Fatal Jealousy



Note: I wanted to edit this story to improve the flow. As a result I added over 600 words to it. I hope you enjoy it.

Victoria sprawled on her couch and bawled. After several minutes she reached for the telephone and dialed a number…

“Alex…? Vicky! Could you come over? I just broke up with Brad and I’m miserable as hell. You wanna do something together?”

vidcap01“I’ll be right over,” her friend told her over the phone. A moment later the line went dead. Victoria clicked off the phone, thought about her former boyfriend… and then started to cry all over again…


Victoria answered the door and allowed her friend inside. “Hi, Alex,” she said, slurring her words. “C’mon in!” Then she went back to her couch, sat down and picked up her drink.

Alex was dressed in some rather slick black leather, an outfit that might have been more appropriate for picking up guys at a bar. But Vicky didn’t pay her friend’s outfit any attention. Alex simply sat down on the couch and stared at her morose friend as Victoria took another drink… “Are you ok, Vicky?”

vidcap02“I’m feeling better now that I’ve had a little something to drink,” her friend replied, sounding more than a little tipsy. “Brad is such a jerk!”

Alex looked at her, her mind churning with devious thoughts. Her friend was weak and vulnerable right now. This would be such a perfect opportunity to take advantage of her!

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the capsule she’d brought with her. It was guaranteed to loosen her friend up even more. “I’m sorry about Brad, Vicky,” she said as she reached over with welcoming arms. “C’mere and let me give you a big hug.”

Victoria set her drink down. Then she wrapped her arms around her friend and started to cry again. Alex hugged her tightly while making sure she successfully dropped the capsule into the drink.

“He was a jackass anyway, Vicky,” she said encouragingly, trying to delay things while giving the capsule time to dissolve. “He never treated you right. In the first place! I say good riddance to bad baggage!”

“Don’t I know it!” Victoria sniffled in agreement. “He was a cheap, slimy, no-good double-crossing sonuvabitch, and I’m glad he’s gone.” They both knew that was a lie, but at least it felt good for her to say it aloud

Victoria broke up their embrace long enough to down her drink in one long gulp. From there it didn’t take long before the drug took effect. It was time to play!

A few minutes later Alex had her friend’s clothes off and was helping her put on a pair of black, sexy panties that snapped onto leg-high stockings. Victoria was too drugged and euphoric to care. “This is kinda kinky, isn’t it?” she giggled as she tousled her hair.

vidcap03“Yeah, but it’s so much fun!” Alex cooed softly. “You’re gonna love it, girlfriend!” But the truth of the matter was that she was probably looking forward to it more, especially considering the type of asphyxia games she wanted to play with the vulnerable, heart-broken girl.

“Now why don’t you relax?” she told Victoria, carefully laying her out on the couch. “You just let ol’ Alex take care of everything ok?” Then she slowly rubbed her hands up and down her friend’s body.

“I like this,” Victoria moaned. “You’re hands are much softer than Brad’s are! You know where to touch me to make me feel good!”

“That’s not all I’m gonna make you feel, baby,” Alex cooed at her.

A drunken giggle… “What are you gonna do to me?” In answer, Alex dropped to her knees and started to tongue her friend’s breasts and nipples. Victoria writhed and moaned in her drug and alcohol induced haze.

“You got a sexy body, you know that, Vic?” her friend said seductively. “You don’t mind if I find out what you taste like, do you?” and she stuck her tongue out again and started to lick.

vidcap04Victoria trembled at her friend’s tonguing, all memories of the butthead boyfriend forgotten. She moaned excitedly as Alex played with her chest. “Damn, that feels so good,” she murmured softly.

‘Not as good as it’s gonna feel when we move onto the next phase,’ Alex thought with growing excitedly. She was looking forward to the more serious games they were about to play. “So you like that, Vic?” she purred softly.

“Mmm – hmm,” her friend nodded. Victoria closed her eyes and moaned again as Alex ran a hand over her chest. It sent shivers running through her body and she squirmed excitedly, running her hands through her hair.

vidcap05Alex smiled to herself. The drug was working perfectly. Victoria was in such a wonderful state that she would probably do virtually anything that was asked of her! So let the asphyxia games begin! “Let me go get your stockings, babe,” she cooed into her friend’s ear.

