Cement blocks


(Writer’s note: I thought this was a well acted scene when I first saw this clip, and naturally I thought of Emma. She loved my presentation. Just a quick little bonus short story for today with vidcap illustrations.)

Emma ran just as fast as her legs could carry her. He was after her, that crazy bastard in the black outfit. He’d caught her snooping around and now he was coming after her.

She had no idea what he would do once he caught up to her. But she wasn’t about to find out. He’d cut her off from her vehicle; now she was trying to circle back to it.

He caught her by surprise, covering her mouth. She tried to scream but there was a cloth over her face. The odor made her dizzy as her knees buckled. Then she went limp in his grasp.

cb1When she awakened Emma found herself in some boat dock. She moaned softly. Then she felt something attached to her ankle. What the hell??

cb2A jolt of fear hit her hard as she tried to free herself from the blocks. She was chained and padlocked to it; she couldn’t free herself! In an instant she suspected what her fate was going to be.

cb3She heard a noise and looked up. The guy who’d attacked her was standing there. Emma shivered with fright, fearing the worst.

“Who are you?” she cried out. “You can’t do this to me! I was only looking around! I got lost, ok? You’d better let me go if you know what’s good for you!”

cb4In response he walked up to her. Emma stepped away with fright, only to see him reach down and pick up the chained blocks. She gasped in alarm as another fearful jolt hit her hard.

cb5“No!” she gasped in horror. “Put that down! I won’t tell another soul; honest I won’t!” That’s when he swung it in the direction of the water.


cb6It hit the water with a splash and disappeared. Immediately it began pulling the chain along with it into the water. Emma cried out in horror, frozen with fear. What could she do??

cb7The blocks were heavy enough to pull her legs out from under her. She cried out as she fell onto the dock. Then the blocks started pulling her toward the water. Emma tried to find something to grab onto, but the wood of the dock was slippery and there was nothing to grab onto.

cb8It almost pulled her all the way off. Emma grabbed onto the edge of the dock, begging him to save her before it was too late. Then she felt herself starting to lose her grip.

cb9She let out a cry as she lost her grasp. She was pulled into the water with a splash. Emma was sure she was a goner.

cb10She kicked herself back up to the surface. There was slack in the chain; maybe he had miscalculated! A moment later she popped up, only to find her eyes were above the water but her mouth and nose had not cleared! She couldn’t get up high enough to get a breath!

cb11She began to flail with her arms, trying to pull herself up high enough to get air. But the chain kept her tethered right at the surface, her mouth and nose not quite up out of the water. She coughed and sputtered, kicking and flailing like crazy, only to discover the blocks were just too heavy to allow her to go up any higher!

He stood there watching her as she struggled. Emma tried to call out to him, only to swallow water as she coughed and sputtered. She kept trying to pull herself up high enough to get her mouth out of the water. But the chain left her tantalizingly short!

cb12She flailed with her arms until she couldn’t hold her breath anymore. Emma began drowning with her eyes poking up above the surface. Her body spasmed and convulsed until her lungs flooded. Then she drifted there quietly, only her eyes and forehead peeking up above the surface.

cb13He stared at her for half a minute. Bubbles trickled out of her mouth, coming up from her flooded lungs. Then he turned and walked away. She would never tell anyone what she had discovered on his property. The cement blocks would see to that. He would take her out later to the deepest part of the lake to make sure she was never heard from again.

© 2016 (written for Emma May 8 ’16 by riwa)

(Vidcaps are from the Slasher 2016 TV series and are used for illustration purposes only.)

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