A night to remember 1


The poker game

I never expected it to end for the two women the way it did. But then I’m not always privy to everything that goes on within the walls of the Club. Some things I find out after the fact. Although I might be part owner, Mistress Chastity still pretty much runs the place… although I do think she’s grooming me for the day I’ll be running it by myself.

Carmen and Sophia, a businesswoman/Mistress and her secretary/submissive, had been in the Club on several occasions, most notably up onstage the night Aravanna lost her head. I did see them while I was snuffing little Lexi up in the drowning tank. But usually I noticed them at one of the gaming tables. Sophia would dutifully stand near her Mistress in her secretarial garb like a well-trained puppy.

The dark-haired Latina usually made it a point to verbalize what she was going to do to the French girl in no uncertain terms should she win or lose. Sophia always reacted with just the right amount of alarm. That was something I suspect Carmen relished… which was probably why she verbally abused her in the first place. Afterwards they would disappear into either a sex or snuff room.

Sometimes I went up to Chastity’s luxury box to look in on their playtime through our video monitoring system. Many times Mistress and I watched Carmen tie up her submissive and then pound the shit out of her cunt with a strap-on. More than once we watched as the dark-haired Latina deprived her submissive of air until the poor thing climaxed violently.

Both of them would usually end up orgasming over and over again until they wore each other out. Then they would clean up, get dressed and calmly step back into the casino for a bit more gambling before they left for the night. Their antics usually left Mistress terribly breathless and horribly aroused… which left me with the necessary task of helping get her off through some sort of sexual release that often involved me choking her to some extent.

Chastity often talked about what she would do to the two of them if she ever got her hands on them, especially the French girl. She lusted after them both, vowing that when she was done with them she would see to it their naked bodies would swing side by side. During those times she was like a woman possessed, begging me to fuck the daylights out of her while nearly strangling her to unconsciousness.

As much as she wanted them for a night of sexual gratification, I fully believed Carmen would never give her the chance. The proud Latina was confident, much too careful to allow herself to fall into Chastity’s sadistic clutches. I had absolutely no idea how wrong I was.

The evening was young that fateful night as I wandered around the Club. But for some reason I couldn’t find Mistress Chastity anywhere. Even Monique was missing, and I searched high and low for the two of them.

For a while I thought they were together down in Chastity’s playroom. Out of curiosity I went down to check. But they weren’t there either. It wasn’t until I asked one of the attendants that I learned they were both at a high-stakes poker game in one of our private rooms.

When I walked into the room she led me to, I could hear the game in progress. The room was larger than I expected, perhaps because there were a lot of people inside. Then I turned and focused my attention on the table near the opposite wall.

Chastity, Carmen and four males sat around the damned thing, my wife acting as dealer. Behind them in nice chairs sat five naked females, including Carmen’s Sophia. None of those women looked like they really wanted to be there. Was it because of the consequences they would suffer if their sponsor was eliminated from the game?

The players at the table did not seem the least bit distracted at the display of naked flesh. I saw several attendants loitering around, a couple of them with a tray of drinks at the ready. The gamblers were quiet other than the bets being placed.

I could tell right away how serious the game was despite the exposed tits being flashed around the room. It was visible not just in the faces of the players. It was also evident in the worried faces of the nude females submissively sitting behind each one. The only player without a female behind her was Mistress Chastity.

For the most part, the players at the table ignored my presence, focusing on the current hand being played. But the five females all turned and looked at me when I entered. All wore virtually the same expression… “Can you get me out of this?” Even Sophia sitting behind Carmen turned and looked at me with an expression of concern etched in her features. Naturally all those exposed breasts caused my cock to stir.

They were in the middle of something serious when I heard one of the males mockingly ask, “You sure you want to risk her on what’s showing, Philly?”

“Better watch your own cards, Houston” was the curt reply. “I call.”

“The bet is to you, sir,” I heard my wife tell someone.

