The approaching Red Army


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We worked out of the same house, up to and after the war had broken out. The prosperity of the Third Reich put money in the pockets of those who could use our services. And the many early victories gave us plenty of soldiers to entertain.

When the German armies marched east toward Russia we rejoiced in the victory to come. And we prospered as soldiers stopped in whenever they were passing through on their way to the Eastern front. Soon we began to talk of marrying and having families of our own in the thousand year Reich.

Young Elsie fell for a tank driver. Jutta met a sergeant passing through who began sending back frequent letters. Sofia was too fickle for just one man, enjoying the pleasures of the flesh from each one’s unique and individual manhood.

As for me? I was the cynical one, although I tried my best to hide it. I feared the war would go badly and we would all suffer a horrible fate as a result.

My fears were realized when our troops bogged down on the Eastern front. Many more soldiers passed through our house on their way to Russia. Elsie and Jutta looked forward to the many letters they received from the men they loved despite selling their bodies in the here and now. Sofia just enjoyed the constant stream of soldiers, and the pleasures to be had. I was the only one who saw the truth.

The times grew lean, and we were forced to sell ourselves for less and less. Wounded soldiers returned from the front with little money in their pockets and disconcerting stories on their lips. The letters for Elsie and Jutta dwindled, and then stopped altogether. We finally learned Jutta’s sergeant was killed in the battle of Leningrad while Elsie lost her tank driver in an engagement where our troops were badly outnumbered even before the battle had commenced.

For weeks they were inconsolable. Sofia and I did our best to encourage them of the lives their men had sacrificed for the good of the third Reich. But as reports filtered back, I was unable to hide from them the foreboding news of the retreat of our soldiers.

Now we were on the defensive. And we were losing ground daily. What’s more, we soon received word of what the Red Army was doing to any Germans they encountered, be they military or civilian. It filled us with a growing dread.

Our paying costumers began to dry up. Times grew hard and lean. It wasn’t long before refugees began streaming down the road past our house back into Germany.

Sofia gave her favors for free, perhaps hoping the pleasures of the flesh would ease the strain of an uncertain future. But Elsie and Jutta had it worse. They believed in the third Reich, and now it was crashing down around their ears.

I remember it was the first night we heard the boom of artillery off in the distance. We put all the lights out, fearing an immediate invasion. But the Red Army was not yet upon us.

Elsie took a candle and calmly went downstairs. When she did not return I went down after her. I found her hanging from a beam in a makeshift noose made out of electrical cords. She did not even say goodbye.

I stared at her dead body with sorrow in my eyes. She had been such a beautiful creature. But the news of war and the loss of her tank driver had devastated her, taking away her will to live.

When I returned to the main floor, Sofia asked about Elsie. I simply told her and Jutta not to go down into the basement as there was no need. The look in my eyes said it all.

The artillery grew louder. I asked if they wanted to flee. Sofia’s response was, “To where shall we go? Our fate will be similar no matter where they catch up to us. Best to meet them here.”

The shelling increased. The Red Army was fast approaching. And we knew what awaited us as we had learned it from the retreating soldiers who’d witnessed the results firsthand: rape… and then murder by strangulation.

Jutta finally gave in two days before the enemy soldiers arrived. “I do not want to be raped by the Russians. I will not allow some Cossack to violate me before killing me.” Then she looked at me before telling me, “Mitzi, you are strong and obstinate. I want you to do it.”

I looked at her in surprise. “Do what, Jutta?”

“Rape and strangle me.”

“Are you serious?”

“I will not hang as a common criminal like Elsie. And I will not allow a Cossack to enter my body.”

“Why should I rape you?”

“Because we are Germans. I know what we have done. The whole world hates us.”

I looked into her eyes. They looked defeated… resigned. I glanced at Sofia, but she either did not know or chose to deny. But I did know. We deserved worse.

“Do you really wish us to rape you, Jutta?”

“Yes. At least give my body some small pleasure as I die. Sofia here can assist you. Use the phallus. The Russians will find me already violated. Leave me naked in plain sight so that I may have my revenge with my premature death.”

She handed me a dark ribbon her tank driver had given her as a token of his affection. “Use this,” she told me. I nodded as I swallowed hard. A moment later a nearby artillery shell landed, making the house shudder.

Sofia returned with the phallus as Jutta stripped naked. Sophia could not help smiling with admiration at our brave friend. “The soldiers will greatly regret not having you to be raped alive.”

Jutta smirked, the first time I had seen any kind of happiness or contentment on her face in weeks. Then I wrapped the ribbon around her neck as Sofia checked her womanhood. She had shaved one last time for the occasion.

“You should enjoy doing this to me, Sophia,” Jutta chuckled. “And you, Mitzi… once you were jealous of my beauty.”

“Not anymore,” I told her quietly.

“Still… take some pleasure from me while you can.” Then she parted her legs fully as she sat in the cushioned chair, telling us, “I am ready. You may proceed.”

