couldn’t breathe at all. It brought out a natural fear within her. But she tried to remind herself it was all for this sexy woman on her birthday.

“Fuck her, darling! Cum inside her! I want your cum leaking out of her cunt while she hangs!” Then he thrust hard with a cry as his balls started emptying inside the asphyxiated young woman.

Sheila let out a clipped cry. Then she shuddered hard in orgasm. She was on the verge of passing out before Mrs. Borenstern finally let go of her throat.

The sexy attendant gasped for breath, moaning weakly. Beverlee started to crawl back to her chair. But she grabbed the young woman by a handful of hair and dragged her over before sitting down and mashing her face into her cunt, telling her she wanted another orgasm before they hanged her.

Sheila’s strength returned as she dutifully licked and sucked. Despite her recent asphyxiations she never missed a beat. Then she felt Mr. Borenstern’s face from behind as he tongued her ass.

She grunted and moaned as she made Beverlee gasp and cry out. “Fuck, I don’t know how you… however did you learn how to… oh fuck, baby! I’m going to enjoy hanging you so much!”

“Oh Mrs. Borenstern!” Sheila panted excitedly. Then she dove into the woman’s muff, licking and slurping for all she was worth as the husband thrust his fingers in and out of her cunt.

Beverlee went off with a loud cry, orgasming right into the sexy attendant’s face. Sheila gave off a muffled scream a few moments later as Mr. Borenstern finger-fucked another orgasm out of her. Then the ladies panted wildly to catch their breath.

“Fuck, that was… ohmygawd! That was incredible, baby! You haven’t lost your touch!”

“I’m so pleased you liked it, Mrs. Borenstern.”

“Let me catch my breath. Then I think it’s time… it’s…” That’s when Beverlee’s enthusiasm ebbed a little, still not entirely certain she wanted to hang their favorite attendant.

“Time to hang me, Mrs. Borenstern? That’s ok; that’s why I’m here. You have no idea how hot it makes me knowing you both want to watch me swing. I’m so turned on I don’t think anything but a good hanging will put my fire out.”

“Oh baby!” and Mrs. Borenstern pulled the attendant toward her, kissing her fiercely.

After they pulled apart, Sheila slowly stood up. “I’m ready, Mrs. Borenstern,” she said in a trembling voice. “…that is, unless you want to fuck me some more. Do you want me to give you another orgasm before we do this?”

“Honey, I think I’m all orgasmed out for the moment.” Beverlee sounded hesitant again.

“Then I’m ready to give you your birthday present, Mrs. Borenstern.”

“Oh honey, are you sure?”

Sheila smiled as she took the woman by the hand and pulled her to her feet. She led her over to the noose above the chair. Then she kissed her one last time before murmuring, “I’m ready to hang for you, Mrs. Borenstern.”

Beverlee turned toward her husband. “Oh Doug. I don’t know if I can…” But she couldn’t finish her thought.

“She wants to do this for us, darling. Isn’t that right, Sheila?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Borenstern. I can’t think of anything more exciting than knowing it will turn you on so much watching me hang to death.” Then she hesitantly climbed the chair, trembling as her nerves got to her a little.

“Oh, Doug! I’m just not sure!”

“You want to hang her; don’t you, darling?”

“Of course I do! I can’t help myself. But… it’s like she’s family, Doug! It’s like she’s our daughter!”

“You want to watch her hang; right?”

“Well… yes I do. It’s just that…”

“Then enjoy hanging our ‘daughter’, darling.”

“Yes, Mrs. Borenstern. Nothing would please me more than for you to enjoy watching me hang for you.”

“Oh, Sheila!”

The young woman reached up and took the noose into her hand. She slowly looped it around her throat, quivering as it touched her flesh. Then she snugged it up tight, causing her to inhale sharply.

Beverlee panted breathlessly at the erotic sight of the sexy attendant wearing the noose. Instinctively she began kissing her naked body all over. Mrs. Borenstern was all turned on again, feeling another orgasm starting to swell inside her.

