Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club 9


This segment is long overdue. My apologies. – riwa


Stew had untied my wrists after my little noose demonstration on the bed riding his and Brad’s cock. Now he smiled at me as he took the rope and brought my wrists once more behind my back. “Bet you didn’t think you’d be feeling the noose again this soon; did you, sis?”

I gasped for breath as a surge of excitement hit me. But I didn’t say a word. I had cum leaking out of my cunt and running down my thighs. I was both nervous and excited like you wouldn’t believe.

Mom came up to me as I stood there naked, my nipples painfully erect. “You’re really looking forward to this; aren’t you, honey? You look like you’re all turned on.” I couldn’t speak; I was trembling so much.

Stew brought a stool over from the corner of the room. It was only about a foot high or so. He placed it directly under the noose in the middle of the room. Then he got the controls and slowly lowered it until it came down and framed my face.

Mom looked at me and started touching and caressing me all over. She rubbed my breasts and then pinched my erect nipples, causing me to let out a yelp. Then she fingered my dripping slit.

She gave me a sexy little finger-fuck as I stood there quivering. Stew took the noose and carefully looped it around my neck. I gasped at the feel of the rope around my throat, wondering what it was going to feel like to hang right in front of mother.

He cinched it up as mom continued to finger me. She pulled her fingers out and looked at the cream on them. Then she stuck them into my mouth, telling me to taste Stew and Brad’s deposits.

I moaned as I got a taste from their two salty loads. Stew got me ready, making sure the knot was right behind my left ear. “Up you go, Janelle” and I felt the rope tighten, pulling me up and forcing me to step onto the stool.

He pulled me up onto my toes until I was shuffling around a little. More cream leaked out of my pussy. Mom used a finger to wipe it up before tasting it.

I struggled to catch my breath, my pussy screaming at me from the excitement and anxiety of it all. My nipples were so hard, and I was trying not to tremble so badly. In moments I was going to be dangling from a noose… with Stew, mom and Brad all watching!

Mom got on her knees and started kissing up my legs. She tried to pull them apart so she could get at all that cream leaking out of my twat. A moment later I threw caution to the wind as I lifted my legs up over her shoulders.

Instantly I had more trouble breathing as the noose took much of my weight. Mom just dove in and started licking and sucking. It was clear she was trying to slurp all that cum out of my quivering cunt.

I rasped and gurgled as I humped her face. Mom shoved a couple of fingers up my ass, making me jerk and gurgle. Then she licked an orgasm right out of me.

She murmured… “Gawd, honey; that’s so sexy!” I felt warm all over the way I was turning her on. Then she gasped, “I wanna see you hanging, honey.” And with that she pulled out from under me.

I lost my support as my legs hung down. My feet instinctively fluttered for the floor as I tried to find solid footing. By the time I found the stool it was too late as I accidentally kicked it aside.

I felt an erotic jolt of panic knowing I’d just kicked my footing away. My legs began to kick as I searched for it. Then I began to twist in place as I rasped and gurgled, putting on a little show for Brad, my mom and my brother.

“Gawd; is that what I’m going to look like?” mom panted. “I thought it would be horrible seeing my daughter hanging in the noose! But she looks so incredibly sexy!” She was so turned on she was rubbing her tits and fingering her swollen nub.

“Go give her a flying fuck, Brad,” my brother said with a smile. “Her pussy is red and swollen; she needs it.” Brad needed no further encouragement.

He came right up to me with his cock hard as a rock. I needed the support, and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he impaled me. Then I began riding his twitching dick while lifting myself up enough to get a breath or two of air.

It felt so good inside me with all that sexual energy flowing through me. He had this big smile on his face as he fucked me. I was turning him on and it added to my arousal.

Stew came around behind me, reaching around to grope my tits. Then I felt him push his dick up my ass. I gawked as I shuddered from being double stuffed.

“Ohmygawd!” mom gasped as she watched. “They’re both fucking my daughter as she hangs! I can’t believe how hot that is!”