Sophia rammed her pussy with the phallus as I began to strangle her. I started slow, wanting her to enjoy the thrusts. It was nice to note her crotch was wet; perhaps she was enjoying it a little.

I strangled her harder, only to let up as the tears welled up in my eyes. She gasped as Sophia enjoyed thrusting in and out of her to the booming sound of artillery and approaching gunfire. The phallus made distinctly erotic, squishy sounds as it went in and out.

Jutta glared angrily at me before rasping. “Strangle me, damn you! I will have you take my life instead of those damned Cossacks!” So I pulled on both ends of the ribbon just as hard as I could while Sophia raped her cunt.

She bucked underneath us as we held her down while attempting to take her life. Her nipples were exceedingly hard as she suddenly shuddered at our assault. I was sure she had just orgasmed. Then she went limp beneath us.

Sophia panted for breath, still thrusting the phallus in and out. Then she rammed it in hard one last time. Jutta’s body responded, but I could find no pulse.

I left the ribbon around her neck as Sophia left the phallus buried in her pussy. Her eyes were glazed over; there was no sign of life. But I saw something in her vacant expression that made me wonder if perhaps she had enjoyed it, receiving one last sexual pleasure. Did that make her and Elsie braver for meeting their ends on their own terms? I did not know.

“What do we do now?” I asked Sophia. “The roads are filled with refugees; we have no place to go.”

“We wait,” she replied grimly. “We will be raped. And then we shall die.” So we waited.

We waited out the shelling and the artillery rounds going off all around us. One went off in the yard, sending shrapnel inside. I received a wound in the thigh while Sophia took an injury to her arm. We tended to our wounds as best we could, but did little else.

We waited without food, expecting none when the Red Army came. Then we heard tanks and foot soldiers outside. Then our door burst open and we faced the angry menace of several men brandishing weapons that could cut us to pieces.

We heard the words “Fraulein whores!” Then they set upon us like mad men right there on the floor right next to each other. They were ravenous… and they were none too gentle.

Sophia did not partake. She just lay there and allowed them to violate her. I do not know if she enjoyed it or not. After all, a cock is a cock, no matter the nationality.

As for me? I threw myself into it, fucking them with wild abandon. I knew this would be the last pleasure I would ever receive. Why not enjoy it?

They found Jutta in an adjacent room where we had simply left her naked body. They sounded angry they had not gotten to her sooner. Sophia did not react, but I had to smile inwardly that Jutta’s desires seem to have been met as I don’t think she was violated. As for Elsie, I heard men go down into the basement, only to return acting equally unhappy.

The soldiers outside seemed to learn there were available women present. More came and went inside our building, a structure that threatened to come down all around us as the bombs shook the ground. I was raped in all holes until I was sore, swallowing cum as more leaked out my cunt and ass. Sophia lay there like a slug, accepting each deposit as a dead woman.

My rebellion was to give in uncharacteristically to our rapists. Hers was to fight back unexpectedly. She suddenly produced a broken piece of glass and slashed the neck of some unsuspecting soldier, killing the poor fool. It immediately incensed the others.

We were dragged outside in our nudity. A tree still stood 50 yards down the lane. We were dragged to it in front of the passing might of the Russian military. Some soldiers cursed and swore at us while others gave us lecherous grins. Perhaps they knew our fate and wished to pause long enough from their march to observe.

Our arms were tied behind our backs. Then a bench was placed under a sturdy branch. Nooses were thrown over and tied off before we were made to stand on the bench and feel the lethal coils snugged around our throats.

My nipples hardened from the humiliation of our nudity in front of so many eyes during our impending execution. Cum leaked out of my cunt and ass. I felt excitement mixed with great shame.

Next to me Sophia fared the same as her nipples were also hard, her humiliation apparent as cum streaked down her legs. But she had a smirk flickering at the corners of her mouth. “Was taking that life worth it?” I asked.

“Yes. Did you enjoy your rape?”


“Then we are content.”

“Yes we are.”

I saw a flicker of amusement in her eyes, and it caused me to smile. This greatly angered the soldiers, and our bench was promptly kicked over. And so we dropped, setting our nooses firmly around our throats while setting us to swinging like criminals.

The pain was intense as we kicked our lives away, Cossack cum leaking out of our holes. Occasionally our naked bodies bumped into each other. Several soldiers watched as I squeezed my pussy, forcing more cum out as I struggled right in front of them. Then I thought of Jutta and Elsie, wondering who of the four of us was the braver. In the end it probably did not matter.

I felt the heat of one last orgasm start to swell within me. I brought my knees together, jerking to hurry it along. Sophia’s cum-soaked pussy winked at the soldiers as though thanking them for raping her. Then consciousness faded away as we both pissed ourselves and died…

© 2017 (written Jun 4 ’17 by riwa)

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