Beheaded at a funeral


Beheaded at a funeral

A drunk driver took my future away. He swerved and ran my husband-to-be off the road into a tree. In that moment he turned my wedding into a funeral.

Jim and I were waiting until our wedding night to have sex. For one thing, it’s against the law to fornicate or to commit adultery. For us it was an easy enough law to follow, although we were sorely tempted.

The law is a little vague about oral, so we did that as often as possible. But penetration outside of marriage is a definite no-no. For a man it means probation and lots of community service. As a double standard, for a woman it means death.

My husband’s twin brother Tim did his best to comfort me after the accident. But I was devastated. Now there was a funeral to plan instead of a wedding.

I’m not sure where I got the idea. Maybe it was from reading about Annie hanging at her husband-to-be’s funeral. It was an article I’d once read in a Dolcettish magazine.

The more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me. If I wanted I could set up a guillotine at the funeral home. Then I could be buried in the same casket with Jim.

Tim tried to talk me out of it, of course. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. The thing is: I wasn’t guilty of a capital crime.

I asked Tim about it and whether he had any thoughts on the matter. He told me sex outside of marriage would certainly do the trick. I looked at him in shock when I realized that truly was the answer.

I could have sex the night before! That way I would get to experience penetrative sex before I died. Then I could be reunited with Jim.

His brother looked at me curiously. “Just how are you going to make this happen, Trudy?” I only had to think about it for a second.

“How about the groomsmen, Tim? All they’ll have to worry about is a little community service. They can have their way with me all night long. Then I can put on my wedding gown and go to the funeral. Jim will be buried in a tuxedo and I can wear my wedding dress of virginal white lying right next to him.”

“You won’t be a virgin anymore, Trudy.”

“Fuck that, Tim! After all, it’s my funeral as well as Jim’s.” Then I looked at him as a light bulb suddenly went off in my head.

“As best man, you should get to fuck me too! How about at the funeral while I’m on the bench with my head in the lunette? My legs can hang down so you’ll have easy access from behind. Besides, it was you and Jim who decided I couldn’t keep dating you both and had to choose between the two of you. This way you’ll get to feel my pussy around your cock as I die. It’ll sort of be like Jim is fucking me through you.”

He thought about it for a moment or two. Instantly I felt guilty. “Wait, there’s that probation and community service thing. I’m sorry, Tim. I wouldn’t want you to have to…”

“I’ll do it, Trudy,” he told me with a smile, cutting me off. “And I’ll get Sam, Jeff, Newell and Loren to go along with it as well. A couple of the guys have already expressed jealousy they aren’t going to have a crack at marrying you. Personally I think they would love to get in your pants.”

“You too, Tim?” I asked with a knowing smile, feeling better about things for the first time in days.

“Yeah, Trudy; me too. I’d love to have my cock inside you at the funeral while you’re being beheaded.”

“It should be a once in a lifetime experience, Tim. I think Jim would approve.”

“Yeah, Trudy… I think maybe he would.”

The night before the funeral the guys paid for a really nice motel suite. I showed up in the honeymoon dress I’d planned on wearing for our trip to Acapulco. It showed a lot of leg and a lot of cleavage.

After some wine, the guys all started kissing me to loosen me up. They groped and pawed me and got me out of my dress. I was nervous, but I was more than a little horny thinking about what was going to happen next.

I got on my knees and started freeing their cocks from their suits. They’d thoughtfully worn the outfits they would have worn to the wedding. I thought that was sweet of them.

I got them all naked before I started taking cocks into my mouth. I got to be pretty good with Jim since we couldn’t engage in penetrative sex. I was able to take his six inch member all the way down my throat without gagging, and I happily demonstrated my skills with his groomsmen.

It was finally time to get down to it. The guys picked me up and carried me naked to the bed, which turned out to be rather large since they’d rented a suite for me for the night. Then I ended up on my back with my legs spread.

Sam was first, telling me he’d always wanted to fuck me. It made me feel good knowing how much he’d lusted after me. Penetration hurt at first, and there was a little blood. But it felt good when he went deep, and he managed to fuck an orgasm right out of me. Who cared about condoms; I was going to be dead within the next 24 hours anyway.

Jeff was next while the others stood around stroking. I told them to join me on the bed so I could reach for their cocks with my hands. I took turns stroking and sucking Newell and Loren while Jeff fucked me on my back.

I went through all of them one at a time, taking each one in the missionary position. Then they prepared a nice, hot bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub for me. It was big enough for two of them to join me, so we did a lot of kissing and groping and making out before Sam and Jeff swapped with Newell and Loren.

I got all excited thinking this was my big chance for a gangbang. So I got out of the tub, dried off, and then got on the floor naked on my knees again. Then once more I sucked all those cocks.

I got on my hands and knees where Sam fucked me from behind while I sucked Jeff. I got both hands on Newell and Loren’s cocks so I was working them all at once. Then it was time to really start banging in earnest.

Loren got on the bed on his back, and I climbed onto his cock. Newell climbed on and slowly penetrated my ass from behind. I felt so slutty that I became a wild woman with cocks up my ass and pussy.

For the next several hours I fucked them all several times and in several different positions, sometimes taking two cocks in my pussy and a cock up my ass. It felt absolutely wonderful, and I had orgasms galore. I was committing a capital crime, and I loved every minute of it.

I didn’t get any sleep, not that I needed any. In the morning the party wound down as I went into the shower to get cleaned up and get ready for the funeral. They came in two at a time so I could suck their cocks while getting fucked in the shower.

Afterwards they got dressed in their outfits while I got into my white wedding dress. Then we drove to the funeral home. I was feeling a little trepidation as well as a strange sexual excitement at my impending beheading.

