Condom roulette (19&20)



Without another word she stepped up onto the stool. Daniel and I had to help steady her. Dustin’s cock was just as hard as ours. He seemed a little hesitant, although not all that much.

He asked his wife, “Gawd, baby; are you sure about this?”

“I don’t know… you guys could… could give me a flying fuck and… and… and see if I survive.” She lovingly caressed the nylon before quietly gasping, “Fuck; I’m so hot right now!”

“And if you don’t survive?” her husband wanted to know.

“Then you guys should fuck my corpse down here. Afterwards, I want you to toss me into the dumpster. There’s already enough meat between Alison and Nikki to feed the neighborhood.” She paused before quietly adding, “Gawd… to hang me… fuck my corpse in the noose… and then throw my cum-drenched ass into the dumpster?? Fuck, what a perfect ending to a crazy night for a filthy slut like me!”

“Damn, Dana! Do you see how hard we are just hearing you talk like that?”

She giggled as she told me, “That was me putting that stuff in your drinks, Eric. I’m so naughty, so maybe I deserve this. But thinking of you standing around jerking off, cumming on my dead body while I hang from the noose?? FUCK!”

She wobbled unsteadily on the stool, causing her to grab for the rope. In one swift motion she looped it around her neck. She let out a gasp as she shuddered. Her pussy was wet as hell; I think she had cum right then and there.

She saw the set of manacles we had lying on a nearby counter. “Cuff me quick, Eric!” she nodded, pointing them out to me. “Cuff my hands behind my back before I change my mind!”

I looked at Daniel who nodded excitedly, his cock hard and quivering. I looked at Dustin for confirmation. He only paused a moment before slowly nodding his head. So I walked over and retrieved the cuffs.

I took them over and stepped behind Dana who had already pulled her arms behind her back for me. I cuffed her roughly, causing her to gasp and whimper. Then I reached up for the rope angling downward and pulled on it, taking out the slack.

She gasped as it tightened around her throat. She whimpered as she started to breathe heavily. Her nipples were really hard, her pussy dripping an arousal that was slithering down her legs in rivulets.

“Shall I tie it off?” I asked no one in particular. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I heard Dana gasp, “Yes; do it, Eric! Fucking tie it off already! I’m so fucking horny!”

“This should help with your balance,” I told her as I pulled on the rope. It lifted her up onto the balls of her feet as I secured the other end. Then I came back to her.

I reached up and started molesting her, fondling and groping her boobs as she writhed and moaned. Then I fingered her pussy. She clenched around the fingers inside her, whimpering and wriggling while the other two guys shamelessly stroked their cocks right in front of her.

“Was Alison as excited as… as I am?” her voice rasped. It was a little choked off, although she could still get air.

“More,” I told her as I fingered her cunt. She was really wet.

“Nuh-uh! I’m hornier than… she ever was!”

“Do you really think so?”

“Hang me, Eric! I want you to fucking… hang me!”

I turned to the guys to get their reactions. They were both still stroking. Daniel’s remark was “Hang the slut!” while Dustin added “If the whore wants to hang, who am I to say no?”

I sucked on one of Dana’s nipples as I fingered her cunt. She let out a moan and a whimper. Then I heard her beg, “Hang me, damn you!”

I bit down on a nipple, causing her to cry out. Then I pulled her toward me with my fingers in her pussy as I pushed on the stool with my foot. I pulled her off and then kicked it away before stepping back to watch her dangle.

Dana rasped and kicked as the rope took her full weight. Her arms suddenly jerked upward behind her back as though she was trying to reach the coil around her neck to loosen it. Her tits bounced as she swung back and forth. Her pussy glistened; I’m sure I saw something spray out of it.

The guys stood on either side of me, the three of us stroking together. “Fuck; that’s hot!” Daniel gasped.

“And you hung Alison like that?” Dana’s husband asked.

“Sure did, Dustin. I’ll show you exactly what I did to her.”

I stepped forward with my cock hard and erect. Dana’s legs came around as though attempting to use me for leverage. She was so wet I slid right into her soaked cunt.

