Beach Blanket Beheading


My fate was sealed the day Mitch ordered that metal framed guillotine. I was dubious if the damned thing even worked. But he assembled it that evening, took the watermelon I was going to serve at our picnic the next day, and then chopped that sucker clean in half.

I jerked as the blade came down with a whoosh and bottomed out. I looked at him with a mixture of fear and desire. Then he reset the blade before grandly motioning for me to try it out.

“Is it safe?” I stammered.

“I locked it down,” he told me with a smile. “Or don’t you trust me.”

“I’m n-not sure.”

“Then don’t stick your head in there, Cheryl. Nobody’s making you do what you don’t want to do.”

I looked at the damned thing as a surge of incredibly erotic tingles hit me hard. I looked at Mitch and then I looked at it again. I was trembling as I finally got down on my hands and knees.

I removed the top of the lunette. Then I stuck my head through. You have no idea the terror that coursed through my body. Nor can I explain how utterly thrilling it was.

I pulled my head out gasping, “That’s more than enough.” Mitch just laughed at me. But I was so fucking horny that I took him right to bed and fucked him silly.

The next day I was in the guest room looking at the damned thing when he came in and startled me. “Want to put your head in it again, honey?” I told him I wasn’t sure.

He walked up to the frame and gave it a good shake. The blade remained locked in position. “It’s not coming down unless I set it to come down, Cheryl.”

I gave him a dubious look. Then I carefully stuck my arm through, only to jerk it back out. I still wasn’t sure I trusted him.

“Go ahead and give it a shake. The blade won’t come down.” But I was afraid of even touching the damned thing.

I hesitantly reached out and touched the cold, metal frame. The terror returned, along with a massive wetness down in my crotch. So I gave it a little shake before jerking my hand away.

Nothing. It was just as he’d said. “Let’s go on that picnic,” he laughed. “At least you won’t have to cut the watermelon in half now.” I just punched him in the shoulder.

After returning from our picnic, I wandered into that room again. I looked at the crazy contraption and felt a strange longing. It was as though the damned thing was calling to me.

Mitch came into the room and laughed at me. “Can’t resist, eh? Go ahead… stick your head through. It ain’t coming down unless I set it to come down.”

A little bolder now, I gave it a good shake. Then I removed the lunette and stuck my head through. I felt the return of that fear as well as an incredible surge of sexual arousal.

Everything inside me told me to get my head out of there. But my hands were glued to the floor as I knelt there on all fours. I couldn’t move as I stammered, “G-gawd; get me out of h-here!”

He laughed as he pulled me out. I was trembling like crazy. He just carried me to the bedroom where we fucked like rabbits.

I was distracted at work all next day, thinking about that damned guillotine. I was the first one home as Mitch must’ve still been in traffic. It gave me a chance to go into that room alone.

I gave the machine a shake, confirming the blade still seemed to be secured. Then I removed the lunette and stuck my head inside. The terror returned, but not nearly as strong.

My arousal was totally off the charts. I reached back, pulled my skirt away and rubbed my crotch through my panties. They were totally soaked. It was probably less than a minute before I had an orgasm while kneeling there.

I pulled my head out, gasping madly for breath. It had felt terrifying, yet incredible. What would it feel like if I was kneeling there nude??

I checked the clock and confirmed Mitch wouldn’t be home for a few more minutes. I had time to try it out by myself if I wanted. That’s when I stripped out of my clothes right then and there.

Once more I knelt with my head in the opening. This time I adjusted the lunette so it would come down on my neck. The moment I felt it touch my skin I had another incredible orgasm.

I lifted it up and pulled my head back out, gasping like crazy. I was totally soaked, making a mess on the floor. But those two orgasms in the midst of pure terror had felt unbelievable.

I composed myself before slowly putting my neck in the lunette once more. I brought it down on top of my neck, locking my head in place. Then I moaned as I reached back and fingered myself.

