Rainbow Machine


It was just a girlie get together at my friend Peggy`s home between Samantha, Me and Peggy`s elderly aunt who had emigrated from Germany in the early 1950s. Mostly it was just small talk including things of a sexual nature like how big a penis could a vagina take and things like that. We’re not exactly a group known for talking about flowers and cookbooks.

We were sipping tea when there was a knock on the door. In walked Connie, our friend from America. “I just called to see you guys before I fly home. I don`t fly out for another four hours yet, so I thought I’d stop by for a few minutes.” Naturally we welcomed her inside.

Connie`s sister and her husband were with her. “Is it ok if we leave her with you for an hour, Peggy, while we go shopping? Then we’ll come back and take her to Heathrow for her flight home.”

“No problem,” Peggy said with a dismissive wave. “You go shopping; she’ll be fine with us.” And with that Connie`s sister and her husband were gone.

Peggy looked at us and smiled. “Would you girls like to see my latest invention down in the basement?” She was very inventive and we were curious as hell. So off we went down into the basement.

We came across this strange contraption in the center of the room. Actually it was just a metal plate in the floor. Above was a metal chain which could be pulled up or down.

“So what is this, Peggy?” I asked curiously.

“Haven’t given it a name yet,” she replied.” Haven’t even tried it out yet.” Then she turned to Connie.

“How about you, darling? Would you be willing to give it a try before you fly out?”

Connie thought about it for a moment. “Why not?” she replied with a smile. “Of course I will.” Peggy was always good for something kinky and erotic.

“Great. You need to undress, Connie. Don’t worry about the rest of us watching; we’re all friends here.”

“No problem.”

Connie quickly undressed, revealing a stunning figure. She was only twenty-nine years old and had never had children. So her body was in perfect condition. And with her golden blonde hair hanging over her shoulders she looked sensational.

“Step onto the metal plate, Connie. Hold your hands above your head while I shackle them to the ring hook above you.”

Peggy proceeded to secure her arms above her head. Now Connie really looked sensational, her thirty four C boobs standing out magnificently. Then Peggy locked her feet to the metal base in the floor until Connie was completely helpless.

“Kinky, Peggy,” she giggled. “Ok; so what happens now?”

Peggy produced a tin full of some kind of gel. Then she started to rub it all over Connie`s stunning body. Immediately she began to balk as she wriggled uncertainly…

“Hey; hang on there! I can’t go on the plane all covered in this stinking stuff!”

“Not to worry, Connie,” Peggy told her. “You can shower and clean yourself up after we’re done down here.”

Once she was ready we all stood around looking at Connie standing there smeared with gel and looking sexy as hell. Then I looked enquiringly at Peggy and asked, “So now what happens?”

“Just wait,” she replied with a knowing grin. “You girls might want to take a step back though.”

We all stepped back, curious as to what was going to happen next. Suddenly jets of flame shot up from all around the metal plate in the floor. Connie let out a startled scream… “My gawd, Peggy, what are you doing to me??”

“Stay calm” was Peggy’s reply, her eyes twinkling as she smiled at her. A moment later Connie’s body caught fire and became fully engulfed.

It quickly became apparent all that gel was highly flammable. The scream that came out of Connie`s mouth was indescribable. Soon she actually started changing color.

Her writhing body began to glow from red to blue with greenish tints all mixed in as the flames licked hungrily at her flesh. She looked utterly amazing all ablaze like that. In agony she threw her head back until seconds later all that beautiful blonde hair was gone.

Her lower body glowed green as the upper part of her turned a purple hue. Her head was fully engulfed, lit up in a fiery red. She looked like an amazing, colorful candle all lit up like that as she let out one last, agonizing scream.

Just then her sister came down stairs. She walked in and said, “I forgot to ask you about next week.” Then she caught sight of the writhing colorful flames and gasped in astonishment, “Is that Connie?”

“Sure is,” Peggy replied with a grin.

“Gawd, she looks fantastic! Look at the way her body is glowing in all those different colors! Damn, Peggy!”

There were no more sounds from Connie, surely she was gone. But amazingly her burning body continued to gyrate. Her boobs were on fire and I swear they were melting, the fat from them falling to sizzle upon the metal plate she was standing on.

