It’s always the same story


Ann got the text message from Robert. Helen had gone shopping for the afternoon. That meant he had some free time. Did she want to come over for a quick fuck? Ann was more than agreeable.

Robert’s car was in the driveway when she pulled up alongside it. She got out and went to the front door. When there was no answer she tried it. It was unlocked.

She went inside to find he had lit some candles for her. How romantic. It was amazing the way he chose not to treat his wife as well as he treated her. Perhaps that’s what made it all the more thrilling by fucking him behind Helen’s back.

She was headed for the bedroom when she heard the shower. Ann smiled inwardly. A good grope in the shower while they were getting all warmed up for a romp in bed sounded great.

She headed down the hall and opened the bathroom door. The shower curtain was closed. She could not see who was behind it. A moment later she felt a blow to the back of her head, knocking her unconscious.

When she awakened, Ann found herself in the master bedroom lying face down on the bed. A familiar redhead was kneeling on top of her, preventing her from getting back up. Her arms were pinned at her sides by the knees of her assailant, leaving her totally helpless.

“Nice of you to respond so quickly to my text. I’m glad you could come over on such short notice. Now that I have you alone, I think we should have a little discussion about my husband Robert.”

The voice sounded strangely calm. Ann was starting to get a bad feeling about all this. But she decided she might as well put up a protest.

“Get off me, Helen. If you want to talk, then we’ll talk. This part just isn’t funny.”

“It isn’t meant to be funny. Do you hear me laughing? It’s certainly not funny to me, hun. Adulterous bitches like you are never funny.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, bitch. It insults my intelligence. I know you’re blonde, but you’re not that fucking clueless.”

“You’d better get off me before Robert comes home.”

“So he’ll do what? …try to convince me you two haven’t been having an affair for months? I found the text messages on his phone. Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

“Just get off me, ok? You need to talk this over with him; not me. I’m not a part of your bad marriage.”

“Oh but you are, Ann. You’re a very big part of it now.” That’s when she began inspecting something in her hands.

Ann craned her neck around to have a look. “Hey, that’s my scarf! What are you doing with it?”

Helen was disturbingly calm. “That’s funny. He gave me this very same scarf on our anniversary last year. Strange how it just sort of disappeared. I looked all over for it the other day, but I never did find it. At least now I know where it went.”

“You can have your damn scarf back if you want it; ok? Just get off me!”

“I would take it back, hun. But he seems to want you to have it. So I think you should keep it.”

Ann gasped in alarm as the scarf Helen’s husband had given her was wrapped around her neck. Then she felt it start to tighten. She gasped as she felt it start to cut off her circulation.

“You’re right, hun,” Helen observed, her voice betraying the strain of her pulling on both ends. “I think it looks good on you.”

“No…wait *awk* you can’t… *urk* please…”

“Yes; it definitely looks much better on you. You should keep it, ok? What do you say to that?”

Ann could barely get any words out of her mouth… “You can’t *gasp* do this *awwwk* to me.”

“It’s always the same story, isn’t it? ‘Girl starts affair with husband – girl is strangled to death by husband when wife finds out’. By the time he gets home, he’ll find you dead right here on the master bed. Maybe he got tired of you. Or maybe he was afraid you’d spill the beans to his wife.”

“NO *AWK* pleessssse…” Then Ann’s throat closed off. She couldn’t even force a whisper of air past her parted lips.

“I have no idea how many other husbands you’ve fucked in the past. Frankly, I don’t give a shit. However I DO suspect I’ll be doing all wives a favor by taking you out of circulation. I like the irony of that: using my scarf he gave you to stop you from fucking all the husbands around town.”

Ann began to thrash around on the bed as her breath was cut off. Her tongue slithered out in surrender, her head feeling as though it was about to explode. Her face flushed red as her eyes went all bloodshot.

There was an exceedingly hard tug on both ends of the scarf. Ann shuddered hard as a death rattle emanated from somewhere deep down her throat. Then she went completely limp on the bed.

Helen kept talking to her as though she was still alive… “It really was a nice scarf he gave you. I liked wearing it for a while, but I thought I’d misplaced it. I missed it for a while there, but I thought I’d lost it or left it somewhere. But like I say… you can have it now. You earned it… so you keep it.”

Helen let go of both ends of the scarf. Ann did not respond. Then Helen calmly walked out of the bedroom and left the house.

She got into her husband’s car and drove off. According to her calculations he would be returning a few minutes later with her car. That’s when he would discover his mistress dead in the master bedroom. She idly wondered how he would handle the situation.

2020 (written Oct 14 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by the included picture.)

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