Terrie’s end (Death by dildo?)


Shemale Terrie was out slumming again. She was in a seedy Tampa nightclub trolling for fresh meat. She had the urge to spend a lethal night with a big-breasted bitch, strangling her to death and then fucking death-cums out of her twitching corpse for an hour or two.

She danced with a couple of promising bitches. But they didn’t pass her initial exam. She wanted to enjoy a slow, sensuous strangle. Those two looked like they would die much too quickly.

She had just finished her drink and was looking for a new target when she saw someone coming in her direction. The bitch looked like an old girlfriend. But when she got closer Terrie realized it was someone she didn’t know.

“My names Camille. I see you’ve been hitting the dance floor, honey. Care to have a go with me?”

Terrie eyed the busty bitch hungrily. Her throat looked perfect for squeezing. “I’d love to,” Terrie said with all the charm of a cobra.

They went out and slow-danced together. Terrie felt her she-clitty getting harder under her short skirt. When they pressed up tight to each other she could feel it pressing into Camille. How would the bitch respond?

Camille eyed her dangerously. “Are you packing, honey? Let me see for myself.”

She reached under Terrie’s skirt and grabbed the stiff piece of meat. “Going commando, eh? Like to show it off to everyone? Or do you just like the way it feels when you’re dancing close to someone?”

Camille grabbed it before kissing Terrie hard. The shemale gasped and moaned as she got a handjob right there on the dance floor. A moment later she was spurting in the sexy bitch’s grasp.

“My, you are an eager one, honey. “Care to spend some alone time together?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Terrie panted lustfully. She was already imagining how the lights would go out in those eyes while strangling her.

Choke her during sex? Strangle her with her bra? Fuck her from behind while using nylons around her neck while making her look into a mirror? Terrie panted from all the erotic possibilities.

They left the nightclub in separate cars and met at a motel on the outskirts of town. The location was perfect. Terrie drooled at the possibility of leaving behind a sexy, big-breasted corpse for the housekeeper to find in the morning.

Once inside they got right to it, kissing and fondling and making out with each other. Terrie thought about making a quick kill. But she liked this bitch and wanted to prolong their time together.

Camille had no problem getting on her knees and sucking Terrie’s “clitty” back to life. And Terrie had no problem returning the favor by licking Camille’s dripping snatch. As she lapped an orgasm out of her she wondered how much fun it would be to smother the bitch with her tits.

Camille shoved Terrie flat on her back on the bed with her legs dangling over the end. Then she went for her bag. She put on a pair of latex gloves, making them snap. Then she reached in and pulled out a large strap-on.

“In case you didn’t know, I’m packing a little heat myself, honey. I’ve sucked yours. Now let’s have you suck mine.” She smiled as she attached it around her waist before presenting it to her.

Camille stroked her toy as Terrie got on her knees. She crawled over on all fours and took it into her mouth. Then she began sucking it like the sluttiest of whores. This night was going to turn out much better than she could have possibly imagined! With a little luck she could add that strap-on around her waist and give the bitch a double-fucking while strangling her to death.

Camille made her stand up before shoving her back onto the bed. She reached into her bag and pulled out a jar of cream. Then she dipped a gloved hand inside and scooped out a little.

She rubbed it all over her strap-on. “Just a little lube to get the party started. Let’s see if we can give that ass of yours a good reaming.”

Terrie gasped with delight. Tonight was going to work out far better than she could have possibly imagined. A hot fuck up her ass was just what she needed. And strangling the bitch while she was fucking her with her strap-on would make it all the more enjoyable.

Camille pushed the phallus against her puckered anus. Then she forced it all the way inside. Terrie gasped over the way it filled her.

“So the slut needs a good ass-fucking, does she? Let me see if I can give you exactly what you need, honey.”

Camille fucked her ass nice and slow. Then she rammed it in good and hard. “Just a bit more lube for my sweet, shemale fuck-toy,” she purred.

She pulled out and reached for her jar of lube. She added another helping to her glistening phallus. Then she rammed it back in nice and deep.

Terrie gasped as her “clitty” swelled. She couldn’t believe how incredibly horny she was. She was going to love strangling this bitch to death. Then she was going to enjoy her cooling corpse for hours.