“Yeah, Omaha,” another male voice added. “Put up or shut up.” Apparently the names they were using reflected what cities they were from.

“Manhattan, you New Yorkers think you know everything. Raise you $5,000.”

Carmen just sat quietly. Apparently she was out of this particular hand. But she was watching the other players with some degree of amusement.

The table abruptly went silent as though it had gotten serious again. I heard the woman behind the one named Manhattan quietly gasp, “No, damn you; don’t DO it!” She appeared to be in her early thirties and clearly didn’t like what was going on.

“Shut up, bitch; I’m thinking!” he said to her over his shoulder without looking at her.

Everybody appeared to be focused on the one named Manhattan who seemed quite thoughtful. The naked, 30-something brunette sitting behind him sporting a pair of 38 C’s began to shake her head. She whimpered fearfully as though the situation she found herself in was not what she’d anticipated upon arriving at the Club.

Mistress Chastity didn’t help matters any. She calmly told him, “Go ahead, my dear boy. Personally I think she’ll look hot frying in the chair with those tits of hers jerking and bouncing around. That’s what I’m going to do to her… that is, if someone else doesn’t win our friendly little game tonight.”

She was clearly egging him on as she smiled wickedly at the woman sitting behind him. There were a couple of snickers from the table. The color drained from the poor woman’s face.

The player sitting in front of her going by the moniker of “Manhattan” was clearly being challenged. “Call!” he announced abruptly, taking the bait as he pushed all his chips forward. “All in.”

His woman gasped incredulously, her eyes wide in horror. Her nipples were hard as more players called. Then all the cards were revealed.

Manhattan slumped in astonished defeat. “You LOST ME!” the poor thing behind him wailed. The one named Omaha scooped up the chips, smirking at his good fortune. A moment later the brunette fainted in her chair.

The two attendants were standing nearby as though anticipating just such a reaction. They caught her and held her up before she could fall to the floor. The other ladies looked at her in horror, their eyes wide as they realized one of them was now out of the poker game for good.

“What happens to her now?” Manhattan wanted to know, acting like it wasn’t that big of a loss.

“If there are no objections, she can be whored out,” my wife suggested calmly. “That way you’ll have a chance to earn a little money back until a winner has been declared and she is rightfully claimed.”

“Makes no difference to me,” Manhattan shrugged. “Sarah’s just some married bitch I met over the Internet who wanted to add a little excitement to her otherwise boring marriage.”

“Well, if she wanted some excitement,” Mistress Chastity observed with a cruel smile, “you certainly brought her to the right place.” She was looking right at Carmen when she said it… as though the Latina was the one she really wanted. Carmen’s eyebrows lifted curiously, but otherwise she remained silent.

“Take her away, ladies,” Monique motioned at the two attendants as Sarah started to stir. “Whore her out until we call for her.”

“Yes, ma’am,” one of them answered meekly as they grabbed her by her arms.

As she came around, she started to struggle against them. They were forced to drag her out as she resisted them… “NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! HANK; DON’T LET THEM TAKE ME??!!”

“Guess you should’ve thought of that before you let me bring you to the Club, Sarah!” he called out to her with amusement. Her cry of “NOOOO!” was cut off as the door closed behind her.

Manhattan stood up and sighed. Then he looked around at the remaining players. “Will I get her back?” he asked curiously. “It might be a bit embarrassing if I don’t get her back to her husband, not that it would be any great loss if something happened to that cheating bitch.”

“Possible,” Monique replied with a wry smile. “But I wouldn’t count on it, sir.” Chastity’s eyes just gleamed hungrily.

There were a couple of snickers from the table as my wife motioned for another attendant to come forward. “Please see Mr. Manhattan here is taken care of,” Monique told her. The attendant nodded submissively, putting an arm through his.

“Why thank you, ma’am!” Manhattan told my wife with an appreciative nod. He and his new escort left the room together. Then Monique calmly started shuffling the cards for the next hand as though that had taken care of that.

