Hanging the witch


As Halloween approached Emma Langstrom began making plans as to which of the many parties she might attend. She always loved to dress up in something eye-catching just to tease all the guys. And she often hoped she might successfully snag a cock or two to suck before the night was over, especially if there was a girlfriend around to make the conquest all the more dangerous and thus all the more exciting.

She was in the process of trying to decide which party to attend when her friends Jessica and Kelly contacted her with yet another Halloween night invitation they thought she might be interested in. They told her it was out of town, but it was a big event they had been invited to attend. They also told her they had a costume all picked out for her that guaranteed she would be the focus of every eye in attendance, especially all the males.

This perked her ears up, especially when she was told Brian and Patrick would be attending, the boys who were currently dating her two friends. Emma had already enjoyed sucking their cocks on more than one occasion. The idea of sneaking them out somewhere for another discreet sucky-sucky without her girlfriends finding out was just too tempting to pass up. So she readily agreed.

Jessica and Kelly showed up at her house on the evening of the party. They were dressed in identical pilgrim outfits which Emma found rather amusing. But she grinned when they showed her the witch’s outfit they had obtained for her. Even though she was a little five foot nothing Asian with a smaller chest she felt certain she was going to attract way more attention in THIS outfit than they were going to in theirs!

Kelly drove them out of town in her car, a trip that turned out to take a couple of hours. Emma asked where the guys were, but Jessica assured her they were already on their way. She smiled inwardly to herself at the knowledge her two friends still appeared to be totally oblivious to the fact she’d been enjoying sucking their boyfriends’ cocks on more than one occasion.

It was dark when they arrived. But a full moon helped illuminate the area. There were a small number of vehicles parked at what looked like an old community hall. Emma felt an erotic jolt as she found herself looking forward to a night on the prowl, making every female glower at her as she flirted with as many males as she could find.

Jessica and Kelly took her inside and walked her through a small, nondescript foyer into the main hall. Almost immediately Emma was struck by the oddity that there were chairs lined up in two sections facing some sort of judge’s bench along the back wall. There certainly wasn’t going to be any dancing anytime soon, not if the chairs were not quickly folded up and put away.

The second thing she noticed was the attire of everyone else in the hall. Their costumes matched those of her two female friends; she was the only one wearing anything different! “Say, what kind of party is this?” she wanted to know as little alarm bells started going off inside her. Maybe she was overreacting, but the whole situation made her feel more than a little uncomfortable, especially the way she stood out in her Halloween outfit!

Several heads turned in her direction at the sound of her words, and there was an audible gasp in the room. In no time at all everyone was looking right at her. The hall suddenly became deathly quiet as two men and a woman walked up and took up seats on the other side of the judge’s bench. An elderly man in exceedingly white hair sat in the main seat and then pointed right at the newcomers before asking, “Is she the one?”

“She is, your honor,” Jessica responded formally.

“One what?” Emma wanted to know. “I’m the one what?” Kelly just told her to hush.

“Bring her forward,” the Elder commanded as the female and male sitting on either side of him looked on gravely.

“Hey; what’s going on?” Emma called out, a little louder this time.

“Hush!” Jessica shushed her. “Don’t spoil this, ok?”

“Oh… ok.” Emma shrugged her shoulders in confusion, deciding this must be some sort of game everyone was playing strictly for her benefit.

Jessica and Kelly marched her forward up the aisle in the middle of the hall until they stood right in front of the judge’s bench. They made sure they were standing on either side of her. “Is this the witch?” the elder wanted to know, motioning right at the little five foot Asian.

“I sure am!” Emma proudly proclaimed, eliciting another horrified gasp from the congregation sitting in two sections behind them. She had already decided it might be fun to play along for a while… maybe even flirt a little.

“She hath confessed!” the female behind the bench proclaimed. “What more do we need?”

“We must have witnesses,” the male on the other side of the Elder reprimanded her.

“Are there witnesses to her witchcraft?” the Elder asked sternly. Emma just giggled; this was amusing as hell… and a little arousing as well!

“She hath bewitched and beguiled our menfolk!” Jessica declared.

Emma looked at her in surprise; did Jess know about her sucking off Brian?? There was no way she was going to admit to that, not in front of all these people!

“Tis true,” Kelly agreed loudly, eliciting more gasps from the congregation.

“What are you two talking about?” Emma wanted to know.

“You sucked the dicks of our boyfriends, you little witch!” Jessica hissed at her.

“I did no such thing!” Emma blurted out, feeling the crimson wash over her face.

