The London lyncher


Melacynth stood in her usual spot. It was starting to get chilly. How much longer should she stay out here?

She hadn’t been having as much business lately. Some of her usual customers were not coming by to pay her a visit. Tonight the pickings had been rather slim.

She self-consciously touched up her hair, making sure every strand was in place. The red highlights weren’t driving off her business, were they? They had sure been popular several months ago.

She was not working on a major thoroughfare. Plying her wares like that could easily get her arrested. Thus, she was doing business on one of the lesser Soho streets.

She’d been here for almost a year now. But lately business had been waning. Was it time to consider moving to another location?

Mel felt a light breeze on her shoulders, making her shiver. It was getting late; the temperatures were cooling off. Maybe it was time to call it a night.

By now most of the johns were probably at home with their wives. ‘Their boring wives’, she corrected herself with a wry smile. That’s why they usually stopped by to have a go at her services… or at least they used to.

Why did business seem to be slowing down lately? Was it her location? Was it her age? She was only 24. But she’d been doing this so long that it seemed to be taking more makeup to cover the wear and tear on her body.

She was about to head off to her flat when she saw someone walking up the hill in her direction. As he got closer she got a better view. He wasn’t the average age of her usual johns. This one looked younger, maybe 22 or 23.

He had a large satchel in his hand. What was he doing out this late at night? Was he looking for a good time? She could certainly give him one if he had enough cash on hand.

He looked athletic, and he was quite handsome. Was he one of those shy types? Melacynth was more than willing to help bring him out of his shell for an investment of a few pounds.

At that moment she became a little suspicious. He didn’t seem like the right kind of fit for this particular section of Soho. What if he was working for the police? She would have to be careful.

She started out by being friendly. Besides, she had to find out whether or not he was a copper. “Hello, sweetheart. What brings a nice bloke like you out at this time of night?”

“Hello there,” he said as he returned her smile. “I was just heading home.”

“Are you in a hurry?” Mel made the tone in her voice somewhat suggestive.

“Not really. Why do you ask? Did you have something in mind?”

Mel hesitated. Maybe he really was a copper trying to get her to reveal herself. He certainly didn’t look like one. But these days you could never be too careful.

She decided she would have to play it cool until she knew for sure. “Oh, I don’t know, love. I was thinking we could go somewhere quiet… maybe get better acquainted?”

He chuckled as he looked all around. “You mean more quiet than this very spot right now?”

She laughed, still sizing him up. “I don’t know. I thought we could maybe get to know each other a little better is all.”

She felt his eyes take her in as he looked her up and down. He seemed to be appraising her outfit: the tight, unforgiving corset, her red skirt that hugged her hips, and the knee-high, heeled boots. Was that a stirring she detected in his trousers?

“Ok,” he said with a smile. “How much?”

Melacynth let out a little sigh of relief. He’d asked first. That meant he was ok.

She looked him up and down, appraising the handsome young man. She smiled as her loins began to tingle. The evening might not be a total loss after all.

It was time to get down to business. But it was best not to sell herself short. Besides, she didn’t want to appear desperate.

“£20 for a hand job, love. £50 for oral. £100 for the works.”

She felt a surge of excitement as he reached for his wallet. “Let’s go for the works, shall we?”

Melacynth gave him her warmest smile as a little joy crept into her attitude. £100? That would certainly make for an acceptable night’s haul. It wasn’t what she was used to. But beggars couldn’t be choosers, right?

He smiled as he asked, “Am I going to get my money’s worth?”

She smiled lustfully. “Oh, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve, love. I guarantee you’re going to have a good time. I promise I’ll get you off and send you on your way with a smile on your face.”

She tucked the cash he gave her inside her corset. She made sure he got a good view of her cleavage. With a little luck and the right kind of treatment, this one just might turn into a regular.

She motioned as she told him, “I know an intimate place just down the street.”

“The alley will work just fine. How about you?”

“The alley? I love a sexy shag out in public.”

