Kidnapped and hanged


AKA Emma hangs (edited and reposted)

Emma plunked some coins into a pay phone, muttering under her breath. Amy was running late again. She hoped her playmate had not run into some sort of car trouble. But there was no answer on the other end.

DCF 1.0She was not familiar with the part of town she’d been dropped off in after taking the bus. She was more than a little anxious standing out here all by herself. But that was probably all a part of Amy’s doing. The bitch loved to make her squirm in these situations.

Standing alone on the street corner made her quite uncomfortable. It also caused her no end of tingles. She told herself this was a risky proposition.

Anyone could come along and snatch her up off the streets and no one would be the wiser. She was much too small to resist anyone. Amy would simply come down and drive all around looking for her before giving up and going home.

This was supposed to be a play-date… an afternoon of fun and games where she was picked up off the streets after her car had broken down. The plan was for Amy to pull up, “chloroform” her when no one was looking and then dump her into the trunk of her car. At least that was the plan.

They would have to be careful not to attract any undue attention to themselves. Some Good Samaritan might be watching and could choose to call the cops. As it was, Amy was now 30 minutes late. Emma didn’t know whether something unexpected had happened or if this was simply a part of her friend’s diabolical plan for the afternoon.

The longer she waited the more tingles she felt at her growing discomfort. Surely her friend was teasing her; that HAD to be it. She felt deliciously vulnerable on the street corner, and she kept looking all around as though trying to prepare for the unexpected.

She looked down the street and detected what she thought was the familiar outline and color of Amy’s vehicle. She braced herself for the “play” to begin. That’s when she felt someone come up behind her.

A hand wrapped around her throat as what felt disturbingly like a handgun was pressed into her back. “Scream and I’ll blow a hole out through your chest!” a male voice threatened. “Just start walking and you won’t get hurt.”

DCF 1.0Emma marched forward, her heart up in her throat. Who was this guy behind her?? Had Amy obtained the assistance of one of her male friends to play along? Emma wasn’t sure, but it was a comfort to believe that rather than contemplating the alternative… that she was being kidnapped for real.

She felt her heart pound in her chest, her breathing heavy and labored. She was walked into a parking lot toward a small, white vehicle. It looked nothing at all like what Amy drove. She began to have a bad feeling about the whole thing, and it filled her with a horrible arousal.

She felt the gun leave her back as though he might be pocketing it or something. Instinctively she tried to run. “Oh, NO you don’t!” he exclaimed, wrapping an arm around her neck.

He collared her and held her close to his body, dragging her forward. Then he reached out for the door of the vehicle. “Let me go!” she cried out in growing desperation. “Leave me alone, you fucking bastard!”

“Shut the fuck up, you little whore, or I’ll kill you right here and now! Stop your struggling or I’ll snap your neck in two like a twig!” Emma instantly went limp in his grasp, panting heavily with her eyes wide.

DCF 1.0He threw her into the passenger seat of his car before growling at her. “You move and you fucking die; you got that, you little WHORE? If you understand what I just told you, nod your fucking head!” Emma nodded in the affirmative, her eyes wide as her body trembled like mad. She was really aroused now.

He walked around the front of the car, his hand at the ready on the handle of the gun in the waistband of his jeans. Emma took a moment to get a better look at him.

He was in a white t-shirt and light-blue jeans, a red bandana on his head. He was wearing sunglasses, making it impossible to see his eyes. He had a dark complexion as though he had gotten a little more sun recently than he should have.

She watched him like a frightened rabbit as he opened the driver’s side door and crawled in. Then he reached in and pulled out his gun, pointing it at her head as he grabbed her face. “You try to escape and I’ll kill you! You try to get out of this car while it’s moving and I’ll KILL you! You try to attract anyone’s attention and I’ll KILL you! You GOT THAT, you fucking whore?”

“Yes,” Emma whimpered, her pussy screaming at her so much she was afraid she was going to orgasm right then and there. The way he was treating her, the words he used, made her wonder if this might be one of Amy’s male friends. If not she was so fucking dead!

He drove them out of town and down a dusty road in a secluded part of the countryside, filling her with an erotic fear. This was not the destination she and Amy had agreed upon. It was scary as hell… and terribly arousing.

After pulling over to a stop he reached into the back seat and retrieved a length of rope. Ordering her to turn away from him, he proceeded to tie her hands behind her back. Then he took a length of rope and tied it around her neck.

He got out of the car, walked around in front and opened her door. “Out of the car, you fucking whore!” he demanded. She whimpered as she climbed out.

He grabbed the length of rope attached to her neck. “What’s your name, bitch?”

“Emma,” she gasped in a trembling voice.

“Well, Emma; I guess this just isn’t your lucky day. Now come with me, you fucking whore!” A moment later he began pulling her along down a dusty path.

“Where are we going?” she asked anxiously, her voice quavering.