The colors kept coming – blue, pink, green and red. Connie`s body was a mass of mixed colors, green up to her waist, a purple-blue chest and her flaming red head. By now her skin was almost gone as her bones were beginning to show through.

Her breast bone appeared first, followed by her rib cage. Then I saw the bones in her legs. It was amazing the way the chains were still holding her upright.

Her bones burnt several minutes more until her wrists gave out in the chains above. What was left of a once beautiful girl fell in a heap onto the metal plate still glowing rainbow colors with bright red in the center. I heard Samantha gasp; one look told me she was orgasming.

Peggy groaned too as she orgasmed a few moments later. I wasn’t far behind, cumming shamefully. I tried to be silent, but my orgasm was so intense I screamed aloud.

The sight of Connie burning and melting was so erotic none of us could help ourselves. The metal plate glowed red and then turned white hot as it converted Connie`s bones into powder. We all watched open-mouthed at what was happening to her remains.

The metal plate suddenly swung open. Connie’s ashes fell away into the sewers below, more than twenty feet under the building. Peggy used a high powered water jet to remove what was left before locking the metal plate back into position. Then we were all standing there looking at what we’d first seen when we’d entered an empty basement. It was as though nothing had happened.

“I think I’ll call it my rainbow machine,” Peggy announced with a smile. “To be honest I never expected it to work so perfectly and put out all those colors.” Then she looked right at me as she added, “You know? I think we should use it again real soon.”

A cold shiver ran up my spine. Strangely it was not out of fear, but rather a perverse excitement. Was she implying I was going to be her next victim on her rainbow machine?

“I guess you saved us a trip,” Connie`s sister told Peggy with a smile. “We won`t need to go to Heathrow after all, now that Connie is gone. She did look sensational as she burnt in so many different colors.”

Peggy`s aunt who had never said a word the entire time suddenly spoke up. “I was only seven years old during the Second World War and when the fire storm ripped through Hamburg. People were running around in flames burning in different colors before falling dead in the street. I never thought I would see anything like that ever again. But Connie glowed just like they did.”

That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning remembering Connie burning as I experienced orgasm after orgasm. And I kept remembering the look on Peggy`s face when she had looked at me and said, “We must do this again soon.”

Was I going to be her next “rainbow”? Was I going to be consumed the way Connie had been devoured by the flames? I shuddered from another intense orgasm before I fell into a deep sleep, totally exhausted.

Two weeks later my phone rang. “Hi Dorothy. It`s Peggy. We’re having another girlie get-together next Tuesday. Can you come round about seven? I’ve got a new girl coming by and I want to show her the basement. I have someone special in mind for her to watch in my color machine.”

Bloody hell. Was I about to become her next rainbow? I got the shivers something fierce as I told her I would be there.

(written by Dorothy; ed. by riwa)

I called a cab and headed over, my heart in my chest. Was Peggy going to burn me in her rainbow machine? Or did she have another woman in mind? Maybe she was inviting me because she remembered how loudly I had orgasmed watching Connie turn into a fiery rainbow.

Aw, hell; who was I kidding? I was almost certain she planned on burning me. So why the hell was I going over in the first place??

I had a couple of new girls in town and I was anxious to show them my rainbow machine. I had already picked out a deserving candidate too. I had always wanted Dorothy for myself but she was never interested. Now I was going to give her husband James a chance to go out and pick up a new bitch to fuck.

I knocked on Peggy’s door and she opened it right up. She smiled when she saw it was me. “So glad you could come over for girlie night, love.” But the way she looked at me made my heart leap into my throat as I got really wet down below.

Samantha was there but apparently her elderly aunt couldn’t make it. Instead she introduced me to a couple of other lovely ladies – Cyndi and Caroline. Both looked very attractive.

Peggy poured me some tea as I took up a seat in the living room. Then we began chatting about girlie stuff again. As usual it was about sexual things, mostly of a lesbian nature. All that did was make me wriggle and squirm as I found the subject both embarrassing and arousing.

Peggy asked if we wanted to go downstairs and see her rainbow machine. She looked me right in the eye when she said it. Instantly I gasped for breath as I got really wet down below.

Cyndi and Caroline were both curious about my machine. I’d already secretly told Samantha who I wanted to star in my little demonstration. She told me she was really looking forward to watching our sexy Dorothy burn.

