The rich man’s pool (male themes)


Note: I wrote this last week using an old computer. So I thought I would try to post it here.

Clark promptly shed his speedos before jumping into the pool. He swam down and held his breath at the bottom of the deep end. It didn’t take long before he developed an erection.
It was still a little hard to believe. He had been working at a gas station when he had been “procured” by some guy he barely knew to service some gay rich man who’d seen him there a time or two.

Of course, there was money involved. All he had to do was either suck dick, or allow himself to be sucked. But those were two things that didn’t bother him in the slightest.

Clark surfaced to get a breath, noting that more guys had showed up. it always seemed like there were up to half a dozen males in the back yard at any one time. Many ended up just as naked in the pool as he was.

He looked around and saw his benefactor Bob Wenck sitting in the shallow end of the pool. Clearly, his host was enjoying sunning himself in the backyard with naked male flesh all around. When their eyes met, Clark was motioned over to come join him.

Wenck was sporting an erection when Clark swam up to him. He immediately knew what was expected of him. So he took a deep breath before going under to suck on the submerged cock.

His host liked receiving blowjobs. But he especially enjoyed getting them when someone was underwater holding their breath. Clark wondered if it was because of all the bubbles that he released during the sucking process.

He held his breath as he worked the cock over good. This time, it seemed to be taking a little longer. Did Wenck like him to hold his breath for a long time before he got his reward?

Clark was under nearly three minutes before he finally got his mouthful of cream. Then he surfaced and kissed Wenck. “You’re just too good to me,” his host said with a smile. “Next time, I hope to make you stay down even longer before you get my load. Enjoy your swim, and I might return the favor before you leave.”

Clark smiled before submerging to swim back across the pool into the deep end. Now he had an erection of his own to deal with. At least there were a couple of naked, muscular swimmers enjoying each others’ company in the depths. This added to Clark’s arousal, and he was determined to hang around and watch them for a while.

They wrestled with each other, stiff cocks waving in the water. Clark went down and sat on the bottom of the pool floor, watching their activity while holding his breath and stroking his dick. They certainly seemed like they could stay under for quite a while.
They struggled with each other until they suddenly ended up locked in a 69 position. Clark watched them suck each others’ cocks before breaking off and wrestling again. There were lots of bubbles as arms and legs went flying every which way.

Clark stayed down for as long as he could. Then he surfaced to catch his breath. They came up a few moments later, both of them treading water nearby.

They looked over in his direction and smiled. Clark smiled back at them. Then he got a big breath and submerged again.

Clark went down to the bottom, just so he could hold his breath again. This time, the two burly males came down and joined him. They sat on the bottom with him until all three guys had become three points to a submerged triangle.

Clark stroked his erection, wondering what they would do next. They smiled and bubbled as they stroked right along with him. Clark decided he liked these two. Maybe it was because they were naked and were bigger than him.

The submerged trio released bubbles as they watched each other stroke. Clark was able to stay down a good three minutes while jerking his meat. For some reason, he really wanted to impress them.

Clark reached the point where he finally had to surface, leaving them on the bottom to continue without him. He came up panting quietly for breath. They followed him up a good thirty seconds later.

One of them panted, “You’re pretty good at holding your breath. We saw you sucking Wenck’s cock underwater. You never came up the entire time until you finished him off.”

“He likes it when I suck him underwater,” Clark told them. “On a good day, I can hold it for three to three and a half minutes underwater.”

“Let’s see if you can beat Dan and I,” the other one offered.

“Sounds like fun,” Clark told them, his erection still hard and noticeable.

They all inhaled deeply. Then they submerged together. They headed down until they reached the pool floor at about the same time.

Standing on his feet, Clark was pleasantly surprised when the one named Dan knelt in front of him, wrapped his lips around his erection and began to suck. Clark loved how it felt. But now he wanted to stay down for as long as possible and wait until the very last moment before he shot his load into the man’s mouth.

The other one came down right in front of him and promptly thrust his dick into Clark’s face. Without missing a beat, he took it into his mouth and started sucking. Clark never missed an opportunity to suck or be sucked in Bob Wenck’s pool, no matter whose cock it belonged to.

Dan turned out to be quite the talented cocksucker. Meanwhile, the other one acted as though he was thoroughly enjoying Clark’s mouth. There were grunts and bubbles as cocks thrust in and out between lips.

Clark finally felt his lungs begin to burn at what felt like close to three minutes underwater. He would need to go up fairly soon. These guys certainly seemed more than capable of outlasting him.

He grunted as he tried to disengage, thinking about his need for another breath. That’s when Dan grabbed him by his wrists, keeping him on the bottom while still sucking his cock. Meanwhile, the other one grabbed the back of his head and really started to thrust into his mouth.

Clark grunted and gurgled as he started to become alarmed. Why were they not letting him go? What was wrong with them? Couldn’t they see he was out of breath??

He lost more bubbles as his chest heaved, his lungs on fire. That’s when Clark looked up and caught a glimpse of Bob standing on the edge of the pool looking down on them. It looked like their host was enjoying the view while stroking himself. Was he actually going to let these two guys drown him??

Clark finally panicked. He needed to get to the surface in the worst way. Then his fear and excitement made his cock go off between Dan’s lips.

Despite his panic, it felt good releasing his load into a nice, warm mouth. Then he felt the other one shooting a load of cum down his throat. He did his best to swallow it all, even as his lungs screamed in warning. Then he accidentally inhaled.

Clark got water down his windpipe. He immediately went into convulsions. His spasms were such that his mouth reflexively sucked all the cum out of the other guy’s balls.

Why were they deliberately keeping him submerged? One was sucking as though draining his balls, while the other kept thrusting his dick between his lips. They were drowning him; why were they drowning him??

Up at the surface, Clark thought he saw Wenck stroking a load into the water. Was he cumming because they were drowning him? Had he arranged this with them the entire time??

Clark was still gurgling and convulsing when they hauled him up. He came up gasping and coughing like crazy. They helped him stay at the surface as he coughed all the moisture out of his lungs.

Dan kissed him first… and promptly shared the load Clark had just shot into the burly man’s mouth. He had no choice but to swallow. Then the other one came up to him and kissed him as well.

Clark heard someone clapping. He looked up to see their naked host applauding them. “Bravo, gentlemen! That was extremely erotic! Well done; well done!”

He looked down at Clark and noticed the young man’s shock and dismay. Bob’s face promptly took on an apologetic look. “I probably should have warned you about Dan and Don, Clark. But I was so turned on that i just didn’t want to interrupt them, especially when they were getting to the good part.”

Dan reached out to him and patted him on the shoulder before asking, “No hard feelings, Clark?”

Clark paused for a moment. What could he say? After all, they’d gotten him safely back to the surface.

He seemed none the worse for wear. What’s more, he’d shot a huge load into Dan’s mouth, even though it had been fed back to him. So he shook his head.

“No hard feelings, guys. You did catch me by surprise though. I guess you were just having a little bit of fun.”

Wenck smiled happily. “Good. It looks like we’re still all friends here. I know I certainly enjoyed it. See me before you go home, Clark. There’ll be a generous tip in your envelope.” Then he turned and headed off to greet some new guys who’d just entered the backyard pool area.

6-15-24 Inspired by the picture I included

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