Secret sacrifices for the tribe

Dorothy and her sister Emma thought they were going on a double date with a couple of industrialists. They were dressed in their best when they were picked up outside their hotel in a limo. Their excitement grew at the possibility they were going to be wined and dined.

The champagne came out almost immediately and the two sisters helped themselves. By the time Dorothy realized the men had not joined in it was too late. Within minutes they were both unconscious.

They were taken to a private airport where they were stripped of all their possessions including their fine dresses. They were both gagged and hogtied naked. Then they were tossed unconscious into a wooden crate filled with straw.

While they slept the crate was loaded onto a private flight. Then the plane roared off, destination: the Congo. The two industrialists were paid handsomely for their kidnap victims before being sent on their way.

The two sisters awakened midflight. They itched from the straw and were alarmed to discover they were nude. They were gagged to prevent communication, but eventually they came to the same conclusion: they were airborne.

When they landed several hours later their crate was removed from the plane and loaded onto a truck. They both grunted in horror as they banged around in their confinement. Then it was another long ride over land and what appeared to be a very bumpy road.

A couple of hours passed as their hunger grew. They had no idea what was happening to them and they were terribly frightened. They both deduced they’d been kidnapped, making them wonder if anyone even knew they were gone or where they were.

The vehicle they were in finally stopped, much to their relief. They grunted as they felt the crate they were in being clumsily unloaded. Then they heard the truck roar off.

The air reeked of humidity and the cry of birds and animals they could not identify. They heard strange voices in a tongue they did not recognize. Then the crate was opened and they blinked in the sunlight.

The two women looked out to see what appeared to be African tribesmen looking in on them. Several chattered in an unknown language as they pointed excitedly, causing them both to shiver with fright. Just where the hell had they been taken??

They were pulled out of the crate, only to find themselves surrounded by men in loincloths. Dorothy looked all around in shock. There appeared to be nothing but dense jungle all around.

Dorothy grunted in horror as they were hung from a couple of thick bamboo poles by their arms and legs. Then they were hauled off deeper into the jungle in a hunter’s carry like a couple of carcasses. It was humiliating to be treated like dead animals but there was nothing to be done about it

It was another long trek before they arrived at the center of a village. It was some sort of common area she perceived as a major feeding station. There was a big black pot of boiling water with a lit fire underneath. It was an ominous sign.

Dorothy spotted a large, rough wooden cross nearby. It made her hopeful this tribe of people had been Christianized, and she grunted as she pointed it out with a nod to Emma. Her sister nodded back with a hopeful grunt. The two could only assume they were somewhere in deepest Africa.

Dorothy was taken off her pole and carried over to the cross. She was freed from her bondage and she grunted a thank you that was not understood. Then they began to tie her down to the rough wooden structure.

Almost immediately she discovered that much of it had been previously blackened from flames. She locked eyes with her naked sister who was being poked and prodded by several of the females. Emma’s muffled words to be left alone went unnoticed as her face flushed crimson.

Dorothy’s arms were stretched out and roped to the cross section by her wrists. Her legs were spread apart and attached at the ankles by coils of rope to stakes embedded into the ground. It exposed her glistening pussy for all to see and she whimpered with embarrassment.

As a final indignity a wooden stake with one end in the shape of a large phallus was shoved up her pussy. It was planted into the ground directly below to hold it in place. She wriggled and squirmed anew at this violation, wondering what these people intended for her and her sister. They acted as though they had never seen females with skin so white before.

Her sister was taken to a large rock a few feet away where she was tied down upon it spread-eagled. Then four large tribesmen approached without loincloths, all sporting enormous cocks. It soon became evident Emma was to be given over to them as her sister watched helplessly.

They immediately went to work on her, forcing their large appendages into her pussy while savagely groping her tits. Emma screamed into the gag in her mouth from the brutal violation, her womanhood horribly stretched to accommodate them. Dorothy could only watch in anguish, squirming in fear and humiliation as her sister was raped for the better part of an hour. But she was unable to stop herself from becoming shamefully aroused at the treatment poor Emma was receiving.

