Girl’s night out 4


“Maybe she’d like to try it out?”

I look up in shock at the handler who’s grinning lewdly at me. The blonde murmurs something about how hard I might cum. Amber looks up at me from her position on the floor and smiles tiredly as she tells me, “I’d love to see you try it. I bet you’d cum so fucking hard!”

My brunette companion looks at me with a sly smile. “Oh, I don’t know,” I tell her uncertainly.

“You did show a curiosity as to how it worked,” the handler observes thoughtfully.

“But I’m soaked! I need to clean up.”

“We’ll clean you up later.”

“I don’t want my ass impaled!”

“We’ll stick it in your pussy then. It won’t hurt a bit.” That’s when the handler rises up and comes over to me.

I shake my head in protest. “I, uh… I should go find my family. They’re uh… they’re probably wondering where I am.”

“I’m sure you’ll catch up to them once the hangings start.”

The handler suddenly grabs one arm. My brunette companion grabs the other. She smiles as she tells me, “You did show some curiosity as to how it works; am I right?”

Part 4

I shake my head as I tell them, “No, really… I’m all right… I don’t need to find out…”

“C’mon,” the brunette tells me with more enthusiasm than I’m comfortable with. “The more I get to know you, the more I suspect you’re really going to love it.”

“No, really… I don’t think I want… what are you doing – WAIT!”

They grab both arms until I’m slowly forced down onto the metal post. It fully fills my pussy. I’m ashamed how much I’m dripping from a fearful excitement. It’s embarrassing to know they all can see how aroused I’ve become.

Amber licks her lips and watches as she kneels nearby. Leeza tries to reassure me as she works to attach one of my wrists to the cuff on one side of the post. My brunette companion smiles as she locks my other wrist into place.

“No; wait! NOO!” But it’s too late.

I sit there panting like crazy, my cunt full and throbbing. My nipples protrude out of my boobs. I can’t believe the situation I now find myself in!

“Comfy?” the brunette coos at me as she lightly brushes my face.

“N-not really.”

She chuckles as she leans close and kisses me. The blonde also gets close and starts to touch me all over. Amber in her purple hair just watches me from her position on the floor, her eyes flashing with excitement as she purrs, “I think we got a newbie here. But that’s ok. Now we’re going to break her in.”

The brunette tells her, “Oh, we had some fun in the big mattress room. But I suspect this is her first time on something like the garrote post.”

“I’m not s-sure I want to do this,” I stammer nervously.

“Oh don’t worry,” Amber laughs. “You’re perfectly safe with us. At least I think so.”

“Maybe we should start with the bag,” my brunette escort suggests.

She grins over at Dylan who still sits attached to her post. She is catching her breath with her bag temporarily removed. Jenna is being released from her post while the fourth garrote device now sits empty for the moment. I must have missed them leaving.

Leeza produces a bag and grins at me. “Don’t worry. We’ll go easy on you to start with.”

“But what about m-my family?”

“I’m sure we’ll get you back to them in time before the hangings commence.” Then she steps behind me before slowly pulling the bag down over my head.

“I’m n-not sure I want this,” I tell my brunette escort.

“You’ll be fine,” she tells me as she caresses my heaving breasts. “Just enjoy the experience. You’re with friends here.”

“But I h-hardly know any of you!”

“Then allow me introduce myself,” the purple-haired Amber says.

She moves in close and starts licking my dripping slit from her knees, paying attention to my swollen nub as the post fills me. I want to protest. But my body responds with erotic jolts of pleasure that shoot through me as the blonde starts licking one of my erect nipples.

The brunette smiles as the bag comes down over my head. Leeza chuckles as she gently squeezes my neck, almost sealing it. “I won’t secure it just yet,” she says from behind me. “I’ll just give her a little squeeze is all.”

I feel fingers seal the bad in place as they tighten around my throat. I pant harder as Amber really works my dripping slit with her tongue. The blonde simply won’t stop sucking on my nipples.