“Are there witnesses to this witchery?” the Elder inquired.

“We are here, your honor,” a male voice declared. A moment later Emma saw Brian and Patrick rise up together, both in that same amusing pilgrim garb that seemed to be all the rage here.

“She bewitched us,” Patrick declared solemnly, pointing right at her.

“I did not!”

“She beguiled me and sucked the life essence right out of me!”

“I did no such thing!”

“She lured me outside the tavern and pulled open my trousers!”

“You forced me onto my knees, Patrick; you MADE me!” Emma retorted.

“She beguiled me, your honor; I had no choice!”

“Like hell! You forced me onto my knees and you LOVED it!”

“So you admit it then!” Kelly told her accusingly, eyes blazing with fury. Oops; she really HAD just admitted it! Emma felt an erotic jolt at the trouble she was now in, and she felt the heat of embarrassment all over again.

“It’s not my fault you don’t know how to suck cock!” she protested defiantly. “Maybe if you took better care of him at home he wouldn’t have come running to me!”

“You see, your honor!” Jessica declared. “The witch is defiant! She proudly admits her witchcraft!”

“I admit nothing!” Emma shot back.

“She beguiled me as well, your honor!” Brian declared in front of one and all. “She pulled down my pants and took me into her mouth!”

“You threatened to tell your girlfriend a lie if I didn’t blow you!” Emma retorted angrily.

“You see, your honor?” Jessica proclaimed. “She freely admits her guilt to witchcraft!”

“I am NOT a witch!” Emma protested. “I just suck a little cock here and there; so sue me!” There was another audible gasp of horror from the congregation.

“There must be three,” the man on the left of the Elder said aloud. “There must be three who accuse her. Is there another witness?”

“I am that witness,” a female declared as she stood up. Emma stared at her in shock…

“Tammy, what are YOU doing here?”

“You see, your honor?” Jessica proclaimed. “The witch admits knowing the witness!”

“Yeah, I know her; so what?”

“She bewitched and beguiled me,” Tammy admitted, lowering her head in shame. “She disrobed me and tongued me in my private place.” There were more horrid gasps, many from the females of the congregation.

“As I recall, you tied me up and FORCED me to lick you!” Emma shot back angrily. “You even LIKED it! What is this: a setup?”

“You see, your honor?” Jessica proclaimed before one and all. “The witch freely admits her guilt! Yet she attempts to deflect the responsibility for her witchcraft upon her victims!”

“They are NOT my victims!” Emma blustered, feeling humiliated, embarrassed and alarmed. This was getting embarrassing… and definitely out of hand!

“What the hell is this anyway?? I don’t know what the hell is going on around here, but I’m leaving!”

“Detain the witch!” the Elder declared as Emma turned to go. Jessica and Kelly grabbed her by her arms before she could get very far.

“Hey, let go of me! You bitches better let me go if you know what’s good for you!”

“Did you hear?” the elderly female behind the bench gasped in horror.  “She threatens us all with her witchcraft!”

“Oh don’t be absurd! I just want out of this crazy place! This ain’t no Halloween party; I’m the only one dressed for the occasion! I didn’t know you guys were doing a scene from the Salem Witch Trials!”

“She proudly spews the name of the devil’s day with her own lips!” the Elder observed indignantly.

“Yeah, it’s Halloween… so what?” Then she angrily turned toward Jessica and Kelly, deciding she’d had more than enough. The whole focus was on her… and it wasn’t going well at all!

“Why don’t you two take me home!” she demanded. “This is the stupidest, lamest Halloween party I have ever attended! Why, there isn’t even any dancing going on here! I want to go to a REAL party… with dancing and booze and horny boys!”

“Did you hear?” the female behind the bench gasped in horror. “She wishes to leave so she can promote more of her witchcraft! She admits it with her very own words!”

“It’s not WITCHCRAFT to want to have a good time, is it?” Emma demanded indignantly. But now they were not listening as they consulted aloud with each other…

“Indeed, she hath accused herself,” the Elder agreed with a solemn nod. “What say you, Patrice?”

“Guilty!” the woman on his right declared, her eyes blazing with righteous indignation. Then he turned to his left…

“What say you, Franklin?”

“Guilty,” the man nodded. “She hath admitted as much.”

“I agree,” the Elder said with a nod. Then he asked the whole congregation, “What say you all?”

“GUILTY!” the hall boomed. Even Jessica and Kelly proclaimed it!