I wanted to say something, wanted to ask a question or two. But I felt like I shouldn’t interrupt the flow of the game. Then one of the attendants with a tray of drinks came up to me.

I took her aside and quietly whispered into her ear, “What’s going on?”

“$300,000 pot – winner take all,” she whispered back. “That includes all the ladies.”

“The naked ones sitting in the chairs watching the game?”

“No, Mr. Rick,” she said carefully. “I mean ALL of them.”

My eyes popped open in alarm. I almost blurted out “WHAT???” Then I took her tray and set it down on a nearby table before jerking her out the door with me into the hallway so we wouldn’t be heard.

“Whose fucking idea was this?” I hissed at her, not wanting my voice to carry.

“It was Mistress Chastity’s,” she replied quietly. That’s when her demeanor changed. I think she was fearful I might hold her accountable.

“So Carmen and Chastity… their lives are on the line too?”

“Yes, sir,” she admitted, her head lowering.

I could tell by her countenance there was more. “Spill it,” I demanded. A look of fear filled her eyes.

“Everyone had to put up a woman as collateral. Mistress Chastity put up Monique as both dealer and her collateral.”

“She did WHAT?” I gasped incredulously. I was stunned.

“So let me get this straight,” I said to the attendant. “If Mistress Chastity loses, she loses both herself AND my wife to the whims of whoever wins?”

“Yes sir,” she said carefully. “I think she wants…”

I waved her to silence, struggling to keep from being totally infuriated. “I KNOW who she wants!” Then I sighed heavily. There was nothing I could do about it now.

“It’s all right,” I told her, patting her shoulder and trying to set her mind at ease. “Go back inside and carry on.”

“Yes, Mr. Rick,” she nodded, relieved I wasn’t angry with her.

I followed her back inside. I figured I’d better stay close and watch. Besides, it was quite possible my wife and Mistress Chastity were enjoying their final hours together.

The guy from Houston was next to go down. I found out the naked young, black-haired woman sitting behind him was nothing more than a college freshman. It was her misfortune choosing this particular night to get in line outside the Club. I wondered if her curiosity was going to cost her dearly.

Her name was Becky. She was smaller than Sarah, with a nice set of 34 B’s on her chest. Chastity looked her up and down lustfully.

The two attendants who’d taken Sarah away had returned. They now took up a position on either side of her. The poor thing was gasping as though she was going to hyperventilate.

“You have a lovely head, honey,” Mistress Chastity smiled sweetly at her. “If I win I’m going to keep it down in my private suite for a while.”

The college freshman gasped in horror, her eyes getting big as saucers. “Whore the young thing out, ladies,” my wife told the attendants standing on either side of her. “I’ll bet her pussy is nice and tight. She should be a delight to our clients.”

Little Becky whimpered in alarm. But she didn’t put up nearly as much resistance as Sarah had. She probably suspected it would do her no good.

“Sorry about that, honey!” Houston called out to her as they escorted her to the door. “No hard feelings, I hope?”

She looked back at him without saying a word. Her reaction was evident in her horrified expression… “How COULD you?!” Then she was gone.

Houston was given an attendant to play with as a parting gift. The two of them were out the door in short order. Chastity smiled as she acknowledged the remaining players.

“And then there were four,” she said solemnly, looking right at Carmen. The Latina never even batted an eye.

“Would this be a good time for a break?” Monique politely asked everyone. There were nods as the two males got up to stretch their legs.

“Care to back out now?” Mistress smugly asked the Latina sitting across from her. “I see you’re stack of chips is down considerably.

“I don’t think so,” Carmen replied with forced politeness. “Besides, I plan on enjoying depriving the Club of its co-owner and favored executrix once I win.”

“We shall see,” Chastity said with a smile. “If I win, I fully intend to suspend you from the air by your neck… right next to your precious secretary.”