Camille thrust nice and slow. Then she grabbed Terrie’s erection and stroked it good and hard. Terrie panted from the excitement of it all.

She decided it was time when she reached up and wrapped her fingers around Camille’s neck. She wanted her first orgasm to occur while she was choking her to death. The flash of surprise in the bitch’s eyes made her grin with malice.

“Such a hot bitch!” Terrie breathed. “I’m going to enjoy strangling you to death, Camille!” But as the bitch fucked her harder she found she couldn’t squeeze quite as hard as she wanted to.

Her heart was racing, her “clitty” dripping precum. Camille looked down at her and smiled. “Something wrong, Terrie?”

“I… I just… oh fuck!” Then her she-cock went off, spewing cream all over her stomach.

“Such a good, shemale fuck-toy!” Camille panted. “Now let’s turn you over and have that sweet ass of yours up in the air, shall we?”

Terrie tried to resist, but something felt wrong. Her erection had not diminished in the slightest. And her heart was racing.

She was rolled over easily enough. Then Camille rammed that strap-on hard up her ass. Terrie panted as she tried to catch her breath.

“What’sa matter, fuck-toy? Getting a little excited are we? My, but you spurted pretty damned quick there!”

Camille enjoyed ramming her ass good and hard. Once more Terrie tried to catch her breath. Strangely it felt like her lungs couldn’t keep up.

“Such a sweet ass, honey.” and Camille slapped it good and hard. “I’m going to enjoy fucking this ass for hours. In fact I think I’m just about ready to enjoy my first orgasm.”

“Camille? I can’t…” Terrie was struggling just to pull air into her heaving lungs.

“What’sa matter, bitch? Does my cock make you breathless? But isn’t that what you tried to do to me… make me breathless with your hands? Now take my cock up your ass, you fucking whore!”

Terrie grunted as she wheezed for breath. Her arms started flapping around before she tried to reach for her chest. Her “clitty” was so hard it felt like it was going to explode again.

“Are we just about there, honey? Don’t you just love my lube? It’s a special mixture. It means I’m going to enjoy your “clitty” for hours, long after you won’t be able to feel a thing.”

Terrie felt her chest suddenly seize up. Camille rammed her hard and deep with her strap-on. “Now why don’t you die with a smile on your face, you fucking whore!”

Terrie stiffened and then started to shudder. Her she-cock suddenly started spurting copiously onto the bed. She couldn’t breathe; her heart wouldn’t stop racing! Then it just stopped as she sagged, her eyes glazing over as her tongue protruded out past her lips.

Camille let out an orgasmic cry as she really rammed Terrie’s ass hard. She pounded her hole like a woman possessed. Then she pulled out.

“Taste your death on my cock, bitch!” Then Camille came around and thrust her strap-on as far down Terrie’s throat as it would go. “Damn, honey; you’re good! You didn’t even gag once!”

Camille enjoyed raping Terrie’s throat. Then she turned her over and fucked her while Terrie was lying on her back. She eagerly stroked that stiff she-cock until she coaxed it to spew another load of cum all over Terrie’s tummy.

Camille fucked Terrie’s ass hard. Her “clitty” didn’t seem to diminish. She jerked that erection just as hard as she could until it spurted yet another load of death cum all over Terrie’s stomach.

She rolled Terrie back over onto her knees, propping her ass up into the air. “I just love taking your ass like this, honey.” Then Camille rammed her strap-on home, deep and hard until Terry’s she-cock went off yet again.

Camille fucked the corpse for a couple of hours until the stuff in her lethal lube had wrung every last drop out of Terrie’s balls. Then she unhooked the strap-on from around her waist. She left it embedded deep inside the dead shemale’s ass, telling her to enjoy it as a special going-away present. Then she got dressed and left.

In the morning an angry housekeeper came in to clean the room, upset over being given a dressing down by her supervisor and being threatened with termination. At first she was shocked at finding the dead shemale in the room. But her anger won out.

She attached the strap-on to her waste and proceeded to give Terrie’s ass one last pounding. The housekeeper fucked her good and hard until she worked herself into an orgasm. When her anger had finally dissipated, she removed the strap-on, shoved it back inside the dead shemale’s ass where she’d found it, and then went to call her supervisor.

2018 (for Terrie Dec 19 ’18 by riwa)

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