Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 10



Something about Brad’s words changed my perspective. I was feeling sad and was missing mom a little when I heard him tell her she was the best snuff he’d ever seen. Then she’d pissed herself as though thanking him for the compliment.

“She was great, wasn’t she?” I quietly asked Stew.

“She was the best,” he agreed with a nod.

“Did you like it, Stew?”

“Like it? Janelle can’t you feel how hard I am?”

It was true; his cock was nice and erect. Even Brad’s cock was hard again. He was kissing mom’s body all over as though he couldn’t get enough of her.

“She is sexy hanging like that; isn’t she, Stew?”

“She sure is… not that you’ll be any less sexy hanging naked on the Entertainment Stage later. You still want to hang; don’t you, sis? Or has seeing mom hang put you off?”

I walked up to her and started running my hands all over her naked body. She was still warm to the touch. That’s when I felt an erotic shudder as I turned to my brother.

“Stew, do you think she wants you to fuck her one last time?”

“I don’t know, Janelle.”

“I’ll bet she does. You should fuck her one last time.”

He looked over at Brad who motioned for him to come on over and join him as he kept pawing her corpse. Stew walked up to mom and pressed his cock against her cunt. Then he slowly pushed his way inside her.

“How does she feel, Stew?”

“Gawd, Janelle. This feels kind of… wrong somehow… wrong but exciting. Is it wrong for me to like it so much?”

I went over and tried to grab mom’s legs so I could help wrap them around his waist. I knew it would give him deeper access. In response he started thrusting good and hard up her dead pussy.

“Fuck, Janelle! I can’t believe I’m fucking mom after she’s dead!”

Brad went behind her, reaching around to grope and fondle her boobs. “Are you going in her ass?” I asked him with growing excitement. He looked at me and smiled. Then her body moved a little before he said, “I am now.”

I couldn’t believe it! My sadness at losing mom had been replaced with what I can only describe as a grotesque arousal. The way they were fucking her corpse was such a turn-on!

“Stew, will you fuck me like that up on the Entertainment stage after I’m dead?”

“If you want me to. Janelle, if you still want to go through with it, I’ll do anything you want.”

“Gawd!” I gasped with growing excitement, watching them fuck the corpse of my mother. “Stew, that is… that is so fucking hot! Do you think mom would approve?”

“You know, Janelle? I really think she would! I think she’d want us to enjoy her body; right, Brad?”

“I have to agree with you, Stewart,” Brad said, thrusting in and out of mom’s ass from behind as she dangled there. “Your mother didn’t shy away from her hanging once she knew it was inevitable. In fact, she seemed to want us all to enjoy it.”

I looked closely at mom’s face. Her eyes were glazed over and she had this tired expression. But somehow it looked like she was smiling a little… as though she wanted us to enjoy her even after she was dead. Maybe it was just my imagination.

“Gawd, mom; you’re so fucking sexy!” Stew gasped as he thrust hard up her cunt.

“Suck on her tongue, Stew!” I called out while jerking on her legs for him.

He kissed her and then sucked on it. He grunted as I watched him thrust harder up her pussy. Brad gasped, “Fuck; I can feel your cock rubbing in and out of her cunt while I’m fucking her ass! I think your mother would have loved this, Stewart!”

Stew suddenly let out a cry as he pumped her full of his seed. I saw a little of it leak out around his cock. Then he pulled out, grabbed me by a handful of hair, and then made me kneel to lick him clean.

I felt like such a whore being forced to clean his cock. But it was such a turn-on sucking his dick after it had just been in mom’s dead cunt. Then Brad roared his release as he filled her ass with his spunk. That’s when Stew told me to clean his cock too.

Brad pulled out and came around so I could gobble down his meat. He thrust in and out of my mouth until he started to soften a little. Then Stew told me to clean mom’s holes.

I felt all slutty and excited as I propped her legs up on my shoulders. I sucked and slurped, tasting Stew’s cream and mom’s cum. Then I sucked Brad’s creamy load out of her ass until I shuddered from a nice little orgasm of my own.

I stood up and gave mom’s corpse a push. The rope creaked as she swung back and forth. Gawd; that did it! Now I really wanted to hang on the stage! I wanted to put on as good of a show as mom had put on for us in here.

“Stew, I want to do it!” I declared. “I want to hang for you and Brad! I want to hang for everybody! I want every cock out there lusting after my dying body!”

“So mom’s hanging didn’t put you off after all, eh sis?”

“Gawd, Stew; I’m more turned on than ever! Mom acted like she was willing to hang for us. So I want her to be proud of me as I hang on stage for you.”

