Purge night for the Strippers


I always thought the idea of a Purge Night (based on the movies) was a great idea for individual stories. With that in mind, this is the fanfiction I came up with. Originally I broke this up into two parts. But I’ve decided to combine them into one big post so you won’t have to wait for part 2. Thank you so much for visiting.

Purge night for the Strippers


Teri ground against the stripper pole, giving the audience her most sultry smile. There were many men as well as a few women in attendance. She loved how her dance was enjoyed by both sexes.

She had to concentrate as her mind kept drifting to her immediate future. The Purge would take place in a couple of days. And all the strippers who worked at the club felt vulnerable.

There seemed to be a general consensus among the killers out on the streets on Purge night. Strippers and prostitutes were considered fair game. For those women it was a night of fear and the unknown. For the killers it was a night of sex, torture and murder.

Teri scanned the audience as she focused on making love to the pole. How many were out there sizing up her and her companions? How many were considering which bitches they might want to enjoy torturing before murdering? It gave her a shiver of dread.

Last year they’d barely gotten out alive. Some Purgers had broken into a club she and her friends worked at, killing a girl she’d known for only a month. Part of the place had been set on fire before armed security had finished off the rampagers. But with the building closed she and her friends had been forced to look elsewhere for employment.

They’d eventually settled here in the Kit Kat Klub. But the owner wasn’t taking any chances. He was going to be closed on Purge night, making sure the building was secure. Not only would the ladies have no place of work for the night, they would be out on their own.

Teri finished her set, smiling at all the whoops and hollers. Then she headed back to the dressing room. They only had two days… two days to find a safe place to crash for the night.

She passed her best friend Maureen who was heading for the stage. Maureen was eight years older but with a lot less meat on her bones. They were the same height at 5’ 4”, although Maureen had short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes whereas Teri’s hair was a soft, silky crimson.

“Good news,” Maureen said as she rushed by.

“What’s the news?” Teri called after her. Then Maureen disappeared. A few seconds later she heard her friend being introduced to the audience right before the music started.

Teri reached the dressing room and went inside. Tanya and Chantelle were both there. So were a couple of females she did not recognize. Had the club owner hired some new girls in anticipation of losing a couple of his strippers to Purge night?

“Teri, this is Dani and Mariana,” Tanya told her by way of introduction.

She was about to ask who’s hours were being cut with the new additions when Chantelle added, “They may have a place for us to hang out on Purge night.”

Teri perked up at the news. “Purge night? You have a safe place for us on Purge night?”

“We’ve been watching you girls strip over the past couple of days,” Dani explained. “We heard you were going to be closed on Purge night. So we thought we might hire you out for a private party.”

“A private party?” Now Teri was leery.

“There’s a building right outside of town with a gate and everything,” Mariana told her. “It has rooms on the upper floor for you to sleep as well as a big room in the basement for putting on shows. After everyone’s gone home – if they choose to go home, that is – you girls can stay over until morning.”

“We’ll have a couple of armed guards on the premises,” Dani added as the two ladies took turns talking.

Mariana smiled as she told her, “All the Purgers will be in the city causing murder and mayhem. But I doubt we’re going to be bothered. After all, why waste your time on a building a few miles outside of town?

“That’s right,” Dani nodded. “We didn’t have any incidents last year.”

“And the clients brought a lot of money with them,” Mariana interjected. “The girls did very well. We were hoping to get them again. Instead we found you girls here at the Kit Kat Klub.”

“And we like what we’ve seen so far; right, Mari?”

“That’s right, Dani. We’ve already discussed it with your friends. But they said we’d have to talk to you first, Teri.”

“So what do you think?” Chantelle asked her friend.

“It sounds promising; doesn’t it, Teri? And we’ll get to work all night if we want.” Tanya sounded hopeful.

“We might even be allowed to pick up a few extra bucks if you know what I mean,” Chantelle added with a sly wink.

Tanya looked at her friend sourly, knowing what she was inferring. Chantelle was willing to give blowjobs to customers to increase her earnings. And if the pay was right she would certainly be willing to spread her legs.

“So what do you think, Teri?” Chantelle asked.

“What does Maureen say about all this?”

“She’s in. Mostly we just need a place to hide out for the night. Remember last year?”

“I remember,” Teri said with a nod. Then she looked at Tanya and asked, “So what do you think?”

“I like it. Instead of cowering in a locked room all night, we can dance and strip in a safe location while making some extra money.”

Teri looked at the two newcomers standing there. Then she smiled, thankful they now had what seemed to be a safe place to stay for Purge night. “Sounds like we’re in then. When can you pick us up? We don’t want to be out after dark, you know.”

“We’ll swing by around three and pick you all up. We should be out of the city well before five. That gives us a couple hours before Purge Night even starts.

Teri looked questioningly at her two friends. Tanya reminded her that Maureen had already agreed so long as she also wanted to go. Chantelle said it was all right with her.

“Then I guess we’re all in,” Teri told the newcomers. After all, the ladies seemed nice enough. She just hoped it would not turn out to be an offer they should have turned down in hindsight.

“Great! We’ll pick you up in a couple of days.” Dani and Mariana smiled and left.

On the day of the Purge Teri was nervous as three pm approached. Could she trust those two women to pick them all up and keep them safe? A part of her felt uneasy for some reason.

It all seemed too good to be true. But the ladies had been nice to them during that meeting a couple days back. And their offer seemed genuine. They certainly didn’t seem dangerous, much less appear as Purgers and murderers.

