The trash bin victim


I don’t remember when I first learned Tommy had a drowning fetish. All I know is he dunked me really good when we were swimming in the pool. For a minute there I even swallowed water.

He pulled me back up and apologized. Afterwards I thought nothing of it. But then I learned he’d dunked other girls the exact same way.

It took a while before I caught on. I was certainly careful whenever we went swimming together. But he still ended up dunking me a lot.

I would always release a ton of nose bubbles whenever he pushed me under. Afterwards he would apologize. He always seemed sincere and remorseful. But I saw how hard his cock became in his swim trunks whenever he dunked me.

I watched him around other girls whenever he was in the pool. It was always the same. He made sure to dunk them at some point, causing then to release a lot of bubbles.

Afterwards he would apologize for being so rough with them. Each time they brushed it off as though it was no big deal. But I was beginning to think differently.

I soon came to the conclusion he had a drowning fetish. I suspected Tommy actually wanted to watch a girl drown. The question was: who did he want to watch bubble away her last breath? Was it me? Or did he have someone else in mind?

We were eating lunch at a restaurant one day when I decided to let him know I was on to him. I knew it would be risky. So I had deliberately picked a public place.

He had just bitten into a piece of chicken when I calmly asked, “So tell me, Tommy. Just who is it you want to drown?” For a minute there I thought he was going to choke on his poultry.

His face flushed crimson as he asked, “What makes you think I want to drown someone, Jenni?”

“I’ve been watching you, Tommy. I see how you dunk the girls whenever you’re in the pool. You get this gleeful look on your face. And I’ve seen how hard your cock tents in your trunks. You want to drown somebody, don’t you? So who is it? Who do you want to drown?”

He said nothing as he focused on the plate of food in front of him. Then I leaned closer and whispered conspiratorially, “Is it me you want to drown?”

“Yes… no… maybe… sometimes I think I do.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen his face so red.

I don’t know why, but it gave me a thrill knowing he wanted to watch me drown. “Is that why you get hard all the time: dunking the girls while watching the bubbles come up?”

“Yes.” Now he was really focused on that piece of chicken on his plate.

For some reason I didn’t feel like my life was in any danger from him… at least not at that point… and certainly not right there in that restaurant. But I did find his fetish to be a fascinating one. I also found myself thinking about what it would be like to watch him drown another woman. I found the idea strangely appealing.

I decided I’d better reassure him before he considered me a threat. So I told him, “Don’t worry, Tommy. Your secret is safe with me.” But that didn’t seem to make him feel all that better.

Suddenly I was curious. “Tommy, have you ever drowned anyone before?”


“Have you ever come close?” He didn’t answer. I saw him staring at his food again.

The idea gave me another erotic thrill. So I asked him, “Ever come close to drowning me?”

Again he didn’t answer. I found it amusing. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’?” He just stuffed another bite of chicken into his mouth.

I don’t know why, but I found the idea of him wanting to drown a woman quite a turn-on. Knowing how hard his cock might get gave me delicious tingles. So I leaned in close and whispered, “Would you like me to help you find some poor girl to drown?”

He dropped his fork as he stared at me in astonishment. There was no way of knowing, but I was sure his cock was rock hard. I just grinned as I nodded my head.

“I’m serious, Tommy. Would you like me to help you make it happen?”

He looked all around as though he was afraid someone was listening in. I just giggled. “Tell you what. Let’s finish our lunch and you can think about it for a while, ok? Let me get back to you on it.” He just nodded.

When we were finished he paid for the bill and left ahead of me. But I was sure I saw a noticeable stain in his trousers. I couldn’t help giggling. I also couldn’t help becoming a little breathless at the idea of helping him drown someone.

I avoided him for a week as I looked into the matter. I found something that I thought might work out for us. Then I called him up one night.

When he answered the phone I asked if he remembered our drowning conversation at the restaurant. “Jenni, I’ve never been able to get it out of my head.”