Her boytoy smiled at me as he said, “I think she’d be proud of you, Janelle.”

“Thanks, Brad.”

“But Janelle, what about dad?”

“Damn! I forgot about him.”

Stew always did have a way of throwing cold water on things without really meaning to. But this time I didn’t care. I was getting so fucking horny wanting to swing in front of the whole damned club.

“C’mon, Stew; let’s do it anyway! You too, Brad! I want you to come watch me hang onstage, ok? Afterwards I want you both to fuck my corpse!”

“Janelle, I don’t know if I want to be out there in case your father shows up.”

“C’mon, Brad! You gotta come! I want you to watch me hang, ok? And I think mom would want you to watch me kick it up for you.”

“Yeah, Janelle; you’re probably right. She would want me to watch you hang just to enjoy myself.”

“You should march me right up to the stage nude, Stew. That way you can parade me in front of the entire club.”

“But what if dad sees you on a monitor, sis? What if he comes out to put a stop to it?”

“Damn! You’re right. What if he sees us going to the stage?”

I liked the idea of being paraded through the club naked to further my humiliation. At the same time I didn’t want daddy to see it and come out to put a stop to it. I wasn’t sure what to do.

“How about we take her out in her robe like it’s no big deal?” Brad suggested. “We’ll take her right up to the stage and get her all noosed up. If your dad shows up, it will be too late because she’ll already be up on the stage.”

“We could always try to get you pregnant, Janelle. Maybe the club has a malfunctioning sensor we can put in you to make it look like you have to be executed.”

“Hunh – unh,” I told them as I shook my head. “I want everyone to know I did this of my own free will. I’ll bet it’s not often they get a volunteer to hang for the whole damned club.”

“Probably not,” Brad replied with a laugh. “What do you say, Stewart?”

“Ok with me,” he replied with a smile. “We can always cuff her hands behind her back and then put the robe on her. When we get there she can ditch the robe and be taken right up onstage.”

“I love it!” I gasped. Then I looked at them excitedly before asking, “Anything else?”

“Yeah, sis. There’s just one thing more. As our snuff-whore we’re entitled to use you one last time, right?” And with that he shoved me down onto the floor on my knees.

Brad smiled as he came over. I took both cocks and started jerking them, working each one into my mouth. Behind them mom dangled limp, her vacant expression looking at me as though approving of the snuff-whore I was about to become.

I excitedly slobbered all over those cocks. Then we ended up on the bed. They double teamed me really good, Brad enjoying my cunt while Stew fucked my ass really hard one last time. With mom’s corpse overseeing everything I had one hell of an O.

When we were done I got up and went over to her one last time. I caressed her all over before kissing her lips. “Bye, mom,” I murmured a little sadly. “You were great. I hope I hang well for everyone just like you did. I want you to be proud of me.”

“She is proud of you, Janelle,” Brad told me with a smile. “She is.” It gave me a warm feeling inside which helped while saying goodbye to her.

My brother cuffed my arms behind my back which got me excited all over again. Brad hung the robe over my shoulders. Then they walked me out of there in their robes with Stew in front and Brad bringing up the rear.

I could feel cum leaking out of both holes as I walked out. I felt all slutty and degraded… and I loved every moment of it. It even felt like mom’s eyes were on me from behind… like she was saying, “There goes my sexy snuff-whore daughter… off to hang like the whore she is.”

I’ll admit I experienced some nervousness as they walked me through the casino. I felt a little apprehension this was really going to happen. Then I remembered the last time I saw mom’s lifeless eyes before we left. It made me feel like she’d looked right at me and then ordered me to go hang for the whole damned club. As a result I experienced an amazing surge of arousal.

We were still a short distance from the Entertainment stage when Brad pulled the robe off my shoulders. “You won’t be needing this anymore, you whore… not where you’re going.” When he smiled at me I thought I was going to cum right then and there.

We reached the roulette wheel where that very same attendant was helping with a handful of gamblers. She smiled when she saw us.  “Back again? How can I help you folks this time?”

“It’s time for us to hang this snuff-whore,” Stew told her as though taking charge and being my Master. “She’s ready for her final dance. She’s a whore and she deserves to hang.”

“Is that so?” she asked, looking at me with a wink and a smile.

I nodded excitedly before submissively bowing my head. Immediately there was an excited buzz among the gamblers at the roulette wheel. It gave me another erotic jolt like you wouldn’t believe, knowing they were going to witness my hanging.

“My friend and I would like to fuck her corpse on the stage after she’s dead,” Stew announced. “Would that be ok?”

