Victor’s Guillotine 9


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“Are you sure you’re ready?” Renard asked Kimberly Struthers.

She was the new girl Jeff Sampson was dating after he’d lost Rita from the last time we were down here at Victor’s guillotine. She was lying naked face down, her head locked into the lunette as she looked down at the wicker basket waiting to catch her head. Renard had his hand on the controls, ready to activate the timer.

“Remember,” Jeff reminded her as he knelt behind her. “You’ll be stuck in there for a five minute minimum.”

“Five minutes?” Then she looked at the timer sitting at 16:17. “I don’t know. I’ll p-probably be ok; won’t I, Renard?”

“I hope so,” he said with an amused chuckle as he started the timer.

“You HOPE SO?? WAIT! DON’T – oh bloody hell!”

Bettie Farrish, wife of Clark Farrish and the one who had just ridden the bloody thing right after my turn, stood there with me. We watched as Jeff knelt and started to eat Kimberly out. She moaned and whimpered as she watched the timer.

“Renard, can I ch-change my mind?”

“It’s a little late for that now, Kimberly.”

“Don’t worry, hun,” a naked Sybil Wylie enthused as she stood next to her husband Ken. “I’m sure you’ll be just as good on my plate as Rita was.”

“It’s not nice to tease her, Sybil,” Renard chided with a mischievous grin.

“It’s no fun unless we get to tease a little.”

“Ungh… mmm… oh fuck… Jeff, maybe we’d better… unnhhh.”

“He’s really licking her out,” Bettie murmured as she nudged me. “Damn, that’s hot!” Then she looked at me as she asked, “Is it possible? Could the blade come down right now even though we’re barely into hour number one?” I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Technically anything’s possible,” Renard said to us upon overhearing her question. Kimberly heard us and blurted out, “Bloody hell!” Her eyes were on the timer the whole time.

Jeff got her all worked up before he finally slid his cock into her. She gasped as it filled her. “Oh my… oh FUCK… oh my fucking… BLOODY HELL!”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Bettie murmured to me in hushed tones. “But I think I might be willing to ride the bloody thing all over again.”

“This side of the one hour mark… or the other?”

“This side, Julie. Oh wait… I don’t… maybe… hell, I don’t know.”

“Neither do I,” I confided. “It’s so bloody addicting, isn’t it?”

“It bloody well is!”

Jeff thrust nice and slow, allowing Kimberly to savor every thrust. She kept whimpering and blubbering, wondering if they could make it stop… and then acting like she didn’t know what the hell she wanted. Sybil just laughed.

“She’s hooked too; eh, Ken?” she told her husband with a wink and a nudge. “They all get hooked once they ride it for the very first time. Look at poor Julie standing over there. She looks like she’s ready go again; right, hun?” She and her husband laughed as I felt a flush of embarrassment at the truth of her words.

“Oh gawd, Jeff! I never thought our first fuck together would be, uh… wait… how much longer do I have? Oh fuck! I think I want… no, I’ll be ok… no wait, I want… FUCK!”

He started to thrust harder as the timer went past 20:00. She only had another minute plus before Renard would be able to stop it. That’s when I wondered if Renard could stop it anytime he wanted or if that five minute minimum really had been plugged into their random program.

Jeff playfully smacked Kimberly’s ass a couple of times, causing her to wince and moan. I could see a mixture of alarm and bliss on her face. She looked like she really didn’t know what the hell to do.

The timer passed 21:20, indicating she could now be released if she wanted out. But Jeff kept right on thrusting into her pussy. Kimberly whimpered and moaned as though she was getting the fuck of her life.

“What if the blade falls?” Bettie asked in hushed tones. “I mean… just after he lost Rita last time? Wouldn’t that be a little…?”

“Then I hope she’s good eating,” I replied with an amused chuckle, although I was wondering the exact same thing. That would be crazy losing two girls back to back in Victor’s guillotine.

Kimberly gave us a dirty look as we watched from the front. “You bitches aren’t helping… oh bloody hell, Jeff! Is it… are we past the…?”

“You’re past five minutes,” Renard assured her. “I can shut it down any time now. But it looks like Jeff is enjoying himself, although I think you’re enjoying it too.”

“Bloody hell! Being fucked like this right here in front of everybody… with my neck on the line?? I didn’t think… I never thought… oh my gawd… OHMYGAWD!”

