Breaking her bhing record


Note: This is a bonus repost of an older, re-edited story.

The version that inspired me.

Breaking her record by Bill F.

“I’m going to beat three minutes this time,” Melissa said as she got into my tub. “I know you will this time,” I told her. She took a deep breath and slid beneath the surface of the warm water.

She looked up at me, her mouth closed, her curly dark hair spreading out around her face. I looked at my watch as it counted off the time. I held up one finger for her to see as she reached one minute. She nodded slightly to let me know she saw the signal. She was doing great, looking beautiful under the still water.

At two minutes she nodded again as I held up two fingers. She started releasing small amounts of bubbles to release the pressure in her chest as her lungs started needing air. She was at 2:15. She released more air through her nose, and her cheeks started to puff out as the need to release the stale air in her lungs started to set in.

At 2:30 she started to lose the battle. More air bubbled from her nose. Her cheeks were growing bigger, her mouth closed tighter as she tried to hold back the urge to release her air and take a breath. At 2:45 she started to move her legs, trying hard to make it to three, begging to see my signal for three minutes.

I shouted out loud, counting the time down from 10 seconds left. Her body was shaking and the air was bubbling from her now slightly open mouth in a steady stream, her legs kicking, trying to hold on. By the time I reached five seconds left I could see she was about to come up. I made my move.

I pinned her down with one hand on her chest. The remaining air burst from her lungs with a gurgled cry. I held her down. Her eyes were wide with fear, her arms flailing and legs kicking hard against the back of the tub. Her head shook from side to side, her mouth opening and closing as she breathed in the water.

Her body bucked as her lungs filled with water, and at the same time tried to cough it out. Her kicking legs and flailing arms slowed as she drowned. Finally her struggling came to an end, legs now still, toes curled in death.

Her arms slowly dropped to her side and she was completely still. I looked at my watch. Four minutes now.

“Well, darlin’; you beat three minutes.”

I stood above her, looking down at her drowned beauty. Those beautiful eyes were wide and bulged out, mouth open in a frozen gasp for air, her hair flowing slightly across her face now from the violent shaking. She was truly now my drowned mistress.

My Version

Melissa and I were naked in the hot tub. We were playing, pushing each other down while groping each other. Bubbles poured out of the mouth of whoever was being submerged.

After catching our breaths, she decided it was time to try breaking her current breath holding mark. She’d gotten to 2:13 the last time she’d tried it. But that had been a couple of months ago.

“Face down or face up?” I asked with a smile as she began taking long deep breaths. “I know all about how much the water stings your sinuses. Are you serious or not?”

She smiled coyly at me as she inhaled deeply. Then she slowly let her air out. It made her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took.

“Face up,” she replied with a devious grin. “I like seeing the look on your face while I’m underwater. I know how much you get off watching me struggle to hold it.”

She stroked my stiffening manhood as she leaned closer. Then she added, “If you want, I suppose you can always force me. That should get me to three minutes easy… maybe even longer.”

“Does that mean you want me to drown you?”

“If that’s what it takes to help me reach three minutes? Yes.”

My cock twitched in her hand. She grinned as she stroked it harder. “You know you want to.”

“Is that so? Maybe I’ll play with your boobs while you’re under… maybe molest you a little.”

Her nipples were already protruding noticeably. I was toying with the idea of pinching them a little while fingering them. A little pain might make her breath-hold challenge even more difficult.

“Molest me all you want,” she replied with a grin. “It’ll give me something to focus on while taking my mind off holding my breath.”

She cupped my balls, causing my erection to twitch. “You’re going to hold me down; right? You’re going to make sure I don’t come up until I’ve gone past 2:13?”

“Maybe I should push you to 3:00.” This time I was seriously considering the possibility of drowning her if she didn’t make it.

“You’re just saying that. You would never force me.”

“Maybe I won’t… and maybe I will.” I tried to give her my best poker face.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped breathlessly. “Will you really? You promise? Damn – I’m horny as hell! Hurry up and push me under already!”

She took a deep breath, causing that chest of hers to swell. I set the timer on my watch before pushing her under. She submerged with a burble, wincing briefly as water flooded her nose.

She wriggled uncomfortably for a good thirty seconds before she settled in. That’s when I started caressing her tits. She really likes when I do that.

Melissa grinned as air bubbled out of her nose. I warned her, “Better not release any more of those, darling. You might need all that air you just lost.”

Her nipples were really protruding. I couldn’t help giving them little tweaks and pinches. There were muffled “UNGHS!” and “MMMM’S” as she flinched and squirmed.

“You said I could molest you.” She just nodded her head, smiling throughout her ordeal. Those dark curls on her head waved at me.