She touched and caressed the trembling young woman all over, noticing how erect the nipples were. Sheila’s crotch appeared to be glistening. “Gawd, baby! I can’t believe… you’re really offering yourself to us! Damn! I can’t seem to… catch my breath!”

The attendant looked over and saw the husband standing there watching. Doug’s cock was erect and twitching. It made her smile as she panted, “Fuck! I’m so wet and horny seeing your cock hard like that, Mr. Borenstern.”

Beverlee looked over at her husband and smiled. “Doug, are you going to help me or not?”

“I’m going to give you a few moments with her first, honey.”

“I can’t believe… she’s going to hang for us… oh, FUCK!” Then she went back to planting wet kisses all over Sheila’s trembling form.

“Oh, Mrs. Borenstern. The way you’re groping me. I’m really excited right now. But I’m also a little scared. That doesn’t matter because I hope I’m turning you on. I hope I put on a wonderful performance for you and Mr. Borenstern.”

“Oh honey. You have no idea how turned on I am. You always do that to me.” Now Beverlee was caressing the young woman’s breasts.

“Oh, Mrs. Borenstern. It makes me so horny to see you like this. Tell me about my hanging. Tell me how I’m going to hang for you and Mr. Borenstern.”

“Oh, honey. Doug’s going to lift you up and I’m going to remove the chair. Then he’s going to let you down. The chair won’t be there anymore. It’ll just be the noose supporting your full weight.”

“Gawd, Mrs. Borenstern. Will it hurt? Will it hurt as I hang?”

“Oh, honey. The noose is going to take your breath away… and mine too. Your feet will search for the chair, but it won’t be there. Your face will twist into a grimace of pain as you realize what’s happening to you. Then your legs will start to kick and you’ll go into such an erotic dance and… Oh honey! Are you sure about this? I’m… I’m not sure…”

“You want me to hurt while I’m hanging in the noose; don’t you Mrs. Borenstern? You want me to kick and suffer, don’t you? Tell me you want to watch me kick and suffer. It scares me, but it also excites me so much knowing you want to watch me to kick and suffer.”

“I shouldn’t feel this way about it, honey. But yes… yes! I want you to suffer, damnit! I’m so wet right now!”

“Show me, Mrs. Borenstern. Show me how wet you are.”

Beverlee reached down and thrust two fingers into her own dripping snatch. She moaned as she finger-fucked herself. Then she pulled the fingers out and thrust them into Sheila’s open mouth.

“Mmmmm. You’re really wet, Mrs. Borenstern. Is m-my hanging going to make you cum?”

“Oh gawd, honey. I shouldn’t feel this way… not about you – our favorite attendant. But I’m on fire right now. And so is Doug,” she added when she turned to see her husband standing there stroking himself as he watched them together.

“Oh, Mr. Borenstern. It makes me so hot seeing you stroking like that. Are you stroking because I’m standing on this chair with the noose around my neck waiting to h-hang for you?”

“Yes I am, honey. You’re having that kind of effect on me right now.”

“Oh Mr. Borenstern. I’m getting nervous… and yet I’m so excited. Can you feel how excited I am right now, Mrs. Borenstern?”

Beverlee thrust those same fingers into the young woman’s glistening opening. Sheila gasped and moaned, shuddering with fear and arousal at her imminent demise.

“Oh honey. I want to be so cruel to you!”

“Do it, Mrs. Borenstern. Show me how much you’re going to enjoy watching me hang for you. Gawd, I… I think I’m going to cum!”

“Oh, you’re going to cum all right. That noose is going to strangle an orgasm right out of your slut body. You’re going to suffer and then you’re going to CUM!” And with that Beverlee rammed her fingers hard up the trembling woman’s cunt.

Sheila winced and shuddered as she gushed fluids all over the woman’s hand. Mrs. Borenstern was so turned on that she almost climaxed right then and there. But she wanted to save the next one she was going to have until the sexy attendant was dangling in midair.

