Snuff Teri 5.0 (Ch 12 The last Teri)


“Arch!” I called out when I didn’t see the exit materialize.

“Program is still running. Do you wish to end program?”

“Still running?” I murmured in surprise. Then I remembered that ‘Microkini Teri’ had told me there would be twelve.

I mentally ran through all the Teri scenarios in my mind. But I could only come up with eleven. If she was correct, that meant one was missing.

I instinctively turned to look questioningly at her. But she still hung grotesquely from the lamppost. She wouldn’t be telling me anything.

Her guts hung out of the gaping wound in her abdomen. Her tits and labia were adorned with my cruelty. Her mouth, cunt and ass displayed the objects I’d shoved inside each orifice.

I surveyed the rest of the carnage she and I had wrought together throughout the holodeck. I counted eleven bodies. So who was supposed to be the twelfth?

An ornate, golden base suddenly materialized right next to me, almost startling me. There was a hole in the middle of it for some sort of pole or standard to be put into. That’s when one more Teri materialized from out of nowhere.

She was wearing a long, white gown that stopped shy of hitting the floor. It was an outfit that reminded me of a wedding dress. Her breasts were heavily accented as the top of her gown revealed an excessive amount of cleavage. She looked virginal as she avoided my gaze.

What totally contrasted with her outfit and appearance was the fact she was carrying a ceremonial, double-bladed axe in her hands. One blade was heavily stained with blood. The other was relatively clean.

I stood there dumbfounded as she brought it over. I watched as she inserted the pole end into the base next to me until it stood upright. That was interesting.

She never said a word. She just turned around and formally walked back in the direction she came. A moment later she completely disappeared into thin air.

I stood there stunned. What was this about? If she was to be the next snuff, where the hell had she gone off to??

She returned less than a minute later. This time she was carrying what looked like a heavy block of wood. It was held together by a tied-off length of rope running around it. It looked as though it was about to split right in the middle.

It looked rough, as though it had been used a lot for chopping. Teri stood it up on its end near the axe. Then she turned and walked away again, once more avoiding my gaze while not saying a word to me.

She disappeared into nothingness. I stared at the block and axe. That’s when I began to comprehend what was about to happen next.

Teri returned a few seconds later. This time she had a length of rope in her hand. She handed it over to me without a word.

I looked at her with a questioning look. She looked right into my eyes. Then she said to me in a quivering voice, “I’m ready, my husband.”

“Husband?” I asked in confusion. She did not answer. Instead, she turned around and submissively brought her hands up behind her back.

I was stunned. I was also hard again. So I gently tied her wrists together.

When I was done, I turned her around and fully embraced her. Then I tenderly kissed her. She moaned softly into my mouth as she seemed to melt in my arms.

When our lips parted, I saw she had tears in her eyes. She was trembling as she stepped over to the block where she stood facing it. In a soft voice I heard her say, “Help me kneel, my husband.”

I gently lowered her to her knees. She knelt on her dress. She acted as though it did not matter what might happen to her garment.

I stood beside her next to the block. She leaned over and began kissing my growing erection. She kissed and licked it all over, moaning softly before she finally took me into her mouth.

She groaned as she lovingly sucked on my throbbing manhood, taking me deeper and deeper. It was obvious she was experienced. But these weren’t the movements of a slut or a whore. Instead, they felt like the ministrations of a cock-worshiping wife.

After several minutes of exquisite cock-sucking, she finally pulled away. Teri looked up at me demurely. “Take me,” she said softly as though begging me. “Make me a woman before you cut off my head.”

She leaned backward until she was lying on her back on her bound wrists. Then she looked up at me with a hopeful gaze. I’m sure she must have been quite uncomfortable lying like that.

I pealed her dress up over her hips, discovering she wore no panties. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and dripping. I heard her whimper with anticipation.

I dropped to my knees. I grabbed her ass and lifted her. Then I carefully entered her.

I encountered a little resistance, so I pushed harder. I saw her wince as though it hurt. Then it felt as though something gave way inside her.

“OW!” she yelped in pain. Then her expression softened as I heard… “Oooohhh!”

I began thrusting into her. She began to moan appreciatively. I pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her bare breasts.

I groped and fondled them. She moaned louder. That’s when I felt her wrap her legs up around my waist as though wanting me to penetrate her to the fullest.

I thrust harder as I knelt over her. I kissed her fiercely as though forcefully taking what she had to offer me. Our tongues intertwined as we both moaned heavily into each other’s mouths.

She began to writhe and squirm. Soon she was crying into my mouth, “Uh – hunh… uh – hunh… UH – HUNH… UH – HUNH!”

Our lips sealed as she suddenly screamed down my throat. Her body bucked and thrashing about underneath me. I felt a wetness in my crotch. It was her discharge from our unbridled passions as she shuddered hard in orgasm.

