Traffic stop in Dolcettville (male victim)


I’m passing through some pretty wide open country when I come upon what looks like a small town out in the middle of nowhere. There are several buildings on Main Street along with several more grouped together in the center of town. But there isn’t much else. A handful of vehicles are parked along the curb.

The speed limit is 15, an incredibly slow speed for a town out in the middle of nowhere. I coast as I slow down, but I’m still doing 25 as I approach the only traffic light in town. As far as I am concerned it’s a crazy place to put a light.

I’m a few lengths away when of all things it suddenly turns yellow. I can’t believe it; I’m the only vehicle on the road! Instinctively I drive right through as there’s no one waiting on either side of the intersection.

I’m no more than two blocks past the light when I hear a siren behind me. A patrolman in an unmarked car is signaling for me to pull over. I never even saw him; I can’t believe this is happening to me!

I pull over to the curb on the edge of town, red-faced at having been caught running that light. That’s when I remember a story my mother once told me about my dad getting caught speeding through a small town. I guess I should have been more careful.

A beefy looking officer in dark glasses approaches the driver’s side door. I roll down my window while keeping my hands on the steering wheel. Then I hear a gruff voice tell me, “Please step out of the car, sir.”

My face flushes crimson as I carefully open the door and climb out. “Turn around and put your hands on the roof, sir.” My first urge is to protest but I wisely hold my tongue. After all, you never know about these small town officers.

He takes each arm and pulls it behind my back, cuffing my wrists together. I want to protest but I don’t know what to say or even what to ask him. “Sir, have I made a mistake?” I finally ask as carefully and as politely as I can.

“You certainly have,” he tells me as he takes me back to his patrol car.

He pushes me into the back seat and then starts the motor, leaving my car by the side of the road. I suddenly have a sick feeling in the pit of my gut. I can’t for the life of me think of what I might have done wrong to deserve all this.

We drive back to the traffic light I rolled through, turning right onto the cross street. He drives all the way down to a large brick building at the end of the street. It has a high concrete wall that gives me the impression of some sort of jail or prison.

I’m taken out of his vehicle and brought in through the glass doors marked The City of Dolcettville: Traffic Violations, Judiciary and Chastisement. I swallow hard as he takes me inside. He marches me right up to a uniformed redhead behind a tall counter.

“I caught this one speeding while running a red light, Esther. He’ll be perfect.” I swallow hard but I’m willing to pay any fine necessary. After all, I do have a credit card on hand.

She looks me up and down, giving me a smile that makes me feel uncomfortable. “He’ll do just fine, Ed. He looks to be in his twenties; full of energy. We haven’t had a good hanging in over a week.”

“H-hanging?” I stammer nervously. That’s when a young man in his twenties and a mature looking blonde come up to me, both wearing police uniforms.

“Take this one to cell number one, Marge. Get him ready to see Judge Gallows. I’ll notify the rest of the town. They’re all going to want to watch this one swing.”

“Judge Gallows?” I stammer nervously. “Swing?? What am I being charged with?”

“Breaking the law, honey,” the redhead tells me, licking her lips. “I’ll bet you last a long time!” My heart leaps into my throat as Officer Marge and her partner take me away.

Cell number one consists of three walls and not much else. The fourth wall is nothing but a set of bars going all the way across with a barred door set in the middle. There’s a lone table standing inside and nothing else: no toilet, no sink, no cot and no privacy.

The barred door is unlocked and I’m pushed inside. “Strip out of those clothes, honey,” Marge tells me. “We’ve got to get you ready to meet Judge Gallows.”

“Who’s Judge Gallows… and why is it necessary for me to strip?”

“You heard the lady,” the young man says, hitting me in the stomach with his fist and doubling me over.

“Now Eric, honey; that was totally uncalled for.”

“Criminals need to be made accountable, Marge.”

“Don’t worry; I’m cooperating,” I wheeze, grabbing my stomach.

When Eric again orders me to strip I waste no time getting out of my clothes. That’s when I see Marge start to shed her police uniform as well. What the hell??

“What are you doing?” I ask in astonishment. My face flushes crimson the moment she is every bit as naked as I am. Then she reaches inside a drawer in the table and pulls out a strap-on about seven inches long and an inch and a half thick.

My eyes fly open in horror as she starts to attach it to her waist. “Wh-what are you going to do with th-that, ma’am?”