Hell, that cum didn’t take long either! Barely a minute passed before I was shuddering in orgasm. Then I felt a surge of panic as I came down off that high.

I lifted up the lunette and frantically pulled my head out before sitting on my ass. I looked up, half expecting the damned blade to plummet. But it didn’t move an inch.

At that moment I heard Mitch walk in the door. I gasped for breath, my heart racing. I didn’t want him to see me like this!

It was too late to get dressed. I heard him calling my name before he came back to look in the room. “Damn, Cheryl,” he laughed. “Did you stick your head in the lunette without your clothes on?”

“What do you think?” I shot back sarcastically while panting wildly for breath.

I watched incredulously as he started to undress. “What the hell are you doing, Mitch??” He just laughed as he removed all his clothes, revealing a cock that was starting to harden.

He grabbed me and forced me over to the guillotine. “Wait; what are you doing??” That’s when I really started hyperventilating.

He stuck my head through and then brought the lunette down. I tried to force it back up, but he must have latched it in place. I was stuck there on my hands and knees, trembling like crazy while unable to get my breath back.

A surge of erotic terror flushed warmly through my body. Then he pushed his cock into my pussy. “Does the condemned have a last request?” he asked as he started fucking me.


I was terrified. I was also aroused like you wouldn’t believe. He didn’t fuck me more than a couple minutes before I screamed his name in orgasm, shuddering hard while clenching like crazy.

He fucked me nice and slow as I panted for breath. I gasped, “Mitch, get me out of here!”

“Not yet,” he laughed as he pulled out.

I felt him push his cock against my sphincter. I cried out, “Fuck; NO; not my ass??” But I was used to taking it up my shithole, and my butt naturally unclenched for him.

“The condemned always get it up the ass before they lose their heads,” he said with a laugh. I started crying out, thinking this time I was going to lose my head for sure. Then he reached under to finger my button.

I screamed as I clenched from one hell of an O. A moment later I felt him empty himself deep in my rectum. I shuddered hard at the sensation of his hot seed until I went all dizzy and disoriented.

I was still in a daze when he released me from the lunette. I collapsed in a heap on the floor, panting like crazy. He just smiled, picked me up, and then carried me off to the bedroom where we fucked all over again.

After that, we started fucking with me in the guillotine more often. Sometimes he made me suck his cock before he fucked me from behind. A couple times he tied my wrists behind my back. I usually came so incredibly hard. Hell, one time I thought I was going to pass out.

A couple weeks later we packed up the guillotine and went for a drive. We drove out into the desert and took a side road to a set of ruts we followed. A couple miles later, we ended up at a small clearing with a set of trees.

We spread out a blanket for a picnic. Then he pulled out the guillotine and set it up. That’s when I got the shivers something fierce.

I was stripped naked, my hands cuffed behind my back. Then I was forced onto my knees. My head was shoved through the lunette and locked in.

“Any last words?” he asked as that familiar sensation of terror flooded through my body. Was he going to behead me and then bury me out here where no one would ever find me??

Before I could answer he shoved his cock down my throat. He fucked my mouth hard, pulling out and leaving me gasping for breath before he went around back. Then he poked my ass with his cock, fucking me until I howled my orgasm to the heavens as he left a deposit deep up my rectum.

I was limp as a rag doll when he pulled me out of the guillotine. He stuck a head of lettuce in the opening before dropping the blade, making me jump as it sliced it clean in half. “Justice is served!” he announced grandly. Then we fucked on the blanket until it was time to go home.

After that we began taking drives to different locations where he would set up the guillotine for me. Every time he put me in it, it scared the shit out of me thinking this was the time he was going to behead me. And every time I had one hell of an O before we continued our fucking on the ground or in the back of the car.

Once we drove up into the mountains. We followed a trail that dead-ended halfway up a particular ridge. It left us with quite a view of the valley.

He set up the guillotine before granting me a last meal of crackers and cheese. Then he stripped me naked. He cuffed my hands behind my back before marching me over to the guillotine.

