Yvette’s punishment


Yvette came in late. It was well after midnight. I was sitting right there in the living room waiting for her. I was completely nude.

She reacted with a start upon seeing me sitting there. “Jeremy; what the hell?? You startled me!”

“Where have you been?”

“I told you I was going to see Goldie tonight! She broke up with her boyfriend; I was trying to cheer her up!”

“You know the punishment for lying to me, right?”

“I’m not lying!”

I pulled out my iPhone and pulled up a picture. I waved her over to me. Then I showed it to her.

She gasped in shock. Then she tried to deny it. “That’s not me!”

“Your vehicle was parked outside. That’s your purse and blouse lying on the floor. Are you still going to deny it?”

“I… I… that’s not me! I swear I was with Goldie!”

I flicked to another photo. This one showed her and Goldie on their knees working on the same cock. The gentleman in question seemed appreciative of their efforts.

She gasped again. I pointed at her black heels sitting on the floor by the side of the sofa. “Dining room. Naked except for those heels. Five minutes.”

“Jeremy, you wouldn’t!”

“Were you thinking about what I might do to you while you were sucking that cock with Goldie? Were you thinking about what I might do to you while you were bent over that sofa taking it up your slutty hole?”


“Five minutes, Yvette!” Then I got up and walked into the dining room.

I waited for her, listening to her murmured complaints from around the corner… “Damn him! How did he find out? Did he have Tony follow me? He’s not going to strangle me again, is he?”

She rounded the corner and entered the dining room naked. The rope was already dangling from the hook embedded in the ceiling. She took one look at it before gasping, “Oh, FUCK!”

“Get over here, bitch!” I pointed right in front of me. My cock was already at half-staff.

“Jeremy, I don’t…”

“Do I get sloppy seconds tonight?”

“Jeremy, you can’t do this to me!”

“Remember our agreement?”

“I honestly didn’t think you’d…”

“Really? After all the times I strangled you during sex? You really didn’t think I wouldn’t? I’m the one who doesn’t know what to think here, Yvette! Is this your way of rebelling? Or is it simply because this is your way of getting me to strangle you again?”

“Jeremy, you can’t…” That’s when I looped the coiled noose over her head.

She reached up to remove it. I growled in warning, “You want to do this with your arms secured behind your back? You won’t get to touch yourself that way.”

She hesitated only a moment. “No,” she responded sullenly.

“Crouch on those heels, you slutty bitch!”

She gave me a dirty look. But she did as I commanded. She went into a crouch with my cock right there at eye level.

“Suck it!”

“And if I don’t?” A hard jerk on the other end of the rope in my hand made her gawk in alarm.

She started mouthing my erection. “C’mon, bitch. Or are you going to make me hang you? As thin as this rope is, you’re not going to last very long.”

I saw a flash of fear in her eyes. Then she went to work on my dick. It didn’t take long before she started to get into it.

“Were you like this with that guy you were with tonight? Did you and Goldie worship his cock too?” She just grunted as she gave me a dirty look.

I thought she was not giving it her all. So I tugged on the rope. She grunted with a mouthful of dick.

“What if I decide to end your slutty ways tonight, bitch? You know you deserve it.”

She grunted again as she redoubled her efforts. Had she deliberately gotten into trouble just to test my limits? Was she curious to find out whether or not I would take her all the way?

She slobbered all over my cock. I grabbed her head and thrust into her mouth. I gave another warning tug on the rope, letting her know I was serious.

She grunted as she looked up at me from a mixture of fear and arousal. Once more I found myself questioning her motives. Was she really looking to monkey branch to some other guy? Or did she want me to seriously strangle her?

I tugged on the rope again. She grunted as she reached down to touch herself. “NO!” and I pulled hard on the rope again.

She whimpered and pouted as I fucked her face. She got more into it. Then she pleaded with her eyes again.

“Fucking whore. I should have known. Ok; you can masturbate, you slut.”

Yvette wasted no time fingering herself as she groped her breast. She grunted and moaned as she slobbered all over my dick. Yeah, she was worshiping my erection now. But what about tomorrow?

She really fingered herself. I jerked hard on the rope just to give her a reminder. She grunted and moaned as though she loved it.

“You need to be punished, Yvette. This is becoming quite a pattern with you.” She let out another grunt in reply as she shook her head.

