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Dec 31, 2020 Update

I see I haven’t done one of these in a couple years. I’ve been commenting on most things in my Riwas Reads and Patreon posts. So I thought I would catch people up here for those who are interested… a … Continue reading

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Jamila is pleasantly surprised to learn I want to hang her. She seems self-conscious, yet eager to please. Continue reading

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A Margot drowning story

Margot wins a drowning contest of sorts. So I’m there to write a story about it. It will help me to write a more engaging tale if she helps me with certain details. Continue reading

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Riwa’s Stories at Patreon

Coming January rewards Another Teri 5.0 chapter Another Shelly in Cancun chapter The conclusion to 3 in the Pool Julie has an underwater video shoot An experience of vore takes place in a motel room (with illustrations) An addition to … Continue reading

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Trading up (female vs male victims)

She has learned how to trade up for a better husband by using methods other than the traditional court system. Continue reading

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Roasted at his Favorite Restaurant

Master trades her in for a newer, more cooperative model. Now she is about to be spitted and roasted at his favorite restaurant. Continue reading

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Haunted Guillotine

Her boyfriend acquires a guillotine responsible for three mysterious deaths. Now she wants to pose as a model for him. But when he delays, she becomes impatient and goes alone to practice posing under the blade. Continue reading

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Hanging Professor Moore

A professor has an issue with a couple of her students in her history class. To prove their attentiveness, they offer to put on a demonstration of what they learned about hangings. Continue reading

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Karma is Famous at the End

She provides special footage for the show Famous at the End by fucking Karma underwater with a strap-on while drowning her. Continue reading

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A night to remember 4

Mistress Chastity sensuously hangs Heather, who seems terribly aroused by the whole thing when she acts like she really wants to hang. Then Chastity cruelly fries Sarah in the electric chair, much to the enthusiasm of those in the audience. Continue reading

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