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Rachel’s sensor

Rachel wants to go to the Snuff Club to see the Entertainment stage in person. She has a fantasy about popping her sensor and hanging in front of an appreciative audience. Will her fantasy become reality? Continue reading

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Patreon and Riwas Reads updates

Riwa’s Stories at Patreon Coming May rewards Shelly goes to Cancun for some freediving fun. The conclusion to the Club story A Night to Remember. A CSI story about three naked bodies found at the bottom of a pool. Scarlett … Continue reading

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House warming party

Dorothy and Kathy stick around until after the other guests have left my house warming party. So I show them my basement which contains a gallows and a guillotine. They show an interest in playing with my toys while fucking me. Continue reading

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The Reservoir

A woman goes for a swim at a reservoir and dives to the bottom for some breath-holding and a little masturbation. But she gets just a little too carried away. Continue reading

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Cruelty of the Junta (graphic)

A story about the cruelty of mankind as a military takes over a country and terrorizes the inhabitants. Continue reading

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April’s last swim (AF)

April searches for a disc her husband has that contains video evidence of her infidelity. Unable to find it, she goes for a swim in their backyard pool only to find the disc on the bottom attached to a rock. But when she goes to retrieve it she is attacked by her husband. Continue reading

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