Teri looked out her living room window and watched as a van pulled up with two familiar faces inside. It looked like a nice Dodge Caravan. She’d been afraid it might end up being some white van where they would all have to lie on the floor for the entire ride.

She went out with her overnight bag in hand. Dani got out from the passenger seat up front and opened the sliding door, greeting her with a smile. “Got everything you need, Teri?”

“Got it all right here,” she replied with a smile, hefting the bag. “A couple outfits and makeup are inside. And I’ve brought along a little negligee to sleep in after the show’s over. I hope to get in a little rest before morning.”

“I think we can arrange that,” Mariana told her from the driver’s seat with a grin.

Teri climbed in before Dani got back into her seat. Then they drove off. It took them over an hour to pick up her three friends living all around the city.

“Thanks!” Maureen declared when she was picked up last. “For a minute there I wasn’t sure you were coming.”

“I wouldn’t leave you behind,” Teri told her as Maureen slid in right next to her.

The van headed out of the city, Maureen and Teri sitting in the back while Tanya and Chantelle took the middle bench row. The ladies chatted amongst themselves, relieved they were going to be safe for the night. They seemed happy not to have to deal with a city in turmoil from a crazed segment of the population.

They were five miles out when they turned into a private drive with an open gate. The lane went up a hill and then back down, helping to obscure the location from the main road. The strippers looked ahead and saw a large two story building that looked to be relatively updated. An unpaved parking lot looked like it could accommodate around twenty or thirty cars.

It was four-thirty when the van drove up and around to the back to the building. The structure looked to have been built into the side of the earth. “You ladies will be staying on the main floor,” Dani explained. “The shows will take place down in the basement where all the clients will be entering. There’s a stairwell that leads down.”

“Where will we sleep?” Chantelle wanted to know. Tanya gave her a dirty look as though questioning whether she would be sleeping alone or with some customer.

“There are rooms upstairs with beds,” Mariana said as she shut off the engine. “There are some downstairs as well. But you might want to sleep upstairs after you’re done stripping.”

“Sounds good,” Maureen said as she gathered up her overnight bag. Then she looked all around before adding, “I’m sure glad we got here with plenty of time to spare. You’re right about this place. It hardly looks like an ideal target for a bunch of Purgers. You can’t even see it from the highway.”

Dani nodded as she replied, “This gives us all the privacy we need for a night of entertainment while the world goes to hell for twelve hours.”

The strippers all got out before Dani and Mariana led them to the front door. They were let inside and led to a pair of rooms where they could change and get cleaned up. Teri and Maureen paired up while Tanya and Chantelle took the other one.

They both showered. Then they started to get dressed and get ready. “What do you think?” Teri asked as she sat in front of a mirror on a vanity table and started putting on her make-up.

“On the drive out Dani said we might have as many as twenty-five guests. She said last year they came with a lot of money to burn. We might do better tonight than two or three nights back in the city.”

“You think Chantelle will end up on her knees tonight?”

Maureen laughed. “If the money is good, she’ll more than likely end up on her back with her legs spread.”

Teri had to laugh in agreement. They actually had a chance to make good money on what was normally the most dangerous night of the year. She’d been a little tense on the drive out. But she was starting to relax about the whole thing.

The strippers got together before they went downstairs to check out where they would be performing and a room they could use between sets. The main floor had two poles so a pair of them could dance at the same time. There were cushioned chairs all around, indicating they would probably have the opportunity to give out lap-dances as well.

They went back upstairs and discussed the evening as they looked out a window at the parking lot below. They agreed that all earnings from their dancing would be put into a pool and divided evenly. Anything private – lap-dances and things like someone spending intimate time alone with clients (they all looked at Chantelle on that one) – would be kept separate.

The sun was low in the sky when Dani and Mariana came in with sacks of food. Dani invited them over to a table. “Max and Dave picked up Chinese on their way out of town. I hope that’s ok. We don’t have much else around here other than drinks and snacks. But I love the outfits you’re all wearing. You’re going to be so popular downstairs.”

The strippers were appreciative. They sat down and enjoyed dinner. Chinese had been a good choice as it would help to keep them from becoming too bloated before their performance.

Maureen went over to the window and looked out. Cars were starting to fill the parking lot. “They’re arriving,” she observed quietly.

“Do any of them look dangerous?” Teri asked.

“I can’t tell. I don’t think so. I don’t see anyone carrying a shotgun or anything like that.”

“I think we’ll be all right,” Chantelle observed as she took another bite of her egg role. Tanya gave her a knowing look and they both laughed.

Dani came upstairs and told them, “It’s seven pm. We just heard the siren on the radio. Come on down when you’re finished up here and we’ll get started. I think everybody’s here.”

“Be right down,” Maureen told her.

Dani headed back down as the strippers tidied up the remnants of their meal. Teri put it all in the refrigerator. Then they went back to the two rooms for one last check of their makeup and attire.

Teri had saved her lipstick for last. She applied a flashy red that went well with her hair. She saw Maureen busy straightening up a part of her attire.

Teri finally stood up from the vanity. “Ok; I’m ready. Let’s go down and put on a show.” Maureen smiled at her as they walked out of the room.

They collected Tanya and Chantelle who were also ready. Both ladies wore sexy outfits. Each girl had brought another outfit to remove for their second set. But after that Teri suspected that once they shed their second set of garments they would probably remain naked until the customers went home or started to retire for the night.

The foursome made their way to the stairs and quietly walked down in their heels. They met Dani who was just coming up to check on them. “Oh there you are. You girls ready?”

