Christina in the tank


I went to a club that specialized in underwater erotica. For those with a darker fetish, one could even watch a model give her all. So I paid the extra to watch a drowning.

The woman I picked was named Christina. She had dark red hair that was almost a maroon color. But she had large, flaring nostrils which I figured would give me a lot of great drowning bubbles.

She led me to a private room. In it was a chamber walled on three sides, with a glass front. The glass was six feet wide, and went up to a height of about nine feet into the ceiling.

Christina asked if I was looking forward to drowning her. I told her I was rather excited about the whole thing. “Good,” she replied with a smile. “I always like to please my customers.”

She pointed at a set of ankle cuffs inside the dry tank. I saw a wire attached. Then she went over to a chair, picked up a remote and handed it to me.

She explained, “It’s simple, really. There’s a button for ‘up’ and a button for ‘down’. Push ‘up’ and I’ll get slack in the cable. Push ‘down’ and it’ll pull me down to the floor of the tank. Now wait right here. I’ll go around back and let myself in.”

“What about these other two buttons, red and green?”

“Green fills the tank with water. Red drains the tank. Simple.”

She pointed at a hatch in the back wall of the six foot by six foot chamber. “You see that door? It’s similar to the watertight doors they use in Navy vessels. We’d hate for all that water to spill all over the place. That’s the door I’ll use to enter the tank.”

Christina left through a side door. I sat on the chair with the remote in hand and waited. Pretty soon she came through the hatch at the back of the tank before making sure she turned around and sealed it shut.

She smiled as she walked up to the ankle cuffs and secured them to herself. When she was done she waved a toy at me she’d brought in with her. I saw it was some sort of dildo.

“I’m ready,” she called to me through the glass. “Start the water.”

I hit the green button on the remote. Water began shooting up from four different holes in the floor. In no time at all there was a foot of water in the chamber.

Christina touched herself all over as the water soaked her through and through. She smiled as she told me, “I’m really looking forward to drowning for you. I hope you’ll enjoy my performance.”

The water quickly reached her crotch. It was flowing rapidly into the tank through the four holes in the floor. It wouldn’t be long before it rose all the way to the top.

It slowly climbed her chest, soaking her white outfit and making it see-through. Her bra was a light yellow and immediately became transparent as well. Her nipples had obviously hardened.

The water soon lifted her up off the floor. She skulled with her hands to stay at the surface. I watched as the water level rose to seven feet and then eight.

She smiled as she told me, “You can use the remote anytime you want. You don’t have to wait for the water to reach the top.”

Curious, I hit the ‘down’ button. It let out a beep, causing her to gasp for breath. Then it pulled her under in a flurry of bubbles.

It pulled her right to the bottom. Her feet were probably no more than two to three inches above the floor. She grinned and bubbled at me as she waved with her arms while gyrating in the chamber like a fish.

I hit the ‘up’ button. She got slack in the wire. Christina pulled herself back to the surface with her arms where she burst up and gasped for breath.

The water automatically stopped filling the moment it reached the top of the glass. There was still an air pocket inside the tank. The sexy redhead panted for breath, still grasping onto the toy in her hand.

I smiled as I hit the ‘down’ button. The chamber beeped. Christina inhaled sharply before she was pulled under. Bubbles trailed out of her nose as she was pulled all the way to the bottom of the chamber.

Almost immediately she went into this sexy little strip-tease. Articles of clothing came off one by one. Her skirt had snaps in the back that meant it could come off without being hindered by the wire and her ankle cuffs.

I finally hit the ‘up’ button. She felt the slack and pulled with her arms for the air pocket above her. I heard her burst up and gasp for breath.

I hit the ‘down’ button and waited. She inhaled sharply at the sound of the beep. Once more she was pulled all the way to the bottom of the chamber.

She touched herself all over, often using the toy in her hand to rub her nipples or thrust through her crotch. Every now and then she would mouth the words “Do you want to drown me? I want you to drown me!” It was incredibly arousing.

I hit the ‘up’ button and let her return to the air pocket for another breath. I didn’t want to rush things. After all, I’d paid good money and wanted to prolong the experience.

I allowed her half a minute to catch her breath. Then I hit the ‘down’ button. Christina was promptly pulled back down to the bottom of the chamber.

She used her toy to rub her nipples, making them exceedingly hard. She bubbled as she mouthed, “I’m so turned on knowing you’re going to drown me.” Then she began to masturbate with her toy.

She thrust it in and out of her pussy until she started to writhe and bubble. She mouthed at me, “I want you to drown me so bad!” Then she sucked on the toy before thrusting it back inside her winking slit.