I led them all downstairs to my special room. I’m sure it looked totally innocent to Cyndi and Caroline with only that metal plate in the floor and that chain dangling from the ceiling.  I looked at Dorothy but she seemed breathless as hell and looked like she was trying not to hyperventilate. So I decided to prolong the mystery a little of who I had already picked out by asking everyone to strip.

“My machine works best when we’re all naked,” Peggy told everyone. I gave her a dubious eye; that was a bold-faced lie. I think she just wanted to see everyone’s body the moment someone was burning in her machine… and I still had my suspicions it was me. So why the hell wasn’t I coming up with a reason to feign sickness or a bad headache right about now??

Samantha, Cyndi and Caroline had no problem stripping out of their clothes. Soon we were all naked. Five sets of tits sported erect nipples. But I was the most embarrassed as my pussy was wet as hell.

I loved seeing all those sexy, naked bodies. But now it was time for the fun stuff. “All right,” I said after we’d all ogled each other for a few moments. “Who wants to give my machine a try?” Then I looked right at her with a sinister grin as I asked Dorothy, “How about you, love?” I was so excited knowing her body was going to be on fire and glowing in a matter of moments.

I thought I was going to faint dead away when she looked right at me and asked if I wanted to try out her machine. I was wet as hell and dripping shamefully. “M-maybe someone else w-wants to try it out?” I stammered nervously.

“Naw, I think you’d look great, Dorothy. Girls, don’t you think our Dorothy here looks sexy to try out my machine?”

Everyone agreed with her, especially considering the dangling chains. I think they knew I was going to be in them and they wanted to see me in a submissive posture. Samantha looked positively glowing with excitement at the prospect of seeing me on fire.

She had no choice, of course. Everyone wanted to see her secured to that chain dangling from the ceiling. There’s something about a woman chained and submissive that looks sexy as hell. And judging from the way Cyndi and Caroline were giving her lustful looks I think they were just as excited as Samantha and I.

“C’mon, love; you’re it,” I told her as I pulled Dorothy over to the metal plate. “Everyone wants to see you in chains.” I giggled as I stretched her arms up and then secured them before working on locking her feet to the metal plate. Strange how she didn’t try to run; maybe she wanted this more than the rest of us!

I stammered nervously; I couldn’t make my legs move as Peggy bound my wrists in those chains. Then she secured my feet so I couldn’t go anywhere. I kept gasping for breath, on the verge of hyperventilating. My nipples were so erect they hurt, and my pussy was gushing my arousal and humiliation.

“How does she look girls?” Peggy asked with a grand gesture when she was done. “She looks sexy as hell,” Caroline observed. Cyndi’s eyes were wide as she licked her lips. “I’m really looking forward to this,” Samantha added, her eyes flashing enthusiastically.

I produced my tin of gel and began smearing it all over Dorothy’s sexy body. This was the first and only time I ever got to touch her naked. My hands were trembling with desire as I took my sweet time rubbing that grease all over every inch of her body save for her head.

“Bloody hell!” Cyndi breathed excitedly. “She looks fucking hot!” Samantha added. “What’s with the grease?” Caroline wanted to know.

“It makes my rainbow machine sparkle,” I chuckled as I rubbed it into her breasts.

I was weak as water and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. I finally whispered, “Why are you doing this to me, Peggy?”

“Because I’ve always wanted you but could never have you because you were never interested. And there’s that guy in Leeds. Now he’s going to get a chance to go out and try out a new lass, don’t you think?”

She worked her fingers into my pussy… “Damn, love! You’re really wet for it! Don’t worry; this will really give you a hot time down there.” Then she patted my crotch before stepping back. My eyes were wide with fright; I was panting like crazy.

It took everything I had not to molest her right then and there. I know Samantha would not have minded watching. And I got the impression Cyndi and Caroline would have been ok with it. But I had something much better to show them.

“Ok, girls; better step back a bit. This is going to be colorful and you’re going to want to take it all in.” I took a few steps back, and they all followed suit as poor Dorothy started panting and whimpering.

This was it; I was really going to burn now! I stared at Peggy all wide eyed and terrified as she grinned at me. “Enjoy yourself, Dorothy. I know we all are going to appreciate you demonstrating my machine.” And with that she turned the bloody thing on.