It feels uncomfortable the way I’m being gently choked. It doesn’t really affect my breathing. What does affect it is the way the bag starts to deflate with each breath I take.

My breath becomes stale; I keep breathing the same air. I begin to inhale deeper as panic surges through me. My body responds with a terrible fire of arousal.

“You see?” the brunette says as she leans closer. “Isn’t it erotic? Isn’t it exciting, not being able to breathe as us bitches tend to your sexual needs?”

I pant for breath as I start to panic. I cry out as I try to shake my head. Leeza suddenly releases my neck before pulling the bag up off my head.

I pant like crazy as I try to catch my breath. Next to me I can see Dylan looking at me with lustful excitement. The handler behind her has a bag for her at the ready.

Amber pulls away to catch her breath. She tells everyone, “I think she wants to cum.” I shake my head as I tell her, “No, I don’t.”

There are good-natured chuckles as the bag comes back down over my head. I see Dylan’s bag come down over hers as well. We stare at each other as hands wrap around our throats, preventing our bags from receiving fresh air.

I shake my head as I mutter something about not being sure I want to go through with all this. My brunette escort tells me I’ll be just fine. Then she kisses me through the plastic.

I gasp and moan as Amber licks my swollen nub. The blonde continues sucking on a nipple while caressing a breast. The brunette fondles my other boob as she kisses me harder.

The bag starts to inflate and deflate with each breath I take. My eyes widen as I look over at Dylan. Her bag inflates and deflates just like mine, her expression mirroring my own.

My panic increases; I cannot catch my breath. Dylan begins to struggle against the post she’s secured to. I can’t free my arms as the metal post fills me to the point of sweet agony.

I try to cry out; gawd, I don’t want this! Dylan begins to shake on her post as the bag collapses against her face. She even sucks some of it into her mouth as she tries to breathe.

I try to scream as I struggle to inhale. But I cannot get any air in or out of my lungs. The brunette kisses me hard through the plastic clinging to my face despite the fear that grips me.

It hits so hard that I squirt orgasmically into Amber’s face. I shudder intensely as I struggle to get a single, solitary breath. Dylan looks as though she’s in agony over on her post. Then both our bags are lifted up over our heads.

I pant like crazy as I struggle to get my breath back. The brunette smiles as she tells me how hot it was watching me cum while I was unable to breathe. Then our lips lock once more.

I can’t believe how hard I climaxed! I feel minor aftershocks as she kisses me again. The fear subsides, replaced by the arousal I receive from the lips of another woman.

The brunette pulls away. For a moment the blonde and purple-hair stop what they’re doing. I’m allowed to pant heavily in order to catch my breath.

“Now do you see?” I hear Leeza chuckle as she stands behind me. “This room may not be as comfortable, considering all you have to sit upon. But the orgasms in here can be pretty intense. You came just as hard as some of the other sexy bitches I’ve seen in here.”

“Was that so bad?” the brunette askes as she brushes a reassuring hand over my bare skin.

“Not so bad,” I confess timidly. I hate admitting that to anyone. Being allowed to breathe now while looking back upon the event as though in a rear view mirror makes it seem as though it wasn’t quite so frightening.

“Perhaps she’d like the hands-on approach,” Amber suggests as she rises to her feet. She climbs into my lap, taking over from the blonde. Then she rubs and caresses my tits.

She suddenly reaches out, grabs my neck with both hands and starts to squeeze. “Wait!” I rasp as she rocks in my lap. She squeezes harder as her face draws near. Then she tenderly kisses my lips.

No… wait… NO! My mind cries out as she squeezes harder. Then she forces my lips apart, plunging her tongue deep inside my mouth.

I struggle as I try to break free. The post fills my pussy as though I’m riding a cold, thick erection. She tongue-fucks my mouth until I shudder from another shameful orgasm. Where the hell is my sister? Where the hell is Cassandra??

I’m disoriented, on the verge of passing out, when she lets go. She pulls away and smiles as though she’s just done something very naughty. To my left I see Dylan panting as though she’s recently been deprived of air as well.