The Latina simply smiled at her as if to say “We’ll SEE about that.” Behind her I heard Sophia gasp anxiously.

Monique stood up and stretched her legs before walking over to me. “Hi, honey,” she said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. “I apologize for not getting word to you sooner. This was sprung on me rather suddenly.”

“Is that so?” I asked irritably, glancing over at Chastity. But she was ignoring me as she helped herself to a drink from one of the attendants.

I figured a game of this nature had taken some time to set up. But I suspected Monique had been roped into it without much advance notice. Chastity was prone to doing things like that, although not all that often.

“I don’t know what’ll happen to me should Mistress lose,” she said softly. “But if I’m to be snuffed, I hope you’ll be there to enjoy it. If I would’ve known, I would’ve given the kids an extra kiss goodnight.” I just shook my head, wondering if Chastity was going to succeed in getting my wife snuffed.

The players all returned to the table. Monique began dealing the next hand. As it turned out, the man from Philadelphia suffered the most.

His chips dwindled until he finally moved the remainder into the middle of the table to call. The 28 year old blonde sitting behind him with the nice rack on her chest gasped anxiously. Her eyes widened in fear over the fateful outcome.

I learned from one of the attendants that her name was Ginger. Apparently she was single. She’d won some sort of contest in her office in Philadelphia to accompany the man she was with.

Her skin was tanned as though she was out in the sun a lot or visited a tanning salon frequently. She looked like she spent a lot of time at the beauty parlor. But her three, fun-filled days of visiting our establishment came to an abrupt end when Chastity’s full house beat Philly’s straight.

Philly stood up and bowed courteously. “Ma’am, you’re one hell of a poker player!”

“Why thank you, my dear boy.”

He checked his watch. “If I leave now I believe I can make my plane back to Philadelphia. If you kind folks will excuse me…” That’s when he nodded at everyone.

“WAIT!” his date blurted out. “You can’t just LEAVE ME??”

“We’ll see you make your flight on time, sir.” Then Monique snapped her fingers at one of the attendants. The woman came over and smiled as she took his arm.

“What about ME??” Ginger gasped, standing in horror as the two attendants stepped on either side of her.

“Oh don’t worry, honey,” Chastity smiled at her, her eyes flashing excitedly. “We’ll take good care of you. I’ve always wondered what a woman named ‘Ginger’ would taste like.”

The blond gasped incredulously. I could tell by the look in her eyes she was wondering if Mistress was referring to something of a sexual encounter. Then Chastity clarified herself.

“I haven’t decided yet whether I want to use barbecue sauce or a teriyaki glaze. But don’t worry, my dear. You’ll be quite dead once the spit on stage is finished with you and I finally get you down to roast.”

Ginger’s eyes snapped open in shock. She let out a cry of horror as the two attendants took her away to be whored out. That left the room with…

“…and then there were three.”

This time it was the guy from Omaha who said it. He smiled as though he believed he was now in the driver’s seat. I could only imagine what he might do to Carmen, Sophia, Chastity and Monique if he ever got his hands on them.

The game ebbed and flowed for the next half hour or so. I learned that the woman sitting behind Omaha was his 27 year old wife Heather. She had dark brown hair that flowed down to her shoulders, her large tits sagging just a little.

As the game went on, she appeared to become less fearful and more excited. I remembered seeing the couple in the Club once or twice before. They hadn’t done anything remarkable or been involved in anything noteworthy. But I did remember seeing them at the Entertainment stage a couple of times. I remembered her because there was always something in her eyes whenever a young woman was snuffed, especially when it involved a hanging.

The ending came unexpectedly. One minute they were bantering good-naturedly. The next I saw a large pile of chips in the table as things suddenly got serious. The three of them just kept raising each other until the pot got disturbingly huge.

“Well ladies,” Omaha said with a hint of a smile as he moved all of his remaining chips into the middle of the table with the others. “Let’s see how serious everyone is, shall we?” His wife gasped anxiously behind him.