I giggled as I asked, “Are you hard now?”

“You’re damned right I am!”

“I’ve been looking into it for you, Tommy. I think I may have found a way to make it happen. I may even have a victim all lined up. Are you game?”

“Damn, Jenni. I don’t know. I mean…”

“Yes or no, Tommy.” Then I held my breath wondering just how serious he was.

“Yes, Jenni. You can count me in.” I smiled inwardly. I should have known.

Surprisingly I was relieved he’d said yes. I think I would have been disappointed if he would have said no. Strangely I was really looking forward to watching a girl drown for him.

“Tommy, I’ll give you the time and place when it’s all set up. Until then you can sit and stew in your excitement while waiting for my call.”

“I’m going to go crazy waiting to hear from you, Jenni.”

I laughed. “Just use your hand until I call, Tommy.”

“Don’t worry; I will.” And with that he hung up. I knew for a fact he would be using his hand a lot until I called him back to finalize drowning the girl I had in mind.

I found a place with a pool where the owners would be out of town for a while. They had something in the back yard I thought would be perfect. So I called Tommy.

I gave him the time and the location. I told him to park around back. There was a dirt road he could use. He said he would meet me there.

He showed up twenty minutes early. I wasn’t surprised. I led him to the home and we got inside through an unlocked door in the back.

I told him what I had in mind. Right away I noticed him getting hard again. I gave him a sly wink as I told him, “Try not to be too obvious when she shows up, eh Tommy?”

We waited twenty minutes until a car pulled up into the driveway. A blonde with a nice rack got out. She came up to the door and knocked.

I opened it up and introduced myself. She said her name was Laci and I let her inside. Tommy was all smiles as he looked her up and down.

Right away I noticed movement in his shorts. I figured we had to get this party started right away. Otherwise his bulge might give the game away.

She told me, “You said I would earn five hundred dollars if I came here and let you take pictures and videos of me in the water, right?”

“It depends on whether you’ll do it naked and if you can hold your breath long enough. It’ll be considerably less if you can’t hold your breath.”

“I can hold it,” she reassured us. “And nudity is not a problem with me.” A glance at Tommy revealed his eyes were big as saucers.

“We’re doing a video,” I told her. “Tommy’s here to help me take additional footage. So you’ll need to sign a release.”

I gave her a paper with some stuff I had written on it. She scanned it before quickly signing. Then we took her out back.

I showed her a large trash bin full of water. It had a plastic window cut into it so you could see the individual inside. Then I smiled as I told her, “I thought we might call it The Trash Bin Victim. What do you think, Laci?”

I like it,” she replied with a smile. Then she started to strip.

Once more Tommy’s eyes bugged out as she got naked for us. She had huge, gorgeous tits. I figured those were going to bounce real good when the time was right.

I leaned over to Tommy and asked, “What do you think?”

“She’s gorgeous!” he panted breathlessly. “And she’s got great nostrils.”

“Nostrils?” Laci asked, having overheard our conversation.

“He likes nose bubbles,” I told her. “Think you can give us some?”

“For five hundred dollars I’ll give you as many as you need.”

“Perfect. Now let’s get you inside the bin.”

Tommy helped her up into the bin. The water sloshed from some displacement. “That’s perfect,” I told her. “Let me get some stills to start.”

Laci stood there and smiled as she folded her arms under her tits. I snapped off some photos. Tommy also took a few from the camera he had.

I looked at her for a long moment. Now I was really getting excited. So I asked, “I told you about the bondage moments of the shoot, didn’t I?” She nodded her head.

“Any objections?” She shook her head.

“Good. Tommy, if you’ll go tie her arms behind her back, we’ll get this show on the road.”

He went over to her in the trash bin and started tying her arms behind her back. I asked her, “That’s not too tight, is it, Laci?” She told me it was fine.

