Ghost town hanging 3-4


Part 3

Her companion looked real unhappy about her request. “Ashlynn, I’m not sure this is such a good idea.”

“C’mon, Aidan! They did it! She looks like she’s ok!”

I couldn’t help laughing. “Olive might look like she’s all right. But there’s no telling how many brain cells we’ve killed off depriving her of air like this.”

“You see?” Aidan declared. It was obvious he didn’t want his girl to get hurt any more than I wanted to see mine become seriously injured.

“She can always do a hoist if you’re worried about being careful.”

I looked at Olive and frowned. My girlfriend was not helping matters any. “Darling, let’s not push things, shall we?”

Ashlynn looked at us and asked, “What’s a ‘hoist’?” Her companion just gave her a disapproving look.

“C’mon, darling,” Olive said enthusiastically. “Let’s show them. First, you’ve got to go down and get the trap back into place.”

Somehow she rose to her feet despite the cuffs and noose still being in place. I shook my head, feeling a little self-conscious over my nudity. ‘Fuck it!’ I thought as I went down the steps.

I went under the gallows to the trap. I folded it up, making sure to latch it back into place. I didn’t want anyone to fall through and break their neck.

When I climbed the steps I saw Olive had already moved back onto the trap. The rope hung loosely over the beam, the noose slack around her neck. The cuffs were still attached to her wrists behind her back.

I carefully snugged it tighter behind her left ear. I could tell she was all excited again. Then she smiled as she told me, “Now grab the loose end and heft me into the air, darling. Let’s give them the full experience, shall we?”

“You just want to dangle again.”

“Of course I do!”

“Olive, you’re hopeless.”

“Then I guess you’d better hang me, darling.” That’s when she grinned at our new companions.

They didn’t act shocked anymore. But the young man named Aidan was understandably agitated. Clearly, he didn’t want anything bad to happen to the girl he was with.

“This is how we got started,” I explained as I let out a sigh. I couldn’t help wondering if this was going to get out of hand before it was all over.

My girlfriend started to become impatient. “Take me up, lover! Fuck; I’m already horny again!”

Olive grinned at the couple. She told them, “I always get super horny whenever a noose goes around my neck. So does John once he nooses me up. See how hard he is?”

The young couple instinctively looked at my saluting package. I blushed a deep crimson. Olive’s eyes twinkled as she grinned at me.

“I ought to lynch you for that.”

“Of course you should! Will you just take me up already?”

“Gladly,” I muttered as I shook my head in disgust.

“Wait; what about my toy?”

My cock was hardening as I gave the rope a pull. I deliberately ignored ‘Lionel’ lying on the gallows. She didn’t deserve him for embarrassing me like that.

It seemed our companions were not going to make a fuss about our nudity. Either they’d gotten used to it or they were simply ignoring it. Hell, maybe they were a little aroused by it!

Olive rasped as I pulled her up onto her toes. I held her there a moment, just to make her suffer. Then I pulled a little more until her bare feet left the deck of the gallows.

She struggled to breathe as she kicked a little. I kept her airborne for a few seconds. Then I let her back down.

She looked at me and pouted as she panted, “You know I like to be kept up longer than that, darling.”

“I was just showing them how quickly you can be taken up and then brought right back down if anything goes wrong.”

Ashlynn turned toward her companion, a hopeful look in her expression. “See, Aidan? That doesn’t look so bad.”

“What if something goes wrong, honey?”

Olive rapidly became impatient. She was almost to the point of squirming impetuously. “Take me back up, John! I’m so fucking horny!”

I shook my head as I pulled on the rope again. Olive went right up into the air. She rasped and gurgled as she kicked.

Her hands flexed behind her back as though she wanted to use them to get herself off. She had to suffer without “Lionel” giving her any assistance. I was glad to make her endure a little agony, even if it meant harboring a sustained erection.

I let her kick and shimmy for about twenty seconds. Then I brought her back down. She wobbled a little on her feet before she could fully stand upright.

“Fuck!” she rasped with disappointment. “I was almost there!”

“Tough shit.” She just glared at me before finally giving me a smile.