“SUCK IT!” and I pulled harder. She let out a muffled gawk as she took it deep down her throat. I was nice and hard.

The bitch gave good head. But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was the way she kept going out of her way to ride the cock carousel while claiming to be devoted to me. Could she be cured of her slutty ways? Or was she simply trying to get herself strangled because she loved it so much?

“Did you enjoy fucking that guy tonight? Did you and Goldie enjoy sucking his dick?”

She defiantly came off my cock. “I told you, Jeremy, I didn’t – AWK!”

I pulled her upright. She squawked as she instinctively reached up for the rope around her throat. I pulled a little more until she was shuffling around on her toes.

She rasped, “Jeremy… NO… DON’T!” I just tied off the other end of the rope. Then I stepped up to her and groped her boobs.

She kept reaching up for the rope around her throat. “Leave it alone!” I snarled. “Leave it alone unless you don’t want to cum!”

She grunted as she brought her arms down. She found my cock with her hand and began stroking it. Her other hand reached down as she tried to masturbate again.

She rasped for breath. “Jeremy, I can’t…”

“You want to cum? You want my cock inside you as you strangle?”

She shook her head. I slapped her face as I mauled her boobs with my free hand. I slapped her face again.

She jerked my cock harder. “Do you want me inside you, Yvette? Do you want to cum? It might be the last one you’ll ever enjoy.”

She rasped and grunted. This time she nodded her head. That’s when I spun her around to face the wall mirror.

I pushed my dick against her anus as I groped her boobs from behind. I could see my reflection as well as how red her face had become. She rasped, “Jeremy… no!”

“It’s your punishment, Yvette! Shall I tie your arms behind your back? Or do you want to finger yourself to an orgasm?”

She rasped, “Damn you!” Then I pushed my way inside her anus.

She jerked as she let out a raspy gurgle. Then she reached down and began finger-fucking herself. “That’s what I thought!” I hissed into her ear.

The tied-off section of rope was within reach. I simply leaned into it as I fucked her ass. It tightened around her throat, taking her breath away.

In the mirror I saw her face become redder as she furiously masturbated. Once more I hissed into her ear. “Did you fuck him because you were horny, Yvette? Did you do it simply because you wanted to get into trouble and have me strangle you again? Or was it a little bit of both?

She shook her head no as she tried to get a decent breath. I fucked her harder as I reached around and savagely groped her boobs. She aggressively finger-fucked herself.

“Slut! Fucking whore! You want it like this, don’t you! Look into the damned mirror and watch yourself!”

I leaned into the rope a little harder. She looked at her reflection as she rasped for breath again. She fingered herself even harder.

“You want to be punished, don’t you! You really want this; am I right? You know what you deserve!”

She shook her head no. I leaned into the rope, strangling her more intensely. She rasped as she finally nodded her head.

“That’s what I thought, Yvette. You’re never going to change. I think I’ll just take your ass and your life right now.”

I pounded her nice and hard. Her hand lashed up to fight against the rope. I just reached around, grabbed both wrists and pulled them down.

I hissed into her ear, “Your choice, bitch. I guess you’ll just have to cum with my dick up your ass without touching yourself. But you don’t really mind, do you? You’ve had ass-gasms before; am I right?”

Her face was so red. It looked like her eyes were becoming bloodshot. Her hands jerked in my grasp as she tried to pull free. I calmly held onto her wrists with an iron grip.

“Poor, dying Yvette… doesn’t get to touch herself as she turns into a corpse. I guess that’s what a slut like you deserves; am I right?”

She opened her mouth as though trying to scream. Her back arched as she threw her chest out. I pumped her ass hard as her muscles furiously clenched around my thrusting dick.

Her eyes rolled as she started to shudder. The bitch squirted as she went into spasms. Then I was pumping a load deep up her butt as her bladder released.

She went into hitches and spasms. Then she finally became limp. She sagged in the rope, stretching her neck as it dug a vicious line around her throat.

I slowly pulled out of her butt. I looked in the mirror and saw her vacant expression. It looked like it had really hurt. But it also looked like she’d orgasmed as I sent her into oblivion. Now I just had to find another bitch who was a lot more faithful, one who didn’t enjoy erotic asphyxiation to the point of risking death over it.

2020 (written Mar 11 ’20 by riwa)

(Inspired by the manip I found in Sadie’s folder.)

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