I was so scared I had tears in my eyes. I was shaking like a leaf as he made me kneel, sticking my head through the opening. He brought the lunette down and secured it, leaving me trembling and whimpering like crazy.

I gave the executioner his usual tip, sucking his cock as he stood in front of me. Then he hooked a rope up to the blade. “Open your mouth!” he demanded.

I did it without even thinking. “Now bite down and don’t let go.” Again, I did as I was asked. It felt like I had the weight of the blade between my teeth.

“Don’t let go, Cheryl, or you’ll lose your head.” That’s when I cried out in terror as he disappeared. I was left there all alone, a breeze caressing me as I writhed and whimpered while biting down on that rope. My pussy was dripping like crazy.

I screamed his name through the rope in my mouth. Then I felt his fingers rubbing between my legs. He found my button and fingered me while I was filled with terror as well as an insane arousal.

He slowly pushed into my cunt and then started thrusting. It was nice and slow; he was taking his sweet, fucking time. I was filled with such terror mixed with an insane arousal like you wouldn’t believe.

He fucked me for a good five minutes like that. Somehow I managed to hold my orgasm back. I’d gotten better at lasting in the guillotine. Now my life depended on it as I usually opened my mouth and screamed his name whenever I came hard.

He slowly pulled out, leaving me panting for breath through my nose. I thought I was going to lose the rope for sure, and I clamped down even harder with my teeth. Then I felt him push his cock into my ass.

Gawd; no! I felt so slutty being fucked up my shithole that those orgasms were usually the most intense. I was never going to be able to hold onto the rope if I came.

He fucked me for another five minutes. I writhed and whimpered, wincing like hell to hold it back. I was on fire with fear as well as a terrible arousal.

He came around without cumming in my ass. I felt him take the rope from my teeth, although I had to force myself to open my jaws. Then he jammed his cock down my throat and gave me such a load that I almost choked on it.

When he let me out of the guillotine I was weak as water. He cuddled with me before stretching me out on the ground and making love to me. In no time at all I was orgasming up a storm.

The rope between my teeth became a part of our play. It seemed like I was just getting comfortable before he would add something else to renew the terror. And the rope in my mouth certainly accomplished that.

One night I fixed a meal I wasn’t particularly proud of. After doing the dishes, he came in and said he’d had enough of my “piss-poor meals”. He told me he was going to put my head in a jar and keep it in the bedroom to show his next conquest.

He tore the clothes off my body before cuffing my hands behind my back. Then he marched me into the guest room. I was forced to kneel until he locked my head in the lunette. Then the rope came down between my teeth.

He left me like that for what felt like hours, although it only turned out to be fifteen minutes. When he came in naked after a shower he acted surprised I was still alive. So I got his cock up my ass.

He fucked me good and hard until I felt his hot seed inside me. That’s when I lost the rope as I screamed. Then I passed out.

When I awakened I was lying on the floor out of the lunette. “What happened?” I stammered as I tried to compose myself. He tugged on the rope before letting go, revealing the blade had been locked in place the entire time.

“You bastard!”

“How hard did you cum, Cheryl?”

“I came so fucking hard that I… you BASTARD!” He just laughed as he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom where we fucked ourselves senseless.

Once more the terror began to ease for me as we played our wicked games. The rope would often get placed between my teeth. But now I always wondered if the blade was locked in place, although I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk finding out.

I guess I liked the idea of holding my life between my pearly whites. I even told him so after one particularly erotic session. “Well, maybe you’d better not risk it, Cheryl,” he told me with a smile. “Lately I’ve been experimenting with setting the blade free whenever the rope’s been in your mouth. You once said you liked that idea. A couple times there I thought I was going to lose you.”

I blanched as I felt an erotic tremor ripple through me. Was he kidding me?? Had he really been testing me?? Looking back, it sure seemed like a couple of times it felt like I truly had the weight of the blade straining in my teeth.