Ashlynn turned to her companion with a look of determination. “I want to try it, Aidan. It looks safe enough.”

He just frowned at her. “Ashlynn, do you really think you should?”

“He’ll be careful with me; right?” Then she turned to me and smiled as she asked, “You will, won’t you?”

Olive started to pout again. “But I wanted to go back up – oh, all right.”

She smiled at Ashlynn. Then she told me, “She should have a turn if she wants one. Go ahead and let her try the noose, darling.”

I went over and worked the noose off from around her throat, leaving it to dangle. Then I pushed her out of the way. If Aidan was willing, I concluded it was only fair to give his girl a crack at the experience.

I waved them to come on up. Ashlynn climbed up onto the gallows. Aidan followed right behind. They hadn’t said anything about their relationship, so I assume he was a boyfriend or something.

Olive lifted up her arms behind her back. “Hey; what about my cuffs?”

“You get to keep ‘em for a while. I’m probably going to end up hanging you again anyway.”

“Gawd, I hope so! I’m going to hold you to that!” I just shook my head again.

Ashlynn stepped over onto the trap until the noose framed her face. Her boyfriend stopped a couple paces away. She inhaled sharply as she stared at the dangling coil before her.

“Exciting, isn’t it… seeing it like that?”

Ashlynn looked at my girlfriend in surprise. “I, uh… I don’t know.” Clearly she was a little nervous and tongue-tied.

Olive watched with growing excitement. Was she getting turned on at the idea of seeing another woman hang? Her nipples were hard, her cleanly shaved snatch glistening.

Ashlynn looked at me as though asking for permission. When I nodded, she carefully worked the coil down around her head. She had to make sure her long, blond hair was brushed out of the way.

She gasped once it touched her neck. “Like this?” she asked in a trembling voice.

“Help her out, darling.”

I looked at Olive, rolling my eyes. Then I stepped up to Ashlynn. I carefully tightened the noose around her throat, making sure the knot was settled below her left ear.

“How’s that feel?” Olive asked her with a lusty grin. “It looks sexy as hell. Now you look all ready to hang.” She looked like she was squirming with arousal at the sight of another woman in the noose.

“I’m still not sure about all this,” Aidan murmured unhappily.

“Oh yes you are,” Ashlynn replied with a sudden air of bravado despite her nervousness. Then she looked at his crotch and smiled. “Besides, I can tell you’re aroused by the bulge in your shorts.”

She laughed nervously as though trying to reassure herself. Then she looked right at me. Her voice was trembling again as she told me, “I’m ready. You can take me up now.”

I pulled slowly until there was no more slack in the rope. I eased her up a little more, gently pulling until she was lifted up onto her toes. Her eyes opened wide as her hands instinctively came up to her throat.

“Take her down!”

I dutifully obeyed Aidan’s command. Ashlynn ended up flat on her feet with slack in the rope. She panted a little as she rubbed her neck.

“Sexy,” Olive observed with a lustful grin.

I glared at her as I told her, “You stay out of this.”

“Aww; you’re no fun.”

Ashlynn appeared thoughtful. “You… you didn’t pull me all the way up into the air, did you?”

“I brought you right back down once your boyfriend told me to. Besides, I saw you reach up for the coil around your neck as though you were panicking.”

She turned toward her companion. That determination returned to her expression despite her nervousness. “Aidan, don’t you think I should go all the way up into the air at least once?”

“I don’t know…”

“Don’t you want to see me hang? We both looked at this gallows earlier and talked about how many times it had been put to use.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know how many women they hanged on it.”

“One for sure,” Olive offered with a shit-eating grin.

I scowled at her as I snorted, “You don’t count.”

She looked at me and stuck out her tongue. “Spoil sport.”

Ashlynn looked at me and then at her boyfriend. “Can I try it again, Aidan? I should go all the way up into the air, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, you should.”

I glared at Olive over her comment. “Don’t push her, darling.”

“But John; she wants to hang!” Ashlynn nodded her head in agreement, a look of excitement trying to overcome her nervousness.

I looked at Aidan. He reluctantly nodded. I murmured, “Ok; if you wish.” Then I slowly tugged on the rope again.