When they were finally done with her they simply stepped away, making room for another male who appeared to be some sort of tribal leader. He brandished a wicked looking dagger as Emma’s four rapists disappeared among the tribespeople, only to return with blood-stained machetes. Then he ripped the gag out of her mouth. Emma began to scream for her sister as Dorothy replied with muffled cries of horror.

The head of the tribe stood over her, chanting some sort of incantation as Dorothy watched helplessly. The rest of the tribe chanted with him, many swaying back and forth. Then their voices grew louder as he raised his dagger high.

Emma’s eyes flew open in horror as Dorothy let out a muffled cry. Emma screamed her sister’s name as he plunged it down into her stomach. Her back arched instinctively as she shrieked from the pain. The tribe let out a cry and raised their hands to the heavens.

Dorothy shuddered in horror, ashamed of the climax that suddenly ravaged her body. She could not believe he had just plunged the dagger into her sister in some sort of sacrificial ritual. But it did not stop there.

Emma screamed even louder as the dagger opened her from ribcage to pubic bone. Then her intestines were pulled out. They were tossed into a bucket a female had hastily provided for the head tribesman.

She lost her voice as her kidneys were removed. Then her liver was taken out and given to another woman who quickly rushed it away. Dorothy wondered if these savages were actually going to eat it.

The last thing to be taken out of Emma’s chest was her still beating heart. She appeared to be alive long enough to see it, her eyes open in horror as the tribal chief pulled it out to display before her. Then one of the four rapists brought his machete down hard, instantly biting into the flesh of her outstretched neck.

He brutally chopped again and again before lifting up her severed head for the rest of the tribe to witness. They raised their hands and chanted aloud as she quickly bled out. But with her heart torn out she had already faded away into oblivion.

Dorothy screamed in horror into the gag in her mouth as the men set to work chopping off Emma’s arms and legs. These were tossed into the boiling pot along with other parts of her body as they made quick work of butchering her. Then her head was placed on a tall stake where she stared with unseeing eyes at her shocked sister.

Dorothy sagged on the cross in despair. Then her eyes flew open as males of the tribe began approaching her with wood and kindling in their arms. They carefully laid it at the base of the cross. Then one of them ripped her gag off.

“YOU BLOODY BASTARDS!” she screamed. “YOU KILLED MY SISTER!” But they ignored her anguished cries. That’s when several of the woman dipped their hands into a nearby pot of grease before coming up to her.

They chattered amongst themselves as they rubbed some sort of goo all over her. Dorothy writhed and whimpered at the unwanted attention. This did not bode well.

Another one of the rapists lit a torch from the fire under the pot. Dorothy let out a cry of horror as he brought it over to her. Then he lowered it into the pile of wood around her feet, setting it ablaze.

Dorothy began to cry out, her pussy clenching around the phallus on the stake shoved into her pussy. The tribe watched her with morbid fascination as she writhed and screamed. A moment later the flames leaped onto her flesh as though attracted to the ooze she’d been coated with.

Dorothy writhed and screamed as fire climbed her naked body until every inch of her was burning. She instinctively ground her pussy against the phallus shoved inside as she shrieked to the heavens. Then there was a whoosh as her blonde hair caught fire.

She screamed up at the heavens, amazed something could hurt so terribly. Her sister’s lifeless eyes watched her death as the head remained impaled upon the stake. Dorothy’s cries finally faded away as smoke and fire invaded her lungs until her spirit fled as she sagged against the cross.

For several moments there was the figure of a human being in the midst of the flames. The tribe chanted quietly as her sister was cooked in the pot. It would be sundown when they would finally eat in front of a little pile on the ground of what was left of the smoldering corpse…

Back in London a male answered the phone… “Hello?”

“The tribe greatly appreciated the sacrifices you sent them. Will you be ready for next month’s shipment?”

“We’re already scoping out a couple of new bitches I think the tribe will appreciate.”

“We’ll be awaiting your call when you’re ready.” Then the line went dead…

© 2012; 2016 (written for Dorothy and Emma Mar 28 ’12; ed. Jun 10 ‘16 by riwa)

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