“Damn!” the blonde observes. “She just came again! I think we’ve got a real gasper on our hands!”

“Aren’t we all?” Amber asks with a sly grin.

The blonde acknowledges her as she adds, “Well… some of us more than others.”

“Time to add another post,” Leeza whispers into my ear from behind me. It’s loud enough for the others to hear.

“Change posts?” I stammer uncertainly.

I sense movement from behind me. A moment later I feel another post rising up. It presses against my anus before slowly pushing its way inside.

“No!” I pant as I wriggle where I sit. “Wait! I don’t want…”

“Relax,” Amber purrs. Then her fingers wrap around my neck again as she kisses me deeply.

Out of the corner of my eye I see hands wrap around Dylan’s neck as well. She rasps as she begins to struggle. Is she impaled in both holes the same as I?

I shudder as Amber kisses me hard. Both metal posts fill my holes. It’s uncomfortable as hell, yet perversely arousing.

Amber pulls away, removing her hands so I can breathe again. I notice Dylan getting a similar reprieve. Then a rope comes down over my head.

I feel it tighten against my neck. My eyes open wide in alarm. “Now it’s time for you to try the garrote,” my brunette escort observes, her eyes twinkling mischievously.

“I’m n-not sure about this,” I stammer as I see Dylan get a rope around her throat as well.

“Too late to back out now,” Amber chuckles. Then she starts to ride me as the rope slowly tightens.

“Wait!” I rasp. “Wait; I’m not ready!”

“No one ever is,” the blonde chuckles. The brunette just smiles knowingly at me.

“No… wait… I’m – arrghh…”

The words are strangled out of me as the rope tightens. Nearby I can see Dylan suffering in a similar manner on her own post. It’s as though her handler is putting her through the exact same thing I’m experiencing.

Is it to let me know I’m not suffering alone? Or is the naked bitch standing behind her simply enjoying making her suffer the way I am?

The rope becomes uncomfortably tight. I struggle to pull air down my windpipe. I cannot keep from wriggling and struggling against the post I’m secured against.

My eyes widen in growing terror. If they’re not careful, they could actually kill me right here and now! The thought both frightens and arouses me.

Amber leans in and kisses me deeply. My lips are forced open by the rope around my neck. Her tongue plunges in and rapes my oral cavity.

I writhe in breathless agony. My strangulation sends a terrible fire down to my crotch. Then I shudder in orgasm once more, my cunt spewing its contents onto the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I see poor Dylan thrashing about on her post. Her face has gone a dark shade of red. Is that what my face looks like?

The rope suddenly relaxes around my throat. I pant wildly for breath. Then I feel the post in my pussy retract until there’s a vacancy, an emptiness that feels strangely disappointing.

Amber climbs off my lap. The blonde moves in and starts in on a nipple again. My brunette escort pants, “So fucking hot” as she comes close.

She reaches down and fingers my wet cunt. I cannot keep from clenching around her wriggling digits as I whimper and moan. Then she moves in and kisses me while fingering me.

The rope tightens again. I try to shake my head. She kisses me harder as she fingers me more aggressively.

I feel myself clench around her thrusting digits. The garrote takes my breath away. Then I’m shuddering again as intense pleasure flows through me. How many more of these can I endure??

“So there you are! I’ve been looking all over for you! I had no idea you wanted to try out this room! Had I known, I would have brought you in here myself!”

The rope loosens around my neck, leaving me panting like crazy. I look up as everybody turns to look. My sister Cassandra stands naked in the doorway.

She comes right in and walks up to where I’m secured. “How did you manage it?” she asks everyone. “How did you get her to climb on and go for a ride?”

The blonde smiles back at her as she replies, “She was watching the others in here and wanted to try it out for herself.”

“Is that so?” My sister gives me a sly grin.

I shake my head as I try to explain that it wasn’t like that at all. It was not such a voluntary proposition. I was all but forced.

Cassie interrupts me with a dismissive wave. “I bring my sister to girl’s night out, and she’s already getting carried away? I should have included you in our breathless family fun years ago.”