“Just getting you ready for the Judge, honey. Now get on your knees like a good boy.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“She said get on your knees, lawbreaker!” Eric puts a hand on my shoulder and roughly forces me down.

“Ok – ok!” and I drop to my knees. Now I’ve got butterflies welling up in my stomach. What’s more, my cock is starting to stir for no reason whatsoever.

Marge steps up to me, waving the damned thing in my face. She smiles as she tells me, “I assume you understand what is required of you, honey.”

“No ma’am; I don’t understand. I only broke a couple of traffic laws–”

“Suck, damn you!” Eric demands, forcing my head forward.

I’m humiliated as hell, embarrassed beyond belief. I had no idea small towns had the freedom to treat their traffic violators in such a manner. “Better get sucking, honey,” Marge suggests. “You’ll be seeing Judge Gallows real soon. She’s going to expect the very best out of you.”

“The best of what?”

“I said SUCK!” and Eric forces my head forward.

Marge pushes the head of her strap-on against my lips, forcing my mouth open. Then she proceeds to skull fuck me right there in that bare cell with Eric watching. I gag as it hits the back of my throat.

I can’t believe she’s doing this to me with his help! What’s more, she doesn’t seem to care whether or not she’s shoving it in too deep. Then I hear a couple of male voices behind me, their comments more than a little disturbing…

“Hey, I see Marge has got a new one in cell number one!”

“That means there’s going to be a hanging out in the courtyard this afternoon after the Judge gets through with him!”

“Hot damn! Maybe we’ll all get a crack at him!”

My embarrassment reaches new heights as Marge fucks my face hard while I’m being watched from outside my cell. Eric stands there with his arms folded across his chest, a smirk on his face. He tells me I’d better get it good and wet because I ought to know just exactly where it’s going next.

I shudder in horror and revulsion. I’ve never had anything shoved up my ass before, much less some crazy bitch’s strap-on! I gag and gurgle as she fucks my mouth until I produce enough saliva on my own in utter humiliation.

Eric suddenly pulls me to my feet before bending me over the cold, metal table. I hear another drawer open, hear something make a metallic sound. Then my wrists are roughly cuffed behind my back.

“Judge Gallows is going to love you, honey!” Marge gasps with delight. Then she places the end of her strap-on against my anus, pushing hard until she forces it to go all the way inside. That’s when I cry out in utter humiliation.

I gasp as the damned thing fills me while I’m bent over the table, leaving me feeling as though I really need to take a dump. Then she really starts fucking me with it. Her thrusts become more pronounced until my body rocks across the table as she savagely violates my ass.

“How is he, Marge?” Eric wants to know.

“He’s tight, honey… seems like a newbie. Better get him ready to take her down his throat.”

“Gladly,” he says happily as he loosens his belt and unzips his fly. Then he pulls a cock out that is already hard and dripping with pre-cum. I shudder as I wonder what the hell he’s going to do with it.

He slides my head along the surface of the table until I’m leaning out across the corner. Then he pushes his cock up against my lips. It’s a good seven or eight inches and looks uncomfortably thick. I’ve never had anything like that in my mouth before.

“Suck it!” he demands, slapping my face hard. Then he starts to force it in past my lips until my mouth opens up to accommodate him.

He starts thrusting from the front as Marge continues to rape my ass from the back. Then I hear more voices from out in the hall. I glance over to see we’ve attracted quite a crowd. My face flushes crimson again.

I grunt and gurgle as he rams his cock hard into my mouth while the onlookers cheer him on. I gag on it as he pushes it deep down my throat. Meanwhile Marge fucks the shit out of me from behind as our voyeurs cry out for her to rape me harder. My cuffed hands jerk in vain behind my back, but there’s nothing I can do to stop my abuse.

I’m there for a good twenty minutes getting fucked in both ends; apparently the Judge is late. The disturbing part is when Marge and Eric change places. I’m forced to taste her strap-on having just come out of my ass while he enjoys fucking me up my butt. I’m utterly mortified as they continue abusing me sexually, especially when more onlookers both male and female gather out in the hall to watch.

I finally hear a female voice out in the hall telling everyone the Judge is ready for us. Cock and strap-on are mercifully pulled out of my holes. I groan in response to my abuse, hoping I won’t ever have to go through that again.

I suddenly hear another drawer open. “This is to avoid making a mess,” Eric tells me as he shoves something huge and uncomfortable up my butt. I cry out as it spreads me wide and then seats itself, making me clench around it uncomfortably.