We’d run out of different places out in the countryside to play our game. I finally suggested we go to the beach. We could set it up in the surf. That would certainly add to the drama, especially if I had the rope between my teeth again.

We set up some vacation time together and drove to the coast for a couple of days. We searched around for a nice, quiet spot on a lonely stretch of beach. We finally found what we were looking for.

We drove down a rutted road to this spot where the waves came in pretty dramatically. It gave me a thrill thinking I could lose my head in the sand. I laughed as I told Mitch he could always let the tide carry my head and corpse away.

We set up out on the edge of the water. We decided we wouldn’t tie me up since we wanted me to be on all fours to make the guillotine more secure. Just fucking with the rope between my teeth would be more than enough of a thrill.

I felt that familiar fear and terror as the water started coming in. Mitch calmly asked, “Do you want the weight of the blade this time or not?”

“Give it to me!” I declared. I was so fucking horny that I couldn’t think straight.

He started out by fucking my mouth first. I thrilled at giving him head, wondering if this was going to be the time I was also going to “give him head”. Then a cold wave came in, making me cry out with his cock down my throat.

He pulled out before looking at me dubiously. “Are you sure you want the rope, Cheryl?”

“Just give it to me! You know what to do! If I lose my head, I want you to fuck my skull and body before you say goodbye.”

I laughed nervously as he situated the rope between my teeth. I felt another erotic thrill shiver through me. Then the terror began to rise up within me once more.

He started fucking my cunt as the waves came in. The water was cold and my teeth started to chatter. That’s when I realized I hadn’t thought it all the way through.

I clamped down tighter with my mouth as he thrust in and out of my pussy. The thrill and the terror intensified. That’s when I really started to get scared.

I began trying to get his attention, telling him the rope was getting hard to hold onto. Moisture was accumulating; I could feel it slipping a little.

I tried to scream out, “MITCH – MITCH; I’M LOSING IT!” But I think he just thought I was cumming. The waves were too loud; he couldn’t hear what I was trying to say through that rope in my mouth.

My hands slipped in the sand as the water washed all around us. I felt myself starting to lose my position as well as my grip on the rope. I let out one last scream of “MIIIIIIIIIITCH!” Then it was gone from my mouth as a sharp pain came down on my neck…


Epilogue: Mitch couldn’t hear his wife trying to get his attention. Her body reacted as though she was enjoying the fuck. It was only when he felt her cunt clench tightly around his cock that he looked up and saw blood spurting up from his wife’s severed neck as she reflexively rose up on her knees.

It shocked him as his cock went off up her pussy. Her head rolled in the tide from the waves as he crawled over to pick it up. She had a shocked look on her face.

He felt an intense sadness. But he figured she would want him to enjoy her body a few minutes longer. So he stuck his cock in her mouth.

For a moment he thought he saw her eyes twitch as though she could feel him between her lips. Then her expression sagged tiredly. That’s when he knew she was gone.

He fucked her skull in both ends before fucking her ass. The tide came in halfway up his knees as he propped her up and fucked her. He finally pumped a smaller load into her rectum. Then he pulled out.

He lifted up her head and kissed her dead lips. Then he grabbed an arm with one hand as he carried her head by a handful of hair in the other. He carried her out to sea, swimming in water that dropped away some 20 feet below before letting go.

He stuck his head underwater and saw the tide taking her corpse further and further out. He kissed her lips one last time before letting go of the head. It started to sink to the bottom, the tide carrying it out into deeper water.

He turned and swam back to shore, half-tempted to drown himself. But he knew she wouldn’t want that. She would want him to go on, perhaps finding another crazy bitch to play the game.

He looked at the guillotine for a long moment before dismantling it. He was half tempted to haul it out to sea as well. But he knew Cheryl would want him to get some more use out of it. So he carried it back to the car before packing up all their belongings and driving away.

2018 (written Apr 6 ’18 by riwa)

(Inspired by the manip I found on the Internet)

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