Brooke’s Buck-fuck


I saw it all go down in the club pool. Brooke deliberately drowned our Aqua-slut Eva. Then she threatened to make sure she stayed drowned if she ever fucked Paul again. Pretty strong language, if you ask me.

Of course I was all turned on watching the bitches go at it in the pool. Brooke held Eva upside down and worked on her cunt. Then she straddled her, humping her like crazy.

It looked like Eva orgasmed up a storm before she started hitching and convulsing. A couple of the other guys helped resuscitate the poor thing. She looked a little bedraggled, but she seemed none the worse for wear after the guys got her breathing again. I think she enjoyed the orgasms though.

We all heard the threat after they revived her. Then Brooke stalked off. She’s a bit of a bitch in the club, if you ask me.

She knows what the Club rules are. Everything’s pretty much fair game once you join. If you don’t want your guy fucking someone else underwater, neither of you should be members in the first place. Pretty simple, right?

I followed after her to see what kind of trouble she was going to cause next. She went right into the spa room containing the club’s deep soaking tub. She knows anyone who goes in there is fair game. But she seems to think the rules don’t apply to her.

I waited a minute or two before I followed her inside. The slut was lying on the bottom totally naked, touching herself all over. Was she thinking about what she’d just done to Eva? Probably.

I’ve seen Brooke in the water several times before. I’ve got to admit: she’s a pretty good breath-holder. And she loves getting off underwater just like Eva.

I don’t see why she had to pick a fight with our Aqua-slut. She and Paul shouldn’t be in here if neither one are interested in sharing. Maybe it was just an excuse to drown poor Eva, although I strongly suspect our Aqua-slut came up a storm as she was drowning.

I watched Brooke really go at it as she held her breath at the bottom of the soaking tub. She was doing what a lot of us do whenever we want to get off by ourselves. But when others come in and see what’s going on, the solo-adventure usually turns into a duet or a threesome.

I kept thinking about what she’d done to Eva and the threat she’d declared. So I decided I was going to do something about it. I went into the room while she was on the bottom holding her breath. Then I removed my swimsuit.

When she surfaced, she spotted me almost immediately. She promptly rose up out of the water while catching her breath. “Buck, what are you doing in here?”

“You know damn good and well what I’m doing in here, Brooke! You shouldn’t have threatened Eva like that. Now I’m going to defend her honor. What’s more, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.” Then I climbed in with her.

“Buck, you wouldn’t dare!”

“Deep breath, Brooke!”

I don’t know what I expected from her. Screaming? Struggling? A poem of profanity? I didn’t care.

I pushed her head under before getting onto my knees and lifted her ass up. I grabbed her waist, centered my erection against her quivering hole and then started thrusting into her. She was nice and tight.

Her love-muscles clenched wonderfully. Was she trying to keep me out? Or was she trying to take me deeper? I didn’t bother asking.

She lost a few bubbles as she tried to rise up. I pushed her right back down before her head could clear the surface. Then I told her, “You’re in our ‘sharing tub’, Brooke. So you’d better hold onto your gawd-damn breath!”

I gave her a nice, steady fuck. Brooke’s legs slowly wrapped around my waist. I felt them tighten as though she was trying to take me deeper. So much for acting like she was pissed off with me.

She tried to rise up. I pushed her back down before she could get her head up. “You want it, Brooke, and you know it! Otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen to risk getting off in here all by yourself. You’re probably thinking about what it felt like to drown Eva, aren’t you!”

She looked at me all wide-eyed. That’s when I saw the resistance melt in her expression. Yeah, that’s kinda what I thought. She was probably reliving drowning poor Eva.

She went over backward, arching her back. Her legs tightened behind me as she grabbed onto my hands as though urging me on. Her mouth opened in an expression of great pleasure.

I told her, “You’re not pissed off at Eva. You’re just jealous! You want to be treated like an aqua-slut too, don’t you!”

Something filled her eyes… indignation maybe? She tried to rise up again, only for me to push her right back down. “Hunh – unh, baby! Not until I’ve cum. So you’d better damn well get me off or I’m gonna make those lungs of yours scream!”

The indignation in her eyes melted. Her back arched again as her head almost hit the bottom of the tub. She really fucked me, her muscles furiously milking me as her mouth opened once more in a breathless grimace of pleasure.