The brunette pulls her fingers out of my pussy. Cassie smiles as she tells her, “Oh, don’t stop on my account.”

“I’m not. I just figured you might want to have a turn.”

“Well, if you insist. Don’t mind if I do.”

Cassie much too eagerly kneels right in front of me. She sticks a couple of fingers inside my well-lubricated slit. Her other hand reaches out and gropes one of my breasts.

I try to resist, but it’s useless. My body betrays me as I writhe in response. A low moan slips out past my lips.

She grins as she asks, “You like that, sis?”

“Where are the others?” I gasp, trying to distract her by changing the subject.

“Maybe you need a little more stimulation,” she says, ignoring my question.

She nods her head in my direction… no, in the direction of Leeza who must be standing somewhere behind me. A moment later the coil tightens around my throat. I rasp as I start to stiffen.

“Is that better, sis?” she asks with a mischievous grin. Then she fingers me harder. I’m embarrassed as hell, while at the same time feeling so shamefully aroused.

“Carrie’s going to be so disappointed when she learns what she missed. What’s the matter? Can’t speak right now? Cat got your tongue?”

I rasp as I try to get a word out. I begin to shake in place as my arms jerk against the cuffs holding me to the post. I can’t rise up; I can’t push her away; and I can’t climb off the metal post up my ass!

Cassie finger-fucks me harder. She seems amused, even aroused at my dilemma. I can’t believe she’s taking advantage of me like this!

She pulls her fingers out. The rope loosens from around my neck as though she and Leeza have communicated something non-verbally. Then she climbs into my lap.

“You know, sis? You look so incredibly sexy when you’re strangling.”

“Maybe we should go look f-for the others?”

“Oh, they’ll keep.” Then with a nod from her, the rope around my neck tightens again.

Cassie starts riding me as I rasp for breath. I try to shake my head. I’m filled with a sense of fear as well as a shameful arousal. My sister wouldn’t… would she??

The rope tightens. Her hands grope and fondle my breasts. I writhe in the chair, helpless and breathless.

My eyes widen as my tongue slowly protrudes of its own accord. Cassie leans in and gently kisses it. That’s when I begin to shudder in orgasm.

My vision starts to blur. I feel myself panicking despite the forced pleasure. Then Cassie is all over my mouth, kissing me hungrily.

I’m almost on the verge of blacking out when the rope loosens. Cassie pulls back as she grins at me. “Damn, sis. That was so fucking hot.”

“You should see what she does when she’s bagged.”

I look at the blonde in horror. “Great idea!” Cassie says. That’s when I hear a flapping sound behind me as though Leeza is still back there getting one ready.

“Don’t you need to go f-find Carrie and her lover?”

“Not really. I’m sure they’re just fine. Besides, I’m having a lot more fun in here with you, sis.”

The bag is abruptly pulled down over my head from behind. I start to panic as Cassie tucks it under the rope around my neck. Then the garrote tightens.

I happen to glance over at Dylan. The bag is back over her head as well. Her eyes are open wide, just like mine.

I want to tell my sister I’ll help her go find the others. Then I start breathing my expelled breath. It makes me become dizzy.

Cassandra gropes my boobs again. By now Amber and the blond have moved over to “assist” poor Dylan. Purple-hair kneels between her legs and starts to eat her out as the blond licks on one of her nipples.

The bag starts to deflate, clinging tighter and tighter to my face. Cassie kisses my lips hard through the plastic. My chest heaves more and more as I struggle to get a decent breath of air down my windpipe.

She rides me as I struggle in the chair. My mind screams, “CASSANDRA, DON’T KILL ME! FOR GAWD’S SAKE, DON’T KILL ME!” Then I’m sucking the bag into my mouth, my chest heaving as my lungs scream for my next breath.

I suddenly go into serious convulsions. At the same time I feel a massive orgasm overwhelm me. It batters me senseless as consciousness abruptly shuts down.

2021 (written for Carrie Jan 14 ’21 by riwa)

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