She furiously fingered herself as the guys gave it to me good. Seeing her get off to my hanging was incredible despite the agony of my breathlessness. And strangling in the noose made my body do incredible things to those cocks, milking and squeezing and massaging them. It was though I was trying to get them both to cum inside me.

The pain in my chest hurt like hell. But the rest of my body was awash in a sea of incredible pleasure. Seeing mom watch me was the icing on the cake, especially the way she was getting off on it.

I kept trying to ride Brad’s cock while Stew fucked my ass. Mom stood there naked the whole time, watching and rubbing one out. I was their noose-whore and they were all enjoying my show, especially the way the guys were giving me a flying fuck.

Brad went off first; I guess my clenching cunt was too much for him. I felt his cum pump inside me. I gurgled as I clenched his cock with my spasming snatch.

It wasn’t long before Stew let out a cry as he rammed me hard up my ass. A few seconds later I got another deposit. “Now I want to watch her hang!” mom gasped excitedly.

Brad and Stew slowly pulled out. I lost my grip on Brad, and my legs hung limp. The renewed strain on my neck set me to kicking again.

I hitched and jerked as I struggled for air. The more I fought, the tighter the noose became. What if mom wanted to leave me up here to die for her? I panicked a little, but I decided that wouldn’t be so bad.

Cum slithered down my legs from my cunt and ass. It was getting harder to breathe. Then mom came up to me again, getting down on her knees so she could feast on the cream leaking out of me.

I started cumming again at the feel of her tongue in my twat as exhaustion set in. It occurred to me I might not make the Entertainment stage at this rate. But I wasn’t sad, not when mom, Stew and Brad were enjoying my hanging.

I was conscious long enough to feel mom’s tongue slurping up all that yummy cum. I quivered from another orgasm. Then I think I passed out.

When I woke up I was lying naked on the bed, mom kissing and cuddling right next to me. Brad and Stew were sitting on the corners of the bed smiling at me. “What happened?” I panted tiredly.

“Gawd, honey! That was incredible! I think I understand now why you want to hang. Gawd; you must have cum three or four times at least!”

That was probably true. Hell, it felt like I’d been fucked for 24 hours straight. All three of them looked at me with big smiles on their faces.

Stew told me, “You passed out, so we got you down, Janelle. I told mom it would be ok if we hanged you in here if she wanted. But she said as hot as it was to watch, she prefers to hang first. That way you can hang on the stage in front of everybody if you want.”

“That’s right, honey,” mom said with a smile. “It was sexy and all. But I’m not sure I want to see you go all the way. I think I’d rather you watch me hang first.”

“Thanks, mom,” I replied before I kissed her deeply. She kissed me in reply, thanking me for showing her how a good noose-whore should put on a show. She told me she would try to do just as good a job as I had done.

“Well… no use putting it off,” she finally said. “I suppose we should get this over with before the Club sends someone in here to check on me.” And with that she climbed out of bed, went over and stood underneath the noose.

She had Brad tie her hands behind her back since it was his cum that had condemned her. Then he noosed her up. I saw her gasp when the rope touched her neck, and she started to tremble. I knew exactly what she was feeling.

Stew and I sat on the end of the bed and watched as Brad took the slack out of the rope with the remote. Mom was forced to step up onto the stool. “This is a little scary,” she admitted in a trembling voice.

“Yeah, mom; it is,” I told her. “But it should make the orgasms even bigger. The fear should make you super horny.”

“I th-think it is, honey.”

She began to pant for breath, only to rasp a little as Brad took her up a little more. “F-fuck; I’m getting scared here. B-but it has to be done, right? Ok, Brad! You’d better h-hang me before I ch-change my mind.”

“Can we fuck you in the noose, mom? Or would you like to hang solo?”

“I m-might like a little help here, honey.”

“I’ll start, Stew,” I told him as I got up from the bed. I was a little sad, but I was also so fucking turned on.

I knelt in front of mom and started kissing up her legs. I knew how scary it was and I wanted to make it feel good for her. So I kissed all the way up until I tried to get to her pussy.

