Into the Iron Maiden


My mind is not on the Halloween party you have brought me to in this creepy old castle, but rather the object you claim is down in the dungeon. I can’t stop obsessing about it! “Take me to it; I want to see it!” I finally whisper into your ear. “Fuck; I need to see it!”

We sneak away from the party as you lead me down to the dungeon. Down here they have lit torches along the walls for added effect. Then we round the corner.

My breath catches in my throat as I gaze upon it over against the far wall. I’m wet as hell and I start to tremble. My knees buckle and you come up from behind and catch me before I crumple.

“You want to see what’s inside; don’t you, baby,” you breathe into my ear. I’m trembling like crazy as I nod my assent. “Then take your clothes off,” you suggest to me.

I’m numb as I strip out of my Halloween costume I wore to the party, never noticing you are also stripping out of yours as well. But I can’t take my eyes off it; it’s so incredibly breathtaking! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see one in person.

I’m wet as hell, my arousal shamefully slithering down my legs. “Is it functional?” I ask in a trembling voice. In answer you push me slowly towards the Iron Maiden.

My mouth is so dry that I keep licking my lips. I can feel your cock pressing up against me from behind as you nudge me toward it. You are so hard it must hurt like hell!

I turn to look at you… look back at the device of my dreams… look back at you again. My eyes reflect my wonderment… my unspoken inquiry as to whether this is really happening to me or not. But I still go towards the Iron Maiden one faltering step at a time.

I don’t know how I can tell; I just know that once I am in there I am a dead girl. I can hardly speak as I whisper in a trembling voice, “Are you really going to do this to me?”

I turn to face you questioningly, but you don`t say a word. It makes no difference; I can see it in your eyes. You just keep pushing me closer and closer… gently pushing me toward my doom!

My emotions are on overload as my body trembles like mad. I can feel your warm flesh against my back as you keep nudging me forward. Your cock is so hard; you must want this every bit as much as I do!

When we reach the Maiden I reach out and caress the cold, hard surface. It gives me a jolt of arousal like you wouldn’t believe. Then you reach out and grab the door, the hinges creaking as it slowly opens.

The deadly spikes are all there waiting for me, and my breath catches in my throat again. A low moan escapes my lips as my pussy drips from an insane arousal. Then I slowly I turn my back to it and face you.

You sensuously run your hands all over my trembling body, and I let out a low moan. Our eyes lock onto each other; mine filled with fear while yours are filled with lust. I know now that I am truly a dead girl; this will be my last Halloween with you. But I cannot help myself.

I shiver from an incredible arousal. Then I find myself speaking to you in a voice I can hardly recognize. “Put me in, baby. Put me in and close the door.” Is it really me who uttered those words???

You gently lift me up off my feet and then place me inside the Maiden. Almost immediately I wet myself as I gasp for breath. Then you kiss my lips before stepping back, one hand ominously on the door.

“Do it, baby!” I whisper anxiously in a trembling voice. “Give me to the Maiden!” I am so insane with arousal, so crazed with giving the both of us this special pleasure that I can hardly stand myself!

There is the faintest flicker of a smile on your lips as you start to close the door. Instantly I am hit with the most amazing orgasm! The last thing you see is my head thrown back, my body shuddering in ecstasy. Then you start to push it closed.

The numerous spikes burst into my body; my boobs, my tummy, my legs. I feel them seemingly penetrating everywhere into my soft flesh! That’s when my ecstasy morphs into shrieks of agony.

You see my eyes open wide in erotic horror through the rectangular two by three inch opening in the head region of the Maiden. And of course I can see yours. You can see my horror and I can see your erotic cruelty. Then you hear me cry out, “BABY, I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!”

Exhaustion sets in as I moan softly. In my spiked tomb there is silence save for the sound of little droplets of blood splattering onto the floor of my upright, spiked coffin. Then my blood begins to trickle out through the bottom of the deadly door.

You cannot stand it any longer as you grab your cock and stroke it. It spurts its load, and your cum splatters all over the Maiden’s door in appreciation of my agony. Knowing my mangled corpse is inside makes you keep pumping your impressive load while I watch in wide-eyed horror through the opening cut in the door near the top.

When you are finished spurting, you blow me a kiss goodbye. Then you turn and casually walk away to fetch your clothes and return to the party sans one date. You are satisfied with a job well done as another Maiden has been satisfied on this Halloween night.

I watch as you walk away, knowing you are leaving me behind to bleed out… to die a horrible death. Then it swells within me once more. That’s when you hear my last dying breath echo behind you…


© 2012; 2015 (written Oct 15 ’12; ed. Oct 6 ‘15 by riwa)

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