Brother and Sister at the Snuff Club


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Our family is so screwed up. But what family isn’t? I guess ours isn’t so bad, all things considered.

Dad is a workaholic. He provides for us, but he has long hours and is gone a lot. Stewart and I are pretty sure he’s getting some on the side when he’s away.

As for mom? She has guys come right over to the house to fuck. She doesn’t really try to hide it from Stew and I. It’s one of those secrets I think everyone knows about. We’re pretty sure daddy knows all about it too.

You can pretty much guess how Stew and I turned out. Mom’s not very quiet when her friends are over. Sometimes you can hear her begging for it in the master bedroom upstairs… “FUCK ME – FUCK ME; I WANT IT SO BAD!”

I don’t remember when I started masturbating. But hearing mom getting fucked upstairs was one hell of a turn-on. Hearing her getting a good pounding while begging for it made me wet as hell.

I know for a fact it turned Stew on as well. There were times when I would go to his bedroom and sneak a peek at him while mom was upstairs fucking. He would take that 8 inch cock of his out and would really jerk on it while mom and her current boy-toy were going at it.

Mom has a great set of tits along with a pretty hot, smoking bod. Stew and I have both seen her naked. He once told me seeing her nude like that really gave him a boner. But I have a good set of tits myself, and I learned he was getting just as aroused catching me naked as he was at seeing mom.

A couple of times I caught him peeking at me in the shower. It got me all hot and bothered knowing he was looking at me and then rushing back to his bedroom to masturbate. That was also one hell of a turn-on.

He wasn’t the only one being turned on. Several times I got a good look at his hard cock in the shower while he was stroking. I was so aroused thinking about his dick that I went to an adult sex store and bought a dildo that looked like it was about the same size as his so I could imagine him fucking me.

Things finally turned the corner the day I caught him peeking around the door at me while I was masturbating. We could hear mom upstairs with her latest fuck-buddy, and I was using my toy while pretending it was Stew. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and caught him watching me through the crack in the door.

He closed it the moment he got caught. So I blurted out, “Hey, don’t go! You can watch if you want!”

I saw the door open a crack, and his eyeball reappeared. So I smiled at him as I fucked myself with that toy. Knowing he was watching me made me horny as hell, and I cried out, “Fuck – fuck – FUCK!” until I orgasmed right there in front of him.

I didn’t care that he left a couple seconds later to go get himself off. I was just glad I’d turned him on. From then on I let him watch me whenever I caught him peeking through the door.

A few days later it was my turn to catch Stew masturbating in the shower. We have a glass door, so nothing is hidden when you’re in there getting wet. Mom was upstairs fornicating again, and he must have had it so bad that he needed to shower and jack off.

I watched him stroke until he spurted his load. Then I rushed off to my bedroom to rub one out. But he showed up five minutes later and stood right there in the doorway, telling me he knew I’d watched him so he was going to watch me until I came.

You have no idea how much that turned me on. I used the dildo I’d bought and really rammed it into my cunt. I told my brother, “Do you want to know the name I gave my toy?” Then I quietly gasped “Fuck me, Stew!” as I rammed it hard in and out of my pussy until I cried out in orgasm. That’s when his eyes got big as saucers before he smiled and left.

It was only a matter of time until we did it for real. That was the day mom had a marathon session with some guy upstairs. It got Stew so horny he went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I knew where he was going and why. So I followed him to the bathroom in my bathrobe. I waited until he was inside before dropping it off my shoulders and stepping inside with him.

He had that gorgeous dick in his hand when he looked at me in surprise. So I took it from him and soaped it all up. After I helped rinse it off, I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth.

You have no idea what that did to me. I nearly orgasmed right there tasting my brother’s cock between my lips. He just looked down at me as he breathed, “You’re a slut just like mom!”

“Gawd, yes!” I gasped before gagging on his dick.

He pulled me to my feet and turned me around until I was facing the wall. With one swift thrust he was inside me from behind. I cried out so loudly he had to cover my mouth as he started fucking me right there in the shower.

I’ve had a couple boyfriends, but they were short term and were only interested in getting in my pants. So I knew what it was going to feel like once he started fucking me. Still, I wasn’t ready for the glorious pounding he gave me. But I did love the way he reached around to grope and maul my tits as he gasped, “Gawd; I love your boobs!”