I pulled steadily until her sneakers left the deck of the gallows. Her eyes widened as she rasped for breath. Now she was airborne, hanging for real.

Ashlynn started to reach up for the noose. Then she looked over at me. She actually stopped grabbing for the rope around her throat and forcibly lowered her arms.

I let her dangle for a good ten seconds. Then I let her down. She regained her footing and started panting for breath.

“Damn! That was so fucking hot!” I just gave Olive a dirty look, wishing she wouldn’t keep encouraging the poor girl to strangle herself.

“Well, Ashlynn? How was it?” At least Aidan didn’t sound angry as he looked at his girlfriend.

She looked thoughtfully at him. Then she told him, “Damn! That was intense!”

“Did you feel it in your pussy?”

Ashlynn looked at Olive in surprise. She appeared to think it over for a moment. Then she replied, “You know? I think I did!”

“It’s the asphyxiation, honey. My best orgasms have been as a result of intense asphyxiation.”

“We always try to be careful,” I added as I gave Olive another frown. “But she just keeps pushing the envelope.”

She jerked her arms behind her back. “Damn these handcuffs! I want another turn!”

I held up my hand and told Olive, “We can wait until she’s satisfied, can’t we?”

“Oh, I suppose. Damn; I need a good fuck!”

Ashlynn looked at her companion and smiled. “I think we’re gonna need one of those too once we’re done. Right, Aidan?” Olive just chuckled at that.

Ashlynn looked at me and asked, “Can I… can I go back up, please?”

I looked at her companion. He just shrugged his shoulders in a gesture that indicated he didn’t think he had much say in the matter. I gave him a wry smile, nodding with understanding.

I slowly pulled on the rope again. Ashlynn’s feet left the floor of the gallows. This time she tried not to kick as she hung there limp.

She rasped a little. Then her eyes flew open. That’s when she reached down and actually started rubbing her crotch through her skirt.

“That is so fucking hot!” Olive panted as she wriggled in place. I think the handcuffs were frustrating the hell out of her, keeping her from touching herself.

I looked over at Aidan. He didn’t say anything. But I did notice a distinct bulge in those shorts of his.

I let Ashlynn back down. She coughed a couple times as she rubbed her neck. Aidan started to take a step toward her. But she put up a hand as though indicating she was all right.

Olive grinned at her. “Hot, isn’t it? It feels incredible just dangling like that; doesn’t it?”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Darling, please don’t encourage her.”

“Why not? You can tell the kind of effect it’s having on her boyfriend, right?”

Aidan didn’t respond. But I did see his face flush crimson. The bulge was becoming very distinct in his shorts.

“Is that it?” I asked Ashlynn. I was becoming a little anxious about bringing the encounter to an end. I was also getting horny. I really wanted to take Olive back to our room so I could fuck the shit out of her.

“She wants to go again; doesn’t she.” Olive said it as a statement. It was as though she knew exactly what was running through the young woman’s mind.

Ashlynn nodded at her. Then she turned to me and asked, “Would you please take me back up?” At least she was polite about it.

I nodded my head. “If you wish.”

Aidan saw how hard my cock had become. I saw him looking at it, and it made me blush. Ashlynn looked down at it and smiled as well.

I was embarrassed because I couldn’t hide it. So I tried to look away. I figured Aidan might say something about me being aroused at the sight of his girlfriend in a noose. But he didn’t.

I pulled more firmly on the rope. Ashlynn went right up into the air. Almost immediately she began rubbing herself through her skirt.

“I knew it!” Olive gasped excitedly. “The bitch fucking loves it! Gawd; she looks sexy! I’d love to see her hang nude!”

I kept her up a little longer. I could tell she was struggling to breathe. Then her hands started to rise up to grab for the noose.

I was about to let her back down. But she saw me and forcibly lowered her hands. She groped her crotch as she cupped one of her breasts through her blouse.

I glanced over at Aidan. He seemed fascinated. Was it because he had a good look at my nude girlfriend standing close to his dangling girl?