He turned and looked questioningly at Carmen. The Latina never even batted an eyelash. “Is it time?” she asked softly, eyeing the pot in front of her. “Is this the one that decides everything?”

She gave both Omaha and Mistress Chastity a serious look. Then she slowly pushed all her remaining chips into the pot. “Call,” she said quietly, staring right at Mistress with a perfect poker face.

Chastity looked at the pot and then at her two opponents. Omaha looked at her as though expecting her to push all of hers in as well. Carmen gave her a domineering look, Mistress to Mistress.

Chastity sighed before slowly moving all her chips forward into the pot. That elicited gasps from all around the room. Even stoic Monique’s eyes widened at the move.

“I’ve never been one to back down,” Mistress said calmly. “I’m in.”

Omaha was visibly impressed. Then a big smile broke out all over his face as he leaned forward and revealed his hand. “Full house, ladies… jacks over eights.”

He smiled at Carmen. Behind him Heather inhaled sharply. She must have wondered if her husband did indeed have the winning hand.

I sat there breathless as I watched from my chair. Had Chastity bitten off more than she could chew? Was she about to take my wife down with her??

Without saying a word, the Latina flipped her cards over, revealing a queen high flush. Omaha gasped before leaning back in his chair. “Damn!” he sighed.

Behind him his wife blurted out, “Honey?!” Her chest started to rise and fall as she stared in disbelief at the cards on the table. She’d gone from victor to condemned in a manner of seconds.

Her eyes grew big in shock. I had no doubt the Latina was going to thoroughly enjoy snuffing her. Then Carmen calmly looked Mistress in the eye.

I saw Chastity’s eyes open in surprise. ‘Gawd; she’s lost!’ I thought as I got a sick feeling in the pit of my gut. I was about to be in the market for a new wife.

“Did I startle you, Mistress?” Carmen asked Chastity, finally permitting herself a satisfied little smirk. “Didn’t expect that, did you? Shall I let you in on the fate I have planned for you and your little slut dealer here?”

She motioned at Monique for emphasis. But somehow my wife kept her cool.

“If you wish,” Chastity sighed in resignation. “A flush is certainly hard to beat…”

She paused dramatically. I felt my heart hammering in my chest. Then she finished with “…unless one happens to hold a STRAIGHT flush.”

She revealed her hand as her eyes gleamed with lustful excitement. There was an even louder gasp from everyone in the room at the run her cards now displayed. “Gawd!” Monique gasped, unable to hold back her astonishment.

Several attendants murmured in shock and awe. “Ohmygawd!” Heather gasped in horror, her eyes wide over who now controlled her fate.

“You BITCH!” Carmen gasped in shock, the color draining from her face. Behind her Sophia squawked in alarm, her eyes wide.

Omaha just shook his head and chuckled. “Screwed by a couple of bitches,” he said with amusement. “I suppose that’s poetic justice. You ladies really got me good.”

He didn’t seem all that upset as he turned to look at his wife sitting behind him. “Honey, it looks like you belong to this one now.” Then he motioned toward Chastity.

Two attendants moved protectively on either side of both her and Sophia as Mistress stood up. Heather stood up as well. She started to fidget nervously as though debating whether or not she should try to make a run for it.

She brought a hand up to her chest as though trying to slow the wild beating of her heart. Then she gulped as Mistress looked hungrily at her. “I’ll get to you two in a minute,” Chastity smiled at a very alarmed Carmen, briefly acknowledging Sophia behind her. “I just have to deal with this other one first.”

She walked over to Heather who was trembling noticeably between the two attendants. “Fate saved the best for last, my pretty,” she cooed at her, running a hand over her naked body. The 27 year old whimpered. But somehow she managed to hold her ground.

“My, but you’re shaking like a leaf!” Mistress chuckled as she reached out and gently caressed Heather’s quivering breasts. The young woman moaned softly, her nipples hard and pointed as Chastity fingered them.