He motioned at Brad as I gasped excitedly from another erotic jolt. It was such a turn-on the way they were treating me. My pussy was so wet I was dripping cum and arousal like crazy.

“Of course,” she replied with a smile. “You can do anything to her you like. Just let me know and I’ll assist you in any way I can.”

She made sure another attendant was there at the wheel to take over for her. That’s when that familiar red glow suddenly lit up the ceiling, giving me another erotic shudder. Gawd; this was really going to happen!

She took me by the arm and turned me toward the stage. “Snuff-whore is it?” she asked politely.

“Yes, ma’am,” I gasped excitedly as I felt another surge of arousal. “I’m a whore and I deserve to hang.”

“Very well. Come along, honey. Let’s get you all noosed up. I think everyone is going to enjoy your dance.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied submissively. I was trembling so bad she had to grab my arm to assist me.

“Hang well, sis!” Stew called out. “I’m really going to enjoy this!”

“You’d better,” I smiled back with a giggle. “I can only do this once!” My arousal felt like it was off the charts as I gasped and shuddered right there in orgasm.

I was on rubbery legs as she helped me up onto the stage. She walked me over to the control box where she punched in some numbers. I watched with excitement – and a little trepidation – as the noose came down for me.

She smiled at me as she asked, “So you hanged that woman earlier and now you want to ride it for yourself?”

“Oh yes, ma’am. Actually this has been a fantasy of mine for a long time. Besides, I just helped my brother hang my mom. So I kind of deserve this.”

“You hanged your mom, honey?”

“In a private snuff room. Her sensor popped. She took it bravely. It was so exciting and erotic that I hope I dance as well as she did. See those two guys standing down there? The one on the right is my brother, and the one next to him is… was… my mom’s boytoy. I want to hang for them and for everyone else here tonight.”

“Admirable,” she said with a smile. “Are you ready for the noose, honey?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I was breathing so hard I was hyperventilating.

She brought it down and lovingly looped it around my neck. I inhaled sharply at the tingly sensation of the coil around my throat. “Like it, honey?”

“Gawd, it feels… it feels incredible!” I was panting for breath, my nipples so erect they actually hurt.

“So you’re a snuff-whore now?” she repeated with a pleasant chuckle. “Is that the way you want me to introduce you?”

“Oh yes, ma’am. I fucked my mother and my brother. I deserve to hang.”

“Well you certainly seem…” and she paused as she abruptly snugged the rope tight around my neck, causing me to gasp breathlessly… “…excited about it.”

“Oh yes, ma’am.” My knees almost buckled again.

“You seem to be having a hard time standing. Let me help you with that.”

She went over to the controls and pushed a button. I heard a hum as the slack was taken out of the rope. She stopped the moment it pulled me up off my heels. Now I didn’t have to worry about rubbery legs anymore.

I gasped as I shuddered hard again in orgasm. I was sweating up a storm, trembling like crazy. I hardly noticed the area filling up with customers as she came back over to me.

“Goodness, honey. Did you just cum?” I nodded as the rope tugged deliciously around my neck.

She caressed my boobs, fondling me until I whimpered and groaned. Then she looked down and fingered my pussy. “You’ve recently been fucked, haven’t you?” I nodded again, a knowing smile on my lips.

“Would you like another cum, honey?” Once more I nodded in reply.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a snuff-whore so willing,” she purred as she fingered me. “Oh, I’ve hanged a few willing bitches, mind you. But I don’t think I’ve ever hanged one so eager and as sexy as you are.” Her words sent an erotic tremor rippling through me.

She really fingered me until I clenched around her wriggling digits while moaning and whimpering. Then once more I shuddered hard in orgasm. She smiled as she breathed, “Gawd, honey! You just came again, didn’t you? You’re so fucking sexy… that is, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

I trembled with arousal as I shook my head. No, I didn’t mind at all. It was a real turn-on knowing she found me so sexy.

She brought her fingers up and let me lick them clean. “You can’t wait to hang; can you, honey?” I shook my head no despite the rising anxiety within me. My excitement was driving me wild.

“Who do you want to hold the remote used to hang you, honey?”

“My *gawk* my brother.”

She nodded in understanding. Then she tenderly kissed my lips. “You know, honey?” she purred. “I really think I’m going to enjoy your performance tonight.” Her words nearly set me off again.

I shuffled around on the balls of my feet, watching as she went over and retrieved the remote. Then she took it right to the front of the stage where she stopped to address the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen? Tonight the Club is proud and privileged to hang this snuff-whore for your viewing pleasure!” Then she gestured in my direction.