“You’ll find out soon enough, you little whore!” A moment later the path cleared enough for her to see a noose hanging from a tree directly in front of her.

Emma whimpered as her heart leaped into her throat. “Please!” she gasped anxiously. “You can’t do this to me! I was waiting for someone back there on that street corner!”

“Waiting for someone?” he laughed. “I’d say someone found you all right, wouldn’t you?” But she balked as he pulled on the rope attached to her neck.

DCF 1.0“Come here, you fucking whore!” he demanded, pulling on the rope. That’s when Emma began to put up a fight…


“Scream all you want, bitch!” he snarled, trying to pull her forward toward the noose. “No one’s going to hear you out here!”

“LET ME GO, YOU MOTHER-FUCKER!” she cried out, twisting and turning while resisting as best she could. But it did no good. He kept pulling her forward by the rope around her neck, partially choking her as she was forced to move forward toward the noose hanging ominously before her.

“Knock it off, bitch!” he demanded as he forced the coil around her neck. Emma winced and struggled but he was much too strong for her to fight off.

DCF 1.0“LET ME GO, YOU FUCKER!” she cried out. But she was unable to prevent him from getting the noose around her neck. It wasn’t long until he had it around her throat.

With a sharp tug he cinched it snug. Emma’s attitude changed in an instant. “Please!” she begged. “Please don’t hang me! I’ll do anything you want!”

“But what if I WANT to hang you?”

“Please don’t hang me! I’ll do anything you ask… just don’t hang me!” He just laughed at her as he inspected the noose, grabbing it in his hand and pulling on it just to make her gasp and whimper.

DCF 1.0“Does the condemned have any last requests?” he asked with a snicker.


She was trembling like mad, her pussy about to explode. She loved the adrenaline rush, loved playing peril games with her friend Amy. But this felt all too real. If this was an elaborate set-up by her sadistic friend, it was a damn good one!

“A blindfold?” he laughed as though hearing her incorrectly. “Why yes; I believe I can grant that request! First let’s get that other rope off your neck, shall we?”

Emma whimpered with fright as he pulled the rope off from around her neck, leaving the thicker more ominous one in place. She kept whining and begging but it did her no good. Soon he pulled out a black cloth blindfold and began wrapping it over her eyes and forehead, leaving the rest of it to dangle behind her back.

“No!” she whimpered, trying to turn away. Being in the dark and unable to see what was going to happen next made things ten times worse. Emma trembled like mad, her body mere moments away from a gawd-awful climax.

DCF 1.0“Comfy now?” he asked, his mock concern betraying his murderous intent. “Guess it’s time to string you up now. I’m looking forward to watching you kick.” Emma twisted her head back and forth but was unable to see through the blindfold.

Emma shuddered hard as her body finally betrayed her with a devastating orgasm. It washed warmly through her body, ricocheting like a pinball in a machine. She whimpered from the humiliation of it all. Then she tried to stand quietly, gasping for breath as she fought to regain her composure.

“Just got to make sure this knot is set in the right place,” he said all business-like as he fumbled with her noose. Emma’s chest rose and fell from a mixture of extreme fear and intense arousal.

DCF 1.0Her mind raced for some way out of this… some way of preserving her life. It also occurred to her if this was one of Amy’s friends then she could guess what was supposed to happen next. “I’ll give you a blowjob,” she offered quietly, her voice quivering. “Untie my hands and I’ll give you a blowjob.” Maybe with her hands free she might have a chance to escape.

“No way, bitch. If you want to blow me you’re going to have to do it without your hands.”

“But I can’t SEE anything! If my hands are free at least I can find you! Wouldn’t you like to feel me fumbling for your pants?”

“AWK!” she gasped as he pulled on the noose. Then he whispered into her ear.

“You try anything stupid, you fucking little whore, and I’ll string you up so fast you’re gonna piss all over! You got that?”

“I got it.”

“Ok, you little whore. Let’s get you undressed for the occasion.”

Emma whimpered as he pulled down her shorts and panties. Then her blouse came off, leaving her totally nude except for her white sneakers and the massive blindfold. He untied her hands behind her back before telling her, “Feel around for it, bitch! You know where it is!”

Trembling with fear Emma blindly fumbled for his jeans. She opened his fly to expose his hard manhood. “Beg for it, bitch. Tell me how much you want to suck my cock!”

“Please, sir,” she begged quietly, her face hot with humiliation. “Please let me suck your cock!” She pulled his pants down and grabbed on to it, trying to act like she was into it.

DCF 1.0“Louder,” he demanded. “Act like you really want it, bitch! Act like a slutty little whore and I might rethink my decision to hang your sorry ass!” It was a glimmer of hope and she had to take it. If this really was one of Amy’s friends then he was sure scaring the shit out of her.

“Please, sir! Please let me suck your cock! I love giving blowjobs and I want to suck your cock!”

“Suck it, slut!” he told her. She knelt in the dirt, grabbed it and took it into her mouth.