“Whatever you wanna do, Alex. I feel so good right now. I like where you’re touching me.”

Alex stood up, brushing her fingers along her girlfriend’s breasts. Then she went and got the stockings. ‘She’ll look really hot with them on,’ Alex decided. ‘It’ll add to her outfit… just what I need to see her wearing to help me get off.’

Alex went into the bedroom, got the stockings and then brought them back out to the couch. Victoria looked up at her dreamily. “You look hot in that black outfit, babe.”

“And you look hot in those black panties. Mind if I put these sexy stockings on your legs?”

“Go right ahead,” Victoria giggled playfully. “I love it when you touch me!”

Alex proceeded to run each stocking up her friend’s slender legs, snapping them in place with the panty’s straps. When she was finished, she ran her hands up along the inside of her girlfriend’s thighs. Victoria moaned softly as she squirmed again.

vidcap06“You like that don’t you?”

“Umm – hmm.”

“Roll over, please.” Victoria dutifully complied. That’s when Alex gave her a swat on her ass, causing her to giggle drunkenly.

vidcap07“Ooooohhh… I like that!”

“Do you now?” SWAT! Victoria squealed delightedly.

SWAT! “Nice ass, Vic!” SWAT! “Gorgeous ass!” SWAT! “Brad is stupid for breaking up with such a sweet piece of ass like yours!” SWAT!

Victoria moaned again, wiggling her butt as her friend kept swatting it. She was becoming quite aroused, totally unaware that her friend Alex was already in a heightened state of sexual excitement.

“Now stand up, Vicky!” her friend told her. Victoria did as she was asked.

“Now I want you to get into this,” Alex said, holding up a tight, black dress with swirling patterns all over it. “I found it in your bedroom; it’s perfect! It makes you look sexy as hell!”

Victoria squirmed into it and then gasped as her friend cinched it down from the back. It truly accented her massive breasts, showing off a rather tight, sexy cleavage. “Hard to… breathe,” she gasped. “Breasts… uncomfortable. Do you have to have it so tight?”

“We can fix that,” Alex said agreeably as she finished tightening the outfit. “Have a seat and I’ll make you more comfortable.”

vidcap08“What are we gonna do now?” Victoria wanted to know, still slurring her words as she sat down in a wooden chair.

“We’re gonna play some fun games, babe!” Alex said as she pulled off the top of her own outfit. She wanted her tits to breathe, wanted to feel the excitement in her nipples. Then she pulled down her friend’s dress enough to fully expose Victoria’s large melons.

“There; is that better?”

“Much better! Now what kinda games are we gonna play?”

“Exciting games… sexual games!” Alex smiled at her.

“Then why are you tying my feet to the chair legs?” Victoria asked uncertainly. She noticed her friend was topless, and she couldn’t help staring at her gorgeous tits and those erect nipples.

“All part of the game, girlfriend!”

“Sounds exciting,” Victoria murmured. She closed her eyes and willingly brought her hands behind her back. “Gonna tie my wrists together too?” she purred drunkenly.


vidcap09It was all going so well, Alex decided. Hell, the unsuspecting bitch even seemed eager about it! Then she grinned as she asked, “Would you like your hands tied? Would you like a little bondage?”

“Sure!” Victoria giggled. “This is kinda fun!”

“Glad you like it,” Alex observed, not sound quite as friendly now. Besides, now that Vicky was all tied up, she felt she could dispense with the pleasantries and get right down to the wicked fun she had planned for the deserving bitch!

She produced a ball-gag and shoved it in front of her friend’s face. “Open up,” she demanded. Victoria giggled as she willingly complied, allowing Alex to cram the thing into her friend’s mouth. Then she tied the straps behind her head. Her face suddenly took on a look of sadistic menace… “Hands in your lap, please.”

vidcap10When Victoria placed them there, Alex produced a pair of handcuffs and clatched them onto the woman’s wrists. “Comfy now?” she asked in a not-so-friendly manner.

“Gluh – guh…”

“You excited yet?”

“Gluh – huh!”

“Wanna know what’s gonna happen next?”