I’m stood upright, feeling very sore in my ass with a nasty tang in my mouth. Marge and Eric get dressed before I’m marched out of the cell and down the hall in my nudity. I gimp along on my feet from the plug up my ass, following a parade of several officers. I’m further embarrassed as I’m forced to walk nude while my damned cock twitches in growing hardness.

The courtroom is only two hallways down. When I’m escorted inside the door I gasp in horror. It looks as though the whole damned town has turned out. There’s not an empty seat in the room.

I’m taken right up front and stood buck naked in front of a small table which doesn’t hide anything from prying eyes. I know I’m on the defendant’s side; I’ve been in a courtroom before. Then Officer Ed comes in and takes his place at the table for the prosecution. There are no chairs for the prosecution or the defense; we’re all forced to stand.

A tall bailiff comes in and proclaims, “All rise! The honorable Judge Judith Gallows presiding!” I hear everyone rise behind me as a woman in a black robe comes striding in standing almost as tall as the bailiff. She has black hair and what looks like a large chest behind that robe she’s wearing. I would think a Judge would wear something that fits loosely so as not to accent her huge breasts.

“She used to be named ‘Jude’,” Marge whispers into my ear with a snicker.

“Be seated,” the Judge states and everyone behind me sits down. Then she looks right at me.

“Is this the defendant?”

“It is, your honor,” Marge tells her formally.

“Has he been prepared for court?”

“He has,” Eric states proudly. He’s got a huge grin on his face.

“What are the charges, Ed?”

“Running a red light and speeding, your honor.”

“Is this true, young man?”

I gulp nervously; I don’t know how to answer. I don’t even seem to have any counsel. It looks like Marge and Eric are it… and they don’t seem the least bit sympathetic to my plight.

“Better answer her,” Marge whispers into my ear.

“Can I plead ‘not guilty’?” I whisper back.

“If you want. Did you actually do it? I mean run the red light and speed through town?”

“The light turned yellow just as I got there. And I suppose I was going too fast when I first entered town. I was trying to slow down but I had no idea I was supposed to go so slow.”

“Then Ed’s probably got you on camera. You’d better plead guilty or the Judge will really lower the boom on you once she sees the video.”

I swallow hard and then nod as I face the Judge. Maybe all of this will end if I confess. Maybe I’ll get off with nothing more than a steep fine and an embarrassing story to tell everyone… that is, if I even decide to share this small-town humiliation once I get back home.

“Young man, how do you plead?” the Judge repeats, sounding rather annoyed.

“Uh… guilty, your honor.”

“Ed?” she asks the patrolman.

“The video I have confirms his plea, your honor.”

“Very well. Is the town gathering?”

“Even as we speak, your honor,” a female voice I recognize as belonging to Esther pipes up from the back. I can’t believe everyone is in here seeing me naked like this.

“Very well. I hereby sentence the defendant to death by slow hanging, sentence to be carried out as soon as I am finished with him.” Then she rises up from behind the bench.

I gasp in horror at my sentence. But the gallery behind me buzzes excitedly; they seem eager to watch me hang. And what the hell was she talking about ‘finishing with me’? What is she going to do to me??

“Finished with me??” I whisper anxiously to Marge. She just chuckles as the Judge comes around her bench and approaches us. Marge pushes me out from behind the table as though to meet her. My face flushes crimson as my hard cock twitches; now I’m really embarrassed.

“The condemned will kneel before me,” she orders.

“I beg your pardon, your honor??”

“KNEEL!” Eric orders, coming around from the table to push me to my knees again. A moment later the Judge removes her robe and hands it over to Marge. Growing out of her waist is a cock even longer and thicker than Eric’s!

There is an excited gasp from the gallery as she steps up to me. “You know what to do, honey,” Marge says to me. “Better get busy or she’ll take your cock and balls home as a trophy BEFORE your hanging!”

My eyes fly open in horror as I start to get the shakes. Then she pushes her cock against my lips. I very hesitantly open my mouth and begin to suck on it.

She starts to thrust and I feel it pushing toward the back of my throat. This time I do my best to get her off. I sure as hell don’t want that monstrosity up my ass!

All courtroom decorum is lost the moment Judge Gallows starts fucking my mouth. Everyone starts applauding and cheering as she abuses me. Apparently this is a regular occurrence here in the town of Dolcettville.

