My summer with Stan (male themes)


I don’t remember what started my enthusiasm for watching women holding their breath. It’s always triggered an intense arousal. Seeing them hitching, struggling and bubbling is a real turn-on. But I never would have imagined my additional underwater fetish until I stayed with a friend over the summer.

He was living with his older brother and sister. Their parents had passed on, but had left enough life insurance to pay for the house. It was a nice place that had a hot tub on the patio in the back yard.

Stan was my friend growing up in high school. We did a lot of things together. But he didn’t know about my fetish, and I never told him about it.

I liked his house because of the hot tub they had. I got to use it whenever I wanted. And I used it a lot, especially when I wanted to hold my breath while stroking underwater.

I was only there about a week before I discovered his brother Glenn and sister Frieda using the hot tub almost as much as I did. Sometimes all four of us used it at the same time. And sometimes it was just Glenn and Frieda as Stan didn’t care about it as much. But it was the way they used it that got me excited.

The basement below opens out onto the backyard. I was sleeping on the lower floor in one of the guest bedrooms. So there were times when I snuck out to use the hot tub at night.

One day Stan and I were out driving around in my Chevy. After we got something to eat we came back home. We planned on spending some time in his room talking and watching TV.

As we went by the kitchen, I happened to glance outside. The kitchen is on the main floor. I always like to look outside to see the hot tub in case someone might be in it.

This time when I looked out I saw Glenn and Frieda out using the hot tub. But they weren’t just sitting in it. Glenn had pushed his sister to the bottom of the tub.

He was forcing her down so she couldn’t come up. I saw a lot of bubbles erupting up at the surface. My cock stirred at the sight, and I paused to watch.

He let her up and she came up gasping for breath. Then he pushed her right back down. He forced her to the bottom where she released more bubbles.

It was the first time I’d ever seen anyone in Stan’s family dunking anybody. Needless to say I found the sight extremely arousing. Then Stan came back to ask what was taking so long. So I got my glass of water and followed him down to his bedroom.

I couldn’t get the sight of Glenn dunking his sister out of my mind. It took a while for the erection in my pants to subside. I was glad Stan didn’t seem to notice.

My ongoing education about Stan’s family was furthered a couple days later. It was after midnight and I couldn’t sleep. I was tempted to go out and sneak in a late night skinny-dip and masturbation session in their hot tub.

I went to the bathroom and got me a towel. Then I headed for the door. It was dark out and I planned on leaving the lights off so I wouldn’t wake anybody up to see what I was doing.

I’d just reached the glass door when I looked outside and saw someone else had gotten the same idea. I saw a set of legs over the edge of the hot tub, making it look like someone was holding their breath. Then I saw a hand stroking a cock.

Bubbles were coming up, indicating someone was submerged and masturbating just like I’d planned on doing. I saw right away it was Stan’s older brother Glenn. He was holding his breath and stroking while his legs hung over the edge of the hot tub. Instantly I had an erection.

I watched as he bubbled while stroking himself. He was struggling as though he wanted to stay down until he had his release. Then he came up to the surface, floating flat on his back.

He gasped loudly for breath. Then he went back down. He furiously jerked his meat as the bubbles came up.

I watched in awe, for some reason my cock hard and throbbing. He really stroked himself as the bubbles came up. There was a sudden eruption of air as he stroked harder. Then he slipped into the hot tub.

He came up gasping for breath. Then he just sat there panting. I got so turned on that I rushed back to my room and jerked a cum out of myself.

I couldn’t believe it! Stan’s brother had actually jerked his meat while he was holding his breath! Did he have the same underwater fetish I did?

I still couldn’t sleep so I waited until he came inside. Then I snuck out for a dip of my own. I was horny again as I climbed naked into the hot tub.

I took a deep breath and then went to the bottom where I sat on my ass. I thought of Glenn’s masturbation session as I bubbled while stroking myself. Sure enough, I enjoyed a second cum. It was enough to get me out of the hot tub, dry off, and get back inside the house before someone caught me out there.

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get that image of him submerged and stroking out of my head. A couple days later the three of us were out soaking in the hot tub while Stan was in watching TV. But I was so hard imagining him holding his breath that when I couldn’t sufficiently cover my erection I made an excuse, got out of the water and went back inside to join Stan.

It was about a week later I caught Glenn dunking his sister again. It was after midnight; I think they’d snuck out. I’d gone up to get a snack in the kitchen since my stomach was rumbling. That’s when I looked outside and saw them.