Jets of flame shot up all around me as I gasped for breath. Then I was screaming my head off in orgasm “I’M ON FIRE – I’M ON FIRE!” as the heat intensified. The gel hadn’t caught yet; it would be any second now.

“Bloody hell, you’re burning her?” Cyndi gasped in astonishment. “Look at her cum!” Caroline gasped breathlessly. Samantha and Peggy simply reached down and started fingering themselves.

I screamed in agony as the gel finally caught fire with a WHOOSH. I felt it go all the way into my pussy, giving me the orgasm to end all orgasms. Then my head caught fire, burning my hair away as I became one massive fiery flame of changing colors.

I couldn’t hear or see them anymore. All I was aware of was this loud roar of fire while being in the midst of a terrible inferno. Surely this was what hell was like. Then I tried to inhale, only to feel flames shoot down my throat and incinerate my lungs in an instant………….

Dorothy sagged in the chains… or rather what was left of her sagged. She was kept upright by her chained wrists as her body glowed green and blue with her head ablaze in a fiery yellow like the tip of a candle. Other colors flashed brilliantly across her totally engulfed form.

“Bloody hell, that’s hot!” Samantha gasped as she furiously rubbed herself into an orgasm. I was right behind her; it was erotic as hell. “My gawd!” Cyndi gasped as she reached up to start touching her tasty boobs. Caroline just stared in amazement as her hands began to roam her naked, quivering body.

I heard Dorothy’s breasts pop from the flames, heard the sizzle as they splattered onto the metal below. Her skin was rapidly melting away as the intense heat made her body twist and gyrate. It was like she was doing a sexy dance for us all.

Bones began to appear as the colors continued to flash. Cyndi let out a gasp and then stiffened and shuddered in orgasm. Samantha was well on her way to a second one. Caroline let out a cry of “Oh fuck!” before she thrust her fingers hard into her dripping pussy. The ladies around me were sweaty and cumming up a storm, triggering my second orgasm.

We got a glimpse of Dorothy’s skeleton in the flames as though she was still dancing. Then the wrists burned free of the chains as she crumpled in a heap. The fire instantly diminished to incinerate the pile of bone and ashes.

The metal plate glowed red and then turned white hot as it converted Dorothy’s bones into powder. Samantha kept fingering herself while Cyndi and Caroline gasped and masturbated shamelessly. It was an incredible sight to behold.

The metal plate suddenly swung open. Dorothy’s ashes fell away into the sewers below, more than twenty feet under the building. That’s when I turned on the high powered water jet to wash everything away.

I flushed it all down the opening until Dorothy’s ashes had been completely swept away. It was as though she had simply ceased to exist. Then I casually locked the metal plate back into position.

“Well girls,” I asked with a sly grin. “What did you think?” The basement was back to normal as though nothing had happened.

“Bloody hell, that was lovely,” Samantha gasped. “Incredible!” Cyndi panted breathlessly.

“Did you see the way she danced for us?” Caroline observed. “I swear she was like one of those belly dancers while she was blazing away amidst all those incredible colors!”

“Like it?”

“You’re damn right we did!” Caroline gushed. “When are you going to schedule the next girlie night?”

“When would you like to meet again?” I asked as my eyes flashed lustfully.

© 2016 (written for Dorothy Aug 11 ’16 by riwa)

A week later I got a call from Samantha asking when I was going to use my Rainbow Machine again. A few days after that it was Caroline called asking the same thing. She said her and Cyndi were anxious to watch another one.

I had a girl in mind so I set up another girlie night three weeks from Dorothy’s glorious burning. Samantha, Cyndi and Caroline all showed up with breathless excitement. So I introduced them to a new friend I’d met recently.

Leiani was thirty one with lovely Asian features. She had slender legs and gorgeous breasts – a definite stunner. I noticed right away how Caroline was taking a shine to her.

We all chatted for a while until I saw how antsy Samantha and Cyndi were getting. I think they were eager to see another demonstration of my machine. So I smiled as I asked Leiani if she was aware I had a Rainbow Machine down in my basement.

“A Rainbow Machine?” she repeated curiously. “What’s a Rainbow Machine?”

“Oh you’re going to love this,” Samantha told her.

“It’s really wonderful,” Cyndi added.

“Ladies, shall we adjourn our get-together to the basement?”

I motioned grandly and everyone stood up. I led them down until we reached it. Right away I could tell Leiani was perplexed.