I grunt as she rams it harder down my throat. That’s when I start wondering how many others have found themselves in this very same courtroom. Who else has been abused in here by this transsexual Judge before being condemned to death?

She fucks my mouth hard; I certainly do my best not to gag on it. It is huge; she seems mighty proud of it. But I don’t think my oral skills are good enough because she suddenly pulls out.

“Stand up, turn around, and bend over the table, lawbreaker.”

I look to Marge for help but I see no mercy in her expression. Instead I detect a look of murderous excitement in her eyes. She seems just as eager to watch the Judge fuck me as everyone else.

I’m a little too slow, causing Eric to spin me around hard and then force me over the table. He jerks that butt plug out of my ass, making me cry out again. “Fuck him hard, Judge!” he declares proudly. “We got him ready for you back in cell one. But his ass should still be nice and tight for you!”

“Excellent,” she cackles behind me. “You’ll see how seriously we deal with lawbreakers around here, young man.” Then she brutally thrusts that huge cock home.

I cry out in agony; I just can’t help myself. She rams it in hard, gasping with delight each time she thrusts. If anything I can feel her swelling inside me, can actually feel her growing bigger. The thought of her cock exploding in my ass makes me flush crimson with shame.

At first I hope it will end quickly; besides, I really have to take a dump. But she seems to enjoy “punishing” me. Five minutes turn into ten… and then fifteen.

My own cock hardens shamefully no matter how hard I try to stop it. I keep looking at the clock on the back wall, wondering how long this is going to last. Then a young female officer opens the door.

“The town is all gathered, Judge; the gallows is ready.”

“Excellent!” Judge Gallows declares. “Now I’m going to show this young man we don’t take too kindly to lawbreakers around here!” And with that she really rapes me hard, much to the cheers and applause of everyone watching.

It’s another five minutes before her cock finally explodes in my ass. My own goes off shamefully, spurting my load onto the floor of the courtroom to the jeers of the spectators. When the Judge pulls out Eric is right there with that painfully large butt plug, ramming it back into my ass so I won’t spill any of the Judge’s cum.

Marge hands the black robe back to her and she solemnly puts it on. Then she heads for a side door. Marge and Eric march me forward to follow as the spectators gather behind us.

We step out into the early afternoon sun only for me to gasp at all the people standing around waiting for us. That’s when I notice the gallows standing in the middle of the courtyard. It is elevated with thirteen steps going up either side. A lone noose hangs from the middle over the trap while a lever stands back in one corner.

The Judge pauses at the base of the steps where Eric and Marge stop with me between them. “This will teach you hooligans not to break the proud laws of Dolcettville,” she declares. Then once more she parts her robe, revealing her semi erect cock. Gawd; not again??

Eric forces me to kneel as Marge grasps it and feeds it to me. It starts to harden in my mouth as she forces it in deeper. My cock twitches shamefully as I start to harden again. I don’t know if it’s from the humiliation of being force-fed cock or the fact I’m going to be hanging soon.

She rams it hard in and out of my mouth until it suddenly explodes. I get a couple spurts of her cum before she pulls out and splatters my face. I had no idea she could cum again so fast.

It’s another humiliation in a day filled with humiliations. Eric and Marge walk me up the steps, cum dripping out of my eyes and down my cheeks. My own cock is stiff and throbbing as I gasp for breath.

I can’t believe this is happening to me! Surely this must be some sort of mistake! Isn’t there a higher court I can appeal to??

They walk me all the way up the steps and then force me over to the trap. My cock feels stiffer than it’s ever felt before; I’m scared to death. I can’t believe they’re actually going to hang me!

I turn to see the arresting officer has followed us up. Behind him stands that redhead Esther who is now wearing black domination garb of her own with her large tits and dripping cunt fully exposed. She looks bigger now that she’s no longer hidden behind a tall counter. What’s more, she brandishes a menacing looking strap-on of her own!

She comes up to me and grabs the noose, wrapping it around my neck. I shiver as I feel the rough hemp caress my throat, my cock twitching in response. I look down to see the whole town – officers and citizens alike – all dressed up as though attending a Sunday picnic.

I suddenly hear a familiar voice in my ear. “Remember me, lawbreaker? This is Ed, your arresting officer. Now I’m going to fuck you up good, son! This will teach you to break the law!”

I suddenly cry out as the plug is pulled out of my ass. Then Ed bends me over at the waist. I expect to pitch forward off the platform 13 feet off the ground. But the noose pulls me up short, causing me to gasp from its tightness.