“Whore! Fucking whore! See what you did? You came all over my hand! Clean my fingers off, bitch!”

She almost thrust her whole hand between the young woman’s lips. Sheila moaned as she tried to clean the fingers with her tongue. She was trembling from her heightened fear and arousal. But there was no going back, not if she wanted to give Mrs. Borenstern the best birthday present ever.

Beverlee became more aggressive as she groped and pawed the young woman. The way her body trembled, the growing fear in her eyes… it was intoxicating as hell. This was going to be her best present ever.

Once more she felt that resistance at hanging their favorite attendant. But she knew how much Sheila wanted her to enjoy herself. Beverlee had to push her hesitations to the back of her mind as she threw herself into the moment.

“Get over here, Doug. It’s time to hang this fucking whore! It’s time for her to feel the noose strangling the very life out of her.”

Sheila gasped as she shuddered involuntarily. Her fear and excitement ratcheted up another notch. But she was determined to go through with this, not that she had a choice anymore with the noose around her throat. She just hoped her body would put on the best show ever for Mrs. Borenstern to enjoy despite her increased anxiety.

Beverlee could feel her excitement growing. It was swelling within her. Seeing the sexy bitch hanging from the noose was going to push her right over the edge. But now her hesitations wanted to return.

Could she really go through with this? Could she help her husband hang their favorite attendant?? Wasn’t it inhuman to feel such excitement at wanting to watch this young woman hang to death for their enjoyment??

A small voice in the back of her head was nagging her to take the attractive attendant down from the chair. Beverlee almost hesitated again. But the eroticism of the moment – coupled with the reminder of Sheila’s verbal desire to do this for her birthday – won out.

“Pick her up, Doug!” she instructed. Her husband dutifully wrapped his arms around the young woman and lifted her up off the chair. Beverlee picked up the furniture and moved it out of harm’s way.

She didn’t have to tell him to lower the attendant back down. He was already doing that the moment the chair had been removed. Sheila’s eyes opened wide in alarm as the rope tightened around her throat.

She rasped for breath as it took her full weight. Mr. Borenstern let go of her and then stepped back. Instinctively Sheila’s bare feet began fluttering in vain for the floor.

Finding no solid footing below made her kick a little harder. Her face grimaced in response to the constriction of the noose around her throat. Mrs. Borenstern deliriously gasped, “Oh Doug; just look at her!”

Sheila’s legs pedaled a little harder. But the chair did not return. She tried to reach out with her legs toward Mr. Borenstern for support. He simply took an additional step backward.

Her legs scissored back and forth as she hitched in the noose. Then Sheila let out a garbled cry. Her legs began to kick as she humped outwardly, fluid spewing out of her cunt.

“Oh Doug; she’s cumming! OhmyGAWD; SHE’S SQUIRTING!”

Beverlee drunkenly stumbled backward until she fell into that chair behind her. Immediately she cried out as she furiously fingered herself, her legs spread lewdly. Sheila began to kick more violently as Mrs. Borenstern shuddered from an intense orgasm.

Mr. Borenstern stroked his dick as he watched excitedly. He could tell how much it was hurting the young woman. But he told himself to enjoy the performance no matter how much it looked like she was suffering. Deep down she would probably want it that way.

Sheila had no idea it would hurt like that. Her body reacted instinctively as her feet searched for the floor. She virtually had no control over what she was doing.

She kicked and danced as she fought the noose, her orgasm giving her but a moment’s respite. Ultimately nothing seemed to relieve the strain on her neck. She could feel her face getting hotter from lack of oxygen.

She saw Mrs. Borenstern furiously masturbating. Nearby Mr. Borenstern was stroking his cock as though he was going to cum soon. Seeing them enjoy her performance penetrated the fog of pain she was in.

She tried to force a smile to her lips. Then she began to hump the air, somehow thrusting her chest outward. She had regained some semblance of control over her motor functions.