She suddenly let out a cry of bliss as she shuddered hard. It looked like she soaked Jeff with her fluids. It was amusing as hell. But it was also incredibly arousing watching her cum like that.

She came down off her high, panting heavily for breath. “Ok, Jeff,” she gasped. “That’s good. I think… I’m done now.” In response he started thrusting harder.

“Jeff? What are you doing?? I said I’m done!” But he just kept right on fucking her.

“Looks like your ride is going to last a little longer,” Bettie snickered at her. “You might as well enjoy yourself,” I added with a twinkle in my eye. “Fuck that sexy bitch!” Sybil declared with a joyous whoop.

We all watched as the timer went past 24:00 and kept right on going. Kimberly was growing more than a little alarmed. “Jeff? Darling?? Don’t you think you should, uh… get me out of h-here?”

“I think it’s his turn to cum now, Kimberly,” Sybil told her with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, hun. It shouldn’t take too much longer… I think.”


He really started thrusting as the timer went past 25:30. Kimberly cried out again as she stared at the digits on the wall monitor. “NO; WAIT! I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY HEAD!” Then she was screaming… cumming all over again.

At that moment Jeff thrust hard into her pussy. He let out an orgasmic cry, joining hers. “Fuck, that’s hot!” Sybil gasped aloud as she furiously fingered herself.

I was squeezing my thighs together when I caught sight of Renard smiling at me. I blushed when I realized he’d seen my reaction. But I couldn’t help myself as it was arousing as hell to watch.

Next to me I heard Bettie pant, “Bloody hell; that’s incredible!” Her husband Clark had this appreciative smile on his face. Then Kimberly went limp, trying to catch her breath.

Jeff panted heavily as he nodded at Renard. I saw him shut the timer off at 26:47. Then he looked at me as though wanting to see how it had affected me. I was all out of breath, standing there fanning myself.

Kimberly panted like crazy. She looked all woozy as Renard removed the lunette before unstrapping her. Jeff slowly pulled out of her pussy before helping her sit upright. His crotch looked soaked.

“So how was it, love?” Sybil asked, a look of rapture on her face. She appeared to have enjoyed watching Jeff’s new girl get fucked while riding the guillotine.

“It was… it was…” But Kimberly couldn’t seem to find the words. Then she looked at Bettie before gasping, “Was yours just as intense?” Bettie just smiled and nodded.

Kimberly remained sitting there on the bench for a couple of minutes, trying to catch her breath. Jeff stood right next to her, making sure she was all right. She gave him a dirty look over what he’d just put her through in front of the rest of us. Then she saw how she’d soaked him.

“Did I do that?” she whispered, motioning at his crotch as she turned red. He just waved it off, telling her all that mattered was how hard she’d cum and whether or not she’d enjoyed the experience. “It was bloody intense!” she panted as he helped her to her feet.

Renard didn’t have to ask who was going next. Sybil sat right down on the bench the moment Kimberly stood up. Hell, she actually sat right on top of those messy fluids as though she didn’t care. She looked a little high… like she was on drugs or something and wanted more.

She wiped a couple fingers in the fluids, scooping some up. She smiled as she put them into her mouth for a taste. Then she grinned up at Jeff and Kimberly who were now trying to figure out how to dry themselves from the mess they’d made.

“Delicious,” she chuckled. “That’s the cum of a sexy bitch who’s just taken an erotic ride on the guillotine.”

“I’ll go fetch a couple towels from upstairs,” Renard told them with a smile. “I’ll be right back.” And with that he headed for the stairwell.

“That was so sexy,” Sybil told Kimberly. “I’m not ashamed to say I orgasmed watching you ride the guillotine while being fucked.” Then she grinned at Bettie and I as she added, “You two were just as hot. Now you know why Ken and I keep coming back. Bloody hell; now I want a turn!”

Bettie blushed at her words. I smiled bashfully. Kimberly looked like she was still a little out of it, although she seemed to be ok on her feet.

“Careful you don’t end up serving as dinner, Sybil.”

“That’s what makes riding it so hot, Clark… the threat of losing one’s head while being fucked. It makes the orgasms so much more intense. Besides, if it happens to me then Ken’s going to find out just how hard my cunt can squeeze with his dick inside.”