Ashlynn suddenly began to kick and struggle. She really tried to rub herself through her skirt. Then she bucked and shuddered.

I quickly let her back down. Aidan rushed over to catch her. She was a little wobbly on her legs for a few seconds until she settled back down.

“Oh fuck!” she panted. Then she turned and stared at Olive.

“I… I actually had a little climax that time! You’re right! You were so right!”

“Are you done?” Aidan asked hopefully.

She grinned at him before reaching out to rub his bulge. “I think I want to go again. This time I’d like to try the handcuffs.” Then she looked around at all of us and blushed before adding, “…and I want to hang naked… that is, if it’s ok with everyone else.”

2020 (written Dec 27 ’20 by riwa)

Part 4

“It’s certainly ok with me,” Olive replied with a lustful smile. Then she looked me right in the eye.

“Get these handcuffs off me, darling. You have no idea how hard it’s been, watching you hang her without being able to touch myself.”

“I’ll go get the keys,” I told her with a sigh of resignation. I thought about saying something else. But I decided against it.

Ashlynn removed the noose from around her neck. Then she started to strip. I climbed down off the gallows to track down the keys to the cuffs in our hidden sack.

Up above I heard Olive say, “If she’s going to undress, you might as well take your clothes of too, Aidan. No use only one of us running around with any clothes on.”

“What if someone shows up?” He sounded understandably wary.

“I haven’t heard any vehicles pull into the parking lot.” That was Olive.

I couldn’t resist as I called out, “That’s because you’ve been too distracted up there! I doubt you would have heard rampaging buffalo rushing through town!”

“Will you just bring those keys up already?”

I tracked them down and pulled them out of the bag. Then I headed back for the steps to the gallows. I could not help wondering just how far this was going to go.

Ashlynn was in the process of pulling down her panties when I climbed the steps. Aidan was already working on his briefs. “That is so hot!” Olive gasped with delight. “They both look horny, darling! Hang me quick so we can turn them on!”

“First, Ashlynn wants to try the gallows naked. And she wants to use our handcuffs. Then maybe I’ll think about hanging you again.”

“Just make sure there’s enough time for me to swing one last time.” Olive looked around as though checking to see how much daylight we had left to play with.

Ashlynn had a nice rack on her chest. And her boyfriend had a long erection. Olive practically drooled at the sight of them.

I unlocked the cuffs from around her wrists. “About time,” she said impatiently as she rubbed them. “I’ve been standing over here all horny as hell.”

“That’s not my fault, is it?”

“Just hang me, damn you!”

“We’ll let Ashlynn try the noose until she’s had enough.”

“Thank you,” Ashlynn said with a grateful smile. But there was a flash of something in her eyes, indicating she was becoming more and more excited about all this.

“Better reset the noose,” I observed as I looked up at it. Then I offered the cuffs to Aidan.

“You want to cuff her? She probably deserves it. Besides, it may give you some satisfaction cuffing her wrists behind her back. It always works for me.”

“He loves cuffing me; that’s for sure.” I just turned and gave Olive a dirty look, causing her to chuckle.

Aidan took the cuffs from me. Then he secured his girlfriend’s hands behind her back. His erection pushed into her backside, causing her to wriggle and moan.

I motioned at the dangling noose as I told him “I guess you can do the honors with this one.”

My girlfriend did not help matters in the slightest. “Noose her up, Aidan! She fucking deserves it! Now I’m really getting excited!”

“Darling, you’re not helping matters any.”

“Why the hell not, John? I’m so fucking horny over here!”

Aidan looked at me for confirmation. I just nodded it was ok. So he took the noose and looped it over her head, brushing her long hair out of the way.

Ashlynn gasped when it touched her bare skin. My girlfriend asked, “You like it when your boyfriend nooses you up? I sure love it when mine does.”

They both looked at Olive. My girlfriend was back to shamelessly touching herself. I just rolled my eyes again as I shook my head.

“Go ahead and snug it up,” I told him. “You don’t have to make it too tight. Just enough so there’s no loose rope around her neck.”

Aidan nodded as though he understood. I watched him take the slack out of the noose until it seemed snug around her throat. Then he looked over at me.