“Slut! Whore! You want to be fucked underwater, don’t you! You want to be abused just like Eva! You want to be an aqua-slut too, don’t you!”

I waited to see what kind of reaction that would earn me. If anything her legs tightened even more around my waist. Her hands gripped mine harder as though she desperately wanted me to keep right on fucking her.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” I growled. “You act all stuck up like the club owes you. But deep down you want to be treated just like Eva, don’t you! You like how the guys all lust after her and make her cum as she holds her breath. You want to orgasm just like she does, don’t you!”

She shook her head, but I didn’t believe her. Then she lost a few more bubbles. I told her, “You’re not getting any sympathy out of me, bitch! You’re holding your breath until I pump a load deep inside you. And if you can’t hold it long enough, I guess that’s just too damn bad!”

I thought maybe she was going to fight me. Instead, she reached down to finger her button as she groped her boobs. She moaned as I pumped her harder.

“Are your lungs straining yet, Brooke? What if I don’t cum in time? What are you going to do then? I can think of one thing that might happen; can you?”

For a moment her eyes flashed open in alarm. “You remember what it was like when you drowned Eva? How’d you like to suffer the same fate?”

I thought that would get a reaction out of her. But it wasn’t the one I was expecting. If anything, she fingered herself harder as she groped her tits. Maybe she was picturing Eva drowning in her mind.

I pumped her nice and steady. “Nowhere near ready to cum, Brooke. I can see the spasms shaking your tits. Are you going to cum before or after you start to drown?”

That must have done something to her because her eyes flashed in alarm. Then she really fingered herself. To my surprise she started to hump a little as she climaxed, spewing the last of her breath away. It must have been incredibly erotic for her as she closed her eyes, almost wincing with pleasure.

She was really spasming when I pulled her head up out of the water. She gasped loudly as she struggled to catch her breath. She coughed and then glared at me before declaring, “Buck Taylor, you’ve got some fucking nerve; you know that?”

“So do you, bitch!” I replied as I pulled out of her. Then I pushed her head down. She wisely gasped for breath before her head went under in a little burst of bubbles.

I pushed her up against the end of the tub as I straddled her. Then I pushed my cock in past her lips. That’s when I began fucking her mouth.

She glubbed up a few bubbles. Once more I warned her, “Better be careful, Brooke. You were lucky I didn’t drown you when I didn’t pump you full of my spunk. You might not be so lucky this time. Let’s see how long you can hold your breath with a mouthful of cock.”

Her head was pushed to the back of the tub, but she was still under the surface. I made it so she couldn’t get away. I just thrust in and out, enjoying her nice, warm mouth.

“Well, Brooke? What about it? Going to get me off this time before you drown?”

She gave me a dirty look. Then her cheeks went all concave. She began to suck like a good little whore.

“Very good, Brooke. Just like Eva. You might make a good Aqua-slut yet. Let’s just hope you can get me off in time.”

She looked up at me, but I don’t know if it was an expression of defiance or one of accepting the challenge. I felt her tongue work around my cock inside her mouth. She was talented; I’ll give her that much.

She must have been underwater a good two minutes. “Let’s see how much of me you can take; shall we, Brooke?” Then I began to push deeper inside her.

Her eyes opened as the tip of my cock reached the back of her throat. I just kept going. Her eyes opened wider as I pushed more and more of my girth inside her.

I thought I saw a bulge in the top of her throat. Her eyes were open really wide. I pushed even more until her lips finally touched my balls.

“Better get me off, slut. I’m not sure how much longer you can hold your fucking breath!”

Her tongue came out as she tried to lick my balls. I felt her throat try to swallow me as her chest began to spasm. It was erotic as hell.

I pulled my cock back until it cleared the back of her throat. Then I rammed it home. She gagged up sexy bubbles when I did that two or three times.

Her chest really began to heave. I rammed myself deep a couple more times. Then I pulled all the way out before pulling her head up by a handful of hair.

She gasped like crazy as she coughed a couple of times. “Damn you, Buck!”

“You’re quite the slut, Brooke.”

“I am not!”

“Oh yeah?”

I turned her around in the soaking tub. I grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back. Then I started to push my way into her pussy from behind.


I just leaned close. Then I whispered into her ear, “Tell me you need a good Buck-fucking.”