Sybil smiled at all of us as her husband undressed. Then she gestured at him as she told everyone, “Now let a couple of pros show you how it’s done. If I lose my head I hope I’m good eating… and that one of you gents has the nerve to enjoy fucking my skull. I think that would be so fucking hot.”

She surprised me by lying flat on her back instead of face down. That meant she wouldn’t be able to watch the timer. It also meant she would be looking right up at the blade the entire time.

I shivered at her audacity, willing to look up at what could very well be the instrument of her death hanging above her. She worked herself along the bench until her head passed through the opening. Then she gasped when she looked up and saw the blade dangling there above her.

“Bloody hell. Seeing it like that really gets me going!”

Her husband was just starting to strap her down when Renard returned with some towels. He tossed a couple to Jeff and Kimberly who thanked him before drying themselves off. Then he tossed the rest into a pile in the corner.

“Going to ride it face up; eh, Sybil?”

“Damn right I am, Renard! I’m going to show these sexy bitches what it’s like to really get off!”

“Oh Sybil.” He chuckled as he shook his head.

Bettie and I looked at each other in astonishment. It was one thing to ride face down, seeing where your head might land while being able to watch the timer. It was something entirely different staring up at the blade the whole time without knowing how much longer you had to ride the bloody thing.

Renard brought the lunette down onto her neck, securing it in place. “Medium rare,” she told him with a knowing smile. “Ken likes his meat medium rare. If something happens to me, make sure you have Victor cook his piece of meat that way.”

The guys all laughed as us ladies chuckled nervously. Sybil was certainly being carefree about the whole thing. But I could see in her eyes it was already starting to affect her.

“Anytime you’re ready,” she told Renard. “No use worrying about it, right? If it falls, it falls.”

He chuckled as he activated the timer. Sybil let out a little gasp when he did that. Then Ken knelt between her legs and started eating her pussy.

I must say, he certainly had better access than Jeff did licking out Kimberly while she was lying face down. Ken went right to work on her wet slit and that swollen nub of hers. It was absolutely incredible.

She gasped and moaned, looking up at that blade the entire time. It must have been one hell of a thrill. I think I would have been too frightened to look up at the blade like that.

About that time Dorothy came downstairs with her friend Richard from the states. “We’re just in time, love,” she told him with a squeeze of his arm. “It looks like the ladies are riding the guillotine. Hell, the timer’s already up to 28:00.”

“Come on in and join the fun,” Renard told them both with a welcoming wave. “Everyone else has already had a turn, love. You can go next if you want a ride.”

“Is that Dorothy I hear?” Sybil panted as Ken kept working on her pussy.

“Take your time, love,” she waved dismissively at Sybil. “I’m just showing Richard here how it works.” Then she gasped as she added, “Bloody hell; that looks hot!”

“Will you… oh gawd; that feels good, Ken… Dorothy, will you… will you be riding it next? Oh fuck!”

I looked questioningly at Dorothy. I thought I saw indecision in her expression. “Well I, uh… I hadn’t really, uh… planned on it, love, since James isn’t here with me. But I, uh…”

She didn’t fool me; I could see it in her eyes. She was already giving it some consideration. Seeing Sybil getting licked out like that while lying in the guillotine appeared to be making her breathless.

I saw her look at her friend from the states as though sizing him up. Maybe she was wondering if he might be up for a little guillotine fuck. Would he be willing?

Of course it would be easy enough for her to climb aboard and ride it for five or ten minutes without anyone fucking her. But what was the fun in that? Getting a good shagging really added to the experience.

The timer reached 31:00… and still Ken was licking out his wife. He had her writhing and moaning like crazy. Hell, he was going to make her cum without even sticking his dick inside her!

It was around 32:15 when she went off, crying out as her head twisted from side to side. Ken plunged his tongue deep inside her for a few moments. Then she came down off her high, panting like crazy.

It was erotic as hell. I heard Bettie panting for breath right next to me. I almost squeezed my thighs together again. Everyone else was watching enthusiastically.

Ken rose up and thrust his dick inside his wife without missing a beat. “Oh FUCK!” Sybil gasped. Then he really started giving it to her.

I looked over at Dorothy and saw a telling look in her expression. I strongly suspected she wanted to have a turn. I also suspected she wanted to be fucked while riding the bloody thing.