I pulled away and rose up. That’s when I noticed a stain of blood on her dress near where I’d penetrated her. She panted heavily for breath, a dazed look in her eyes as her chest rose and fell.

“That was wonderful,” she panted breathlessly. “Thank you so much, my husband.”

A moment later it was as though she had thought of something sad that was about to happen to her. Her expression changed into one of sorrow and resignation. “I’m weakened, my husband. Kindly help me kneel over the block?”

I helped her up onto her knees in front of it. She submissively stretched her neck across it, laying her head down sideways. She was trembling when she spoke again.

“Once more?” she asked submissively. “Now that I’m a woman I want you to take me as an executioner takes the condemned. Let me experience the humiliation and shame that is due a woman about to be beheaded.”

Her breasts hung exposed as I’d not put the top of her dress back in place. They swayed enticingly as she panted heavily. I sensed a mixture of fear as well as a certain excitement.

I moved behind her and flipped her dress up over her butt, exposing her nakedness. She whimpered as I pushed my hard cock against her ass. Amazingly I hadn’t cum yet. But I knew this time I was going to and that she would soon feel my seed in her rectum before the blade fell.

I slowly pushed into her anus. She let out a sharp cry of pain, embarrassment and shame. This time I was brutal.

I grabbed her head by a handful of those red strands. Then I jerked it back as I savagely fucked her ass. Her tightness felt incredible on my thrusting cock. I knew it would not take long.

She suddenly let out an orgasmic cry, shuddering hard. It triggered my own climax. I pumped my seed deep up her rectum with a roar.

I stayed inside for as long as I could. Then I pulled out with a wet plop, my cum leaking out of her violated anus. She whimpered until I thought I heard a faint sob.

I rose up without another word. I cruelly forced her head down upon the block. Then I brushed her red hair out of the way.

She moved her head sideways again so that she was facing me. I could see through the tears in her eyes the shame and embarrassment of my taking her ass. But I also thought I saw a flicker of something else… love perhaps?

As I paused and looked at her, it made me wonder if some part of ‘Microkini Teri’ was deep inside this one. Perhaps she wanted to give herself to me as a final act of love. Maybe she believed it could never really happen in the character of the sadistic woman she’d portrayed who had willingly snuffed all those duplicates. Perhaps this was her last gift to me, having one of her twins give herself totally to me in love and sacrifice.

I pulled the axe out of its base and hefted it upward. I weighed it in my hands, measuring how I would swing it. Her eyes opened wider.

I thought she might change her mind and close them at the last moment. But she did not. It was as though she wanted me to see she was accepting her fate and that she would participate with her big brown eyes wide open.

Teri panted heavily, her exposed breasts still dangling freely. I chose to leave them exposed. In a few more seconds it wouldn’t matter either way.

I gripped the handle about three quarters of the way down, making sure I had it firmly in my grasp. I raised it up, pausing once more to look down at Teri. Her eyes were open wide.

She was panting like mad. I heard her whimper as I measured my swing. Then she inhaled sharply as I took careful aim and swung.

There was enough neck to aim for so that my swing did not have to be precise. Still, I was proud of the blow that fell. The blade landed with a satisfying THOCK – the sound of metal against wood.

Teri’s eyes seemed to widen as though she’d felt the blade sever her neck. The force of the axe hitting the block caused her head to bounce up. Then it fell onto the floor of the holodeck.

Separated from its command center, her body rolled over onto its side. It was as though she was collapsing tiredly. A moment later it went into spasms.

Blood spurted from her neck stump. It stained the top of her white dress. The whole thing almost felt reverent in a strange sort of way.

I carefully placed the axe back in its stand. Then I reached down and picked up her severed head. The wide-eyed expression was one of shock. But I still thought I saw a flicker of love in those big brown eyes.

Her body still flopped around. But it wasn’t much longer before it lay still. I turned her head long enough for her to see it.

As a last act of affection, I lifted her head up. Then I tenderly kissed her painted red lips. I moaned softly, sticking my tongue into her mouth and tasting blood.

When I pulled away, her expression seemed to display less shock and more adoration. It was as though she was trying to convey her love to me. Then the life faded from her eyes as her expression sagged tiredly.

I gently impaled her head upon the sharp point sticking out of the head of the axe. I made sure she was facing what I deemed would be the general vicinity of the exit. Then I walked over and gathered up my clothes.

I got dressed before walking back over to look at her severed head one last time. I took one last long look around the entire room before sighing.

“Computer: end program and save all data points.”

Everything disappeared. I was left in a large, black empty cubicle with crisscrossing yellow lines.

The arch appeared, signaling the exit. I turned and quietly left the holodeck. But I couldn’t help wondering when I might come back and enjoy running the program Snuff Teri 5.0 again.

2010; 2021 (written May 30 ’10; ed. Jun 2 ‘21 by riwa)

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