Trading up (female vs male victims)


I learned while growing up. I learned from the best. I learned from my mother.

She married young. But she learned to trade up. After four marriages she had a ton of cash and could have any man she wanted.

I paid real close attention. I picked a nice guy for my first marriage. Stanley had a decent job and was a good provider. But after five years I learned he wasn’t going to amount to much.

He took out enough life insurance to pay off the mortgage and to provide for me. That’s when I made my move. Besides, I already had a guy named Steven in the wings I was seeing on the side. The only obstacle was my husband.

One day we went into our backyard pool for some fun. I wore my skimpiest bikini. Of course I let the material slide down so my breasts were exposed. He always was a tit-man.

We started having fun dunking each other. Then I became more aggressive. He always was a bit of a pussy.

I forced him down again and again. He struggled as I made him run out of breath. Each time I drove him under I was adding to his exhaustion.

It was such a turn-on forcing him down again and again. Sexy bubbles came up. By the time I made my move it was all too easy.

I forced him under and then climbed on top to ride him face down. He was too exhausted to fight me. That’s when he started hitching and gurgling underneath me.

It was so hot drowning Stanley that I experienced an unexpected orgasm. I was breathless as I climbed off. The stupid bastard floated face down in our backyard pool. It was all too easy.

Next was Steven. He had all the makings of a good husband and a good provider. I moved him in right after collecting the life insurance on my first husband’s tragic pool accident. For the next five years Steven did everything right. But he developed a wandering eye.

About that same time I developed a wandering eye of my own. I set my sights on another hunk who showed the promise of an even better future. He liked me too, and we spent many discreet evenings together.

Steven liked my best friend Sharon. I learned they were having an affair. So I decided to give him his heart’s desire before I put him down once and for all.

One of his fantasies was to engage in a kinky threesome. So I told Steven I was open to a trio with Sharon. I said I wanted to give him a birthday present to remember. He said he was up for it if Sharon was.

I knew a professor of medieval literature. He had a working guillotine down in his basement. I blew him a couple of times, so he gave me the keys to his house as a favor while he was away.

On the night of our threesome I invited Steven and Sharon over to the professor’s house for some kinky fun. I showed them the working guillotine. Then I asked how crazy would it be if one of us rode it while having sex with the other two. That’s when I gave Steven a knowing wink.

Sharon was eager to climb on and ride his dick. Steven said he was more than willing. So he laid out on the bench and stuck his head through the opening.

I locked the lunette down on his head. Sharon eagerly began stroking his cock. I asked Steven if he was all turned on. He told me he was.

Sharon really wanted to ride him. So I motioned for her to go ahead and climb aboard. She was really excited.

I think she wanted to fuck Steven while I was watching. She was quite the bitch. I think it was her way of saying, “I’ve already been fucking him a lot behind your back, honey. Now I get to do it right in front of you!”

She climbed on and really started riding him hard. It was obvious she’d fucked him before. She gave me a haughty look as though confirming they’d fucked each other so many times before.

She leaned forward and looked down on his face. I asked her if she wanted to kiss him. She said she would love to.

I pulled the lunette up out of the way and watched the two lovebirds go at it. She was all over his lips as she rode him like crazy. I just smiled as I rose up and pulled the lever.

I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, going through two necks at once. But the professor surprised me by how sharp he kept his blade. It was heavy enough that it sliced right through both throats.

Sharon’s hands instinctively came up, feeling around for a head that wasn’t there. Steven looked like he was pumping her the moment he lost his mind, so to speak. Both heads ended up in the basket, eyes open in shock with their lips still puckered.

I had one hell of an O when I saw them like that. Then I got dressed and left. It turned out to be another one of those “accidents” where I’d given Steven the keys and he’d gone over to fuck Sharon. They must have gotten careless or something.

I took up with Stewart shortly after that. He had a thriving practice as a plastic surgeon. The money just kept flowing in.

He had quite the next egg built up when I met him. It was easy using my charms to get him to the altar. Mother would have been so proud of me had she lived to see it.

After five years I met up with Sheila. She and I really hit it off. She made love to me the way the guys never even imagined.

It was time to trade up again. You see, Doctor Stewart liked to be submissive to women. So I began inviting Sheila over. The two of us always dominated him before giving him a good fucking.

Sheila said she enjoyed fucking my Stewart. But she confided that she always enjoyed me more. So I told Sheila my plan. She was willing to go along with it.

The day came when we decided to play a little game with the noose. Stewart was our willing boy-toy. I noosed him up while Sheila played with his dick.

We had so much fun turning him on. He loved playing “the condemned prisoner with the female wardens”. His “last request” was getting a blowjob. So Sheila and I took turns sucking him.

We got him all worked up until he was begging for it. “Damn, girls! When do I get to cum?”

“Right now,” I told him as we both pulled on the rope and tied it off.

Stewart went right up into the air. His eyes flew open in surprise. Then he started to kick as he clawed at the rope around his throat.

His dick got really hard. Sheila and I got on our knees right in front of him and masturbated with our mouths open and our tongues out. Then he hung limp as he began to spurt on us.

We got cum on our faces and in our mouths. Then we 69ed each other as Stewart hung limp. We both had massive orgasms as he dangled lifeless, cum dripping out of the tip of his cock.

Afterwards I fetched a small stool, making sure I didn’t leave any prints on it. I tipped it over behind him as though he’d kicked it away himself. We made sure the rope was tied off in such a way that it looked like he’d hanged himself.

So that’s my story. Girls, you’ve got to learn to trade up. Divorce them if you have to in order to get somebody better. I can tell you I traded up three different times. Best decisions I ever made. And erotic as hell too!

2019 (written Jul 9 ’19 by riwa)

(Pics found on the Internet.)

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