I nodded as I pulled on the rope. I finished taking the slack out. Olive laughed as she told them, “This is the part where he usually molests me before hanging me.”

Aidan looked at Olive for a long moment before reaching out to touch and rub his girlfriend. Ashlynn moaned and panted. My girlfriend seemed to love egging them on, having become extremely aroused over watching a new couple trying the noose.

“Let me know when you want me to take her up, ok?”

Aidan looked at me for a long moment. Then he looked at his girlfriend, a question in his eyes. “Do it!” she nodded as she gasped breathlessly.

He looked at me and nodded. That’s when I pulled on the rope. Ashlynn went right up into the air.

I kept her about six inches off the gallows floor. Aidan watched to see what she would do. She rasped for breath as she tried to dangle limp. Then she started to shimmy a little, her legs kicking as her arms started jerking up and down behind her back.

“Oh fuck!” Olive blurted out. She shamelessly masturbated at the erotic spectacle. I must admit my cock was hard as well.

Ashlynn kicked a little as she wriggled like a worm. Aidan’s cock saluted his dangling girlfriend. My dick was saluting the whole damned time.

Ashlynn began thrusting outward with her hips. When my girlfriend did that, it usually meant she was experiencing an orgasm. Olive immediately gasped, “Fuck; she’s cumming!” Then she furiously masturbated.

It looked like Ashlynn was starting to suffer. Aidan demanded I bring her back down. But I was already a half-second ahead of him.

He had to help hold her upright for a few seconds when her bare feet touched the platform. She rasped for breath as he worked to loosen the noose from around her neck. Then he anxiously asked, “Are you all right, honey?”

She coughed a couple times until she could finally speak. “For a second there it really hurt! But then I… then it felt… I actually came while I was hanging!”

“That’s nothing,” Olive said as she came over. I noticed she had the keys to the cuffs in her hand. That’s when she told me, “Darling, let’s show them how we really have fun in the noose; shall we?”

She went over and freed Ashlynn from the handcuffs. Aidan helped remove the noose from around her neck. Olive gave him the keys as she motioned me over.

“C’mere, darling. Let’s show them how we do the ‘flying fuck’.”

“The ‘flying fuck’?” Ashlynn repeated in surprise. “What the hell is a ‘flying fuck’?”

I nodded as Olive stood on the trap. She eagerly cuffed her own wrists behind her back. She’d become much too impatient wanting to dangle again.

“This is how we do it,” she panted excitedly as I looped the noose around her neck. “Ok, darling. Let’s put on a show, shall we?”

I made sure the coil was tight around her throat, the knot close to her left ear. Then I took the free end and pulled her up into the air. She rasped and gurgled as she kicked a little.

I let her right back down. She wobbled a little on her feet. Then I pulled her right back up.

She rasped and shimmied as my cock grew exceedingly hard. Her legs tried to reach out for me. But I was standing just out of reach.

I let her back down. Then I stepped closer. Once more I pulled her back up into the air.

This time she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her wet snatch found my throbbing erection. Then she settled down upon it until she was fully impaled.

Ashlynn and Aidan watched in astonishment as I pulled on the rope, playing with Olive by strangling her. She rasped for breath as she eagerly rode me, her neck stretching a little. I toyed with her by adding tension to the noose, then easing off to give her just enough slack for a breath or two.

She enthusiastically rode me, causing me to pull harder on the rope. She rasped and grunted as she struggled to pull in a decent breath. I was pretty damn close to cumming.

I looked at our new companions and smiled. “First, you pump a load deep inside her. Then, you let her pay the penalty she so richly deserves.”

I pulled on the rope, maintaining the tension until Olive went wild. She wriggled and clenched until I cried out my release. Then I pulled harder, lifting her up into the air as I stepped back.

Olive lost me with her legs. She swung back and forth, her eyes wide. Her hips just kept thrusting as though she was still trying to fuck a cock that was no longer there. The evidence of my release dripped out of her snatch onto the floor of the gallows.

I held her in the air for a good half minute, just to make her pay for pushing things this far. Then I let her down. I stepped close and helped hold her upright, loosening the noose around her neck until she started breathing normally again.