“Go to hell!”

“Have it your way.” Then I forced her head under.

A burst of bubbles came up as I thrust in and out of her. I could feel her clenching around my shaft as I went deep. Then I just stopped, holding myself deep inside her.

At first she bubbled in confusion. Then she tried pushing back against me. I could feel her love muscles trying to milk me. I just remained deep inside her without hardly moving.

She bubbled as she spasmed from lack of air. I waited until it seemed like she was really straining to hold her breath. Then I pulled her head up.

She came up gasping like crazy. Then she sputtered, “What the hell?”

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Tell me you need a good Buck-fucking.”

“You’re insane!”

I pushed her back down into the water, holding her arms behind her back while making sure she couldn’t get her head up. I just held her there as I held my cock deep inside her. I did not do any thrusting at all.

At first she did nothing. Then she tried to push back against me. I felt her clench as she bubbled a little.

I made her hold her breath like that. A minute went by… and then another minute. More bubbles came up.

I pulled her head back up, listening to her gasp up at the surface. Once more she panted, “What the fuck??!!”

“Tell me, Brooke. Say the words.”

“Fuck off, Buck! Damn you!”

“I guess you don’t want to cum. I might as well drown you then.” Then I pushed her head back down into the water.

She bubbled as she wriggled a little. I just held myself in place. She felt wonderful, and I was trying to see how long I could last before I couldn’t hold off any longer. It was becoming a battle of wills.

Once more she began pushing back against me. Her muscles started milking me again. There were more bubbles of frustration.

I waited, occasionally moving in and out just a little. That drove her wild. She really tried to squeeze me, but it didn’t have much effect.

She went into breathless spasms again. It was pretty damned sexy watching her struggle to hold her breath. I finally allowed her head back up.

She came up gasping like crazy. “Well, Brooke?”

“Damn you! Will you just get on with it?”

“Say it.”


“Have it your way. I’ll just cum after you’ve drowned.” Then I pushed her head back down under the surface.

I slid in and out a little, just enough to create some friction. She bubbled in frustration. Her hands tried to jerk out of my grasp, but I held on tightly.

She wriggled as she tried to push back against me. I felt her muscles clenching again. I thought I heard her scream in frustration as a froth of bubbles came up.

“Now you’re really going to drown,” I laughed. “You can’t lose a lot of air like that and expect to hold your breath.”

I slowly slid inside her, driving her insane. She bubbled again until I thought most of her air was gone. Her chest heaved ominously before I heard a bubbly cry.

“What was that, Brooke?”

She bubbled again as she tried to speak. I kept her down until it looked like she was starting to convulse. Then I pulled her head up.

She gasped several times. Then she finally caught her breath enough to cry out, “OK-OK! BUCK-FUCK ME, DAMN YOU! BUCK-FUCK ME!”

I brutally slammed her head back down into the water. I chuckled, “There; was that so hard?” Then I really started pounding the shit out of her.

Her cunt went into wonderful spasms as she began to shudder. Damn, she was already cumming up a storm! It was more than enough to send me over the edge.

I roared out my release as I rammed myself deep and hard. She cried out another froth of bubbles. Then she furiously milked me as I pumped and spurted deep inside her.

She stiffened and then shuddered violently. She finished milking every last drop out of me. Then I let her go as I stood up and climbed out of the soaking tub.

For a moment she stayed just like that, on her knees and bent over with her head in the water. She appeared to struggle getting herself up. Then she managed to rise up on her knees with her head out of the water.

She clung to the side of the tub, panting like crazy. Her eyes were closed, her nipples hard. It looked as though she was really struggling to catch her breath.

She looked right at me. I could tell by her expression she didn’t know how she was supposed to react. “That’s for threatening Eva,” I told her. “Oh, just one more thing.”

“What’s… that?”

“If I ever catch you alone in here again, I promise you’re going to get more of the same. Any questions?”

I think she wanted to say something, but she didn’t. So I dried off, put my swimming suit back on and walked out. I left her there, still panting heavily.


It’s been three days since Brooke drowned Eva. I just saw her heading for the soaking tub again. She looked right at me before walking right on by. She even stared at me for a long moment from the doorway before going inside.

2020 (written Oct 19 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by JustPaul vidcap/renders.)

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