“Ready to party,” Chantelle replied with a grin.

“I like your spirit.”

Dani led them to a corner of the hallway and showed them where they would emerge into the large room. “Anything else you need from me?”

“Just announce us,” Maureen told her. “We’ve already discussed how we’re going to start this first set. We have the evening all laid out in our heads.”

“Sounds good,” Dani replied. Then she left them alone as she walked out into the main room.

The voices quieted down. The strippers heard Dani get everyone’s attention. “Ladies and gentlemen… here they are for your Purge night enjoyment, direct from the Kit Kat Klub!” Then the music started as the room broke out in applause.

Tanya was first, striding out into the dimmed room to whistles and applause. She took up a pole and started to ride it. There were more whistles.

She danced on the pole for a good five minutes. Then Chantelle sashayed into the room. She got whistles and cheers as she took up the other pole.

The two women danced and twirled, some of their moves syncing up. Five minutes later Maureen came out. Tanya vacated her pole and danced in front of a small group of spectators as Maureen took the empty pole and began to rub and grind against it.

The customers whooped and hollered. The girls were totally into it now. Five minutes later Teri made her entrance.

She got cheers and whistles as Chantelle gave up the pole for her. Teri joined Maureen in a choreographed dance. Tanya and Chantelle found different sections of the audience to dance and play up to.

After another five minutes the four strippers gyrated all around the dance floor, moving around in front of different audience members. It was as though they were sizing them up to decide who might turn out to be the best paying customers. Strangely they hadn’t started stripping yet.

Tanya was the first to dance out of the room. She just gyrated in the direction where they had come from before disappearing around the corner and entering their changing room. That left her three friends out on the floor.

Five minutes later Chantelle was next. She danced away from the floor in the direction Tanya had gone. Soon she too disappeared.

Five minutes later Maureen began to dance her way off the main floor. By now some of the spectators were murmuring amongst themselves. What the hell was going on?

Five minutes later Teri waved goodbye. Then she danced in the direction of her friends. For the moment the main floor was empty.

The music suddenly changed. Tanya came back out in a different outfit. She picked a pole close to a group of onlookers. That’s when she began to strip as she danced.

The customers became animated and appreciative as flimsy garments came off and were thrown to the crowd. Then she ground against the stripper pole. This time she left a sheen of moisture from where her wet pussy had rubbed against it.

The music changed again. This time Chantelle came back out. She too had changed her outfit.

Tanya left the pole right before Chantelle came up to it. She grabbed on and ground against it as Tanya found a lap to dance in. Then Chantelle began to remove pieces of her flimsy garment, also tossing them into the appreciative crowd.

While she fucked the stripper pole, Tanya ground her sexy ass into some guy’s crotch, a male who looked like he had a lot of money to burn. His bulge indicated how much he liked all the attention he was receiving. Chantelle smiled inwardly to herself before looking around to pick out a customer for herself.

Five minutes later the music changed again as Maureen came out. The pattern was the same. Tanya picked another lap to dance in; Chantelle found a lap of her own; and Maureen took up the recently vacated pole. Soon she was shedding pieces of her garment as well, tossing them into the spectators to whoops and whistles.

She ground against the stripper pole, adding moisture from her wet pussy to what had been left behind by her friends. She looked around until she picked out some guy who looked promising. Then she danced over to him as the music changed again.

Teri came out last, this time in a different outfit. If anything it made her look sluttier than the last one she’d worn. Her soft, red hair shown in the dim lighting as she flashed her red, painted lips in a sexy smile.

The other strippers had found laps to dance in. As Teri ground her cunt against the stripper pole, she searched the faces for an appreciative male to focus on. She finished her set by slowly removing pieces of her flimsy garment, tossing them into the crowd as souvenirs like her friends had done.

After her five minutes were up she went into the audience and picked a crotch with a noticeable bulge. The guy smiled appreciatively as his female companion egged the stripper on. Now the dance floor was empty as the girls focused on individual customers.

They got pawed a lot as they teased the guys they were giving lap-dances to. But they didn’t mind so much. That’s because they’d decided to bend the rules a little on Purge night, allowing for more touching and groping.

There was a lot of grabbing, and more than a little fingering. The strippers were flush with arousal as they turned up the heat in the room. There wasn’t a single crotch without a bulge. And the ladies in the gathering appeared to be enjoying the spectacle as well.

Things took a turn when Tanya started struggling with a customer. The others could hear her telling him, “No, that’s not what I’m here for. I only dance and strip and tease.”

A male voice angrily replied, “Get on your knees and suck my cock, bitch!” Tanya told him to go to hell. That’s when Teri began to feel a little uncomfortable. She hoped those two guys with Dani and Mariana would show up to kick out any unruly clients.

Tanya was trying to get away from the man pawing and groping her when the music stopped. Dani and Mariana quickly came over to her and her customer. “What’s the problem?” Dani asked irritably.

At that moment Teri and her friends felt a sense of relief. It looked like the two girls were going to shut the customer down and tell him to behave. Maybe Max and Dave were hovering somewhere nearby. Apparently this wasn’t going to get out of hand after all.

The male protested, “She won’t suck my cock!”

“Is this true?” Dani asked the flustered stripper.

Tanya replied, “We don’t suck and fuck the customers while we’re dancing.”

“You do tonight, bitch! Now get on your fucking knees!”


“On your fucking knees, bitch!”

“Fuck you!” Tanya had decided she’d had enough.