Her legs tightened around my waist as she tried lifting herself up. It had the effect of her pussy fucking my cock as she went up and down. It wasn’t long until I don’t think she was trying to get any air so much as she was trying to fuck me while attempting to reach another orgasm.

She bounced up and down on my cock, rasping and gasping for breath. Her cunt clenched like crazy; it felt incredible! Then she shuddered hard; I think the crazy bitch had reached orgasm because she soaked me.

Her pussy leaked as she gurgled her climax. It had the added effect of triggering a release of my own. Her eyes rolled as I filled her with my cream. I think she might have actually felt me cum inside her.

I slowly stepped back as she tried to hang onto me with her legs. She lost me and went swinging back and forth. Our cum mixed together to dribble down her legs.

“Fuck; I’ve got to have me some of that!” And with that Daniel stepped forward. Dana had the strength to wrap her legs around his waist as she rode him impaled on his dick while the noose continued to close around her throat.

Dustin kept stroking as I watched Nikki’s husband give his wife a hot, flying fuck. Daniel was gasping and crying out, calling her a fucking whore and how she was going to hang to death with his cock up her cunt. Her eyes rolled as she shuddered hard until it looked like she was drenching him with her cum.

“C’mon, Dustin!” he suddenly called out. “Fuck your wife’s ass! Let’s do her together!”

Her eyes fluttered as though she’d heard but wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Dustin only hesitated a moment before he stepped up behind her. “You are one kinky, sexy whore, baby!” he declared as he thrust up hard into her ass.

She let out a gawk as they gave her a flying fuck in both holes. Dana rasped and gurgled as her eyes rolled again. Then it looked like she was having another climax. Damn, how many orgasms was this bitch capable of putting out??

Daniel blurted out, “Fuck; she’s milking my cock like she wants me to cum inside her! What a fucking noose-whore!” That’s when I saw Dustin reach around to grab and twist her nipples.

She hitched again as her face took on an ominous shade of red. She looked like she was having some serious breathing problems. Then I heard her husband tell her, “Damn, baby! Your ass is really making my cock feel good!”

She rasped and gurgled as her body twitched. Her arms looked like they were trying to come up behind her back. But there wasn’t much effort. It made me think she was losing steam.

“Awww, FUCK!” And with that Daniel thrust hard up her cunt. She jerked and shuddered as Dustin proclaimed, “Fuck; I’m cumming too!”

They both stood there fucking her until her legs suddenly came down from around Daniel’s waist. She hung tiredly as stray muscles fired off. Daniel pulled out first, revealing another batch of cum slithering down her legs. Dustin pulled out a few seconds later.

I was hard and stroking again; it was just too damned erotic. Dustin smiled at me and then waved me over to his wife. “It’s your noose, Eric; you do the honors.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take her down? She might still be there.”

“Let her die on your cock, buddy.”

I shrugged my shoulders and stepped forward. He didn’t have to tell me twice, although it was probably the alcohol in my system that helped me do it. I stepped forward, found her cum-soaked pussy with my cock and let her hang there impaled on it.

Her mouth was open as drool spilled off her lips onto her tits. She spasmed and twitched; I could still feel her cunt trying to milk me. But her eyes were glazing over.

“Was it everything you thought it would be?” I asked softly. The only response was more of her pussy trying to clench around my hard, quivering shaft. But even that settled down until she was just hanging there limp, impaled on my dick.

I started thrusting into her as I pulled down on her shoulders. I heard something in her chest as her eyes flickered briefly. Then I really started thrusting as I pulled a little harder.

Her pussy picked up the pace, clenching again as though she was trying to keep her heart going. Her eyes flickered as more drool gathered on her tongue to spill onto her boobs. Her pussy clenched softly, but I could still detect it. Then my cock went off inside her as her eyes totally glazed over.

I slowly pulled out until she was gently swaying back and forth, her head tilted off to one side. Her bladder suddenly released; I hadn’t counted on that. Then Dustin and Daniel stepped forward. They actually spurted their spunk all over her limp body, leaving more cream to trickle down her naked flesh.

Daniel stepped forward… “I’m fucking that dead ass.” Then he thrust up into her butt. There was the faintest hint of a response, but I suspect it was only a reflex as he began fucking her good and hard while reaching around to savage her tits.