Sybil looked up at the blade as she panted like crazy. Ken was really giving it to her good. She panted for breath as the timer blew right on by 35:00. What the hell??

Ken reached down and squeezed her boobs. Sybil panted wildly for breath. Then I swear she went off again, shuddering hard. It took everything I had not to orgasm right along with her.

She came down from her high, only for Ken to pick up the pace. She winced as she blurted out… “Fuck… fuck… FUCK ME!” I couldn’t believe it!

Did her husband really want to see her lose her head? Or were they just pushing their luck for the thrill of it? We were still within the first hour. But they’d passed the five minute mark a while ago. It was terribly erotic. But I also thought they were taking one hell of a chance.

Ken finally thrust hard into her pussy at about 37:25 as though he was shooting his load inside her. Sybil popped off again… “OH FUCK!” She appeared to totally lose it until she came down off her high looking dazed and disoriented.

Shamefully I climaxed right along with her. Next to me Bettie was having a hard time catching her breath. Kimberly was all flushed with excitement, while Dorothy looked like she wanted to be next.

Ken thrust nice and slow for a little bit. Renard finally shut the bloody thing down at 38:30. It looked like it had been one hell of a ride.

Renard lifted the lunette off her neck as Ken removed the straps. They had to help Sybil sit upright. She really looked out of it.

“Bloody hell; where am I? That was… that was incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard!” When Ken bent down to kiss her, she kissed him so hard I thought she was going to suck his tonsils out.

I looked at Dorothy and saw how agitated she’d become. She looked at her friend and then at the guillotine and then at her friend again. I could tell she was conflicted.

Sybil didn’t help matters any. She looked over at them before asking, “So how about it, Dorothy? Are you next? I can see in your eyes how badly you want to give it a go.”

Richard looked a little flustered. It must have been both exciting and embarrassing watching Sybil get fucked by her husband while riding the guillotine. But everybody else didn’t seem to think anything of it.

Dorothy turned toward him with a pleading look in her eyes. “Richard, I can’t help myself. I want to ride the guillotine next. I know James isn’t here and I probably shouldn’t ask. But would you… I mean… I’d really love for you to fuck me while I’m locked in.”

“What about your husband? I’m not sure I could, uh… you know.”

“You could always ride it without the fucking,” Renard suggested.

“But it’s better with a cock inside you, right, love?” Sybil was no help at all.

“Please, Richard? James will understand. I’m just a crazy, stroppy bitch who wants to go for a ride.”

“Go ahead, Richard,” Sybil urged. “You’ll never get another chance like this. Besides, we can all tell how turned on you are. A bitch like Dorothy deserves to be fucked while she’s strapped down with the blade hovering over her.”

“What about the program?” he asked. “I mean… what if… she said something about it being random?”

“We’re still in the first hour,” Jeff assured him. “Sure, the blade could come down at any time. But it’s usually been coming down sometime during the second hour.”

“Are you sure you want to ride it, love?” He sounded reluctant.

“Please!” the crazy bitch begged. I could see in her eyes how badly she wanted to go for a ride with his cock inside her.

He looked around at all of us as though seeking confirmation. But none of us cared about his concerns over shagging another man’s wife. I guess we all wanted to see him fuck Dorothy in the guillotine.

Renard told him it would be ok. Ken and Jeff both urged him to go for it. Maybe it was peer pressure that finally made him start to take his clothes off.

Dorothy was over the moon as she started to undress. “This is going to be so hot!” Sybil gasped with delight. She was really looking forward to seeing another fucking in the guillotine.

I heard Dorothy ask him if he’d be willing to lick her out first before fucking her. He told her he’d gladly do it just for her. That’s when she told Renard she wanted to lie flat on her back just like Sybil had done.

I was getting all turned on again. This whole damned thing was crazy. But it was sexy as hell watching Dorothy stretch out on the bench with her boobs hanging out like that.

Renard brought the lunette down onto her neck as Ken and Jeff helped strap her down. “You should fuck her mouth first,” Sybil suggested when Richard was naked. His cock was semi hard, indicating he had to have been at least a little turned on by what was going on.

Sybil grabbed him and brought him around to the front of the guillotine. Dorothy tipped her head back and licked her lips. When Sybil helped him push his cock into her mouth I saw Renard activate the controls.