They were both naked in the water. It looked like Frieda’s arms were cuffed behind her back. She was face down and bubbling while Glen made sure she couldn’t get up.

Once again my cock got hard. I was amazed they were out there naked in the hot tub. And I was equally amazed she was letting him keep her submerged like that. Did she have the same fetish too?

I ate my cookies, drank my juice, and then high-tailed it back downstairs. I peeked outside to see they were still going at it. I watched for as long as I dared before I went back to my bedroom and masturbated.

I couldn’t believe it! Glenn liked to dunk his older sister. And apparently he did it more than once. She must have enjoyed it if she allowed him to dunk her like that.

After that night my imagination started running wild on me. I had to be careful about what I was thinking because sometimes I would get hard thinking about Glenn dunking his sister. Other times it would be me remembering that night I saw him masturbating with his legs over the edge of the hot tub.

From then on I spent more late nights sneaking out to the hot tub to masturbate. Now and then I would get stopped when I saw Glenn or Frieda out there. Whenever they were alone in the water it looked like they were naked and were getting themselves off by masturbating underwater.

One night the three of us spent some time out in the hot tub together talking about our travels. Glenn and Frieda brought up a family trip they’d taken. That night they said they spent some time together in the motel pool dunking each other.

It wasn’t long before I started getting that familiar stiffening. I faked a yawn as I told them I was getting sleepy. I got out and managed to get back into the house without them seeing my erection.

I waited until they came back into the house. Everything settled down as the house got quiet. Then I decided another skinny-dip and stroke in the hot tub would do me good.

I had to pee, so I got up and went to the bathroom. The door was ajar which wasn’t that unusual. I just walked right in and closed it behind me.

Imagine my surprise when I turned and saw Glenn naked face down in a tub full of water. It was clear he was stroking himself because the water was choppy. He grunted and gurgled as the bubbles came up.

I had no idea he was in there. In my excitement I must’ve missed hearing him fill the tub. I was so shocked I just stood there with a massive erection in my briefs.

He came up out of the water in a kneeling position, gasping for breath. Immediately he turned and caught me standing there watching him. I was so busted, and I started trembling like a leaf.

Strangely he didn’t seem angry. If anything he was a little sheepish at having gotten caught. Then he got out of the water, revealing his erection.

I didn’t know what he was going to do to me. I just stood there naked, my damned cock stiffening visibly. There was no way he hadn’t seen it.

He looked at me and smiled. Then he asked, “Jeff, did you like what you saw?”

I couldn’t very well say no, not with my erection sticking out like that. And I couldn’t get it to go down! I was ashamed and embarrassed.

“Y-yes,” I stammered.

He walked right past me to the door and locked it. Then he smiled at me as walked back to the tub. He climbed in and got on his knees as he started breathing deeply.

“Jeff, would you like to hold me down until I cum?” I nodded numbly as my cock twitched. I couldn’t believe he’d just said that!

He waved me over to the tub. Then he took a last deep breath. He submerged and released a couple of bubbles as he went face down into the water.

I was trembling as I pushed him down. I couldn’t believe it! You have no idea how hard I was. I nearly came right then and there. But I told myself to wait until he came first.

He was a pretty good breath-holder as he jerked himself. He grunted as more bubbles came up. I was aroused like you wouldn’t believe.

He went past a minute, and still he kept stroking. I pushed down with one hand while touching myself with the other. More bubbles came up.

After about the second minute he started struggling a little. More bubbles came up as he jerked harder. That’s when I got even more aroused seeing him wriggle and squirm.

I pushed down with both hands as he really jerked himself off. Then he grunted and bubbled as he started shooting ropes of cum into the water. My cock was so hard it was dripping.

He’d told me to keep him down until he came. But he hadn’t told me what to do after that. For some reason I just kept pushing him down.

He started struggling as though he really wanted up. More bubbles came up as the water sloshed all around in the tub. That’s when my cock went off, shooting load after load into the tub on top of him.

I finally let him up. He burst up coughing and sputtering like crazy. I thought he was going to be mad at me, but he wasn’t.

“That was great, Jeff. Did you cum?” I nodded numbly, afraid I might be in trouble.

“Great. We’ll just keep this as our little secret, ok?” When I nodded again he got out of the water, went over and unlocked the door.

