The Forest Strangler


Note: this is a story I submitted for a contest at Dark Fetish Network back in early-August.

“C’mon, you little slut!” Marcella blurted out angrily as she and her friend dragged the little five foot Asian along. A length of nylon rope hung slung over her shoulders. “Let’s go for a walk in the woods, ok bitch?” she snorted in a huff.

Emma whimpered anxiously, the duct tape covering her mouth preventing coherent speech. Her wrists were bound behind her back, preventing her from putting up much of a struggle. Her coal black hair waved at her shoulders as she was dragged along in her hippie blouse and denim skirt, her knee-high black boots leaving little drag marks along the trail. The Ford Explorer she had been held hostage in during the drive out sure seemed like a lot better proposition than the one she was now facing!

“Are you sure about this, Marcie?” Marcella’s Dominican partner in crime Jocinda asked as she warily looked all around. Three miles up a rutted jeep path deep in the forest and then another mile and a half walk had not been a part of her plans for an enjoyable Friday evening. Besides, wasn’t this the place where that Forest Strangler had killed a couple of girls and dumped their bodies?

“This is PERFECT!” the raven haired Latina blurted out.

“But what about the Forest Strangler?”

“Don’t you get it, Josie?” Marcella chuckled evilly. “He’ll get the blame for what we’re going to do to this little piece of shit!” Then she grabbed Emma’s chin and gave it a good shake, laughing as she added, “Ain’t that right, sweetie?”

Emma cried out again as she tried to resist them. But Marcella was 5’ 6”; Jocinda at least a couple inches taller. They outweighed her and she was in no position to make an escape.

“This place gives me the creeps!” Jocinda declared, nervously looking around as they continued to drag their helpless captive along.

“Would you knock it off?” Marcella responded in exasperation. “Besides, we didn’t run across a single vehicle coming out here! There’s nobody around for miles but the three of us!” Then she gave out a nasty cackle as she hefted the rope slung over her shoulder while giving Emma’s chin another shake.

“But soon there’ll only be the two of us; right, you cock-sucking slut?? I’ll teach you to go sucking my boyfriend’s cock!”

Emma tried to protest through the duct tape covering her mouth, tried to convey how it wasn’t her fault. “Save it, bitch!” Marcella blurted out as she slapped the Asian’s face hard. Then she went back to dragging her along by one elbow as Jocinda helped drag her along by the other.

Marcella suddenly stopped, looking off into the woods. There was a narrow path leaving the trail they were on, a path plainly visible by the light of the moon. “This way!” she told her friend as she jerked on Emma’s elbow. “I think I see a tree over there that’ll be just PERFECT!!”

Emma whimpered again as she tried to resist. But she was helplessly pulled along, half walking and half stumbling. Whenever she lost her footing she was dragged for several feet before she could get her boots underneath her again.

They stopped a hundred yards down the path in front of a couple of cottonwoods with lower hanging branches. A small rock stuck up out of the ground, jutting up by a couple of feet. “Why lookie here!” Marcella laughed with delight. “Mother Nature even provided us with a stool!!”

She told Jocinda to hang onto their prisoner as she tossed the nylon up over a nearby branch. Emma panicked and she head-butted Jocinda in the ribs and then started to run. “GRAB HER!” Marcella called out, chasing after her. “DON’T LET HER GET AWAY!!” In no time at all Emma was tackled to the ground and then brought struggling and kicking back to the tree.

“You’re not going anywhere, you little piece of shit!” she snarled at the terrified Asian. “…nowhere but UP!” She laughed as she pointed a thumb up in the direction of the branch from the cottonwood tree.

Her efforts at making a noose proved clumsy. But somehow she managed to create a loop and then drape it over Emma’s neck as the poor girl wriggled and thrashed about. Then the two murderous girls forced her over to the rock and made her stand upon it as Marcella took the slack out of the rope.

Emma gasped and grunted at the tightness around her throat. Her fear intensified a thousand-fold; surely this couldn’t be happening to her!! At the same time she felt a horrific arousal at her predicament!