I checked the time. “50 seconds, darling. You’re gonna love what I start doing to you at a minute.”

Her eyes widened at my words. Then she got this look on her face as if to say, ‘Oh, yeah? Just go right ahead!’

I counted down to a minute by alternately pinching each nipple with each number… “FIVE (pinch)… FOUR (pinch)… THREE (pinch)… TWO (pinch)… ONE (pinch)… ONE MINUTE (pinch)!” She flinched from each one. I just chuckled at her discomfort.

She easily went past a minute. “Time to make it harder, babe!” Then I began rubbing between her legs.

Melissa’s eyes rolled as her legs came together. I found her clit and fingered it. She burbled some more, causing me to give her another warning to keep all her air in.

She gave me that infamous look of hers. It’s the one that basically says, “What you’re doing to me isn’t fair. But for gawd’s sake, please don’t stop!” I couldn’t help grinning wickedly at her.

“1:20 and counting, babe. Are you having trouble concentrating? You want me to stop?”

She flashed me a dirty look that told me she was screwed either way. But she shook her head. She wanted me to enjoy myself, perhaps secretly hoping I might do the one thing she’d been wanting me to do to her ever since we’d been getting together.

I found her pussy and thrust my fingers inside her well-lubricated snatch. Her eyes went wide as she bubbled again. Then her thighs tried to clamp my hand in place.

She squirmed a little until I saw what looked like small spasms in her chest. I pressed down on her breasts with my free hand. I could actually feel her chest start to heave from aching lungs.

“Better hang in there,” I warned as I checked my watch. “1:50… you’re almost at 2:00. But you have another full minute to go if you’re going to reach 3:00.”

She winced as a little burst of air spewed out past her lips. That’s when I started finger-fucking her pussy. I was pretty sure she was never going to make 3:00 under her own power.

Her eyes went wide again as her head tipped back. I felt her womanhood tighten around my fingers. I demonstrably fingered her as I counted down. “…1:55 (thrust)… :56 (thrust)… :57 (thrust)… :58 (thrust)… :59 (thrust)… 2:00 (thrust)!”

She stiffened and grunted with each thrust. I knew I was driving her wild, making it even harder for her to hold her breath. Somehow she managed it though.

“Time to really make it interesting,” I told her.

I rose up, making sure I kept her submerged. I spread her legs and moved between then, kneeling down in the tub. That’s when I centered my hard pole against her opening.

Her eyes went wide as she released more air. There was a distinct burst of bubbles out of her mouth as my cock entered her pussy. Then I looked down at my watch.

2:17… 2:18… 2:19…

“You’re past 2:13,” I said with a smile. “But you’re never going to make 3:00 at this rate. Let’s see how long you can hold it while I fuck your brains out.”

I started thrusting in and out of her, making sure she couldn’t get up for a breath. Melissa cried out a burst of bubbles as she started to squirm even more. I savagely groped her tits as I fucked her harder.

She began shaking her head, sending those black curls waving back and forth. I could feel her chest heave as I fondled her. But I just kept on sadistically pushing her down as I fucked her.

I checked my watch. She was really struggling. “2:32, babe. Looks like I’m going to have to force you to 3:00.”

She lost another burst of air. A moment later she began furiously shaking her head from side to side. She clawed at my hands on her breasts, trying to pry them off so she could rise up for a breath.

By now she really wanted up. But I wasn’t letting her. She said she wanted to make 3:00, even if that meant swallowing water. And I was seriously considering it.

I saw her gurgle as her body sucked water into her lungs. She was 18 seconds shy of 3:00. Too bad.

In an instant she exploded, thrashing about like crazy in a wild effort to shake me loose. At the same time I felt her pussy clench around my cock as though she wasn’t about to let go. I knew she was cumming while she was drowning.

It felt damned good. I almost blew my load inside her as I struggled to push her down. I wasn’t about to let her up yet.

She stared at me with a wild look in her eyes. She’d said she wanted this many times before. Now she was looking up at me as if to say “What the hell are you doing??”

At 3:00 I pulled out of her as I pulled her head up. She coughed up a shitload of water. “You made it,” I told her with a smile.

She coughed and sputtered. Her eyes were all glazed over. It took a couple of minutes before she regained her focus.

“How was that?” I asked with an amused smile.

“Intense. Fucking intense! I came so hard!”


I pushed her back under without warning. She flailed against me as bubbles came up. I found her pulsing slit with my cock and pushed right in.

“Can you make 3:00 again, darling?” Her eyes flew open in astonishment. Then she began shaking her head.

I enjoyed a nice, leisurely fuck. Melissa began struggling underneath me. Barely 30 seconds went by before she began flailing at my arms, trying to get me to let her back up.