I looked over at Dustin, not knowing how to feel. “You ok, man?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think she wanted it this way. So I’m glad you gave it to her. At least she won’t suffer from ‘survivor’s guilt’ over living through the night.”

“Good point.”

He took a deep breath before stepping up to fuck her pussy. She got double-teamed in the noose again as the guys fucked both holes. There was cum leaking everywhere as they helped themselves to sloppy seconds.

They left more cum deposits which ended up leaking out of her holes and down her legs. I was told to go up and help myself if I wanted. I was still hard, no doubt from whatever she’d used to spike our drinks. I decided not to feel too bad about it, especially since she deserved it and probably wanted us to have a good time using her corpse.

I really enjoyed her ass until I left another deposit of cream which leaked out and slithered down her legs. Daniel set her body to swaying back and forth as he watched and stroked. He spurted on her again, followed by Dustin coating her with more cream. By now all that spunk from our cocks and her arousal, along with her piss, was starting to drip off her toes.

We finally took her down and laid her out on the floor. I knelt down, tipped her head back and fucked her mouth with my cock. Daniel straddled her and fucked her tits with his dick. And Dustin gave it to her in her dead pussy again. Then we all stood up over her and coated her with our cum as we spurted all over her.

It finally felt like I was starting to soften. The guys were acting as though they’d finally had enough. I think exhaustion was setting in… either that or whatever had been put in our drinks was wearing off.

“What do we do now? I asked.

“We do what she wanted,” Daniel suggested. “We throw this whore out in the dumpster. Maybe the garbage men will find her and get lucky. Anyway, Dustin and I will take the dead wives upstairs back to my place. I have a freezer big enough to hold them until we start our barbecue tomorrow.”

“Can you guys handle all that?”

“Sure, Eric,” Daniel replied. “Why should you leave your house? You’re probably dead on your feet.” He laughed at his little pun.

I helped them haul Dana outside in the back alley, tossing her cum-stained body in with all the other trash. I felt both aroused and yet disgusted with myself. But Dustin told me not to feel bad about it as we were only carrying out her last wishes.

After we got dressed, I helped them haul the other two bodies out to their vehicle. They thanked me for one hell of an evening. Then they told me not to worry about it. Dustin said there would be sexy bitches at the barbecue and that they would introduce a few of them to me. I was told I would be the star of the party, although I wasn’t sure I believed that.

I went inside and did a little clean-up. I felt alone and a little unhappy. But it was as though I could hear my wife whispering in my ear not to feel bad because she was the one who had been willing to take all the risks. I also thought I heard her tell me to pick out a good bitch to enjoy at the barbecue.

I didn’t know if it was a ghost, wishful thinking, or just a guilty conscience trying to rationalize it all. So with that in mind I took a quick shower before climbing into bed. Before I drifted off to sleep I found myself wondering whether it was all a dream and if I would wake up in the morning in bed with Alison cuddled up by my side.

© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Nov 27 ’16 by riwa)


I woke up feeling groggy and hungover. But we had something in the house for that. Then my eyes adjusted and I looked all around.

Alison wasn’t in bed with me. So it had happened after all.

I had mixed emotions as I got out of bed and got dressed. There was still some cleanup that needed to be done. At least that kept me active.

I got a call from Daniel about 10 am. He told me he had both wives on to cook and that people were already starting to gather. He said it was probably going to be the neighborhood event of the year.

I told him I wasn’t sure how I felt about coming. He told me to get my ass over there. He said if I was hungover he had something for that. But I told him we already had something in the house.

“Sis wants to meet you, Eric. I told her what went down last night. She’s making the salad and some dessert. And she’s contacted a few other women around the neighborhood who promised to bring some other fixings. It’s going to be great! But she really wants to meet you. And I’m sure there are others who will want to meet you as well.”

“Why? Am I suddenly public enemy number one?”

“No, man; you’re famous! Sis has been talking you up to anyone who might want to see you and say hi once you get here.”

“When do you want me there?”

“Anytime you can get your ass over here. Now I gotta go.” And with that he hung up.