“Of what… wearing a witch costume??” Emma blurted out in disbelief. She looked all around in alarm, wondering what the hell this was all about. After all, Jess and Kelly were the ones who had lured her into wearing the witch’s costume in the first place! Then it hit her like a thunderbolt…

Ohmygawd; had she been setup???

“It is… unanimous,” the elder intoned solemnly. “The sentence is death… sentence to be carried out immediately.”

“What do you mean ‘DEATH’??” Emma blurted out in horror. “Is this some kind of sick joke? These two women…” and she glared angrily at them “…who USED to be my friends bought this costume for me to wear! That’s all I know.”

“The witch doth protest too much!” the woman behind the bench observed. But it was obvious a decision had already been made…

“These proceedings are concluded,” the Elder intoned solemnly as he started to rise. “We shall meet outside immediately for the implementation of the penalty for witchcraft.” That’s when she heard the sound of chairs sliding across the floor as everyone in the room rose to their feet.

“Implementation… penalty… what are you crazy people talking about?” She looked all around in confusion, but no one was answering her. Instead they were quietly heading for an exit out a side door.

“Now you’re in for it,” Jessica told her.

“In for what? What the hell did I do?”

“You KNOW what you did, you little tramp!” Kelly added with a knowing smile. “Did you think you could get away with sucking our boyfriends’ cocks without us finding out?”

“You KNEW?? How did you KNOW??”

“What does it matter?” Jessica told her with an evil smile. “You heard the Elder.  Now’s the time for the implementation of the penalty for witchcraft.”

“You bitches know I’m no witch – hey, let go of me!” That’s when they started dragging her toward the door.

“Hey, let me go! Where are you taking me? You can’t do this to me!!”

Once outside she discovered the congregation had lined up in two rows, leaving a path between them toward the back of the building. She was escorted right through them as individuals on either side hurled accusations and epithets at her, especially accusations of “Vile witch!” Emma protested her innocence the whole time but to no avail…

“You can’t do this to me! I ain’t no witch! You’re going to pay for this! I was tricked into wearing this costume! This isn’t justice; this is a dictatorship! Let me go – I’m not a witch!! This isn’t Salem, you know; that’s up North of here!”

When she came to the end of the two rows, Jessica and Kelly turned her toward the right. That’s when she saw it. Her knees buckled as she let out a moan, her pussy throbbing from shock, disbelief and terror…

It was a small wooden gallows with six steps on either side. A heavy beam stuck out above and beyond the platform. A noose had already been formed, and was now hanging off the very end of the beam.

Emma almost fainted when she saw it… and then she almost climaxed as well. She panted wildly for breath, her heart hammering in her chest. Then a rush of adrenaline kicked in.

“Oh HELL NO!” and she broke away and started to run. At the moment she had no clue where she was going to go. But she decided any location was far better than what awaited her!

“DETAIN HER!” the Elder demanded. Jessica and Kelly ran after her as Jessica’s voice hollered out in Emma’s direction, “Oh NO you don’t! You can’t get away THIS time!” At five eight and five nine respectively they were long legged and much faster. Emma was tackled to the ground and then brought back kicking and thrashing about the whole time.

“NOOSE HER!” the Elder demanded. Emma cried out “NOOO!” as they dragged her toward the steps. Her former friend Tammy came over, and the three of them forced her up the steps onto the gallows platform.

“Why are you DOING this?” she wailed. “You can’t DO this to me!”

“You got this coming to you for sucking all those cocks that didn’t belong to you!” Jessica sneered. “No more sucky-sucky for YOU, you little tramp!”

“Tammy; HELP ME!”

“Hun, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to watch you hang. Besides, I know you played with my friend Gwendolyn when I was out of town. I’m just making sure you don’t play with anyone else’s girlfriend or boyfriend ever again!”

“You BITCH!” Emma gasped, her heart pounding in her chest. She was feeling faint again; surely this wasn’t happening to her! It was either a cruel prank or a dream she desperately needed to awaken from!

“She must be naked to allow the witchcraft to dissipate!” Jessica called out to the congregation who were now gathering around.

“Undress her then!” the Elder nodded in agreement. Emma let out shameful wail of NOOO!” as the three girls proceeded to strip her out of her witch’s costume.

When they had finished undressing her Jessica grabbed a loose coil of rope lying on the platform near the support beam attached to the back of the gallows. Then she roughly tied Emma’s hands behind her back. The whole time the frightened, quivering Asian kept protesting her innocence…


“See how she threatens us with more witchcraft?” Jessica proclaimed to the congregation. “Her spells are useless once she is unclothed! Her powers will evaporate into the air once she begins to strangle! But some of you may feel a stirring from those powers!”