“Gluh – huh!”

“Good,” Alex told her. “I WANT you to know! I want you to feel fear, Vic! Fear will heighten your arousal, bitch, because you see… I’m gonna choke the fucking life out of you!”

Victoria’s eyes went wide with fright… “GLUNH – UNH!” Then she started to struggle a little.

“Get ready, hun,” Alex warned. “Here comes the best part!”

She produced another set of pantyhose, only to wrap them tightly around her friend’s neck. “Let’s play ‘Strangle-the-bitch’, shall we?” Then she grabbed both ends and started to pull. Almost immediately Victoria started to choke and gag…


Victoria’s eyes rolled up into her head as she tried to gasp for breath. This was not at all what she had planned for having a girl’s night out! A moment later her pussy began to throb. Without even thinking, her cuffed hands dropped down to her crotch where she started furiously rubbing her clit as a fiery climax raced toward her.

vidcap11Alex felt her own orgasm fast approaching as her girlfriend struggled. She heard the gurgles and grunts of her gasping friend, and she pulled even harder on the nylons. “Strangle for me, bitch!” she cackled excitedly…


Victoria’s body shuddered as an orgasm washed over her. Her fingers flew over her pussy area as her whole body shook. A gurgly sigh came out of her ball-gagged mouth. Then she fell off to one side unconscious as Alex continued to strangle her.

vidcap12A moment later an orgasm slammed into Alex, catching her off guard. She arched her back and cried out, losing her grip on the pantyhose. They loosened, allowing air back into her friend’s tortured lungs. Victoria’s body quivered with a heavy sigh as she began to breathe again.

Alex removed the pantyhose from around her friend’s neck and she lovingly caressed those large breasts of hers. Then she put her hands on her shoulders. “Take a break, Vic; ok?” she said with an air of menace. “Then we’ll go again.”

vidcap13            —–

Victoria awoke to discover that her mind was clear. She also discovered that her outfit had been removed and that her hands had been cuffed to the chair behind her back. What’s more, she was still tied to the chair by her feet. “Alex?!” she gasped fearfully. “ALEX??!!”

Her topless friend strode into the room. “What do you want, bitch?” she snarled dangerously.

“What’s going on – OW!” and she yelped as Alex grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Shut up, bitch! I’m putting the finishing touches on our asphyxia games!”

vidcap14“ASPHYXIA GAMES??!! But I don’t wanna play anymore!”

“Well that’s just too damn bad, hun! Because a deserving bitch like you deserves to die… and I’m going to be the one to send you straight to hell!””


Alex slapped the fearful woman, but Victoria just wailed all the more. Then Alex produced a clear plastic bag. “I’ll bet you can’t guess where THIS is going, you silly, clueless bitch!”

“ALEX; NO!” she cried out. But her friend just laughed as she pulled the bag over her head! “Now let’s see how long it takes for you to stop breathing, bitch!”

“NO… DON’T…” But it was already getting hard to breath. Victoria was scared half to death!

vidcap15Alex grabbed the nylons she’d previously used. “Now we don’t want any air leaking out, right?” she chuckled sinisterly. Then she wrapped them around her friend’s throat, tying the bag off.

Victoria gasped as she tried to breathe, her nipples getting harder as her pussy got wet. “Enjoy it while it lasts, bitch!” Alex snarled. “I’m sick and tired of hearing about your boyfriend problems. Now I’m gonna get off watching you suffocate to death! But don’t worry, honey! I think you’ll have an orgasm or two before you go!”

Victoria’s eyes went wide as she gasped for breath. The bag expanded and contracted around her head, pressing up against her open mouth. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her, couldn’t believe her friend was the one doing it to her!

“You gonna cum for me, bitch?” Alex asked with murderous lust in her eyes. “Your nips are hard and your tits are shaking! So go ahead and cum if you want! It’ll probably be the last one you ever experience!”

Victoria tried to breathe, but the bag pulled tightly to her face. Alex cackled triumphantly as she pulled her friend’s head back and looked down at her. “You always get the guys, Vicky, even though they end up dumping you. Well no more. This time you die while it’s MY turn to get off! I’m going to watch you suffocate to death, you sexy bitch!”

vidcap16She grinned and then reached for the rope she’d rigged up behind her with the stepstool she’d retrieved. “I rigged this up so I could indulge in some asphyxia games of my own,” she said, pointing to a rope that hung down from the ceiling. “Mind if I join you while you gasp your last?”