Teri felt a jolt of unease as Maureen and Chantelle looked her way in alarm. That’s when Dani yelled for Dave and Max to bring out the block. Then the two ladies began to wrestle with Tanya to get her under control.

“Hey, want’s going on?” Chantelle asked them nervously.

“Just sit there, keep your mouth shut, and tend to your customer, bitch!” Chantelle felt a stab of fear as she looked around at her friends.

“Dani, this isn’t a part of our routine,” Teri started to say.

Dani whirled and glared daggers at her. “Was I talking to you, bitch?”

“But Dani, this isn’t right!”

About that time two males emerged with a big block of wood between them that looked like part of a tree stump. Their faces had changed into what looked like make-up for rodeo clowns. But this wasn’t no ordinary rodeo as their faces looked sinister and ominous.

One of them went back where he’d come from. The other came over to help with a struggling Tanya. He produced a zip-tie and quickly secured Tanya’s wrists behind her back.

“I think the show’s over,” Teri’s responded, trying to sound authoritative.

“I don’t think so, bitch!” Mariana told her with a sneer. “In fact I think things are just starting to get good. Now stay right there and tend to your customer.”

“We didn’t come here to get mistreated!” Maureen declared, having stood up from the lap she was dancing in.

“You’re here to entertain us on Purge night, bitch! Or did you forget that little fact?”

At that moment the other male returned. He was carrying a large axe. He walked up to the block of wood, took a swing and embedded the axe in it with a thud.

For a moment the room was deathly silent. Then customers began to applaud. One of the ladies in the audience hollered, “Off with her head!” It motivated others to start crying out the same thing.

Dani, Mariana and the male who looked like Dave hauled Tanya over to the block. The axe was pulled out before she was forced to kneel. When her head was forced down on top of the block she went pale with terror.

“NO! NO! I don’t want to lose my head!”

“You can’t do that to her!” Teri cried out.

“You want to take her place, bitch?” Dani motioned at the block, indicating she would be just as happy to see Teri kneeling there in Tanya’s place.

Teri froze, her heart hammering in her chest. She looked uncertainly at Maureen and Chantelle who both looked terrified. That’s when their customers demanded blowjobs as well.

“Better give it to ‘em, bitches, or your heads will roll next.” Then Dani looked down at Tanya and smiled.

“Now what’ll it be, bitch? Will you give the nice man a blowjob? Are you going to be a good whore and open up that cunt of yours to anybody who wants access to it? Or does he get to fuck your mouth and ass after your head’s been separated from your shoulders?”

2019 (written for Teri and Dani Jan 27 ’19 by riwa)


As she was forced to kneel at the block Tanya didn’t know whether to be frightened or angry. The sudden change in the atmosphere of the room disturbed her greatly. Was this a joke? Were these people insane??

The more she thought about it the more she couldn’t believe Dani was really serious about having her beheaded. But the fact it was Purge Night made her uneasy. The roughness of their treatment of her had alarmed her greatly. Would they really go through with their threat?

“She’s on her knees ready to suck your cock,” Dani told the customer with a smile, motioning grandly. “Come on up and enjoy her mouth. We’d hate for you not to get your money’s worth.”

He smiled as he rose up from his chair. He walked up to the stripper kneeling behind the block. Then he started to unzip his fly.

The other strippers had frozen in place, astonished at this sudden turn of events. Dani told them, “Well? What are you bitches waiting for?? Get down on those knees and start sucking those cocks!”

Teri, Maureen and Chantelle stood there uncertainly. The guy sitting in the chair in front of Chantelle suddenly pulled his pants down. Then he grabbed her by a handful of hair, spun her around and forced her onto her knees.

She let out a cry of alarm, getting Teri’s attention. Maureen felt her stomach churn at the sudden turn of events. “But we don’t…” Chantelle started to gasp.

Teri decided to try one more time. “Not during our shows!” she declared as authoritatively as possible. “It’s possible some of the ladies might be open to a little action after…”

Dani cut her off as she glared angrily at a kneeling Tanya and barked, “Are you going to suck his cock or not?”

Tanya didn’t know what the hell to do. A part of her was indignant and disbelieving. The other part was understandably frightened.

The customer stood in front of her with a large prick. She wasn’t sure she could get it down her throat in the first place. Would they really cut her head off with an axe? Weren’t these just props brought in special for Purge Night?

She wanted to retain some dignity. Perhaps a compromise was in order. So she nervously told him, “After the show I’d be h-happy to discuss a price for giving you a blowjob.”

A female voice cried out, “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” A male voice seconded the motion. With a nod from Dani the one named Dave in the horrifically painted face grabbed Tanya and forced her head down onto the block.

The strippers all gasped, unable to believe their eyes. Tanya cried out, “TERI; DO SOMETHING!” A moment later the one named Max hefted the axe and brought it down hard.

His aim was remarkably accurate. The axe came down with a loud THUMP. The strippers and customers all jerked at the sound.

Tanya’s eyes flew open in shock as the blade cut right through her neck. Her head came off and bounced once off the floor before settling on its side. A spray of blood shot out of the severed neck.

Tanya’s headless body instinctively rose up onto its knees and shook itself as blood continued to pump out of the severed neck. Her tits bounced as her arms tried to jerk behind her back. Then she pitched over onto her side and went into spasms.

Maureen got weak in the knees and collapsed. Teri nearly fainted. Chantelle let out a wail of shock and horror.

