The consequences of snooping 2


Part 2

She was suddenly pulled up to the surface, gasping and coughing violently. Salma swam her into shallow water, the petite little Asian limp as a rag doll in her grasp. The cruel Hispanic didn’t fail to notice the dazed look in the eyes of her victim.

“Well – well!” the middle-aged woman observed with great interest. “What the hell happened to you?? You didn’t actually have an orgasm down there, did you? Why, you little slut!” All Emma could do was pant quietly, too exhausted to give her any more lip.

“I should have known,” Salma noted with a sadistic gleam in her eyes. “It’s always the little ones… trying to be thieves when they’re nothing but sluts. Down you go, slut!”

Emma cried out in alarm, bubbling weakly as she was shoved back down below the surface. She hadn’t gotten her breath back and she was severely winded. Then she heard the bitch cackling at her from the surface…

“You like it down there, you little slut? Does drowning turn you on? Then let’s see how turned on you can REALLY get!”

Emma’s eyes flew open in horror as she started thrashing about. She tried to wriggle and squirm. But she simply didn’t have the strength to put up a good fight.

She heard the bitch laugh at her as she was pulled back up to the surface. “I think we’re going to have some fun, you and I. I just LOVE teaching little bitches a lesson, especially defiant sluts like you. Now it’s MY turn, slut!”

Emma had just enough time to pull in a ragged breath before she was shoved back down. This time her face was mashed into the crotch of her adversary. Her lips instantly tasted the flavor of Salma’s sticky arousal in the fabric of her bottoms. The fact that the sexy bitch was turned on only increased the tingles she was feeling surging hotly through her body.

“I’m next, you little slut,” she heard the woman call down at her with sadistic glee. “I know you can hear me down there, you little slut. And I’m sure you know what to do. So you’d better get to it before I lose my patience and drown your sorry ass!”

Emma resisted instinctively, unable to help herself as she defiantly shook her head. Then she was jerked back up to the surface, coughing and sputtering. Somehow she found the strength to cry out, “YOU BITCH! YOU CAN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS!”

“Have it your way,” Salma responded in annoyance, actually sounding happy the little maid was being so defiant. “I just love punishing sluts like you. Either it’s pleasure for me or it’s drowning for you. So drowning it is.”

Emma let out a cry as she was brutally shoved back down into the water. She wriggled and squirmed, but was in no position to break free. She’d opened her stupid mouth, and now she was going to pay for it!


The floor was right there beneath her. She fought to get her feet underneath her. But Salma kept her off-balance, refusing to allow her to get back to the surface.

Her lungs began to scream at her in protest. Her mind yelled at her, “YOU MORON! NEXT TIME, DO WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS!”

Her lungs were on fire, the air bursting out of her mouth, when she was mercifully pulled back up. She coughed and sputtered, desperately trying to get her breath back. “That wouldn’t happen to be an apology, would it?” the Hispanic woman asked, glaring ominously at her.

“All right – all right,” Emma panted weakly, grateful for the reprieve. “You win – you win. I’ll do anything you want.” Her body was tingling like crazy again, her pussy screaming at her for another orgasmic release.

“It’s nice to know a little slut like you can learn her place,” Salma responded with mocking sweetness. “Now let’s see what you can do while holding your breath.

Emma was granted just enough time to fill her lungs before she was shoved back down below the surface. Once again her face was mashed up against the Hispanic woman’s crotch. Emma obediently began mouthing Salma’s bikini bottoms.

She used her lips and tongue to find the right area. This time it tasted like the cruel bitch was even more aroused. It set the bubbling little Asian to trembling like mad, knowing the middle-aged woman was so turned on at her suffering.

She dutifully mouthed and licked, doing her best to get her blackmailer off. It occurred to her the bitch might tell her manager about the incident in the motel room just for spite. She decided it was a chance she simply could not take. Perhaps making her cum a time or two might soften her attitude.

She felt those warning heaves in her stomach, and she went to licking and mouthing more aggressively. The spasms reached her lungs until she grunted as she redoubled her efforts. She needed up, but the bitch wasn’t letting her go!

“LET ME UP!” her mind screamed. “GAWD; DON’T LET ME DROWN DOWN HERE!”