There were a lot of mourners when we got there. Tim had already taken care of all the arrangements including my beheading. When we were ready I sat with him, my maid of honor Betsy, the bridesmaids, and all the groomsmen in a side alcove during the service where we could see the coffin and Reverend Jones.

Jim’s casket faced the guillotine head first. It was tall, metallic and foreboding. I felt this incredible surge of fear and eroticism. It wouldn’t be long before Tim would be fucking me right in front of everybody before the blade came down on my neck.

It was a wonderful service, with a lot of tears. I felt sorry for Jim’s mother that she wouldn’t get any grandchildren from her son. Tim quietly told me his mom favored his brother a little more than him, but that he didn’t mind too much. I also felt sorry I would not be able to provide grandchildren for my parents.

At the end of the service the mourners quietly went up to the casket and paid their respects, saying their last goodbyes. Then the bridesmaids and groomsmen got up from behind me and went up. They looked at Jim briefly before the guys took up positions around the guillotine to wait for me as the bridesmaids joined the mourners.

While the wedding party was up there seeing Jim’s body, Betsy leaned over and quietly asked me how it was banging all those groomsmen. She’d heard about it and had to admit she was a little jealous. I told her it was one hell of an evening and was totally worth it, although for me I had ulterior motives.

After I stood up, Tim and Betsy escorted me over to the coffin. He stopped first and said goodbye to his brother. I saw the tears in his eyes, reminding me how close they had been.

Betsy was next, and she cried too. I know she would have loved to have fucked Jim. But she value’s her life, and she wasn’t about to risk an execution. She called it “risky sex” and I totally agreed with her… until I found out for myself just how much fun I’d had and how powerful those orgasms had been.

I was the last one to say goodbye. I looked down at my beloved Jim. The mortician had done a great job fixing him up from the crash. He looked so handsome in that tuxedo.

The tears flowed as I lifted my bridal veil and kissed him goodbye. I was grateful to see there was plenty of room for me to lie there right next to him. I was looking forward to the two of us buried together for all eternity.

I calmly walked over to the guillotine. Tim tied my hands behind my back with a nice silk sash he must have bought special. Then he and the guys helped me lie down on the bench.

They slid me forward before strapping me down and bringing the lunette down onto my neck, careful not to wrinkle my dress. Then Reverend Jones spoke to the mourners. “Last night Trudy Williams deliberately violated section 10 of the penal code with four willing accomplices. After the service they will be sentenced to probation and community service. Trudy accepts her sentence of execution and wishes to express her thanks to all of you for being here with her and Jim on this solemn, yet special occasion.”

“Trudy’s last wish is to experience penetrative sex with Jim’s brother Tim. This is also a violation of section 10 of the penal code. Tim has already made arrangements for his community service.” Then he turned to Tim and solemnly told him, “You may now fuck the bride.”

I felt an erotic jolt knowing this was it. I was so wet down below it was embarrassing. I hadn’t worn any bra or panties, and I was so moist that my arousal had slithered down my inner thighs. I was certainly ready for him.

He unzipped his fly, pulled down his pants and then lifted the bottom of my dress. He thrust right in as though he’d been waiting for this moment his whole life. I gasped and moaned as he pumped me hard, causing me to rock in the guillotine.

I glanced at the coffin of my beloved Jim through my veil, grateful Reverend Jones had recently lowered it so I could look in and see his face. He looked so serene and peaceful lying there. Then I looked down to see the basket that would catch my head. It gave me the shivers something fierce.

I turned to look at the mourners who were all watching me. Some wore expressions of disdain, no doubt from the law I was now breaking with Tim. Others watched with smiles on their faces.

I saw my bridesmaids with Betsy sitting together with looks of longing in their eyes. I wondered how many of them might be jealous I was getting a last fuck in public. Maybe Tim would eventually go out with one of them or with one of our other friends who had showed up. I hoped one day he would marry and have lots of kids.

I felt the excitement begin to rise within me. My fear ratcheted up a notch, knowing I was soon going to be beheaded. It turned me on even more, and I gasped and whimpered as I became fearfully aroused.

Reverend Jones came over and grabbed onto the lever. “Wait!” I gasped. “I want to cum first and to give Tim and Jim a last goodbye!” He nodded as he stood there patiently.

I looked out at their mother who was trying to smile through the tears. His father was watching like a lecherous old man. I hoped I was giving him a nice show. My mom was almost bawling as she hugged my dad.

It started to swell within me; I was going to cum really hard. That’s when I guess I got a little carried away. But since I was going to die anyway, what did it matter if I cried out…?

“Yes… fuck me… it feels so good… thank you, Tim… thank you for fucking me… thank you guys for last night; it was great! Thanks to Betsy and my bridesmaids… and thank you all for coming… I love you, mom and dad! I love you most of all, Jim! I’m coming to see you, honey… I’m coming… I’m coming… OHMYGAWD; I’M REALLY CUMMING!”

I stiffened before I started to cry out. Tim roared his release as I felt his hot seed inside me. Then there was a whoosh as the blade fell, bottoming out with a loud THUNK.

For a moment I lost sight of Jim and the coffin as my world tumbled. Then I could see everyone as my veil was removed. I guess my bare head had been lifted up into the air.

“Justice has been served,” Reverend Jones declared to one and all as he displayed my head. There was polite applause, although Jim’s mother and mine were both crying. I was turned to see my body bucking on the bench in my wedding dress as Tim slowly thrust in and out of me. I thought the dress daddy bought for me made me look so beautiful and was totally worth it.

The guys were all standing solemnly in a row, giving me smiles of appreciation as they clapped for me. The last thing I felt was my head being gently placed in the coffin right next to Jim’s head. I knew they would be putting my body in next. That’s when I felt an immense peace. After that I was aware of nothing at all…

© 2017 (written Oct 6 ’17 by riwa)

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