Dani smiled as she walked over and picked up the severed head. Tanya looked like she was still conscious. Dani looked right into her face and told her, “Should have sucked his cock while you were still alive, you stupid bitch. Now you’re really going to give him ‘head’!”

She turned and handed it to the costumer, telling him, “With our compliments, sir.” He smiled as he grabbed the head. Then he promptly shoved his dick into her mouth until it emerged out of her neck stump as the other customers cheered.

Tanya was still aware of what was going on with her head. She was horrified as she felt the huge cock go right through her mouth. Tears trickled down her cheeks. Then her expression sagged tiredly as consciousness mercifully faded away.

“Guys?” Dani motioned at her male friends as Mariana May looked on with sadistic glee. “You might as well show our customers what they’ll be getting with this one.” Max and Dave both nodded.

They pulled down their pants and took their cocks out. Tanya had almost stopped spasming as they brought her back up onto her knees. Max shoved his cock into her pussy from behind while Dave thrust his dick into the still bleeding neck stump.

The customers cheered. Teri felt sick. Dani whirled before bellowing at the horrified trio, “NOW GET SUCKING, BITCHES!”

Teri gasped as she was forced to her knees, numb with shock and horror. A cock was shoved into her mouth as two more appeared on either side of her. Voices told her to grab them with her hands. But her mind kept reliving the horror of that axe coming down and Tanya’s head coming off.

Maureen was brought up onto her knees, still reeling. A cock was shoved down her throat. She gagged before her senses started coming back online.

It wasn’t long before Chantelle was getting a good face-fucking as well. She grunted and gurgled as a couple of cocks appeared nearby, ready to be sucked at a moment’s notice.

The three remaining strippers were grateful for one thing. At least they weren’t facing the block. Thus, they didn’t have to watch their beheaded friend getting fucked in her cunt and neck stump while a customer violated her head.

Just for fun the client pulled his cock out of Tanya’s skull. He flipped it around before putting his cock back in through the neck stump. A couple of females came over and took turns sucking on the end as it stuck out past the dead stripper’s lips.

Max let out a roar. Tanya’s spasming cunt had been too much to hold back. A moment later he left a deposit in her pussy as Dave shot his load inside the still bleeding neck stump.

Other costumers were invited to come up and defile the corpse. Tanya received a brutal degradation. At one point she ended up in a headless sandwich, her cunt and ass penetrated.

The customer with the head cried out his release. His seed spurted out through Tanya’s lips into the eager mouths of the two females assisting him. They each took turns getting a part of his load. Then they sucked the tip of his cock still sticking out past Tanya’s lips.

He finally removed her head from his dick. He tossed it over to Dani who kissed it and tasted the cum on the lips before hefting it in the air over to her friend Mariana May. She kissed it and then laughed at it before another male customer asked for it so he could fuck it with his dick.

As Tanya’s corpse was fucked face down by another customer, a couple of females came over and started sucking on her nipples. They seemed more than a little turned on at the headless body lying on the ground to play with. Her head got tossed around, some females kissing her lips while the male customers enjoyed the thrill of fucking her mouth or neck stump.

The three remaining strippers went from cock to cock. It wasn’t long before Chantelle was corralled by several females and forced to lick cunt. She, Teri and Maureen hoped Tanya would be the only one among them who would end up being killed.

After about an hour Dave and Max disappeared. A few minutes later they returned with a big, wooden tub. A hose was brought out and the tub was filled with water. “Now let’s have our strippers come over!” Dani waved grandly.

Teri, Chantelle and Maureen hesitantly came over. That’s when Mariana May produced some zip-ties. She pulled Maureen’s arms behind her back and tied them at the wrists before the shocked stripper could resist.

“What are you doing??” Teri gasped in horror. She was next, but she started to put up a struggle. Dani slapped her face, telling her to knock it off.

Eventually the three naked strippers had their wrists zip-tied behind their backs before being forced to kneel around the barrel of water. Mariana May disappeared for a moment. When she returned she had a handful of dildos.

She tossed them into the barrel with a splash. Then she laughed. “You’re going to play a game called ‘dildo-diving’. The last bitch to bring one up with her mouth? Well… I just hope she can hold her breath.”

“Why don’t you give it a try?” she cackled, forcing Chantelle’s head down into the water. The stripper bubbled and struggled. Then she was allowed back up, coughing and sputtering.

“What… you didn’t bring one up with you? Try again, bitch!”

This time her head was forced down harder. Chantelle bubbled before deciding she’d better retrieve one. She managed to get one in her mouth before she was allowed back up.

She snorted water out of her nose before spitting it out of her mouth. Then Dani pushed Teri’s head down into the barrel. “Better practice, bitch!” she said with a laugh.

Teri struggled to get one in her mouth before bringing it back up. Dani laughed at her as Mariana May went over to Maureen. “Your turn, bitch. Better not drown.” Then her head was also forced down into the barrel.

Maureen struggled to get one into her mouth. But she was having trouble wrapping her lips around one. She began to bubble as panic set in.

“Not until you bring one up, bitch!” Mariana May declared. Maureen bubbled again as she frantically mouthed for one. She finally got one between her lips and was let back up.

She spit it out of her mouth as she coughed and sputtered. The customers all laughed as they moved in closer to watch. Dani picked up the dildo Maureen had spit out, slapped her face with it, and then tossed it back into the barrel.

“Ok, bitches! Last one to bring one up is a rotten egg! Three… two… one… GO!”

Frightened, Teri and Chantelle immediately went down and tried to get one. Maureen hesitated. Then it dawned on her she might be killed if she came up last, causing her to frantically splash her head down into the water.