I asked if bondage was a turn-on for her. She said it was. So I told her, “That’s good. That should make the shoot even better if you’re into it.”

“Those are great tits,” I remarked when Tommy had finished and stepped away.”

“They’re my best feature,” she admitted with a grin.

“They sure look like they are. Now lower yourself into the water for me.”

She dunked her tits, asking me, “How’s this?” I told her that was just fine.

I took a couple pictures of her breasts through the window. “What do you think?” I asked Tommy.

He told me they looked great. But I could see he was getting a nice tent in those shorts he was wearing. I think he was looking forward to the main event. Frankly so was I.

“Now we want you to get comfortable going up and down in the bin, Laci. Why don’t you go down and see how it works; ok?”

She nodded before taking a big breath. Then she submerged. Tommy and I started taking pictures.

I half expected her to rise right back up. Instead she stayed down for a good twenty seconds. She was struggling to stay down while she kept her eyes closed as she concentrated on holding her breath.

She finally came up and gasped for breath. Then she said, “I keep wanting to come up.”

“We’ll use a weight belt,” I told her. She nodded with understanding.

Tommy went and fetched one. He went over and helped put it around her waist. Then I told her, “Now go back down. This time I’ll take some pictures from the top of the bin looking in.”

She filled her lungs with air and then submerged again. I stepped up and took more pictures. Some water spilled out, but for the most part the bin looked full without losing too much. And the weight belt appeared to be working.

We took more pictures of her through the window. I called out, “Give Tommy some nose bubbles!” She responded by releasing air out of her nose.

I looked over at Tommy and smiled. The bulge was evident in his trunks now. It gave me a thrill knowing how turned on he was.

She came up and got another breath. I told her, “This time we’ll take more pictures and video of you through the window.” Laci nodded before she filled her lungs and submerged again.

She went back down and settled in for what turned out to be a nice, long breath-hold. She even shook her boobs at us. Tommy got video as I took several photos.

At the last moment she began releasing nose bubbles as though remembering we had asked for them. “Perfect!” Tommy gasped as he shot more video.

Laci came up and gasped again for breath. Then she asked, “How was that?”

I told her, “You’re doing great. Now we want to try it with the lid down. Anytime you need a breath you just come back up. Push the lid open with your head if you have to. That lid should open up nice and fast for you.”

Laci nodded as she gasped for breath. Then she submerged yet again. I smiled as I folded the lid closed on her.

Tommy had a definite bulge in his shorts as he took a ton of video. I took a bunch of photos showing the lid closed. My excitement was growing by leaps and bounds over what we were about to do to her.

She was down well over a minute before she came up for air. The lid easily flopped open when she pushed against it with her head. “How as that?” she gasped as she got her breath back.

“So far, so good,” I replied. “But you’re still not staying down long enough.”

“Let me work on that,” she said with a smile. Then she filled her lungs before submerging again.

Down she went, crouching on the bottom with her knees up. I got some great shots of her cute pussy. The belt around her waist was definitely helping her stay down.

She remained underwater in the trash bin for a good minute and a half. Her stomach rippled as she pushed herself. Then she burst back up, her head pushing the lid open as she came up panting loudly for breath.

“How was that?”

“We’ll pay you for two minute breath-holds, Laci. No less. That last one was only a minute thirty.”

She looked disappointed. “I’ll try harder. Then she filled her lungs before submerging again.

“And more nose bubbles!” I called down after her as I closed the lid on her.

I turned and winked as I told my ‘cameraman’, “Right, Tommy?” He just nodded excitedly. I think he was becoming more than a little breathless with excitement.

She settled in for another long breath-hold. She released a few bubbles out of her nose. I hollered at her, “DON’T RELEASE TOO MANY TOO SOON!” She nodded as though she’d heard me.

She concentrated on holding her breath again. I snapped a lot of pictures of her great tits. She even shook them back and forth at me.