“OHGAWD, DOUG; SHE’S FUCKING THE AIR! OHMYFUCKINGGAWD!” Then Beverlee was cumming again, thrusting her hips out as though trying to fuck the woman in the noose from her position in the chair.

The noose tightened ominously around her throat, making it harder to draw a breath. Panic settled in as Sheila lost what little control she had left. Then her body went wild as she fought the noose, kicking and twitching and hitching like crazy as her arms jerked behind her back.

“OH DOUG – OH DOUG – OH DOUG!” Then Beverlee couldn’t speak anymore. She was cumming hard, bucking and shuddering in the chair.

The attendant spewed fluid from her crotch for a second time as she humped the air. Mrs. Borenstern barely manage to cry out, “FUCK; SHE’S SQUIRTING AGAIN!” before she shuddered hard. This was beyond erotic.

With one last hard jerk Sheila hung limp. She gently swung back and forth, her toes fluttering. Her chest was on fire; she could hardly believe it.

“FUCK HER ASS, DOUG; FUCK HER ASS!” And with that Mr. Borenstern walked up behind her. She was close enough to the ground for him to penetrate her anus until she hung fully impaled on his cock.

Her legs twitched a little as drool spilled off her lips onto her breasts. Her toes fluttered, her neck receiving no respite despite being impaled on his dick. She just hung there impaled on his cock, cum leaking out of her flaring cunt in full view of Mrs. Borenstern.

“Ohmygawd! Honey, you look… OHMYGAWD!” Then Beverlee climaxed again, wincing at how intense it felt as the dangling attendant twitched and jerked, impaled on her husband’s dick.

More drool spilled off her lips as Mr. Borenstern reached around to grope and fondle her. He reached down to finger her pussy, telling his wife, “She’s still twitching, darling. My gawd; her cunt and ass are really clenching!”

“Oh Doug, she’s… she’s incredible! I can’t fucking BELIEVE it! Oh honey, you’re so… it’s so… I don’t fucking know what to… aauugghh!” and she was orgasming again.

Sheila was dimly aware of the response of the Borensterns. She tried to force a smile to her lips but couldn’t. She tried to tell them how glad she was they were enjoying themselves. But she couldn’t say anything… couldn’t even make a muscle respond to her commands.

She was aware of Mr. Borenstern’s cock up her ass and his fingers in her cunt. All she could do was squeeze reflexively. She had no control; she could only hope he was enjoying himself.

She started to panic as her eyes failed and she lost sight of them. She could no longer feel anything below her waist. It scared her, but a part of her realized it was probably normal – if you could call hanging to death “normal”.

Stray muscles tried to fire as her toes twitched a little. She couldn’t make her cuffed hands move anymore. The last thing she heard was the splatter of urine directly below her as her bladder gave way. Then she was aware of nothing at all.

“Oh honey!” Mrs. Borenstern gasped drunkenly at the unmoving attendant. “You were… you were the greatest!”

Mr. Borenstern let out a gasp of relief as his dick emptied itself inside the young woman. “She just… darling, she just milked my cock! Fuck; that felt great!”

“Oh honey! I’m sure she did it just for you!”

“A nice sentiment, darling. But I don’t think she’s conscious now. She’s still clenching a little, but not like before.”

“I didn’t even think to ask about her messing the floor, honey.”

“I’m sure we won’t have to worry about it, darling.” Then his cock softened enough for him to pull out.

He stepped out around the dangling attendant to admire her dangling, naked body. Her head was tipped to one side, her tongue protruding a little as droll dripped onto her tits. There was a strange look in her eyes as though the pain at the end had been replaced with some sort of pleasure or happiness. Her neck appeared to have stretched a little.

“Oh honey,” Mrs. Borenstern panted as she slowly got to her feet. She walked up to the dangling body as tears filled her eyes. Then she embraced the hanged woman.

“Baby, it was wonderful! You were fabulous! Honey, it was the best present you could have ever given us!”

The tears welled up in her eyes and she began to sob. She was going to miss her terribly. Then her husband sympathetically wrapped his arms around them both in a group hug.

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