Mistress smiled at her. “You seem a little excited by all this. Is that true? Are you excited, my pretty?” Heather winced and moaned again, glancing helplessly at her husband who said nothing.

“I have something special planned for you, my dear girl,” Chastity breathed into her ear, loud enough for me to hear as she continued to fondle her. “I’m going to save you for last, baby. I’m going to let you watch me snuff the other three up on stage. Then I’m going to bring you up and introduce you to the gallows. What do you think about that?”

Heathers eyes opened wide as she started to writhe a little. “You mean you’re going to h-hang me??”

“That’s right, my pretty,” Chastity purred at her.

She reached down to finger her cunt. “Damn, honey; you’re wet down here! Does the idea of hanging fill you with a certain excitement?”

Heather moaned again as her husband looked on. He was helpless to intervene now that he’d lost his wife. “You c-can’t H-HANG me??!!” she gasped in horror, her body trembling like mad. “I can’t… I’m not… you can’t…”

“Would you like me to whore you out first, baby?” Chastity giggled at her. “Would you like to be fucked by a parade of strange cocks before you take the stage?”

Heather inhaled sharply, gasping madly for breath. She turned toward her husband. He just shrugged his shoulders as though it was out of his hands.

Her eyes bugged out. I thought for sure she was going to faint. “Take her to a sex room and whore the pretty young thing out,” Mistress told the attendants on either side of her. “I’ll contact you when it’s time to bring her back to the Entertainment stage so we can snuff her sweet ass.”

“Yes, Mistress,” they said in unison.

For a second I thought Heather was going to collapse in their arms. “You’re going to look great dancing on air,” Chastity told the poor woman. “I can’t wait to see you hang. Now run along” and she waved her hand as though to shoo the three along. “I want you thoroughly fucked before you swing for me. Trust me, baby; you’re going to love it when the noose seduces that slender neck of yours. Honey, you look like you were made to dance!”

“But I… but… I, uh…” Heather whimpered as the two attendants escorted her out the door.

With a snap of her fingers another attendant moved to Omaha’s side. “Enjoy yourself, my dear boy,” she told him. “I’ll make sure you don’t miss anything when it’s time to hang your lovely wife.”

He nodded, appearing somewhat dazed by the whole thing. But he allowed the attendant to escort him out of the room.

My wife, an additional attendant and I remained as Mistress turned to face Carmen and Sophia with her two escorts standing on either side of the seated woman. Both women were visibly alarmed at how the situation had changed. Chastity just chuckled, now that she had them in her clutches.

She told them, “I think I need to give Omaha’s dear wife some time to enjoy some cock, ladies. I think we can find something to do in the meantime, don’t you?” Then she turned in my direction.

“Stick around, my dear boy. You might as well stay and enjoy yourself. After all, with these two sluts there should be plenty to go around.” Then she cheerfully motioned in the direction of her two new possessions.

“Bitch,” Carmen muttered softly, causing Mistress to stride over to her and slap her face hard.

“What was that?” she asked angrily. “Speak louder, bitch; I didn’t hear you!”

“Nothing, Mistress,” Carmen said quietly, bowing submissively. “I lost. Therefore I must submit myself and my secretary to your wishes.”

Sophia gasped aloud, looking horrified at what her Mistress had just said. All it took was a glare from Carmen to cause her to quickly lower her head submissively. “I am yours to do with as you please, Mistress,” she humbly remarked to Chastity.

“Much better,” Mistress Chastity said to them both.

She smiled evilly as she excitedly rubbed her hands together. “This is going to be a night to remember! But since we’ve got a little time to spare to get better acquainted, I think we should get things started, don’t you?” Both women kept their heads bowed. But I could tell they were both trembling noticeably.

2010; 2019 (written Feb 13 ’10; ed. Oct 10 ‘19 by riwa)

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