Three sets of bubbles came up as the strippers struggled to grab a dildo in their teeth. With three heads in the water it made the objects move around a little more. That only made it harder to snatch one up.

Chantelle got one first. She got it in her mouth and came up out of the water. “The winner!” Mariana May declared with wicked glee, grabbing her by a handful of hair and shaking her head around.

Self-preservation drove Teri to try to get a dildo in her mouth before Maureen. She saw her friend was working on getting one between her lips. Shamefully she moved closer and snatched it away, pulling it up out of the water between her teeth.

“Second place!” Mariana May proclaimed.

Maureen finally came up with one. She was horrified she’d come in last. Then she gave Teri a shocked look over the way her friend had snatched that dildo away from her.

“I guess you lost, honey,” Dani told her. Then she forced her head back down into the barrel. Maureen cried out, blowing her breath away.

A nearby customer asked if he could fuck her while she was drowning. Dani grinned at him as she pulled Maureen’s head back up. “You hear that, honey? Someone wants to help you go out with a bang!”

The guy knelt behind her. Then he thrust his hard cock up her ass. Maureen screamed before her head was forced down into the barrel.

A huge burst of bubbles came up as he fucked her hard. He pulled her head up and she gasped for breath. She cried out before he forced her head right back down into the barrel, making her hold her breath as he fucked her ass.

Other customers came up, wanting to fuck Teri and Chantelle the very way. “But I won!” Chantelle gasped, concerned about saving herself.

“I see no reason why not,” Mariana May replied with a smile. Then a naked male got behind Teri while another decided to enjoy Chantelle.

Teri cried out as a cock was shoved up her twat. Then she was forced head down into the barrel, her secured arms jerking behind her back as she was brutally fucked. Chantelle soon joined her until all three strippers were spewing bubbles, their heads submerged as their asses stuck up and got pounded.

“Now that’s hot!” Mariana May observed as she looked on.

“Fuck the air out of their lungs!” Dani declared with delight. “But don’t drown them just yet! The night is still young!”

Maureen climaxed first, the cock up her ass and the fear of drowning scaring her so badly that her body went off in fearful orgasm. Teri was next, cumming shamefully hard as a cock went off in her cunt. Chantelle came last in a desperate attempt to hold back her orgasm and failing miserably.

More males came over to have a turn. The three ladies each got a vicious dunking while they were fucked from behind. The females cheered them on, although some were on their knees happily sucking cocks. Mariana May and Dani just looked on with sadistic glee.

It wasn’t long before the cunts and asses of the three remaining strippers were full of spunk. It leaked out of their holes and slithered down their legs. Each one was viciously dunked as she was fucked again and again, making her struggle to hold her breath so as not to drown.

After a while some of the women wanted to take part. Strap-ons were quickly obtained. Teri got a nine inch one up her butt. Maureen struggled with a thick ten-incher. Chantelle screamed a froth of bubbles as an eleven inch monster was shoved up her twat.

Afterwards more cocks came over to join in the fun. Each man liked the idea of fucking a stripper while her head was submerged in the barrel. They seemed to enjoy the way they fucked bubbles out of their lungs.

Chantelle finally became too exhausted to continue and was granted a reprieve since she’d won earlier. She collapsed onto her side, panting weakly to get her breath back. The zip-tie attaching her wrists together had begun to chafe.

Mariana May and Dani attached strap-ons for themselves. Then they each took a turn fucking Teri and Maureen. They gave them both a severe dunking before pulling their heads up to allow them to gasp for breath.

“Now here’s how it’s going to work,” Dani whispered between them so they both could hear. “Whoever can hold her breath the longest… wins. Understand?”

They both turned to look back at her in alarm. Mariana May grinned and nodded. “Gather round, folks!” she cried out to their guests. “One of these bitches is going to drown now! Place your bets on which one it will be!”

There was some frantic gambling on the side. Teri gasped and shook her head. “No! Please… don’t do this to us!” Maureen looked horrified.

“Ready, bitches?” Dani asked as she gleefully got a good handful of Maureen’s hair. Mariana May wrapped her fingers in Teri’s silky crimson strands.

“Three… two… one… down!”

Both strippers gasped for breath.  Then their heads were forced down into the barrel. That’s when Mariana May and Dani both thrust hard with their strap-ons.

Teri and Maureen glubbed up bubbles as Chantelle looked on in horror. Were the bitches really going to drown one of her remaining friends? Which one wasn’t going to make it?? Shamefully, she was glad she was not taking part.

Teri grunted as she struggled not to exhale. It was either her or Maureen. Self-preservation made her fight to hold her breath for as long as possible.

Maureen suddenly cried out as an orgasm was fucked right out of her. She shuddered in climax as she blew her breath away. Then she panicked as she tried to lift her head up.

Dani sadistic cackled, “Drown, bitch! You’re not coming up until one of you drowns!” A moment later Maureen’s lungs gave out.

She gurgled as she began gulping water. Then she began thrashing about, coughing up bubbles as she hitched and convulsed. Teri struggled not to inhale, hoping her friend would drown quickly so she would be safely pulled back up.

Maureen spasmed and convulsed as she kept inhaling water. Then she went limp in Dani’s grasp. The sadistic woman just kept fucking the last of the bubbles out of her flooded lungs until she finally let go of the woman’s hair.