Marcella tied the other end of the rope off to another branch, leaving quite a bit of excess. It also had the effect of taking Emma up onto her toes. One little slip and she would swing off the rock to her death!

“Any last words, you dumb slut?” Marcella crowed, ripping the duct tape off Emma’s mouth. The Asian girl cried out from the pain. Then she started pleading for her life…


“Oh, we’re going to blame it on the ‘Forest Strangler’, you stupid bitch!” Marcella sneered. “This is what you get for sucking a cock that doesn’t belong to you!!” Then she gave Emma a push in the back.

Emma slipped off the rock and swung outward, her boots fluttering like crazy! But there was no ground upon which to regain her footing! She swung back and forth a couple inches off the forest floor, unable to reach down and touch it no matter how hard she stretched with her toes!!

She gawked and gurgled as she rasped for breath. Then she felt an explosion of warmth in her loins, her eyes rolling as the orgasm claimed her. Marcella recognized it instantly.

“Look at that, Josie!” she laughed, pointing at the dangling Asian girl. “Look at her face; look at her eyes! I think that crazy slut is cumming!!”

Emma bucked and shuddered in the strangling coil, her body sort of bunny-hopping as she tried to jerk free of the constricting coil. Her legs pedaled as her boots kicked, fluttering for solid footing. Then they shot out every which way as though responding to a blind panic. She rasped and gurgled as the rope drew ever tighter around her neck.

“Are we really going to hang her all the way?” Jocinda asked uncertainly as she looked up at the horrible sight before her, suddenly not so sure of this murderous vendetta.

“The slut fucking deserves it!” Marcella replied, no compassion whatsoever in her voice. “Fuck; that’s kinda hot! I should grab her legs and break her neck! But I think she deserves a long, agonizing death so I won’t!!” Then she laughed with sadistic glee.

Emma kicked for several minutes, the result of an improperly constructed noose. It hurt like hell; her chest felt like it was on fire!! What’s worse, she actually thought she could feel major organs dying inside her!!

With a burst of adrenaline she kicked like crazy, her arms jerking frantically behind her back. But they had been too well secured. Her body swung wildly as she twisted and turned in the noose. It was so quiet in the immediate vicinity that all that could be heard were her grunts of agony, the loud creaking of the rope and the sound of Marcella and Jocinda breathing heavily as they watched her.

After awhile Emma’s frantic gyrations slowed down. Then she hung quietly, her body gently swaying back and forth as she twisted in one direction and then reversed herself. A few muscles twitched from stray nerve impulses. Then there was a splattering of urine upon the ground as her bladder finally gave way.

“Gawd,” Jocinda murmured, feeling more than a twinge of regret.

“Fuck; that was hot!” Marcella blurted out enthusiastically. “She sure got what she fucking deserved, don’t you think? I wasn’t sure I had enough rope for the little slut! But it looks like I brought along plenty.”

“I’d say you brought along just enough,” a male voice quietly observed from somewhere nearby. Marcella and Jocinda both screamed as they jumped back while frantically looking all around. Then a match flared as a cigarette was lit, illuminating the face of a rough looking male in his forties.

“…just enough,” he repeated as he stepped forward menacingly. Marcella and Jocinda screamed again, momentarily frozen with fear. Their inability to move at that precise moment would prove to be their undoing…

In a very short period of time there were new sounds that filled the air from that very same location, sounds of more rasping, gurgling and grunting as well as the creaking of two additional ropes cut from the original and stretched tight from two more bodies. Then the rasps and grunts died off, leaving only the creaking of twin weights against nylon. Ultimately those sounds died off as well, leaving the woods in eerie silence.

The Forest Strangler stared appreciatively at his handiwork for a moment. He decided that three for the price of two was not a bad night’s work, considering those two thoughtful bitches had kindly taken care of the first one for him. Then he turned and headed off into the night, leaving three clothed female bodies dangling in the woods…

© 2014

(written for Emma Aug 9 by riwa)

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