Emma ran her tongue all around it, using her prestigious skills. Surely this had to be one of Amy’s friends, right? It sure was turning out to be an erotic play!

She moaned enthusiastically while slurping it into her mouth. She felt him grab her hair, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth.  Her pussy throbbed as she did her best to suck him off. Even now she could feel herself starting to get into it, humiliated she was giving Amy’s friend a last blowjob before he strung her up… at least she hoped it was Amy’s friend!

DCF 1.0“That’s a GOOD little whore!” he sighed pleasurably. “Just don’t get any ideas about biting me or trying to escape, ok? Otherwise this might happen.” That’s when she felt him tug on the noose.

Emma glurked and gurgled as she redoubled her efforts, her heart pounding a mile a minute. She was almost certain this was Amy’s friend scaring the crap out of her. But what if it wasn’t??

“You LOVE it, don’t you!” he gasped with delight. “You’re just a hungry little cock-sucking whore, aren’t you! You were WAITING on that street corner for a little cock, weren’t you!” Emma moaned in agreement as she slurped him deeper into her mouth. Yup, this had to be Amy’s doing.

“Gawd; you’re such a whore!” he gasped. “Suck it, you little whore! Suck that cock like your life depends on it!” Then he gave the noose another tug as though reminding her what awaited if she did not do a good job.

Emma moaned and whimpered, her naked body trembling with fear and arousal as she sucked him down. She was ashamed of herself for starting to get into it. This was turning out to be one hell of an erotic little play Amy had set up!

“SUCK IT, YOU FUCKING WHORE!” Emma sucked harder, grunting and gurgling as though she was really into it.

All of the sudden she felt his cock swell between her lips. A moment later she tasted him as he came in her mouth. “Swallow it all, bitch!” he warned. Emma dutifully gulped it all down, losing a little trickle out of the corner of her mouth.

He suddenly stood her up and turned her around. He tied her arms to a sawed-off branch. The he pushed his cock into her and started thrusting.

DCF 1.0Emma was humiliated being fucked out in the woods like this. But it was also arousing as hell. When she felt him give a warning tug on the rope to her noose it triggered another orgasm.

She shuddered hard as he laughed at her… “Are you cumming? You really are a whore, aren’t you!” She moaned weakly, trembling from a couple of smaller aftershocks.

He pulled on her ponytail, jerking her head back. “This feels good, honey. But what I want most of all is to watch you hang. That’s why I kidnapped you to begin with. You look like the type of slut who’ll give me a really good show!”

Emma whimpered with fright as he thrust hard into her. He was certainly scaring the hell out of her. Amy had sure picked a good one; he was so damn realistic! Now it was just a question of how far he was going to take this before he let her go.

DCF 1.0He suddenly pulled his cock out of her. Her pussy instinctively clenched in response to the missing dick. A moment later she felt the noose tighten dramatically around her neck as her feet left the ground.

She let out a gasp as she reached for the noose constricting tightly around her throat. Her legs began to kick as she swung back and forth. Her mind screamed enough was enough and that it was time to let her back down. But she was still up in the air.

She gasped the words, “Amy…. Help…. AWK!”

“Who the fuck is Amy?” Then he pulled even harder.

Emma’s legs flew all around as she clawed at the noose around her neck. Then she bunny-hopped, trying to kick herself upward enough to loosen the constricting coil. But it didn’t do any good.

Emma’s eyes went wide underneath the blindfold as she shuddered hard in orgasm, a devastating climax washing hotly through her body. She bucked and jerked in the noose, twisting and swaying helplessly. Then her knees came together again as she tried to bunny-hop a second time. But it wasn’t nearly enough to loosen the rope for even the tiniest of breaths.

She couldn’t breathe at all; consciousness was starting to fade. That’s when she suspected this was truly not a part of their play today. There was a rattle in her throat as another climax finished her off, taking away her remaining strength.

Emma finally hung limp and lifeless, her body quivering from little seizures as he approached her naked body. She was totally unaware he had tied off the rope to a tree while she was hanging. She was conscious enough to catch his parting words to her as he caressed her boobs…

DCF 1.0“Amy sends her regards, Emma. She told me it was better this way for all concerned and that I was supposed to enjoy myself while hanging you. She said you’d have one hell of an orgasm, but I think you’ve had several. Nighty-night, dear Emma.”

She tried to blink, tried to have some sort of reaction to the horrible news. But she had no strength left as her arms and legs started to go numb. Her body twitched and spasmed as she slowly swayed back and forth, twisting in one direction and then the other.

Her last thought was absolute incredulity that Amy would betray her like this. Then she pissed herself as her world went black. Emma hung lifelessly in the noose, no longer thinking about her afternoon play with Amy anymore. She did not hear him drive away to leave her there dangling all alone…

© 2009; 2016 (written for Emma Feb 21 ’09; ed. Jun 8 ‘16 by riwa)

(Pictures from and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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