“Where is this machine, Peggy? All I see are chains hanging from the ceiling and this metal plate on the floor with what looks like places to stick your feet into it. Is this it?”

It sure is, hun,” I assured her. “But for the machine to work best we all need to be naked. You don’t mind, do you? I mean we’re all friend here, right?”

She looked around in surprise to see Samantha, Cyndi and Caroline already stripping out of their clothes as though this was no big deal. Naturally I started to undress as though it was no big deal. “Ok,” she stammered nervously as she took her clothes off. She was even more incredible when she was naked.

“Now we’ll need a volunteer,” I told her. Then I reached out and grabbed Cyndi, telling her, “How about you, hun? You’ve already seen it in action so you know what to expect, right?”

Her mouth dropped open in surprise; I think she fully expected me to pick the delicious Leiani. But I had plans to spend some quality alone time with her. And after telling Caroline about the lovely Asian it became apparent she wanted to get to know her better as well.

Cyndi stammered nervously as I led her over to the metal plate on the floor. Samantha helped me chain her arms above while Caroline secured her feet into the metal plate. “What are you doing??” she stammered nervously. “I thought we, uh… we were going to, uh… let Leiani try it out!”

“We want to get to know Leiani better,” Caroline told her with a devious grin. “Besides, don’t you want to show off in front of our new friend here?”

“But I… I thought… oh bloody hell!”

She gasped in alarm as we secured her to the chains and the plate on the floor. Then I went and got the gel. “This is the fun part, hun,” I told our new girl as I brought it in.

Samantha and Caroline reached into the tin and scooped out generous handfuls to smear all over Cyndi’s naked, writhing body. I got some as well and helped myself, enjoying rubbing it into Cyndi’s gorgeous, quivering breasts. Caroline made sure to rub it into her pussy real good.”

“Wh-what am I supposed to do?” Leiani stammered nervously.

“Help us coat every inch of her except her head, of course. We wouldn’t want to deprive you of the pleasure of helping prepare Cyndi for the Rainbow Machine.”

She hesitantly reached in and got a handful. Then she started rubbing it into Cyndi’s arms. “Make sure you get her boobs and pussy,” I encouraged her. “Besides, she’ll love you for it.” I emphasized my words by reaching down and fingering Cyndi’s quivering pussy.

She gasped and moaned as our hands roamed all over her trembling body. She kept looking at Caroline as though she couldn’t believe she was helping us prepare her. She just smiled as she lovingly purred at her, “I think you’re going to look great in the machine, hun.”

She was really trembling and stammering as we wiped our hands off. Then I motioned for everyone to back away. “What happens now?” Leiani wanted to know.

“Just watch; this is the best part,” Caroline told her. Cyndi looked at her and then all of us as though she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

She let out a squeal as I fired up the machine. “No – DON’T!” she gasped. A moment later flames were leaping up from the metal plate, lapping hungrily at her legs… “PUT IT OUT – PUT IT OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”

“She’s on fire!” Leiani gasped anxiously.

“That’s not the best part,” Samantha purred into her ear. A moment later the gel caught, and flames whooshed until Cyndi was fully engulfed.

She screamed for a good ten seconds; oh, how she screamed. It was actually rather erotic, especially when her head caught fire as the flames burned all that lovely hair away. Caroline was rubbing herself; Samantha had her fingers shoved up her cunt; and I was swirling my swollen nub just as fast as I could.

Leiani stared until Cyndi’s cries were finally silenced. Then the colors emerged, the greens and blues as her totally engulfed body started dancing in the flames. She writhed uncontrollably, looking like the sexiest of glowing candles as her body swayed like a belly dancer.

Leiani stared as though in shock. A hand absentmindedly slid down to rub her breasts, her nipples amazingly erect. She blushed as she caught herself, only to see we all were getting off. Her hand returned as the other one snaked down to her crotch.

Cyndi put on an incredible performance, almost as good as Dorothy’s a few weeks back. Soon it was her skeleton dancing in the glow before her bones gave way. She collapsed in a beautiful, glowing pile on the floor as we watched in awe.

The glow died down until there wasn’t much left but ash. The floor opened up and the residue dropped away. I got the hose and watched off the remainder until there was no trace of the lovely Cyndi.