Maureen lay bent over the barrel, her head submerged as she lay limp and lifeless. Her eyes were frozen open in horror as a couple stray bubbles slipped past her parted lips. Her hair swayed softly before hanging down. But she received no mercy from the customers as most of them cheered her drowning death.

Some of them were extra happy as they had bet correctly. Others’ grudgingly paid off upon losing. That’s when Mariana May pulled Teri’s head up out of the water and declared, “THE WINNER!”

Teri gasped, coughed and sputtered. Then she collapsed onto her side, tears filling her eyes as she was allowed to catch her breath. At least she was still alive.

She was horrified to see they weren’t finished with Maureen. Some of the customers wanted to fuck the corpse as it lay bent over the edge of the barrel. It shouldn’t have been all that much of a surprise, being as how Tanya’s beheaded corpse was still being accessed by freaks and perverts.

Teri and Chantelle were not granted a reprieve for long. One of the customers wanted to see them dance again. Dani and Mariana May marched over, dragged them both to their feet and ordered them to make love to the stripper pole again. This was despite the fact Tanya’s blood was all over, mixing with water spilled over from the barrel.

They tried to dance around the stripper pole, but were mostly numb with shock. And with their hands tied behind their back they couldn’t do much. Dani finally told Dave to cut their zip-ties off.

Their wrists had chafed and had wicked red lines. At least they could cling to the pole now. They were terrified of what was going to happen to them, considering how much they were afraid the crowd in its bloodlust might want to watch another killing.

They tried to dance, but their moves were much less graceful due to their anxiety. They could not escape the view of their dead friends on the stage with them. They tried to block the images of the bodies out of their mind, but were mostly unsuccessful.

One of the customers called out that he wanted a lap dance. He displayed an erection, indicating exactly what he was expecting. Mariana May dragged Chantelle over to him and demanded she climb aboard.

Chantelle whimpered as she got into his lap facing him, impaling herself on his dick. She began riding him to the whoops and hollers of those around them. She tried to throw herself into it, hoping a good fuck meant they would want to keep her alive a while longer. But it was difficult to fuck him with any enthusiasm since she was fearful for her life.

With Chantelle gone, Teri was able to ride the stripper pole by herself more fluidly. She threw herself into her dance until another customer demanded a similar lap dance. When she hesitated Dani grabbed her by the arm and threw her over in his direction, telling her to “climb into that lap and ride that cock.”

She climbed aboard and tried to show some eagerness. But it was difficult considering the circumstances. It wasn’t long until both customers started to complain the “dances” they were receiving were lacking something.

Mariana May came up behind Chantelle, wrapped a pair of discarded nylons around her throat and strangled her. Chantelle’s eyes flew open in alarm as she started to gasp and choke. Her hands flew up to try to relieve the agony around her throat. But the asphyxiation had the added effect of making her pussy clench.

“Now you’re talking!” the customer declared with delight as the stripper rasped and gurgled. “Strangling the bitch makes her dance on my cock so much better!”

Dani grinned as she too retrieved some discarded nylons. She came up behind Teri and wrapped them around her throat, strangling her as well. As the stripper started choking, spasming and clawing at her neck, Dani cheerfully asked the man, “Is she fucking you any better now, sir?”

“Hell, yeah!” he gasped with delight

Teri’s face went red as she hitched and jerked while trying to breathe. Her cunt clenched reflexively around the cock she was riding. Dani eased up on the nylons, allowing her to catch her breath before tightening them again.

The customer roared, “FUCK YEAH!” He emptied himself inside her spasming cunt, filling her with his seed. Then Dani violently pulled her off.

Teri ended up in a heap on the floor, her pussy leaking spunk as Dani asked who else wanted a special lap dance. Another male cried out he wanted one. So Dani dragged Teri over to him, the stripper half-stumbling. She was forced to climb into his lap and ride his dick as the nylons returned around her throat, half strangling her again.

This got everyone excited watching the two women being simultaneously strangled. Dani and Mariana May provided the asphyxiation for the strippers as they rode different laps. Teri’s face turned red from lack of breath as Chantelle choked and rasped.

One of the women in the audience suddenly called out, “Can we hang one of them?” Dani and Mariana May looked at each other and grinned. Then Dani told Teri, “Better do a good job on this one, bitch! Last one to make her guy cum – wins!”

“The loser gets to swing,” Mariana May added with wicked glee. This caused several of the patrons to cheer and applaud.

The spectators started urging the strippers on, voting with their enthusiasm for the one they wanted to watch hang. Dani and Mariana May continued strangling them from behind with the nylons as the asphyxiated girls tried to ride the cocks they were impaled upon. Teri struggled not to get her guy off too soon while trying to claw the nylons off from around her throat.

Mariana May couldn’t resist strangling Chantelle harder. The stripper gawked and gurgled as her eyes started to roll. That’s when her customer went off with a “FUCK; THAT’S SO GOOD!”

“The loser!” Mariana May declared excitedly. “You got him off too soon! Time for you to hang!”

Cheers went up as Dave went and retrieved some rope. Max grabbed another zip-tie as Mariana May pulled Chantelle out of the lap onto the floor. The poor girl began crying out, begging for her life as her wrists were zip-tied behind her back.

Teri was horrified. But she gamely went on riding the cock she was impaled upon. She couldn’t believe this was happening to them. In hindsight she realized they should have turned down those two bitches when they came to the club offering them a supposedly safe haven on Purge Night.

A rope was strung up between Tanya’s beheaded corpse and the barrel with Maureen’s corpse bent over it. Chantelle was dragged over to it, crying and pleading. Dave looped the rope around her throat as Max and Mariana May held onto her wriggling form.