I feel a cock up my ass as he starts to rape me from behind.  My face flushes hotly as I grunt and gurgle with shame. The crowd below cheers as he brutalizes my ass.

I grunt with each thrust; my face sweating from the humiliation of it all. My cock is stiff and twitching; I can’t shut the damn thing down. And I have no idea how long he’s going to fuck me.

He keeps at it for several minutes, much to the cheers of the gathered spectators. He finally lets out a guttural cry as he rams it in deep. I feel his hot seed in my colon mixing with that of the Judge. Then he comes around front, still forcing me to bend over at the waist.

“Clean it, lawbreaker!” he orders, forcing it in past my lips. I taste salty cum mixed with the tang of my ass on his dick.

At the same time I hear movement behind me. Then I hear that redhead bend over and whisper into my ear.

“My name is Esther; I’ll be your hangwoman today, lawbreaker. I’ve been looking forward to fucking you and then hanging you from the moment I laid eyes on you! First I’m going to pack all that cum deep inside you! Then I’m going to hang your lawbreaking ass!” And with that she rams me so hard I cry out into the cock in my mouth as the crowd cheers again.

It’s humiliating being forced to suck my arresting officer after his cock has just come out of my ass. It’s even more embarrassing having that redheaded bitch fuck me from behind while everyone is watching. My cock is stiff and twitching but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Ed finally pulls out just as Esther rams me hard. I let out another cry of agony as the spectators roar their approval. Then that damnable butt plug is shoved hard back up into my rectum, causing me to cry out again.

I’m finally pulled upright, staring miserably at all the people looking up from down below. A black hood suddenly appears from out of nowhere and is pulled down over my head. A drawstring of some sort cinches it around my neck.

I gasp in terror as my heart rate skyrockets. I find it hard to breathe through the thick, musty hood as a feeling of claustrophobia overtakes me. Then the crowd goes silent and I stiffen in horror.

I hear the Judge’s voice ring out, “HANG THE LAWBREAKER!” Then I hear the lever crank behind me. I stiffen in anticipation of a fall and a breaking neck. But I don’t plummet downward.

I keep hearing the lever cranking; is the damned thing broken? How long am I going to have to stand here?? Then I feel the noose start to tighten with each crank.

I rasp as I’m lifted up off my heels. Another crank and I’m pulled up a little higher. Another pulls me up onto the balls of my feet; another has me up to where I’m barely keeping contact with my toes. And then it stops, leaving me right there.

Is that it??!!

I struggle to pull air into my lungs as my toes brush the floor of the gallows. What the hell kind of a hanging is THIS??!! My lungs heave in my chest; I’m in agony!

My feet shuffle as I struggle to stay in contact with the floor of the gallows with my toes. Sometimes I have it; sometimes I lose it. I don’t understand! I’m in agony and my chest is on fire!

Somewhere a distant crowd is cheering. I struggle to find the floor with my toes, my legs kicking a little. I manage to pull little puffs of air into my lungs, the suffocating hood collapsing around my face with each little breath I take.

My ass hurts like hell; there’s something huge inside I keep trying to squeeze back out. My cock is stiff and erect, frozen in time at the point of wanting that release. I keep rasping little breaths of air through the hood covering my head. Then I hear one more crank from the lever, and I lose what little footing I had with the floor as my feet flutter in vain.

My legs begin to peddle. Then I start to kick as I search for something to stand upon. I feel myself swinging back and forth, my naked body twisting in the noose as my stiff cock bounces.

I kick and then instinctively jerk my knees up to relieve the agony around my neck. Why the hell is it taking so damned long?? I’m getting just enough air; is the noose too damned thick??

It takes several minutes before I finally tire myself out, hanging limp as my body sways quietly. I can’t get any air down my throat; I’m so hungry to breathe! Then I feel a hand on my stiff cock, stroking me until I’m finally able to release that buildup.

I hear a giggle from somewhere far away. Then I hear a familiar voice tell me, “The whole town is going to enjoy fucking your corpse after you’re dead, lawbreaker.” Then I hear the lever crank again.

The rope suddenly gives way and I’m dropping, plummeting as though caught in a falling elevator. I start to scream in my mind, absolutely terri…


© 2016 (written Apr 16 ’16 by riwa)

(Partly inspired by the Dolcett comic The tightrope Zone)

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