I sighed as I went in to take a quick shower. Then I put on a pair of shorts and an airy shirt. I figured I might as well put in an appearance for a few minutes just to satisfy everyone.

I happened to glance over at the box of condoms. I looked in at the two yellow ones still residing in there. I don’t know what made me reach in, grab them and stuff them into my pocket. Maybe I thought I might want proof in case anyone challenged my story.

When I drove over, I discovered there was an impressive collection of people who had already gathered. I guess Daniel had done this type of thing before. Alison and I had heard about it, but for some reason we just weren’t interested. Now they were having her and Nikki as the main entree.

It smelled pretty good when I parked and walked in. I recognized some of the couples from the neighborhood as I went through the house. I went out back, only to be hit with the smell of flesh cooking.

I thought I would be disgusted at the aroma. But apparently they were using a lot of seasoning. In addition to the roasting pit there were four other barbecues going with a couple of neighbors manning each one.

At the pit I saw several people had gathered around. Daniel was there with a beer in his hand and appeared to be regaling them with events of the previous night. He kept talking and then motioning over at the main course as though she was part of the story.

I looked over to see Alison fully impaled from ass to mouth. She was rotating slowly over the open fire, juices dripping off her naked body. A lady I didn’t know was basting her ass with something that smelled good.

Her arms were tied behind her back and her legs were stretched out and skewered at the ankles so they wouldn’t flop around. Her eyes were still open, making me wonder why they hadn’t closed them. It was really strange seeing her impaled like that. I swear it looked like she was fucking that damned spit while fellating the end sticking out of her mouth.

A can of beer magically appeared in my hand. “Good to see you, buddy!” Dustin said as he patted me on the back after handing it to me. “Some of the chicks are already asking about you! Of course Daniel and I have been seeing our fair share as well, telling them about what happened last night. But even though we have our favorites, since your wife’s the main menu item today we thought we’d let you have first pick of the litter.”

“First pick; how thoughtful,” I responded dryly. “I highly doubt anyone is going to want to go home with a guy who strangled his wife to death.” I still wasn’t sure I hadn’t done the deed myself, although it sure as hell felt like she was dying from that condom.

“You’d be surprised!” he laughed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Nikki’s ass on the barbecue and I don’t want her to burn.” Then off he went.

I saw Daniel talking to a couple of girls who might have been college coeds. I knew he and his wife entertained them sometimes at his swinger parties. I had no idea I would finally be here attending one of his outdoor barbecues while he had someone I knew roasting on the spit.

I took a look over at Alison, sighing wistfully. Gawd, I was going to miss her. What the hell was I thinking buying that box of condoms when I suspected she would willingly want to risk going through them just for the thrill of it?

I was staring right at her when she suddenly shuddered on the spit. It looked like the crazy bitch was fucking it while cumming fully impaled on that metal pole! Impossible!

I blinked my eyes and looked closer. But there was no movement. I concluded it must have been my imagination.

A hand touched my shoulder as I heard a female voice ask, “Are you Eric?”

I turned to see an attractive blonde of about 23 in shorts and a very tight tank top that accented her 34 C’s. She had a sexy brunette friend standing with her about the same age and body shape in a light blue T and shorts.

“Yes, I am,” I told them politely.

“I’m Molly and this is Frieda,” the blonde said. “Daniel told us we should talk to you. He said you’re the reason we’re even having this barbecue in the first place.”

“Did he say anything else?”

“Not everything,” Frieda giggled. “He talked about choking his wife and all. But he said he’d let you tell us all the juicy stuff’. So what happened? Is this your wife? Daniel says it’s your wife.” and she motioned at the naked body rotating on the spit.

“Yes, it is.”

“What did you do to her? How did she die?”

“Well, I’m not sure. We were playing ‘condom roulette’ and I may have…”

“Condom roulette?? What’s that?” Molly really seemed interested. You mean Daniel hadn’t told them about the condoms??

“It’s a box of condoms, only one is laced with a poison. You get fucked with it and you die.”

“Really?? Daniel didn’t tell us that! That sounds so fucking hot!” That was from Frieda.