I looked over at Tommy and could tell he was about to go nuts. So I quietly told him, “Ok – ok; we’ll drown the bitch. We’ll do it on the next breath-hold, ok?” He eagerly nodded his excitement. I didn’t tell him I was wet down below from my own arousal.

I took more pictures as he took more video. Laci dutifully released bubbles out of her nose. Her lungs showed the strain as her chest heaved. It was a real turn-on seeing her struggle to hold her breath.

She finally burst up, pushing the lid open with her head. Then she gasped loudly for breath. I checked her time and smiled at her.

“That was one forty-eight, Laci. Make the next one two minutes and you’ve got yourself five hundred dollars.”

Piece of cake!” she replied eagerly. I had to chuckle inwardly. Blonde to the end.

She took several deep breaths to get ready. She was almost hyperventilating. I didn’t care that much as it was going to be her last breath anyway.

She finally filled her lungs. Then she submerged. I closed the lid and then quietly latched it.

I felt an incredible jolt of arousal as I locked her in. I glanced over at Tommy who was furiously taking video. There was no way those shorts of his could hide his arousal now. It was a good thing Laci had her eyes closed underwater.

I got more great pictures of her pussy and tits. She even shook them for us again. I thought for sure her kitty was winking at me. Maybe it was from her own arousal.

She settled in for a long breath-hold. So I called out the times to her… “One minute…… minute twenty…… minute forty!”

Her stomach began to ripple as her chest heaved. She lost bubbles out of her nose as she struggled. She was really wincing as I called out, “PUSH IT… PUSH IT… YOU’RE AT ONE FIFTY!”

I could tell she was struggling. A quick glance over revealed Tommy going nuts with excitement. I was on the verge of cumming myself.


She lost bubbles out of her nose. Then the bubbles burst out of her mouth. She grunted and squirmed until I called out, “TWO MINUTES, LACI! NOW YOU CAN DROWN FOR US!”

She shot up, only for her head to bang against the lid. But this time it didn’t give. Tommy panted, “Bloody hell!” as she kept banging her head upward.

I was breathless as I called out, “YOU CAN OPEN IT! TRY HARDER!” She banged her head against the lid again and again as her chest really heaved. Then she appeared to gulp a big mouthful of water.

Almost immediately she went into a panic as she thrashed about inside that bin. She kept trying to push her way up. But the lid remained firmly in place.

Bubbles flushed out of her mouth and nose as she screamed her breath away. Then she began coughing and gulping. She hitched and convulsed as she clenched her eyes tight. It was as though she was hoping she would suddenly wake up back in her bed and be nice and dry.

She suddenly stopped struggling as she sagged back down into the trash bin in a croush. Stray bubbles trickled out of her nostrils. Her breasts wobbled from stray muscles that fired as her arms twitched and her legs jerked. Then she sat there without any movement at all.

I felt a hot surge of pleasure flush through me. I paused to savor it before it passed. Then I turned to Tommy.

I was going to ask, “Was it good for you?” Then I saw the huge stain in his shorts. I didn’t have to say a word. He just grinned at me as though he was the happiest man on the planet.

I walked up to the trash bin and unlatched the lid. Then I flipped it open. Laci sat on the bottom with no bubbles coming up. There wasn’t even a ripple at the surface.

“Time for us to pack up and go, Tommy.” He didn’t have to be told twice.

We gathered our things and did our best to wipe away any and all fingerprints. Then we left Laci in the trash bin for the owners to find once they got home. I could only imagine the confusion the police would have trying to figure out how she got herself in there.

As for Tommy? He was eternally grateful. The next day he treated me to a huge dinner just to thank me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that day lately. It was such a turn-on watching her drown. I even had an orgasm as she bubbled her breath away. So now I’m kind of wondering…

Would Tommy be interested in helping me drown another one?

2019 (written May 11 ’19 by riwa)

(Inspired by H20GEMS clip Another Trash Bin Victim using pictures as illustrations from the gif they posted.)

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