I smiled as I told her, “Ok, darling. I’ll settle for 2:00.” This time she acted as though drowning was no longer on her wish list.

Pretty soon her chest began heaving. I smiled as I asked, “What’s the matter, Melissa? Can’t even make it to 1:00? Surely you can do that, can’t you?”

Her struggles lessened as she tried to hold her breath. I suspected she didn’t have much air in her lungs. I pushed down on her breasts, squeezing and fondling them.

She began to struggle in my grasp. I just kept up my slow, leisurely fuck. Then I checked my watch.

“You’re at 1:23, darling. You’ll have to hold on another 37 seconds.”

She shook her head as she lost more bubbles. I alerted her the moment she reached 1:30. At 1:34 she swallowed water again.

She began gulping like a fish out of water as her chest heaved. She coughed up bubbled as she struggled underneath me. She tried to lift her head up, but I kept pushing down on her chest. “No, darling. You said you wanted to drown; remember?”

I kept track of her time as I continued to fuck her. I felt a shudder ripple through her body as I groped her breasts. A small flurry of tiny bubbles slipped out through her parted lips as she stared up at me in utter disbelief.

At 2:00 I lifted her head up out of the water. Once more she went into a severe coughing fit. Some water came spewing out of her mouth.

“You reached 2:00 that time, darling. What do you think? Think we should try for 3:00 again?”

She looked at me in shock and awe. I smiled as I told her, “Have it your way, darling. You’re the one who’s been obsessing over me doing this to you.” Then I pushed her head under.

She bubbled as I went back to thrusting in and out of her. I smiled as I told her, “3:00, Melissa. Not one second less. It’s what you want; am I right? You said you wanted to drown as you hold your breath for 3:00.”

I suddenly pulled out as I rolled her over. I slid back into her warm, wet opening as I kept her head under. I grabbed a handful of hair and pushed down on her head to make sure she couldn’t get up for a breath.

“Fucked from behind; right, darling? You love it when I fuck you from behind. I’m guessing you’re going to cum really hard as I drown you like this. But I won’t drown you if you can make 3:00.”

I began thrusting more aggressively. Bubbles came up around her flowing curls. I could feel her clenching around my thrusting dick with her muscles.

“What do you think, Melissa? Does reality match the fantasy? What do you think about drowning three times with my cock inside you?”

There was a burst of bubbles that came up through her flowing hair. She shook her head as she flailed with her arms. But she couldn’t get her head above the surface.

I checked my watch. “Better hold your breath, darling. You’ve got a long way to go to make 3:00.”

She began to struggle in earnest. Her body wanted up whether she wanted to succumb or not. The body’s kind of funny like that when it wants air.

“You just passed 1:15, darling. You can hold it. You just have to concentrate. Otherwise I’m going to find myself fucking a drowning victim.”

There was another burst of bubbles as her chest heaved. I was pretty sure she was never going to reach 3:00. Hell, I had my doubts she was even going to reach 2:00.

The more she struggled, the harder I fucked her. I heard a bubbly cry that really made me twitch inside her. Then she started clenching like crazy.

She shuddered hard until she swallowed water at around 1:39. Then she began bucking and hitching in my grasp. Sexy bubbles came up as she kept swallowing and convulsing.

She clenched so hard she milked the cum right out of me. It made her shudder from an orgasmic aftershock. Then she wasn’t clenching so much anymore.

I thrust nice and slow as we passed 2:10. I finally turned her back over, taking care she stayed under. I wanted to make sure she reached 3:00 on that breath she no longer contained in her lungs.

She stared up at me in surprise, her mouth gaping open. Her eyes were glazed over as I fucked her. Stray bubbles leaked out of her mouth and nose.

It was erotic as hell. I was tempted to let her up early. But I wanted to be true to my word.

At 3:00 I pulled her head up. She just stared with lifeless eyes. It was an incredibly sexy look for her.

It took me another half minute before I got her to start coughing. She had quite the fit spewing water out of her mouth. Then life began to return to her eyes.

“Well, darling? I didn’t promise you any orgasms. I guess those were simply a side benefit. At least you reached 3:00 on two separate occasions.

She blinked as she looked at me as if in a daze. “Did I… did you really…?”

“Yes I did. Satisfied now?”

“Yes, I think I’m satisfied. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard.”

“Good. Then that will be the end of it, right?” She nodded before coming over and kissing me deeply.

Turns out she lied. That wasn’t the end of it. I should have known. She’d enjoyed it way too much.

2007 (written Nov 12 ’07; ed. Aug 7 ‘20 by riwa)

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