“Tell us more!” Molly begged. “Don’t leave anything out!”

“Yeah, tell us the whole story!”

“Well, Frieda, I’ll try to hit the highlights so as not to bore you.” Then I gave them the abbreviated version, admitting to all without going into any great detail.

It took about twenty minutes as they kept asking for specifics. I told them just about everything, including wondering which of our wives may have gotten the lethal condom. I tried to leave certain things out but Molly wouldn’t let up, especially when she finally said, “I hear you gave Dana a flying fuck as you hanged her to death!”

“Yes, I did.”

“Fuck; that sounds hot!” Frieda gasped.

“You gals aren’t the least bit unnerved I hanged someone and that I may have choked my wife to death while playing ‘condom roulette’?”

“Not at all!” Molly panted breathlessly. “And we’re glad what happened to Nikki! That bitch was wicked cruel during our swinger parties. Last time she fucked my ass raw with her strap-on! So Daniel promised me a piece of her ass in return!”

Frieda recognized some guy she knew, and they excused themselves. They certainly weren’t fazed I may have been involved in the murder of a couple of women at my house. And they both seemed to have a fascination with the condom story.

I took one last look at Alison roasting on the spit before walking away. I didn’t want to hang around too long in case I might start feeling bad. But it appeared there were no hard feelings among any of our neighbors… at least none thus far.

I ran into a couple I knew, and I had to tell the story all over again. They seemed fascinated by it. At the end they both told me how much they appreciated my help in making this neighborhood party a rousing success by helping provide the meat. I thanked them, even though I wasn’t sure how I should feel about that.

I got me another beer where I ran into a trio of girls who also wanted to know the whole story. At the end they thought it was hot hearing how us husbands were fucking our three wives with one of them possibly drawing the laced condom. The dark-haired beauty told her friend she might have to ask her boyfriend Steve to consider buying a box of condoms.

I went over and talked to Daniel’s sister Janie who was overseeing a barbecue full of what must have been Nikki’s ribs. I thanked her for helping out and providing a salad and a dessert. She told me her brother had given her the bare bones of our time last night, but that she wanted more details from me.

I filled in the blanks while she was brushing the ribs with sauce. When I was done she just looked at me with eyes wide in admiration. “That sounds incredible!” she finally breathed. “And when all was said and done, Dustin let you fuck his wife in the noose until she died on your cock down in your basement??”

“Pretty much.”

“That must have been incredible!”

“It was.”

“Well, I don’t think so!”

I turned at the new voice in time to see 45 year old Francine Atherton with her greying hair that looked like it had been meticulously tended to by a hairdresser in the past five minutes. She was standing there giving me a disapproving look with her husband Willard by her side. She had a near empty glass of wine in her hand. I had no idea they’d been eavesdropping.

Janie rolled her eyes. “Oh, Francine! Go have some more Chablis, ok? Daniel will have something ready for you soon.”

“I certainly hope some of this meat will be cooked to my liking.”

“It will be, Francine; I promise! You know Daniel… only the best for the Athertons!”

“I should hope so!”

“You should be thankful, Francine! This is Eric! It’s his wife on the spit! And he helped arrange it last night so that Nikki will be putting in an appearance on your plate as well!”

“I hope I get the cunt steak, Janie.”

“Alison’s is reserved for Eric here.”

The newcomer scowled at that. “Well I don’t see why, not when we’re here to give our professional opinion on the meat you’re cooking. But I must say, I don’t approve of your methods, young man!” She was glaring right at me when she said it.

“Francine, you don’t like how the bodies get here so long as they get here?? I don’t get it!”

“And you, young man. I heard you hanged that young woman to death down in your basement before throwing her body out with the trash? What a waste of good meat! And your penis was inside her as she died in the noose? Inconceivable!”

Janie laughed as she told the woman, “Francine, I don’t think that word means what you think it means!”

The arrogant woman totally missed the movie reference, although I had to laugh inwardly. “Mind your ribs, young lady!” she snapped irritably. Then she proudly threw her chin up as they haughtily walked away.