Dani grinned at the spectacle. Then she called out, “Does anyone want to see the bitch hang?” There were eager cries of “Yes!”

“I said… ‘Does anyone want to see the bitch hang’?”


“I can’t hear you. I said… “DOES ANYONE WANT TO SEE THE BITCH HANG??”


Dani grinned as she proclaimed, “Then hang the fucking bitch, boys!”

Cheers went up as Chantelle was pulled up into the air. Her eyes flew open in horror as her feet left the ground. She began kicking and struggling, her cunt and ass dripping from her many fucks as her nipples protruded out of her breasts.

A female voice in the crowd called out, “SOMEBODY GIVE HER A FLYING FUCK!” There were cheers of agreement.

Max and Dave lowered her until her feet were just a few inches off the floor before tying her off. Then Max got behind her. He shoved his dick up her ass as he reached around and savagely mauled her tits.

Chantelle gawked and gurgled as she tried to pull air down her windpipe. The spectators cheered her on. The guy in Teri’s cunt finally went off at the sight of a woman being fucked and hanged. Then the stripper was forced to turn and watch her friend suffer.

Chantelle struggled to get air down her throat. The cock was shoved hard into her ass, making her grunt with every thrust. Her face turned red as she tried to breathe.

Max gave her a good hard fucking until he let out with a satisfied cry as he thrust nice and deep. Then he pulled out. Chantelle hung limp in the noose, his spunk leaking out of her ass as her weight made the coil close tight around her throat.

A couple of females wanted to enjoy her body. They were allowed to come forward and get on their knees. One licked her cunt while the other licked the cum out of her ass to wild cheers and applause.

Chantelle quivered as her toes wriggled. She could no longer pull air down her throat. Drool spilled off her protruding tongue onto her breasts.

Her suddenly bladder gave way, but the woman in front just kept licking and slurping, glorying in the moment. Chantelle’s struggles were slowly reduced to stray muscle twitches. After a while even those subsided, leaving her to dangle lifelessly at the mercy of her abusers.

A couple of males wanted to fuck her corpse. The girls got out of the way as the guys gleefully sandwiched her while several ladies egged them on. Teri was given no reprieve as yet another lap with an erection needed her immediate attention.

This time her ass was impaled from behind. She was forced to look at the dead bodies of her friends on the stage. That’s when she began to realize they were not going to allow her to live either.

She got a load of cum up her ass from the guy she was impaled upon. Then she was passed around for more fucking. She was banged by men and women alike as Mariana May and Dani played catch with Tanya’s head.

After a while some female loudly asked, “Are we going to kill this one too?”

“Do you want to kill this one?” Dani asked with a grin. Several voices called out, “Yes!”

“I said, ‘Do you want to kill this one’?”


“I can’t hear you! I said, ‘DO YOU WANT TO KILL THIS ONE’?”


Teri anxiously shook her head. Then she began begging, “NO… NO… I”LL FUCK ALL OF YOU… PLEASE!”

“But it’s Purge Night, bitch,” Mariana May reminded her. “And you know what we do on purge night, right?”

“Does everybody have the urge to purge?” Dani called out as a surge of bloodlust flowed through her body. Once more the room erupted in a lusty cheer.

“Boys?” she called, waving Max and Dave over. “Tie this bitch to the stripper pole!”

Teri began crying out, shaking her head as Max and Dave dragged her naked body over to the pole. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she choked back a sob. She understood now they had all been doomed from the very beginning.

Her wrists were zip-tied around the pole behind her back. Dave tied her ankles to the pole as well. Then Dani produced a ten-inch dagger.

She handed it to a nearby female and told her, “To you goes the honor of the first stab.” The woman gleefully accepted the knife. Then she stepped forward and drove the blade through Teri’s right breast, setting her to howling with pain.

The knife was passed to a male who stabbed her in the hip. The next male cut a wound in her leg. Another enjoyed giving her a painful slice on her arm. Teri jerked and howled from the pain of each wound.

Each customer present was allowed to use the knife on her. Some just cut her, wanting to inflict as much pain as possible without doing any serious damage. But others gave her wicked stabs in her breasts and in her waist.

A woman stabbed her in the stomach, getting lots of applause. Then a man shoved the blade up her pussy. Poor Teri howled with agony.

Dani gave her a stab on the right side of her naked body. Mariana May stabbed her on the left side. Then it was Dave’s turn.

He stabbed her lower in the gut before twisting the knife. He made a whole big enough for some of her guts to start spilling out. Then he thrust his erection inside the bleeding wound.

He gave the knife to Max who grinned at Dani and Mariana May. Then he got behind Teri and the pole. That’s when he sliced right through her neck.

Teri gurgled up blood as she began to hitch and shudder in her death throes. She was aware of Dave fucking the wound in her lower abdomen, her blood covering much of his lower extremities. The last thing she felt was him emptying his cock inside her before the life flicked out of her eyes.

Max finished by cutting her head off. Then her head was handed over to Dave who used her mouth to clean his cock. The room loudly cheered again as Mariana May and Dani tossed the head back and forth. Then they all began to chant in honor of Purge Night.

The bodies were sexually abused all night long until the early morning hours. Then they were hauled out of the building and driven in the back of a tarped truck to the river out back. All four were thrown unceremoniously into the water to be washed downstream, never to be heard from again.

2019 (written for “Teri” and “Dani” Apr 17 ’19 by riwa)

(representations of the characters created by Dani)

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