The alley was much better anyway. She could take care of him right here before sending him on his way. And she wouldn’t have to work the price of a temporary room out of him.

He slipped out of his shoes and socks. She helpfully pulled down his trousers. A nice erection sprang free, making her loins tingle. Melacynth still liked shagging.

She slipped out of her red skirt, revealing nothing underneath save for her glistening womanhood. The thought of fucking him was starting to turn her on. Hell, she might even get to experience an orgasm with this lovely lad!

She knelt in front of him and took his growing erection into her mouth. She licked it as she swirled her tongue all around it. Then she began to give him her best blowjob.

The lad was astonishingly polite for being out this late looking for a hooker. She appreciated his thoughtfulness. Mel decided to go all out and give him the full treatment, especially if it meant he might return some other night.

His erection swelled in her mouth. She heard him gasp, “Bloody hell; that’s good! Just a little deeper.”

She felt his hand on the back of her head. But he wasn’t forceful. She almost wished that he was.

She began to masturbate as she sucked his cock. She hadn’t had a handsome john like this lad in a long time. Hell, she was actually going to enjoy this one!

She moaned as she gagged and grunted on his dick. She really got into it, telling him how much she enjoyed sucking him and how nice and hard he was. Then she swallowed him whole until her lips brushed his balls.

He thrust harder into her mouth. But he was still being gentle with her. Now she was horny and wanted his cock inside her.

“Ready, love?” she panted as she came up for air. “I’m looking forward to having you take me with that lovely boner of yours. Now I want to shag you silly.”

She rose up onto her feet, stroking him with her hands. He turned her around to face the wall. Then he pushed his way into her from behind.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Bloody hell; yes! Shag me with that lovely cock of yours!” After all, she wanted him to get his money’s worth. She was certainly enjoying herself.

She felt his fingers around her neck. It gave her an erotic thrill. Did this lad enjoy a little choking during sex?

He whispered into her ear, “You don’t mind if I take it a little further; do you, love?”

“Kinky lad,” she chuckled in reply. “I don’t mind, so long as you don’t – URK!”

Fingers tightened ominously around her throat. Mel struggled to pull a breath of air down her windpipe. Her womanhood instinctively clenched around the shaft thrusting in and out.

She tried to gasp, “NOT SO… HARD!” But she couldn’t get any sound out of her throat. He was squeezing much harder than she’d anticipated.

She tried to break out of his grasp. He just rammed her cunt hard as he pushed her up against the side of the building. Mel started to see stars.

She tried to scream, but no words would come. She tried to fight him off. But he was sapping her strength with his fingers wrapped tightly around her throat. How could the lad do this to her??

It felt like he was crushing her throat. Then she heard him let out a roar as his hot seed began to pump inside her. She was dimly aware of orgasming as consciousness spiraled away. Then she was aware of nothing at all…

Melacynth felt a gentle slapping of her face. Her throat was really sore. At least she wasn’t dead.

She looked up and saw the lad bending over her. That’s when she started to complain, “You squeezed too bloody hard, love!”

Trying to talk triggered a coughing fit. Melacynth wheezed and gasped. She was having a hard time getting more words out.

Her throat felt sore as hell. Something was wrapped around her neck. That’s when she detected a length of rope lying nearby, one end of which felt like it was attached to her…

“Here’s where the fun begins,” the lad told her with a smile. Then she saw him pull on the rope. Where the hell had it come from? Did he have it stashed inside his satchel?

She felt a tug on her neck. The rope was definitely wrapped around her throat. No wait; it was actually in the form of a noose!

She was brought to her feet as she tried to resist him by pulling in the opposite direction. Her legs felt rubbery from having been choked out. The lad just laughed at her.

He pulled on his end of the rope, dragging her out of the narrow alleyway. He pulled her right over to the nearby streetlamp. She grasped onto the noose around her throat, instinctively trying to pry it off.