“Bloody hell,” Leiani gasped. She was trembling noticeably, but her pussy was dripping wet.

“Like it?” I asked with a smile, eyeing her hungrily. Samantha and Caroline were looking at her like a couple of panthers ready to pounce.

“Incredible,” she breathed. “Is this the, uh…?”

“Third time,” I told her with a smile. “You should have seen the other two… simply gorgeous to look at. Sometimes I think about them when they were down here and it makes me so wet I have to rush off to finger myself.”

She looked at herself and then smiled sheepishly. “I think I need to, uh… need to…”

“Cum?” I offered. She blushed at my choice of word.

“C’mon back upstairs, hun. We all want to help you.” Samantha and Caroline nodded eagerly, following behind as I took her hand and led her back upstairs…

© 2016 (written for Cyndi and Caroline Aug 20 ’16 by riwa)

After watching the Rainbow Machine claim Cyndi, I got passed around from woman to woman. They were all horny… but then frankly so was I. We had quite an orgy for the rest of the day.

I think something developed between Peggy and Caroline because I was constantly visiting one or the other… and it wasn’t just for tea. I could tell jealousy was beginning to rear its ugly head. I suspected it wouldn’t be long before the Rainbow Machine was put to use again. And to be honest I was looking forward to it.

I was over at Peggy’s again when she had to stop what we were doing to go take a call. I was lying naked in her bed panting for breath when she returned. “Caroline wants to see the Rainbow Machine in action again,” she told me with a smile. “And you’ll never guess who she wants to see going up in flames.”

I gasped in alarm, even as my nipples hardened. “You find that arousing, Leiani?” she purred as she got back into bed with me. Then she climbed on top of me, our naked bodies writhing against each other.

A few days later Peggy called the girls over for another demonstration of the Rainbow Machine. I was concerned it was going to be me but I couldn’t make myself run away. I figured Peggy might not let me and I decided why fight it. If it was my turn then I decided I would go ahead and burn for the cause.

Samantha showed up first, all eager to see another burning. “Who is it this time?” she asked, although she looked right at me like a hungry tigress. I shivered with arousal but said nothing.

Caroline showed up a half hour later. She had a new girl with her and it was clear they had become an item. She introduced us to Livia who had flown all the way over from Italy and had apparently been spending some quality time with her.

Peggy was the perfect hostess, putting out tea and cookies as we chatted with each other while getting to know the new girl. Caroline finally asked, “So when are we going to see your Rainbow Machine, Peggy?” She looked me right in the eye when she said it, setting me to trembling like crazy.

“What’s a Rainbow Machine?” Livia asked curiously.

“C’mon, Peggy; let’s show her,” Caroline gasped excitedly, grabbing the arm of her lover and pulling her to her feet.

Peggy smiled as we all stood up. I meekly followed right behind her as she led us all down to her basement. I got the shivers something fierce, expecting to find myself burning in just a few minutes.

Livia was not impressed when we got to the basement. It was just the metal plate in the floor with places to entrap a woman’s feet as chains hung down from the ceiling. “What is this?” she asked dubiously, motioning at it.

“You’ll see,” Peggy said as she started to strip out of her clothes. We all followed suit. Livia was confused until she saw Caroline undressing, causing her to take her clothes off as well.

Once we were all naked Peggy said, “Now all we need is a volunteer to show her how it works.” She smiled right at me and I really began to get the shakes

“I nominate Leiani,” Caroline suggested. That gave me an erotic jolt of fearful arousal.

“Mighty tempting, to be sure,” Peggy replied with a smile. “But since you brought someone here to show her the ropes, I think it only fitting that you volunteer for us all, Caroline… isn’t that right, Livia?”

“Ok by me,” Caroline’s date replied excitedly.

“Now just a bloody minute!” But Samantha had already stepped up to assist.

In no time at all they had her arms chained above her head while making her stand on the metal plate. “What are they doing?” Livia whispered to me.

“Just watch,” I whispered back, feeling relieved I would not be the one to burn today.

“B-but P-Peggy!” Caroline stammered. “I w-was thinking L-Leiani would m-make a better candidate!”

“But you look perfectly scrumptious, love. I think your friend is going to enjoy this, don’t you?”

“B-but P-Peggy??” But out hostess had already left to go retrieve the pan of gel.