Richard fucked her mouth for about a good two minutes. Then he self-consciously went around, knelt between her legs and began licking her out as though not wanting to keep her there too long. It was incredible watching my friend getting eaten out while lying there naked in that guillotine.

She gasped and moaned; it was erotic as hell. Sybil kept gasping, “Fuck; that’s hot!” Dorothy moaned and whimpered; it look like his tongue was really making her squirm.

Maybe he was hesitant about licking and fucking another man’s wife. But he certainly threw himself into pleasing her. I wasn’t sure how often James ate Dorothy out. But she sure loved what Richard was doing to her…

“Oh fuck… bloody hell… that feels… oh, Richard, it feels heavenly!”

He redoubled his efforts, perhaps because he’d seen what Ken had done to his wife Sybil while she was lying in the guillotine. After all, they’d taken all the time they’d needed to pleasure each other. He worked Dorothy’s pussy with his tongue until she finally screamed his name in orgasm.

She came down from her orgasmic high panting like crazy. By then my knickers were soaked from the excitement of it all. It hadn’t occurred to me to bring an extra change of underwear.

“Now fuck me, Richard!” Dorothy begged. “Give me a good shafting! It’s ok; I promise James will understand. I’m just a crazy, stroppy bitch who deserves to lose her head!”

That must have satisfied him because he got up and shoved his erect cock into her snatch. She gasped with delight as he filled her. Then he started thrusting in and out.

I could see in her eyes what kind of ride she was having. She was looking up at the blade, unable to see what the timer was doing. She writhed, whimpered and moaned while begging him for more…

“Oh fuck… bloody hell… fuck me, Richard… just like that!”

“Fuck that sexy bitch!” Sybil urged. “Let’s see if she loses her head! Give it to her good, Richard!”

Some of us started cheering him on, wanting him to know it was all right to enjoy fucking her. It seemed to make him feel better because he fucked her harder. Dorothy went crazy while that blade ominously dangled from above threatening to separate her head from her shoulders. I’m sure part of her euphoria was from the added naughtiness of being fucked in the guillotine by a man not her husband.

I didn’t pay any attention to the timer. I was too busy watching Dorothy’s reaction. And Richard looked like he was really getting into it, especially the way it looked like her pussy was milking his dick.

He reached down and squeezed her breasts until Dorothy started to stiffen…. “Fuck… I think I’m going to… bloody hell!” Instinctively I brought my thighs together as Bettie panted for breath right next to me. Sybil was still naked and was furiously fingering herself…………..


It happened so fast it caught us all by surprise. Kimberly and Bettie screamed as a couple of the guys cried out. Sybil was howling like a banshee. I jerked with a start… and then orgasmed in my knickers.

Dorothy’s head was gone; it had simply dropped away into the wicker basket. Blood was spurting out of her severed neck. I couldn’t fucking believe it!

Her body started bucking and jerking on the bench. Thankfully it was strapped down. Richard had a look of shock in his eyes. Renard looked as though he’d tried to reach for the controls well after the fact when it was already much too late.

“Bloody hell!” Sybil gasped as we all stood frozen in place. She was the only one who went into action. She quickly came to the front of the guillotine, reached down and then pulled Dorothy’s head out by a handful of hair.

I couldn’t believe it when she brought it over to Richard, blood dripping out of the severed stump. She pulled his dick out of Dorothy’s twitching corpse. Then she actually impaled the severed head mouth first onto his dripping shaft, giving him one last blowjob.

Richard just stood there in shock, some of his cream spilling off her lips. Sybil excitedly held Dorothy’s head in her hands as she fucked his cock with it. Then she pulled the head up and looked into her face.

“Did you feel that, love? Did you feel his cock in your mouth? That was absolutely incredible! I came so fucking hard!”

I thought I saw her eyes flutter as her lips twitched. Then her expression sagged tiredly. A moment later Sybil kissed her, getting a little cum on her lips which she licked right off with a smile of satisfaction.

Richard looked shocked; I think he was starting to faint. Ken and Jeff caught him and held him upright. Clark and Renard looked astonished the blade had fallen so soon.

Bettie and I stood there stunned as we stared at Dorothy’s twitching corpse. Blood was still pumping out of her severed neck. Then I had the presence of mind to check the timer. It read 48:13.

(Mar 7 ’18)

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