I went back to my room, horny and embarrassed. The memory was so strong that I had to masturbate again. Then my body reminded me I really had to pee. Thankfully the bathroom was empty when I tried again.

-The next day I had a hard time getting that image out of my head of Glenn in the tub with me pushing him down. It felt like I had a partial erection all day long. I was finally able to put it out of my mind.

That evening after supper Glenn invited us all out to the hot tub. He gave me a knowing look when he said it. Would you believe I started to get hard again?

Stan wanted to watch TV. But Frieda and I said we’d go out with him. A part of me was embarrassed, but I liked using the tub and was curious to see what might happen out there.

We sat and talked among the bubbling jets for a while. I sure was glad I’d worn a set of baggy trunks. Wearing them in that bubbling water helped to hide my erection.

For some reason Frieda looked like she was hoping something might happen, although I don’t know what it was. Maybe she wanted to get dunked again. Glenn acted like he was clueless, not catching the looks she was giving him.

She finally got out of the hot tub, saying she had to call a friend. That left me and Glenn alone in the water. He smiled knowingly as my cock got really hard again in my trunks.

He gave me a look that made me nervous. Then he asked, “Did you like what happened in the bathroom last night, Jeff?” I stammered out an affirmative.

“Would you like to hold me down and make me hold my breath again?” My throat went dry as I nodded my head.

“Let’s make sure no one interrupts us,” he said. So we both angled ourselves so we could see the house. “Make sure I don’t come up for a while, Jeff.” Then he submerged right between my legs.

I put my legs down over his shoulders to help hold him down. The bubbles hid most of him from view. I wanted to see what was going on, so I reached over and turned them off.

The bubbles cleared to show him cupping his package. His cock had gotten hard and he was rubbing it through the fabric of his suit. That made me hard again.

I watched him grope and fondle himself as I kept him down using my legs. Bubbles came up as he started to struggle a little. I don’t know if it was for my benefit or because he was really running out of air.

I kept him down until he really started thrashing about. Then I let him up, alarmed I might have kept him down too long. He shot up gasping for breath before he looked at me and smiled.

“You like doing that to me; don’t you, Jeff.” I nodded again, my heart beating fast. He must have seen something in my expression because he waved dismissively.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy. I liked it too.”

He leaned closer and conspiratorially whispered, “Would you like to watch me masturbate again while you’re holding me down?” I gulped and nodded, my hard cock throbbing in my trunks.

“Hold me down and don’t let me up until I cum, buddy. Ok?”

I watched in breathless amazement as he pulled his trunks down off his legs, revealing a nice hard-on. He glanced over at the house to make sure no one was coming out. Then he took a deep breath and submerged.

I brought my legs over his shoulders again to hold him down. He reached down, grabbed his cock and started stroking. That’s when I reached into my trunks and grabbed mine.

I was horny as hell, and I couldn’t believe it! Glenn was making me hold him down again as he held his breath while stroking his meat. I was turned on like you wouldn’t believe!

I watched him stroke while cupping his balls as I jerked my cock. A few bubbles dribbled out past his lips. It was an incredible sight.

I don’t know why I was so turned on like I was. Maybe it was from seeing another guy enjoying holding his breath while stroking underwater. Maybe it was because I was holding him down and making him hold his breath.

He was down for quite a long time. More bubbles came up as he started stroking harder. I could tell he was running out of breath.

I jerked my cock as he began to struggle staying down. He really stroked himself as though he was anxious to get off while he was underwater. I could see his chest heaving, and it was a total turn-on.

For a moment he really started thrashing about. Then his cock went off, sending ropy streams into the hot tub. That’s when mine went off as well.

I kept my legs in place as I tried to squeeze every last drop out of my cock. I had creamed my trunks, but that was ok. I figured I could always throw them in their washer when I did my clothes.

Glenn really started to thrash about in the bottom of the tub. I finally let him go. He shot up gasping loudly for breath, really panting like crazy.

I thought he was going to be mad at me. He just smiled as he told me, “You really like doing that to me, don’t you, Jeff.” I nodded guiltily.

“It’s a good thing I like it too. Otherwise I might want to drown your ass.” Then he pulled up his trunks and got out of the hot tub. He dried himself off before heading into the house, leaving me all by myself.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was still trembling from all the excitement. So I got a big breath, slipped down into the bottom of the hot tub, pulled my trunks down and then stroked another cum out of my dick before calling it a night.

(Dec 8 ’17)

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