Victoria started to shudder as Alex ran the rope around her own neck. She watched excitedly as her friend suddenly thrashed about in the chair. It made her lean into the rope, wanting to asphyxiate herself as she watched Vicky die!

Victoria opened and closed her mouth, struggling to breathe. Then her body tensed and shuddered as she experienced the last orgasm of her life. “Fuck yeah!” Alex gasped as she instinctively tightened the rope around her neck. “Die, you fucking slut!”

There was a gurgly death-rattle that burbled up out of Victoria’s throat. Her eyes opened wide in horror, and she trembled violently. Then she went limp, her head drooping lifelessly off to one side.

Alex watched excitedly as an orgasm flowed hotly through her body. Hurriedly, she stripped out of her panties, leaving herself totally nude. She tied off the other end of the rope onto something secure before clamping the other set of cuffs she’d brought with her around her own wrists. Then she bent over, putting pressure on the rope around her neck.

She felt her throat tighten exquisitely, felt her pussy area throb with desire. “Maybe I should have let you finger yourself as you died!” she rasped breathlessly. Then she rubbed her clit excitedly, squeezing her legs together.

vidcap17She felt a second orgasm rush toward her as she gasped for breath. She gagged and then shuddered excitedly as she climaxed hard. After a few moments she straightened up, loosening the rope and panting heavily.

“More!” she gasped excitedly, staring at her dead friend with those hard, dead nipples. “Must have… more!” She wanted to cum again and again and again!

Ignoring the body of her dead friend, she pulled the nearby stool over to her and climbed up onto her knees. Judging the proper length of rope, she untied it from around her neck, climbed down off the stool and re-tied the other end. Then she climbed back up onto the stool on her knees and quickly tied the rope off around her neck, not bothering with any special knots she could get out of later on. She just wanted to feel her breath being cut off… and RIGHT NOW!

She cinched it down tight and gasped as she strangled herself. Instantly her hand flew down between her legs and she vigorously rubbed her clit again. It set her pussy aflame once again with a terrible ache of longing.

Her eyes went wide as she gasped raggedly. Her hand furiously worked her clit and her legs squeezed tightly until her orgasm exploded inside her. Then she arched her back and shuddered violently, wondering if she could cum as hard as it looked like Victoria had cum…

vidcap18…and then her knees suddenly slipped off the stool!


The rope instantly tightened around her neck as she swayed in front of the stool. Her hands flew up and clawed at the rope in panic, desperately trying to create a little slack. But she couldn’t get any because she’d re-tied the knot in too much of a hurry without being careful.

She leaned back against the stool but that didn’t help. She couldn’t sit on it and she couldn’t climb up onto it. Her mind went numb as her face turned red, her body shuddering as she felt a massive orgasm rush toward her.

vidcap19It washed hotly throughout her body, an orgasm much harder than anything she’d ever experienced before. She jerked and shuddered, effectively tightening the rope even more around her neck. She gagged as it strangled her until she went limp, too exhausted to fight against it anymore.

Between her spasms and the poor knots she had tied, the rope eased her down until her butt rested somewhat against the stool. But it was too late. Her face turned blue from lack of oxygen, and she stared ahead with vacant eyes as the coil maintained its lethal grip around her throat.

Her vision darkened as another orgasm ravaged her. But she was barely aware of it. Her torso jerked around from the pleasure assaulting her nether region. But other than that, her body barely acknowledged the climax she experienced.

She blinked and shivered as a death rattle emanated from somewhere deep inside her. She let out a faint gasp as though sighing heavily. Then she quietly expired, her head rolling to one side as droll spilled out of her parted lips. The two former friends sat asphyxiated next to each other, having shared in their last breaths of air together… their last orgasms…

vidcap20© 2004, 2012, 2015 (text)

(written Dec 21; ed. Mar 21 by riwa)

(Pictures are from Ruemorgue.com and are for illustration purposes only.)

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