Sadie needs a release


I rush home after a long, stressful day. I’m tired and I’m frustrated. I need a good release.

I go into the bedroom and look at the big mirror on the front of the antique closet door. I look up at the hook directly above. That’s when inspiration strikes.

I grab a red rope I previously fashioned into a noose. I thread one end through the hook in the ceiling. Then I start to take off all my clothes.

The more I contemplate what I’m about to do, the more aroused I become. The stresses of the day fall away as I loop the noose around my neck. Then I sit there looking at myself in the mirror as I start to masturbate.

My nipples harden as my crotch moistens. It feels good sitting there. Looking at myself with the noose around my neck is an incredible turn-on. But there’s something missing.

I grab the end of the rope and pull as I finger myself. My air is restricted, and I feel an erotic jolt. I play with my nub, fingering it until it swells.

I reach up to grope a breast. It feels good, and I love the sexy image reflected back to me. But I want both my hands free.

I slip my head out of the noose. Then I rise up, take the free end, and go find a place to tie it off. I check the reflection of the noose dangling in the mirror to judge where I want it to be before securing it.

I go back and sit down, pulling the noose down around my neck. It’s much better; now I can use both hands. But the noose isn’t tight enough.

I remove it from around my neck before I get back up. I walk over and retie the end of the rope, taking out a little more slack. I really want to cum, and I hope I did it right this time.

I go back and sit down before pulling the noose down. This time I have to rise up a little to get it around my neck. When I sit back down, it’s nice and tight.

It’s really snug… maybe a little too snug. My pussy jolts as my nipples stiffen. It’s a little difficult catching my breath.

I look in the mirror and see a partially strangled woman looking back at me. She’s naked, and she looks so fucking sexy. Her nipples are hard, her pussy wet with moisture.

Gawd; I want to fuck her! I want to suck on her nipples and lick her pussy. I feel a surge of incredible arousal as I watch her grope her boobs while fingering her pussy.

She struggles to breathe; I think she made that noose a little too tight. It turns me on seeing her looking back at me like that. There’s a look of euphoria in her eyes as she touches herself.

Yes – yes – yes – YES! Make yourself cum, you sexy bitch! As though reading my mind, she begins furiously fingering her clit.

I watch as her face turns red. Then she savagely gropes her boobs as she finger-fucks herself. A moment later she cums violently, and I cum right along with her.

Her nipples are so hard they must hurt. Mine hurt just watching her. That noose looks like it’s a little too tight. But I can tell she wants another one.

I’m on fire with a terrible arousal as I watch her. I mimic her movements as she fingers herself harder and faster. She wants another orgasm before she passes out. I want one too…

Yes… yes… YES, you sexy bitch! Cum for me as you strangle yourself! I want to watch you cum!

There’s a look of bliss in her face as she looks right at me. She’s lost in her pleasure. She shudders as she cums again. My orgasm matches hers.

I’m suddenly aware it’s getting harder to breathe. This time she looks at me as though she wants to watch me cum while I strangle myself. Gawd, I really want this… maybe one more.

As I grope and finger myself, she matches my movements. She looks like she can barely catch her breath, but she doesn’t seem to care. I want to watch her strangle herself as she cums. I want to watch her so bad.

She looks at me and sees how asphyxiated I am. She shudders as she fingers herself. I shudder too from an incredible orgasm.

I’m dimly aware of her leaning off to one side against the wall. The noose looks really tight around her throat. She looks so fucking sexy. But now my vision is starting to blur.

Her fingers twitch in her cunt. It looks like she cums one last time, and I’m barely aware of cumming right along with her. Then my vision fails me as I find myself spiraling into oblivion with her strangling herself to death right there in front of me…

(Sep 30 ’17)

(Inspired by the manip “Sadie” created)

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