Everyone cheered loudly, and I felt another surge of erotic excitement. The place looked full, as though every gambler had come to watch me dance. I was going to cum again… probably the moment she hauled me up into the air. Then I saw him, and my heart sank.

Daddy came into the area, and I saw him head right over toward Brad and Stew. He had that woman with him I’d seen on his arm earlier. Damn; was he going to put a stop to all this??

I saw him walk up to Stew and Brad just as that attendant reached them. She started to hand the remote over to Stew, only for daddy to take it from her. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I suspected he was telling her he was my father.

Brad looked like he wanted to crawl into a hole and die. But daddy seemed to ignore him. He was talking to Stew, and I could only assume it was about me… and maybe about mother too.

Someone in the crowd started chanting, “Hang the whore – hang the whore – hang the whore!” Soon others picked up the chant. I felt conflicting emotions: excitement that everyone wanted to see me hang… and dread that daddy was down there trying to put a stop to it.

I writhed and wriggled, still noosed while standing on the balls of my feet. I could feel Stew and Brad’s cum leaking out of my holes and slithering down my legs. It made me feel all slutty and humiliated, adding to my excitement.

The chants got louder as Stew talked to daddy. I couldn’t hear what they were saying. But it didn’t look like they were mad or anything. Maybe they were talking about why I was up here. Or maybe they were talking about mom.

The chants got louder… “HANG THE WHORE – HANG THE WHORE – HANG THE WHORE!” I felt like I was on the verge of the biggest orgasm of my life. Then I watched incredulously as daddy smiled at me… and then pointed the remote right at me.

I heard a hum as my feet were pulled up off the floor to the cheers of all those spectators. The noose instantly tightened around my neck. That’s when it registered in my brain… “OHMYGAWD; DADDY JUST HANGED ME!”

It went off inside me like a boom of thunder. A moment later I was kicking and humping and thrusting my hips outward as a massive orgasm flushed hotly through my body. My own father had pushed the button that had resulted in my hanging.

I jerked and bucked, fighting that noose as I dry-humped the air in front of me. I swung back and forth as I twisted and hitched on the rope. I swear I went from one orgasm right into another.

I struggled to pull a decent breath of air into my chest as I looked at Stew and daddy. My brother had his hand inside his robe where it looked like he was masturbating furiously. Daddy looked like he was touching himself… until that girl opened his pants, reached inside and began stroking him.

Ohmygawd; that did it again! No sooner was I coming down off the high of my last orgasm when I went right into another one. I furiously thrust my hips outward as though I was trying to fuck daddy from across the room.

My pussy felt hot and swollen as I dripped my cums and all that cream I had inside me. I couldn’t get a decent breath of air down my lungs anymore. It intensified my orgasms as I thrust my hips outward, trying to air-fuck every cock in that room. And by the looks of some of the females I saw, they were enraptured by my dance as well.

I got a look at that attendant who was down off the stage. She was watching me with this huge smile on her face, touching her boobs while reaching down to rub her crotch. That sent another jolt of arousal flowing through me.

I hitched and jerked until the noose snugged even more around my throat. I got to the point where I could hardly breathe at all. That’s when I lost control of my body.

I went crazy as I humped and jerked in growing panic. I really began to fight my noose, my pussy hot and winking at everybody. My mind screamed from the agony I was in. And yet there was a part of me conscious enough to try air-fucking everyone out there watching me.

I saw daddy with that woman stroking his cock. He had this sad smile on his face as he watched me, as though he was resigned to me living out my fantasy. I humped and jerked in his direction, further tightening the rope around my throat.

I kicked and swung as I fought the noose just as hard as I could. I couldn’t get any air down my throat anymore. My heart hammered in my chest. My gawd; this was it!

Maybe it was because I wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain. But I thought I saw mom hovering above everybody like a ghostly image. She was naked and was furiously rubbing herself as she called out, “Go for it, honey. That’s the way my snuff-whore hangs. What a good girl.”

I gurgled as I tried to breathe and couldn’t. My hips violently thrust outward as though I could somehow fuck air into my lungs. I air-fucked Stewart and Brad and daddy and that sexy attendant… I air-fucked all of them. Then it’s as though I air-fucked the last of my energy right out of my body.

I hung limp as I gently swung back and forth. I heard a roaring in my ears, and I shivered as I tried to smile. One last flush of warmth flowed through my body. Then I was plunging into the abyss until I was aware of nothing at all.

© 2018 (written Feb 4 ’18 by riwa)

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