She lost a big burst of bubbles before she was hauled up, gasping like crazy. A few seconds more and she might have swallowed water. “You don’t have to keep me down so long!” she panted heavily.

Salma laughed in her face. Then she was pushed right back down. Once more she was crammed into the woman’s crotch.

Emma writhed and bubbled, furiously working her lips and tongue. A disturbing thought in the back of her mind suggested the bitch might just leave her at the bottom of the pool if her efforts weren’t successful. It sent another fearful jolt of wildly erotic tingles coursing through her body.

Emma grunted and moaned as the attractive Hispanic woman began humping her face. Perhaps there was hope after all, especially since the idea of getting off her attacker was wildly arousing.

The warning heaves of breathlessness returned to her stomach, quickly transferring up into her chest as her lungs began to strain. It was taking too long. She was running out of air!


Her lungs were on fire. Emma bubbled as she struggled to get the woman off. Her tongue lashed out as she frantically mouthed the bitch’s private parts. But it didn’t seem to be enough.

Panic set in, causing her to thrash about between her adversary’s legs. Emma screamed away a froth of bubbles. Then she was pulled back up, gasping and sputtering like crazy.

“Not enough,” Salma told her coldly, her eyes narrowing. “I guess it’s time for you to face the consequences of snooping. Besides, I think I’m going to get off watching you drown for me.”

The petite little Asian was shoved back down into the water. Emma knew she was in trouble the moment the woman forced her between her legs. Then she was wedged in place between powerful thighs.

Salma maintained a good grip on her wrists, preventing her from getting any kind of leverage at all. Then to Emma’s horror, the woman started humping her wriggling body as she held her down. That’s when a horrifying thought suddenly leaped to mind… OH MY GAWD; SHE’S GOING TO GET OFF DROWNING ME!

Almost immediately Emma started thrashing about, desperate to free herself from between those legs of iron entrapping her. She struggled to break free. But Salma clung grimly to her wrists with hands of steel.

Her lungs started to heave as her cheeks began to bulge. Emma struggled desperately to hold her breath. She could see the Hispanic woman grinning down at her with sadistic pleasure as she furiously humped her. It was just as terrifying as it was arousing.

Emma cried out a flurry of bubbles. She was aware of a mammoth climax rushing toward her. This time she was afraid it was going to hit at the same time she started to drown.

Panic-fueled adrenaline caused her to violently twist and wriggle. But she couldn’t get free. GAWD, NOOOO…

It slammed into her like a large wave crashing up against the rocks where they kicked up a violent spray. Emma was aware of a white hot pleasure surging through her from head to toe. She could also feel Salma violently humping her body… could hear the bitch’s orgasmic cry. Then her nervous system shorted out as she blacked out…

When Emma regained consciousness, she was back at the surface, propped up against the side of the pool on extremely wobbly legs. “You still with me?” Salma asked her, the Hispanic woman helping hold her up. Emma nodded weakly, her body singing with delicious aftershocks.

“You should hire yourself out as the hotel pool slut,” Salma said with a chuckle. “You’re much better at it. And I think you’d be less likely to get into trouble snooping around in the guest rooms.”

Emma moaned softly as her strength returned. “Can you mange?” the Hispanic woman asked, concern in her voice. “Can you stand on your own?” Strange how she had suddenly become much nicer.

“Yes, ma’am,” Emma panted, too exhausted to push any more buttons. What she needed now was to go home and sleep off the delicious orgasms she’d just endured.

Salma slowly waded to the shallow end where she climbed out of the pool. Then she walked over and retrieved the lifeguard body board that hung from the wall. “Just one more thing and then we’ll be done,” she said as though talking to herself, loud enough for the tired Asian to hear.

“What?” Emma blurted out in alarm as the woman waded back toward her. “But I… I thought we were done!”

“Hardly,” the middle-aged woman said coldly, that ominous tone returning to her voice. “You should know by now that the consequences of snooping can be quite steep. Now get your little Asian ass over here. It’s time for us to have some more fun while you practice your breath-holding skills.”

Emma felt an erotic jolt hit her hard. That’s when she started trembling all over again. “You’re CRAZY!” she blurted out. “We’re EVEN, ok? I’ve done my part! You nearly DROWNED me, you Spanish pervert!”