Kelly had to grab a stick and reach out for the noose dangling from the end of the beam. She snagged it and pulled it in where she was able to snug it carefully around Emma’s neck and then tighten it to make sure it was secured. The frightened Asian woman quivered like a leaf in the breeze, her slit dripping from an insane arousal.

She was hyperventilating like crazy as she looked all around. The congregation had gathered in close to watch her demise. She felt the humiliation of every eye upon her nudity, felt her slit begin to drip copiously.

“This is going to be so fucking GOOD!” Tammy whispered into her ear. Then she descended the other set of steps. That left Jessica and Kelly standing on either side of her, both holding onto her arms.

Emma whimpered as she looked down at the ground below. Then she searched all the faces in the crowd in the full moonlight. She could not find a single one who appeared the least bit sympathetic to her plight.

“Now you’re gonna swing,” Jessica whispered into her left ear. “This is for sucking out boyfriend’s cocks!” Kelly hissed into her right. Then they both looked down at the Elder as though waiting for his final approval.

“Does the witch wish to confess and recant her witchcraft?”

“I’m no witch!” Emma declared in a trembling voice. “Please let me go! I’ll do anything you want!” She wanted to believe this was a crazy stunt set up by her angry friends, but it felt much too real to be a prank. She could very easily strangle to death if she fell forward off the front of the platform!

“Will you suck cock?” a male voice called out.

“Will you lick us?” added a female’s voice.


“Do you see how she threatens us with more witchcraft?” Jessica called out to them accusingly as she stood by the trembling Asian, still holding onto her arm. “She wants to perform her witchery on each and every one of us!”

“S-stop it, Jess! Just get me d-down from here, ok?” That’s when a female voice in the congregation started chanting “Hang the witch – hang the witch.” More voices joined in, the chant growing louder until they were all demanding satisfaction…


The Elder lifted up his hand, silencing the crowd. Emma panted heavily for breath, her chest heaving. That’s when Jessica cruelly cackled, “You will SEE she is a witch when she tries to cast her spell upon us all by cumming in the noose!”


“Hang her!” the Elder proclaimed, dropping his hand as though signaling for it to happen. That’s when Jessica and Kelly pushed her forward. Emma fell off the platform, the noose pulling her up short as she swung back and forth above the ground below.

Almost immediately she started cumming, lewdly thrusting her hips out as her pussy flared while spraying her arousal. Her legs kicked wildly as she kept humping the air.  It was as if she was attempting to air-fuck every male staring up at her.

“WITCH!” an elderly female shrieked before collapsing in a faint. There were several feminine gasps of astonishment as Emma continued to hump and thrust. Several males instinctively took a step back, feeling the effects of her hanging within their trousers.

Jessica and Kelly quickly descended the gallows. They stood nearby on either side, watching with admiration as Emma kicked and swung. “What a fucking whore!” Jessica breathed, totally enthralled at the event. Kelly just panted heavily for breath, her own slit dripping and throbbing.

Emma soon settled down, her feet fluttering for something solid. Then she started jerking a little more. “The noose will thoroughly squeeze every last trace of witchcraft out of her!” Jessica said aloud. “There is nothing to fear; she cannot harm us!” There were murmurs of appreciation from the crowd that the effects of her last feeble attempts at casting a spell during her hanging would not take effect upon them and that her witchery would soon dissipate.

Her throat soon closed off and she could not get any air at all. Then she began doing a little bunny hop. She began cumming again, exhausting herself. Some of the men took another half step back as some of the females swooned as though caught up in some sexual trance.

Emma finally stopped kicking. All that was left were a few muscle twitches and spasms. The Elder nodded his satisfaction and then turned toward the congregation.

“The witch will hang for an hour so that all her witchcraft is dissipated! Then she will be buried in the woods out back in an unmarked grave where no one shall ever find her to resurrect her witchcraft! We have purged the witchery from our midst!” And with that the matter was settled as the crowd started to break up, heading back toward their vehicles or just walking off into the night.

Tammy came up and admired the dangling, naked body of her former playmate. “Sorry, hun; but I really think it’s better this way.” She caressed the body a time or two before she turned and walked away. That left Jessica and Kelly standing guard.

“No more sucky-sucky for you, you little tramp!” Jessica declared. “I doubt anyone will even mourn the disappearance of a slut like you!” Then they also turned and walked away, leaving her body up for the requisite hour before the men came to take her down and bury her somewhere out back of the hall in the woods where she would never be found…

© 2015 (written for Emma Nov 1 ’15 by riwa)

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