“Fuck!” she panted. “Gawd; I needed that! It felt like you needed it too!”

I turned toward Ashlynn and Aidan who stood there stunned. “That’s how we do it,” I explained. “At least that’s what Olive wanted us to show you. It’s certainly one hell of a thrill.”

“Aidan?” his girlfriend asked nervously. “Could we… I mean… do you think we could…?”

I removed the noose from around Olive’s neck. Then I took the keys from Aidan. I removed the cuffs from my girlfriend before handing them over.

“The gallows’ all yours!” Olive declared with a grin. “I can’t wait to watch this! Fuck; this is going to be good!”

Aidan looked curiously at his girlfriend. She nodded from a nervous arousal, urging him to go right ahead. His cock was hard; he was clearly turned on by all this.

Olive and I stepped back, giving them plenty of room. He hesitantly cuffed his girlfriend’s arms behind her back. Then he asked her, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Gawd; yes!” she breathed. “Watching them was so incredibly hot! I want to try it at least once!”

“Ok; if you’re up for it.”

He took the noose and worked it around her neck, brushing her hair out of the way. He adjusted the coil until the knot was by her left ear. Then he snugged it up.

“Play with her first!” Olive panted. “Gawd; I really want to see this!” Then she abruptly dropped to her knees in front of me.

She began sucking my cock right in front of them. But the whole time her eyes were focused in their direction. Aidan looked down at her and then at me as though asking for confirmation.

“Up to you,” I said quietly.

“Do it!” his girlfriend gasped excitedly.

“Make her pay the penalty!” Olive blurted out before taking my cock back into her mouth.

Aidan slowly pulled on the rope. Ashlynn’s feet left the platform. There was nothing she could do about it, especially with her arms cuffed behind her back.

He let her right back down until she was flat on her feet. Then he took her back up again, just like I had done to Olive. She let out a frightened squawk before her breath was partially cut off.

His cock was stiff and dripping; I could tell he needed a release. Olive hungrily looked at his erection. I think she would have happily satisfied him if I wouldn’t have been standing there needing some attention.

Aidan let his girlfriend back down. Ashlynn rasped for breath. For a moment it looked like she was having second thoughts. Then he pulled her back up into the air.

She kicked until he stepped closer. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around him. He lowered her until it looked like he’d impaled her with his dick.

She rasped and grunted, still struggling to breathe. It looked like she was really trying to ride him. He pulled on the rope a little as though trying to mimic what I had just done to my girl.

Olive moaned with my cock in her mouth. She furiously masturbated as we both watched. I couldn’t help wondering whether or not we were in the process of creating a dangerous situation.

What if Ashlynn wanted to go too far? What if Aidan was getting into it to the point where he wanted to take her all the way? What was our responsibility in all this?

Ashlynn gurgled as he thrust up inside her. Then he let out a cry of release. He pulled out almost immediately before stepping back, still keeping her airborne.

Creamy droplets dripped out of her snatch as she kicked and shimmied. Her face started to turn red. It looked like she was really suffering.

Olive moaned like a bitch in heat with my cock down her throat. I couldn’t believe how all this was turning out. But Ashlynn looked like she was starting to suffer just a little too much.

I was just about to say something when Aidan let her down. He had to grab onto her and hold her upright. Then he frantically worked to loosen the noose from around her throat.

She panted and wheezed for breath. “Honey, are you all right? I’m… I’m sorry! I thought you wanted to go longer… but then I thought I should stop… but then I thought you’d be mad at me for… are you all right?”

Ashlynn coughed and rasped for breath. Aidan quickly removed the noose. Then he hugged her tightly as he begged, “Say something!”

“I… you bastard… you… you really enjoyed… you… fuck; I… fuck!”

“Maybe we’d better be going,” I murmured nervously. Had Ashlynn suffered a little too long?

“Not so fast,” Olive told me as she looked all around, noticing the setting sun. “I get one more drop; ok? I WANT one more drop! You owe me that! Now I want you to hang me proper!”

2020 (written Dec 27 ’20 by riwa)

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