“SLUT!” Salma roared, rising up and charging toward the foolish housekeeper.

Emma let out a cry as she tried to run in the opposite direction. But her energy reserves had been severely depleted.

She was tackled to the ground, the two of them spilling onto the floor of the pool. “GET OFF ME, YOU BITCH!” Emma cried out. The Hispanic woman just laughed cruelly at her.

She kicked and thrashed about as she was dragged over to the body board lying next to the deep end. “Time for your next lesson, you little thief!” the woman cackled with wicked glee.

Emma felt a jolt of alarm as she was forced upon the body board. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” she yelled, wildly erotic tingles surging through her quivering body again as Salma worked the straps. “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS; YOU’LL SEE!”

Her adversary chuckled at her. As far as she was concerned? The little slut could bluster all she wanted. She was STILL going for a ride on the board.

Emma continued to put up a protest… “No… NOOO!”

“Shut up, slut!”


“The hell I won’t!”


“Shut your mouth!”



Emma struggled, but it did her no good. Salma soon had her securely strapped down to the body board. The little Asian started panting like crazy, her nipples hard underneath her Speedos as her pussy screamed at her again.


“Still being mouthy?” the Hispanic woman responded with a snort, shaking her head in amazement over the little Asian’s brazen attitude despite being clearly overmatched. “I’d say it’s time to drown that defiance right out of your sorry ass, wouldn’t you?” Then she grabbed the side of the body board and started to flip the foolish little housekeeper over toward the water.

Emma gasped in horror. Instantly she started to backpedal, trying to save the situation. “No, WAIT! I’ll be good – I’ll be…”

The rest of her protests were swallowed up as she splashed upside down into the pool, the body board keeping her right at the surface.

Emma squirmed like crazy, desperately trying to free herself. But the woman had strapped her down too tight. Besides, she’d also made sure her wrists had been secured with an extra loop. The Asian was completely helpless… and totally dependent upon the woman to flip her back over.

She stopped her struggles, concentrating on holding her breath. Then she heard a splash. Salma was now in the water with her and had actually moved underneath her.

Emma glared defiantly at her. She indignantly shook her head, her mind crying out, GET ME OUT OF THIS, YOU BITCH! That’s when Salma drifted upward toward her.

Emma felt an erotic jolt as the bitch stretched out underneath her. Then the two women were pressed up against each other, body to body and chest to chest.

Emma winced and bubbled as the wicked woman grabbed her head in her hands. Then she deliberately blew bubbles up into her face, smiling with great amusement. The struggling Asian housekeeper grunted in alarm as her cheeks began to bulge, indicating she was running out of air.

Her defiance melted away as her lungs started to heave. She grunted urgently, her cheeks puffing out even more as she struggled to hold her breath. That’s when the wicked Hispanic groped her tits through her suit, squeezing with sadistic glee.

Emma grunted again, anxiously shaking her head while moaning weakly. She was almost out of breath, her eyes getting bigger in growing desperation. Then Salma changed her position underneath her so she could push up hard on one edge.

The petite little Asian flipped right over with a bubbly cry. She ended up settling upright at the surface. That’s where she gasped madly for breath.

Salma rose up out of the water with an amused chuckle. She clung to the edge of the body board while using it as a floatation device. Emma cried out, gasping and sputtering, “All right – all right; you win! Just let me go, ok?”

“Oh, honey,” the woman said with a lustful smile and a shake of her head. “Do you know how exciting it is watching you all tied up like this? Do you have any idea how horny it makes me, watching you squirm and bubble? I love the look of panic in your expression as your body starts to react from lack of air.”


The Hispanic woman sadly shook her head in response. “I see your defiance has returned. That is most unfortunate.” Then she grinned with wicked amusement.

“On the other hand, one should look at these things on the positive side. At least I get to flip you back over and watch you as I try drowning that defiance right out of you. I think I’m really going to enjoy this.”

Emma gasped in horror, realizing she’d done it again. “NO – WAIT! I DIDN’T MEAN – !”

“Let’s see how long you can hold your breath THIS time,” Salma gasped excitedly as she flipped the petite little Asian back over. Emma let out a cry that was swallowed up in a flurry of bubbles.

2012; 2022 (written May 4 ’12; ed. Jan 1 ‘22 by riwa)

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