A cold day in hell


Terrie’d had it in for Betty the blonde bimbo ever since their days back at Cassidy Medical Health Tech when the bitch had learned of Terrie’s cock and had spread around some vicious gossip just to get her fired and take her job. Since then Terrie had managed to do quite well for herself. But she’d never forgotten.

One day while she was in town on business she looked up her former back-stabbing coworker. To her great delight she discovered that Betty had learned that Karma can be a pretty vindictive bitch. Now the fair-haired slut was working at some shady strip joint. So Terrie paid her a visit.

Betty saw her former coworker in a booth with a drink as she danced around a pole up on stage. She came down between performances and offered to buy her another drink if she could sit down with her and talk. Terrie was agreeable.

Betty said that things had gone from bad to worse for her ever since she’d gotten Terrie fired. She was glad to see her again because she really wanted to apologize. She said that being humiliated by working at a strip club to make ends meet certainly humbled a woman. But Terrie wasn’t sure she was impressed.

“As I recall, you told me it would be a cold day in hell before you ever put your lips around my cock,” Terrie sneered. “$500 says you can’t even get it down your fucking throat!”

“For $500 you can have any hole you want, Terrie,” she told her, her head lowered in shame. “I deserved that after all the things I’ve done to you. I’m not proud. For $500 you can fuck my skull and then rape my cunt to your heart’s content. A girl’s got to make a living these days.”

Terrie smiled an evil smile and asked where she lived. Betty gave her the location and said her shift would be over at midnight….

In Betty’s rundown two bedroom house, Terrie fucked the naked blonde bimbo’s skull just as hard as she could. “Do you know how long I’ve waited for this day, bitch?” she snarled, pinching Betty’s nose shut and blocking her airway. “Better check the temperature in hell, bitch; they must be having snow now!” The blonde just grunted and took it, figuring she deserved the humiliation… deserved the asphyxiation.

Terrie grabbed Betty’s wrists and forced her head back against a wall as she choked her out with her cock. The blonde began to struggle, trying to breathe. Terrie felt a great deal of satisfaction the moment the bitch passed out while she was shooting a load down into her stomach.

When Betty came around she discovered Terrie had found and put on her favorite denim shirt, draping it over her shoulders. She let it slide for now, especially when Terrie was on top of her on the couch, fucking her hard with her cock. But when Terrie pulled the bag over her head and then wrapped her fingers around her neck to help seal it off she began to panic.

“Honey, I said I’m sorry!” she gasped. “Don’t kill me, you tranny bitch!”

“’Tranny bitch’”… those are the very words you used to get me canned!” Terrie sneered at her. “I thought you said $500 could buy me anything I want! And what I want right now is to fuck you breathless, you stupid cunt!”

Betty gasped anxiously for breath, the bag deflating tighter and tighter against her mouth. “Let’s see what ‘cums’ first, whore,” Terrie declared with wicked glee, “…my orgasm or your death!” Betty passed out a few moments later.

When she came around again she found herself on her knees draped over her aging couch. Terrie was fucking her ass from behind while strangling her with a cord from an old robe lying around in her bedroom. In front of her was the bathroom mirror her “guest” must have removed and placed there while she was unconscious.

“Can you see yourself?” Terrie wanted to know. “Got a good view, cunt? Because I want you to see what a deserving bitch looks like while she’s being strangled to death with a she-cock up her fucking ass! C’mon, honey; let’s have us some FUN!”

Betty rasped and gurgled, fighting for breath. Terrie nearly strangled her to unconsciousness before loosening the cord. “Oh, no you don’t!” she crowed. “You don’t get to pass out so easily! I want you to WORK for your death! I want to feel your body spasming in its death throes around my cock while I’m cumming deep inside your slutty ass!” Then she pulled hard on the cord again.

Betty rasped and gurgled, horrified at the red face in the mirror staring back at her, the drool coming out of the lips, the flaring nostrils. The last thing she felt before she passed out again was a spurting warmth in her quivering ass.

When she regained consciousness once more she discovered that Terrie had found her stash of toys and had cuffed her wrists in front of her. She was kneeling in a corner of the room, wondering why her neck hurt if the cord had been removed. She soon discovered that a nylon rope had taken its place, wrapped around her neck and then up into an eyebolt in the ceiling from which one of her dead plants had hung hours earlier.

She suddenly jerked when something came alive in her cunt and ass, buzzing and vibrating up a storm. Then Terrie pulled on the rope. “I call this one ‘Auto-erotic asphyxiation’,” she chuckled. “But you can call it ‘Betty’s erotic death scene!’ Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?” Then Terrie pulled on the rope.

Betty rasped and gurgled in panic. Her arms instinctively flew up, her hands somehow managing to wrap themselves around Terrie’s neck. Her only chance now was to kill the vindictive bitch!

“Yes – fight me, bitch!” Terrie rasped, pulling a little harder. “Shall we go… together?” Then her she-cock stiffened at the sudden asphyxiation.

The two struggled in their deadly duet, each one rasping and gurgling as they fought to overpower and murder the other. For a delicious moment Terrie panicked as she started to get dizzy, her vision beginning to swim. Her cock twitched excitedly as fingers tried to press hard into the flesh of her neck. At least she was going to get a good cum out of the deal! Then Betty’s hands fell away.

Terrie gleefully mashed a breast against Betty’s mouth as the blonde bimbo began to spasm in her death throes. She shuddered hard from the death orgasm that was claiming her from the asphyxiation and the buzzing toys in her holes. Terrie was giddy with lust…

“That’s it, bitch! Cum for me as you die, you fucking cunt! I want your lips on my tits as you struggle to take your last breath!” A moment later Betty faded away into oblivion as her body sagged in death. Terrie’s cock erupted, spurting its load all over the blonde’s stomach and legs.

A cold dayThe vindictive bitch pulled hard on the rope, leaving a delicious mark in her victim’s neck. Then she let her slump onto the floor. She found the gaping mouth with her cock and started fucking her skull again as the toys buzzed relentlessly in the unmoving corpse.

“Is it cold where you are, honey?” Terrie cackled, thrusting hard down the bitch’s throat. “My cock is between your lips right now so it must be fucking FREEZING down there!”

She was delighted to feel the body start to twitch and spasm. “Oh, are your toys giving you a death orgasm, honey? Consider it my last parting gift to you… along with my fucking CUM!” Then she rammed her she-cock hard down Betty’s throat and held it there until she left another load to slither down the blonde’s unresponsive esophagus.

Terrie pulled out of Betty’s mouth and surveyed her efforts. Not bad for a good night’s work. She could only hope now that the demons were raping this bitch over and over… that is, after they made her shovel some coal to get the fires of hell back up and running.

She tucked the rope in Betty’s hand so it would look like the bitch had played with herself to death. Then she got dressed and left, feeling that a nice cold day in hell had just warmed her heart…

© 2015

(written for Terrie Mar 27 by riwa)

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