I hit the ‘up’ button and watched her pull for the surface. She popped up and gasped loudly for breath. I heard her say, “Fuck, you’re prolonging this for me! You have no idea how turned on I am right now!”

I hit the ‘down’ button again. She gasped at the sound of the beep. Then the wire pulled her to the bottom of the tank.

Once more she began fucking herself with the toy. I saw her mouth words like “I want to suck your cock!” and “Come in and fuck me!” She also mouthed things like “I want you to drown me” and “I want to drown right now!”

I pushed the button and let her back up. I was getting quite horny watching her. She surfaced inside the air pocket and gasped for breath before telling me, “I’m so hot to drown for you! Take off your pants! I want to see your cock!”

I pushed the ‘down’ button. Then I stripped so she could see my erection as she was pulled down. She motioned for me to stroke it as she sucked on her toy before fucking her cunt with it.

She bubbled as she mouthed the words, “I’M GOING TO CUM!” Then she lost a huge burst of bubbles out of her mouth and nose. It was so erotic that I nearly shot a load just watching her.

I kept her down until her chest was heaving. I saw a flash of fear in her eyes. But she just fucked herself harder with the toy while playing with her boobs. The whole time she kept bubbling, “DROWN ME NOW, LOVER!”

I hit the ‘up’ button. Slack appeared in the wire to her ankle cuffs. Christina dutifully pulled for the surface, wanting another breath. When she popped up for a breath I heard her gasp, “Gawd, you are making me so fucking horny by making me wait for it!”

I wasn’t sure I could hold off much longer. So I hit the ‘down’ button. Christina gasped the moment she heard the beep.

The wire pulled her straight down. Then she began touching herself all over again. I saw her fuck herself with the toy as she mouthed, “I WANT YOU TO DROWN ME! I NEED IT SO BAD! DROWN ME NOW!”

I watched as she really put on a show, wriggling and gyrating at the bottom of that chamber. She humped in my direction as though she was fucking me. Then she used the toy on her cunt again.

I stroked myself as I watched intently. She really used that toy on herself. Then she cried out a froth of bubbles before mouthing, “DROWN ME NOW!”

I watched as her chest began heaving. She kept mouthing the words, “DROWN ME – DROWN ME!” I toyed with the ‘up’ button, but I never pushed it.

Her stomach rippled. Then her chest began to heave. Her body was in need of more air.

She bubbled as she mouthed the words, “DROWN ME – DROWN ME!” Her chest convulsions became more intense. Then she began looking up at the surface as though she was thinking about changing her mind, wanting to return to that air pocket.

I grinned at her as I stroked my cock. The toy was in her slit as she motioned up at the surface. That’s when I shook my head as I told her, “Drown, you sexy bitch!”

Her eyes suddenly flew open as though she’d been kidding this whole time. She began pulling hard for the surface, losing air out of her mouth and nose. But she could only jerk around as her feet remained tethered to the floor.

Christina looked panicked as her chest hitched and spasmed. I was stroking when she anxiously shook her head. Christina lost a huge burst of bubbles. Then she appeared to glub as though she’d just swallowed water.

I shamelessly masturbated as she began humping in my direction. She began coughing up bubbles as she pulled hard for the surface, her arms churning the water. I did not give her the slack she needed.

She hitched and gurgled as she kept coughing up bubbles. She tried to cover her mouth, but it was much too late for that. Then she really started thrashing about as though fighting against the cuffs holding her ankles to the floor of the chamber.

I could tell she was drowning. I rose up, stepped forward and splattered my seed all over the glass to her tank. Her naked body swayed back and forth as she let out little hitches and spasms until she stopped struggling.

Christina gently swayed back and forth with a shocked look on her face. It looked as though it had been incredibly painful. But I’d certainly enjoyed it, judging by the shamefully huge load I’d spewed all over the glass.

The sexy redhead hung tethered to the bottom of the pool floor. Her arms floated about halfway up as though she was considering taking flight. She stared at me in shock and surprise as she gently swayed back and forth.

There was a sudden sound from up in the ceiling. I looked up and saw a speaker up there. Then I heard, “Thank you so much for coming. We hope you enjoyed her drowning performance. Christina hopes you’ll come back again and watch her suffer in the tank for your amusement.”

I pulled up my pants and got ready to go. By then I saw the water level coming down. I figured someone would soon be entering the tank to revive her for another performance. That’s when I told myself I would probably return someday and request her again.

2020 (written Aug 20 ’20 by riwa)

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