A daughter’s murderous rage


Meredith sat in the tub soaking as her mind wandered. She was going out to see Anthony in another hour or so. She was really looking forward to it.

He had the longest, thickest cock of any man she’d previously met. The only complication was the fact he just so happened to be her daughter’s boyfriend. Meredith smiled inwardly, convinced Anthony was about to trade up.

A young man that was hung like that deserved a real woman, not some child. True, her daughter was out of school and working for a veterinarian. But Anthony deserved a mature woman, not some girl still trying to decide what she wanted as a career.

She’d found out about Anthony’s package quite by accident. Her daughter was hosting a pool party and she’d been in the water when she’d bumped into him. She’d reached down accidentally on purpose and had felt what he was packing. From then on she’d gone out of her way to seduce him.

Two days later she’d fucked him in the pool while Hayley was at the vet’s office learning how to tend to injured dachshunds. A couple days after that had found her and Anthony out on an intimate picnic in the woods. Ever since then she hadn’t been able to get enough of him. What’s more, he’d actually confessed his enjoyment at fucking her.

Meredith thought about her daughter. Then she thought about Anthony and that huge cock of his. It really was no contest. Kayley just wasn’t woman enough to handle him like she was.

She was already getting horny imagining his dick inside her later tonight. She couldn’t believe how hung he was. Every time they fucked, he totally filled her.

She wasn’t just taking it up her fuckhole either. Meredith had learned to deep throat his entire length. And she was taking it up her ass as well. It was amazing how intense her orgasms were while he was fucking her shithole.

Meredith heard an angry voice from the next room. It sounded like Hayley was talking to someone on her cell. And she didn’t sound happy.

Had she learned about her and Anthony? Had he finally spilled the beans? Frankly that boy deserved far better than her daughter anyway. And Meredith was determined to make a man out of him.

Hayley suddenly burst into the bathroom. “Mother, is it true?”

“Is what true, honey?”

“Is it true you’ve been sleeping with Anthony?”

“I’m sorry, Haley, but it just happened. Besides, he’s just not the man for you.”

“Mother, you had no right to start dating my boyfriend!”

“Hayley, it was an accident. You can do so much better anyway.”

“Why; because you’re seeing him now?”

“Now honey, don’t be that way.”

Hayley climbed into the bath with her mother. “What way am I not supposed to be, mother? He’s my boyfriend!”

“Not anymore, honey. Look, it’s for the best anyway.”

“You bitch! You stay away from him!”

“Calm down, honey. He’s just not worth it.”

“That’s because you want him, isn’t it…ISN’T IT!”

“Hayley, would you just get out of here and let me take my bath? I have a date later tonight…”

“With Anthony?? You bitch!” Then Hayley angrily pushed down on her mother’s head.

Meredith went down in a flurry of bubbles. Then she came up sputtering. “Damnit, Hayley! Would you stop acting like a child?”

“Mother, I won’t let you date Anthony! I WON’T!”

“Honey, it’s out of your hands. Anthony’s entitled to date anyone he wants. Now get out of here and let me finish my bath.”

“You bitch!”

Hayley pushed down on her mother’s head again. Meredith went under spewing a flurry of bubbles. She thrashed about before she managed to get her head back up out of the water.

She coughed and sputtered for a couple moments. Then she told her daughter, “Honey, it’s time to drop this silly nonsense, ok? Anthony is dating me and that’s all there is too it. You’re young so you’ll find someone new, someone more suited to your personality.”

“You bitch! I hate you!” And once more Haley forced her mother down into the tub.

Hayley was in a murderous rage. She forced her mother underwater and tried to keep her there. Meredith kicked and struggled as she fought to get her head back up.

Hayley was crying and cursing as her mother tried to reach the surface. The daughter pushed down in anger as more bubbles came up. Then her mother started hitching and gurgling as her breath gave out.

Hayley witnessed geysers of bubbles as her mother started swallowing water. But she continued pushing down on her until there was no more movement. Then she rose up and looked down, panting heavily for breath.

Meredith stared upward in a state of lifeless shock, her mouth gaping open. A few stray bubbles leaked out past her parted lips. Then the water began to settle.

“BITCH!” the daughter bellowed as though wanting the last word. She got it; there was no response.

Hayley looked down at the damage she’d done. Then she dragged her mother’s body out of the tub. She pulled her through the house and out back where she rolled her into the deep end of their swimming pool.

Her mom went skinny-dipping all the time. But sometimes she wasn’t as careful as she should be. Besides, accidents happened in the pool all the time.

She went inside to clean up. Then she went out for the night, being as how Anthony wasn’t her boyfriend anymore. A couple hours later he came over to the house when Meredith never showed up for their date. He was the one who found her in the back yard pool and called the police. But when word got out they were dating, he became the prime suspect in a possible homicide investigation.

2019 (written Mar 4 ’19 by riwa)

(Pictures found in my archives and used for illustration purposes. If I learn the company name who produced them, I’ll gladly give them proper credit.)

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