“Where is she going?” Livia quietly asked me.

“She’s going to get something to help Caroline here put on a wonderful show for us,” Samantha eagerly replied upon overhearing. Her nipples were hard as pebbles; clearly she was looking forward to seeing another one of us burn.

“Oh. I didn’t know that.”

Peggy came back with a pan of gel. Caroline really started to stammer as I reached in and got a handful. “Help me smear it on her,” I told Livia. “It will make things so much better.”

“Save her breasts for last, girls,” Peggy advised. “We’ll want to kiss and lick them first to get her all ready.”

I started smearing her tummy as I sucked on her left nipple. Livia smiled as she smeared gel on her backside while sucking on the right one. Samantha and Peggy both worked on her legs, getting her thoroughly coated before moving up.

“Now her pussy,” Peggy told Livia. I demonstrated by rubbing her crotch while sticking a couple of fingers inside. Caroline writhed and winced, panting and moaning while begging Peggy to change her mind and do me instead.

Livia really got into fingering Caroline’s crotch with the gel. I could tell she must have done it many times before. “Now her boobs, girls,” Peggy instructed. “Can’t leave those delicious mounds untouched.”

We all groped and fondled her, massaging the gel into her breasts as she writhed and whimpered. It was arousing as hell. I was dripping wet, looking forward to seeing another burning without having to be the star of the show.

We coated Caroline up to her neck. Then Peggy advised Livia to stand back as this was going to get warm and beautiful. We all stepped back as Caroline whimpered and pleaded, shaking her head while begging Peggy not to do it.

“Your lips say no, but your body says yes, love.” Peggy giggled at her as she started touching herself. “I think you want this every bit as much as Dorothy did. You’re just too proud to admit it.”

“N-no! I want L-Leiani to burn!” If she couldn’t have me I guess she wanted no one to have me.

“Burn? What does she mean by ‘burn’?”

“Watch this, hun,” Peggy told Livia in reply. Then flames came up from the metal plate.

Carline writhed and wriggled, but her feet were secured much too tightly to the floor. “PUT IT OUT – PUT IT OUT!”

“You’re going to burn her??” Livia was aghast.

“Not just burn her, love. We’re going to make her glow.”

At that moment the gel ignited, causing flames to totally envelop Caroline. She let out a horrible shriek as she started to wriggle like a burlesque dancer. I furiously rubbed myself while Peggy and Samantha masturbated unashamedly.

Livia gasped, “Oh my gawd!” Then her hands found her breasts and crotch as she started to rub herself, panting heavily. Apparently she couldn’t help herself; it must have been that arousing to her.

There was a quiet whoosh as Caroline’s hair caught fire. Then the colors came to life as she writhed around inside a solid flame that beautifully changed into blue… and then red… and then green. It was gorgeous the way she wriggled and squirmed as a solid flame.

Her screams died off as we all stood there masturbating to it. Even Livia was into it, murmuring to herself as she thrust fingers into her pussy… “I can’t believe it… you’re actually burning her… she is really writhing… you’re burning her and she looks so fucking sexy… I can’t believe how hot this is!” Samantha and Peggy laughed at the unintentional pun she’d made.

Caroline’s flesh writhed and burned for several minutes. Her breasts let out a couple of pops, causing Samantha and Livia to jolt and gasp. Eventually the fire burned so much of her that the shackles holding her wrists had nothing left to hang onto as her bones collapsed into a pile on the floor.

There was a wonderful array of colors as her pile grew smaller in size. Soon there was nothing but a few flames on top of a pile of ash. The metal suddenly folded open and the ashes fell away as Peggy got a hose and washed the rest of it down the chute.

“Fuck, that was hot!” Livia gasped again.

“I think she needs to cool off,” Peggy said with a laugh as she turned the hose pipe on her. She soaked Livia and then turned it on the rest of us until we were all drenched, laughing and hugging and rubbing our boobs up against one another.

There was no evidence of Caroline’s existence as we headed back upstairs. We all ended up in Peggy’s bed where we had to seek sexual relief from what we’d just witnessed. It was clear Livia was a new convert. But in the back of my mind I found myself wondering when it would be my turn to dance in the Rainbow Machine for everyone’s sexual enjoyment…

© 2016 (written for Caroline [and Dorothy of course] Sep 26 ’16 by Riwa)

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