It swelled inside me until I started to scream just like mom does. He had to keep his hand over my mouth the entire time as he came in my throbbing cunt. I shuddered as I tried to milk every last drop out of his twitching cock. Then we used a sponge to soap each other down and then clean each other up.

I don’t think mom had a fucking clue what she had done to us. From then on, whenever she had guys over, Stew and I would end up fucking in his bedroom or mine. And most of the time he had to cover my mouth as my orgasms were pretty damned loud just like mom’s were.

I’m not sure if that’s what lead to what happened next or if I already had it hidden somewhere deep inside me. One day I was in daddy’s den on his computer. That’s when I found that Snuff Club website.

I got all hot and bothered seeing the fucking that went on in there. But what really got me excited were all those executions. Watching the hangings was the best of all.

I saw one big-titted bitch get hanged up onstage. They used a thick rope on her, so she lasted for several minutes as she jerked and kicked up her high heels. They even shoved a vibrating toy up her twat, making her jerk around as she orgasmed a couple times.

She kicked and swung, her hips thrusting like she was fucking the air. Then her pussy squirted as she orgasmed and died right there on the end of the rope. It was arousing as hell.

There was something about watching that hanging that really got to me. That night I had the most erotic dream I could ever imagine. I dreamed Stew took me up onstage and hanged me right in front of the whole damned Club with this vibrating dong shoved up my cunt.

When the rope pulled me up I started humping like crazy as the toy buzzed inside me. It was as though I could actually feel the rope around my neck. Then I was cumming hard until I woke up in a bed with soaked sheets.

At first I didn’t tell anyone about what I’d seen on the computer or the erotic hanging dream I’d had. Then I caught Stew in daddy’s den. He was also watching that same website. Figuring Stew was just as warped as I was, it didn’t surprise me at all.

I told him I’d seen that website and that I thought the hangings were hotter than hell. He told me he liked them most of all. Then we heard the bed shaking upstairs. Mom was at it again.

“Show me one quick!” I gasped as I started getting horny again. He pulled one up, and I stroked his cock just to get it hard. Then I sat in his lap, fully impaled on that thick, juicy cock of his.

We watched one woman after another being hanged to death I had three screaming orgasms until Stew emptied himself inside me. Of course by now he’d learned how to recognize when I was close to cumming. He covered my mouth all three times at the moment of each one of my climaxes.

That night I had another erotic dream. Stew hanged me again up onstage at that Club. Only this time he fucked me from behind, reaching around and grabbing my tits as the noose tightened around my neck until I woke up with soaked sheets again.

It got to be a regular thing with us. As soon as mom and her “friend” went upstairs, we’d go into daddy’s den and watch another hanging while I sat in his lap riding his cock. Sometimes we’d time it to where I’d cum at almost the same time we heard mom cum upstairs. Other times I wanted to cum the moment the woman went limp in the noose. Gawd; those were great cums!

One day while I was impaled on his cock in the den watching a hanging, I told him I wanted him to hang me at the Club for real. I told him I’d been having erotic dreams about it and that I wanted to feel the noose for real.

He said he couldn’t do that to me. He told me he liked me too much to risk losing me to a Club noose. But he said maybe he could rig up something for me to experience right here at home.

A few nights later another of mom’s friends was over at the house. While they were upstairs fucking, Stew led me naked out to the garage. I wondered what he had going on out there, and I found myself getting all turned on.

When we got there I saw Stew had screwed an eyebolt into the ceiling. Threaded through it was a thick rope with a noose dangling from one end. Just the sight of it made me wet as hell.

“You want me to hang you, Janelle? Then I’m going to fucking hang you!” I gasped as I started to tremble from an insane arousal.

Before he led me over, I told him I wanted my hands tied behind my back when he hanged me. That way I could experience it the way those sexy bitches died in the noose at that Club. So he took a little length of rope and tied my wrists behind my back.

He added a strap for padding around my neck so there wouldn’t be a rope burn. I moaned and whimpered, wet as hell and ready to be hauled up. He fingered me until I all but begged him to hang me. Then he pulled on the other end of the rope, taking me right up into the air.