She tried to spread her legs to give me better access. But her feet really wanted to keep that stool in place. I just kissed and licked as though determined to get her off. After all, it was her decision and I wasn’t going to force it.

She moaned and rasped as her pussy clenched around my probing tongue. I wanted to do more but her thighs were still clenched together too tight. I think she was having a hard time letting go.

I was dimly aware of Brad and Stew watching us. But my eyes were on mom’s pussy the entire time, making her feel just as good as I could. I kept licking and kissing and moaning into her muff, loving the way she twitched and trembled and humped my face.

She moaned and whimpered, but her feet still clung stubbornly to that stool. I just teased her with my tongue, letting her know I was still there and wanted more. It was entirely up to her.

All of the sudden she let out a grunt as she lifted her legs, giving me better access. She tried to get them up over my shoulders but seemed to be having a little trouble. So I helped her as I lifted them up so she could rest her legs on my shoulders, bracing herself against me. Then I dove into her muff, slurping and moaning hungrily.

She rasped and gurgled, and I could just make out the words “Ohgawd!” She humped my face, even as it must have gotten harder for her to breathe. I was determined to stay there for as long as necessary.

I plunged my tongue deep into her juicy twat, enjoying how it squeezed and clenched. She rasped, moaned and whimpered as she humped my face. Then I finally heard her rasp the words, “Hang me, Janelle!”

I took the stool away as I pulled out from underneath her legs. She wildly swung back and forth, her feet searching for the stool in my hand. I set it aside as we all watched mom dance her life away.

She kicked and gyrated; I don’t think she’d ever ridden a noose before. But as an amateur she put on an incredible show. It was sexy as hell, especially the way she threw out her chest with her nipples all pointed like that.

She thrust her breasts outward as her thighs suddenly came together. Her pussy was red and swollen and really dripping. We all hear a raspy “Cummm….iinnnkkkkk” Then she humped the air like crazy until she dangled limp with exhaustion.

I called out, “Want Stew to fuck you, mom?” She nodded her head… or at least I think she did. Stew went right up to her, stuck his really hard cock inside her and then lifted her legs up around his waist.

I saw some life in her as she clung to him while trying to lift herself up to get a breath. She gurgled as she rode him and I heard a raspy “Fuck….. me….” Then I gave Brad a push in the back, telling him to take mom’s ass so she could feel two cocks inside her at the same time.

Brad went up behind her and reached around to grope her boobs. Then he pushed his way up inside her ass with his dick. She gawked and gurgled as she became a little more animated.

I couldn’t help watching and fingering myself. She looked at me and her eyes flickered as though she liked to see me getting myself off. Then she gurgled again as Stew and Brad really enjoyed fucking her holes.

I called out, “Fuck her hard, Stew! Fuck that noose-slut!” It was no longer mom. Now it was some sexy bitch who was getting a hot, flying double-fuck as she strangled to death in the noose.

Mom gawked as she finally rasped, “Hang… me…” Stew and Bad really gave it to her good. Then they pulled away, leaving her to dangle.

We all watched her for a few minutes as her muscles twitched and jerked while she tried to move her arms and legs. Cum leaked down her inner thighs from her cunt and her ass. Then I stepped forward again.

I got down on my knees and started licking her out once more, grabbing and groping her ass for support. But I let her legs hang limp. She wasn’t being very animated. But I could still feel her pussy clenching around my tongue.

I licked and tongued her juicy twat, enjoying the taste of my brother’s cream leaking out of her. Her pussy twitched and clenched less and less, although I think she had one more orgasm. After a while she didn’t twitch or clench at all.

I stood up and kissed her lips, trying to share Stew’s cum with her. But her mouth did not respond. I caressed her mounds and sucked her nipples as tears filled my eyes. Then I finally stepped back.

Stew saw me and came over to console me. Brad went up and kissed mom on the lips, telling her it was great and she was the best snuff he’d ever seen. That’s when I heard a little dribble of urine stream down her legs to fall off her feet onto the floor. I like to think that was her way of thanking us for enjoying her death.

2017 (written Dec 17 ’17 by riwa)

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