“Oh don’t mind her, Eric,” Janie laughed. “She’s always like that. But I think there’s something going on deep down with that couple. They always show up anytime we’re cooking someone. And that bitch always wants to sample the best parts.”

I excused myself to go mingle again. But it wasn’t long before I encountered another group and was forced to regale them with my tale. I certainly was the center of attention. It actually felt rather nice.

Cuts of meat started to be served. Some of the neighbors grabbed a plate of food, either eating at one of the handful of tables or standing around talking to others. It really was a well-attended gathering. It’s a good thing Daniel had a huge back yard. Maybe that’s why they had such a large piece of property.

I decided not to go over to see how they were carving up Alison. I did get her cunt steak though. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. But a few bites in and I had to conclude it tasted pretty decent. I could almost hear her in my ear laughing as she told me how I always liked chewing on her pussy.

After getting something to eat, I went back to mingling again. I decided to stay for the duration, being as how it would be inappropriate if the guest of honor left prematurely. Besides, it seemed like there was always someone wanting me to tell my story to them.

It wasn’t long before I started getting slips of paper with names and phone numbers. Some of the girls were asking me to call them later. I found that really interesting.

I went and told Daniel about the phone numbers I was collecting. He just patted me on the shoulder and grinned. He said he wasn’t surprised as he’d already gotten propositioned by a couple of the ladies they’d swung with several months ago. He told me to enjoy myself and to not feel bad about anything.

A couple minutes later this 22 year old with smaller but attractive breasts and short brown hair came up to me with another piece of paper. “Eric, will you ever buy another box of condoms with a lethal one inside?” I told her I didn’t know, but it was certainly a possibility.

“If you do, will you call me? I think I’d like to come over sometime and try one out if you’d be willing. I think we could have a really great time together. Call me!” Then she handed me the slip of paper with her name and number before rushing off to catch up to her friends.

It was like that all afternoon. I gathered a good half dozen slips of paper with names and numbers. But there was one I received that literally floored me.

I was off by myself between visits with neighbors when Francine walked up to me. She was alone. She paused and looked all around as though making sure no one knew she was with me. She looked me right in the eye and then slapped a piece of paper in my hand. Then she turned and walked away as though her business with me had been concluded.

I thought that was weird; that is, until I opened the paper and looked at what she’d written. It said DO YOU HANDLE REQUESTS? I’D LIKE TO SEE YOUR BASEMENT NEXT WEEK. CALL ME. I could hardly believe it!

I stared at it for a few seconds and then looked around for her. But she had slipped out of sight. Was there more to Mrs. Atherton than her expensive hair styling and her haughty attitude?

I wandered around until I found Daniel with Molly and Frieda in each arm. “There you are, Eric!” he declared when he caught sight of me and waved me over. “These attractive ladies have been telling me how excited they are to be at our party. They simply love the idea of playing condom roulette. It’s too bad you didn’t bring those last two condoms over with you.”

I looked at them in surprise, unable to believe the coincidence. Then I reached into my pocket and pulled them out. Daniel was astonished.

“Those are the yellow ones we didn’t use? You mean you brought ‘em with you??”

“Those are the last two yellow ones?” Molly gasped incredulously. She actually seemed excited about it.

“I thought I might need a little proof to show people,” I explained. “I had no idea folks would believe me right off the bat. Everyone here must know about your barbecue parties and how the ladies end up on the spit.”

“Oh FUCK!” Molly gasped. Her eyes were wide and she was visibly trembling.

She came over and slid an arm around my waist. Then she took one of the condoms right out of my hand before handing the other one over to Frieda. I looked at Daniel in surprise, but he just shrugged his shoulders as he grinned back at me.

“Is there someplace private where we can go fuck? Gawd, I can’t believe I’m saying this! How about you, Frieda?”

“I’m in!” her friend gasped excitedly.

“I know a place,” Daniel told them with a smile and a wave toward the house. And so the four of us headed off together where I was soon to discover if the lethal one was in the hands of one of our sexy risk-takers or if Nikki or Alison had already drawn it. Apparently the loss of my risk-taking wife was about to open up a whole new world for me…


© 2016 (written for Bedeyes Dec 1 ’16 by riwa)

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