My pussy was dripping like crazy as I went up. It was barely thirty seconds before I was jerking like a fish on a line, cumming up a storm. It hurt like hell, but it felt incredible.

He let me back down and I all but crumped onto the floor in a heap. He loosened the noose before checking the padding. Then he told me it hadn’t left much of a mark, so it wouldn’t show during mealtimes.

I was so insane with arousal that I said the unthinkable. I told Stew to fuck me in the ass and then take me back up like a common whore. Thankfully I’d already been experimenting with that dildo shoved up my butt. Now I wanted the real thing in my ass no matter how much it might hurt, as I wanted to be humiliated and degraded.

He forced me onto my face with my butt sticking up into the air. Then he gave it to me good and hard. He was so hard and horny that he emptied a huge load in my ass.

I gasped and whimpered as I experienced what I call a good pain. Then I begged him to hang me again. Since the noose was still looped around my neck, all he had to do was haul me right back up.

He pulled on the free end until I went right back up into the air, feeling his cum leaking out of my ass. I went nuts as I felt my weight against the rope around my neck. I kicked and jerked around in the noose until an orgasm battered me senseless.

When I awakened, I was on the floor of the garage. The noose was gone, and so was the rope around my wrists. “You ok?” he gasped anxiously. “For a minute there you passed out!”

“Take me back to your bedroom, Stew! Take me back and fuck the shit out of me!”

He grinned as he scooped me up into his arms. Then he hauled me back to his bedroom. I think we fucked for as long as mom and her lover fucked upstairs in the master bedroom.

From then on, he started hanging me whenever one of mom’s fuck-toys came over. It was never for very long, although the cums were fantastic. Often he would hang me, take me down, rape my ass, and then haul me back up. And sometimes he hung me for a minute or so while standing there fucking me from behind, often giving it to me right up the tailpipe.

The orgasms were unbelievable! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard until I started orgasming in the noose. But it wasn’t slaking my thirst for hangings. If he was hoping it would satisfy my cravings then it failed miserably because it only made my fantasies more intense as the dreams became more frequent.

One night we were in daddy’s den watching a new hanging when I told him yet again how I wanted to go to the Club and hang up onstage for real. He looked at me and shook his head. “Janelle, are you sure you want to die?”

“No, but I definitely want to hang.”

He laughed as he told me, “Janelle, they’re the same thing.”

“No they’re not.”

“Yes, they are!”

I looked at him, my breath catching in my throat. “Stew, I’m having those dreams all the time now! And in my dreams you hang me and then watch as I kick and dance for you! I can’t get them out of my mind!”

“Maybe you need help, sis.”

“Yeah, I need help, Stew! I need you to help get me up onstage so I can hang naked for you!”

“But what about mom and dad?”

“They don’t care, Stew! Daddy’s too busy making money, and mom’s too busy fucking anything with two legs and a hard cock. Our family’s so fucked up I think it’s my destiny for you to hang me. Besides, I’ve seen how hard your cock gets whenever I’m up in the air choking and gasping in the garage. You want this every bit as much as I do!”

“I don’t know, Janelle. I think I would miss you a lot.”

“Only until you find someone else to fuck and hang. Stew, I really want to do this for you. All we have to do is pool our resources together to get enough money to go to the Club.”

“You really think mom and dad won’t mind?”

“They don’t pay that much attention to us anyway. I know they probably care, but they’re too damned busy to notice. They might miss me for a few days… that is, until mom gets a new lover and daddy finds some sexy slut during one of his business trips.”

“Janelle, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“I want to do this as soon as possible before I chicken out or something happens to me in the garage. I know you’re careful and all, Stew. But I really want to hang up onstage in front of all those eyes while you’re watching me dance for you.”

“Janelle, are you sure?”

“I want you to hang me with a buzzing toy up my cunt and ass so I cum like crazy as I die for you. Now fuck me, Stew, while we watch this slut on the website hang for us all over again!” Then I climbed back into his lap, impaling myself on his dick which had hardened right up from our erotic conversation…

(end part 1)

© 2017 (written Jun 25 ’17 by Riwa)

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