To her horror she saw him toss one end of the rope over a small, steel projection jutting out of the top of the post. Horror caused her to struggle against him even harder as she tried to remove the rope from around her neck. In response he pulled hard.

Melacynth tried to scream. But the rope was choking her, making it hard for her to find her voice. What the bloody hell was this??

She shook her head as she fought against him with what little strength she still possessed. She struggled to loosen the noose from around her neck. He just laughed as he pulled hard, making the rope go tight again.

Her mind cried out in terror, “LET ME GO, YOU BLOODY WANKER! LET ME GO AND I’LL GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK!” He just smiled at her with amusement. Then with one hefty pull, her feet left the pavement below.

Melacynth let out an “URK’ as her legs kicked. She reached up for the noose, instinctively trying to loosen it. Then she gawked again as he pulled a little harder, taking her farther up into the air.

She felt the lamppost behind her. Mel tried to grab it with her legs. But she had no leverage.

She gawked again she struggled to turn herself around. She finally turned and grasped onto the pole, trying to pull herself up. Her legs kicked haphazardly as her face turned red from the heat of her breathless situation.

She wrapped her legs around the pole, her mind crying out for him not to do this to her. She still could not speak. It hurt so bad she just had to relieve the tension around her throat.

She struggled to climb the pole as exhaustion threatened to set in. She got her hand on the noose and fought to loosen it from around her neck. She had to breathe, she had to get a little air down into her lungs!

She felt the coil start to loosen. Could she get it up over her face? Could she get out of it? What would the bloody wanker do if she freed herself?

The noose gave a sudden jerk as though he’d tugged on it. She gawked as she tried to get it up off her head. It tugged again as she fumbled with it until it reset around her throat.

Once more it began to constrict around her neck. She felt another hard tug on the rope. Melacynth gawked as she tried to cling to the lamppost. But she was tiring rapidly.

She lost her grasp on the pole and fell backward. Her body twisted until the lamppost swiveled behind her. She kicked in an effort to swing it back in front of her. But she was too tired.

She tried to work herself around to grasp onto the pole. But this time she couldn’t manage it. She tried to reach up for the noose, but her arms felt heavy.

She didn’t see the handsome young lad tie off the end of the rope to the bottom of the lamppost. But she did see him step fully into view. His pants were still off, his cock erect.

Cum dripped out of her cunt as she kicked while flailing with her arms. She opened her mouth to cry out. But no words would come.

Her face was red as she struggled to pull a decent breath of air down her throat. Why; why was he doing this to her?? Hadn’t she proved to be a good shag? She would have been willing to give him a discount if he would have continued showing up? Why did he want to hang her like this??

She went into hitches and spasms as internal organs started shutting down. She jerked around in the noose as he watched. There was a look of enthusiasm in his expression. His cock looked to be quite erect.

Melacynth tried to kick. But she couldn’t make her legs move. She tried to reach up for the noose, but she couldn’t feel her arms anymore.

Stray muscles fired as she hitched around in the noose. She finally settled down until she dangled against the metal lamppost behind her. Her bladder released as a death rattle emerged from her throat. Then she hung limp.

She did not see him put his trousers and shoes back on. Nor did she see him retrieve his satchel. He looked up at her one last time with a smile on his face. Then he turned and walked away, leaving her to dangle quietly from the pole.

By chance, no one else came through that particular part of Soho for the rest of the night. Melacynth hung quietly through the cold night air. She did not feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on her when it arose the next morning.

The first ones to stumble upon her body were two young women. They let out shrieks of disbelief as they looked up at her in horror. Another young woman came upon the scene from the opposite direction and also cried out with a start.

The police were called. Her body was eventually taken down, long after which she’d attracted quite an audience. All evidence indicated the hooker had engaged in a sexual act before her death.

The officers were baffled. They had no idea who might have lynched one of their ladies of the evening. They would have to start by attempting to find someone who might have witnessed the gruesome event.

2020 (Written Feb 13 ’20 by riwa. Inspired by an idea and renders by titaniumjones.)

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