Susan’s Hanging Pool Party


Note: I checked with Susan first to make sure I had her permission to repost her great poser renders.

It’s a warm day here in the southwest. I’ve finally opened my pool and have scheduled a pool party for the Memorial Day weekend. All my friends I invited are here and I’m not surprised. Not a one was willing to miss it, not after I told them that three lovely suicides would be hanging for our entertainment.

These days public suicides and voluntary executions are legal and have become a popular form of entertainment. I have even witnessed several first hand. They are usually quite erotic, a sight to behold. So I wanted to host a trio of suicides for my friends at my pool party to start the summer off right.

Rick’s the one who constructed the gallows, and I’m mighty proud of it. It’s a solid wooden structure that stands right next to the edge of my pool. He has constructed it quite well; three bladders are going to empty conveniently into the pool when the time comes.

The great day arrives and I sit in my specially built chair at the end of the pool, overseeing the festivities. As I look around, I see my guests standing in groups of two or three, buzzing excitedly about what is to come. Three of them are over by the nooses talking amongst themselves. I wonder if they’re having delicious ideas while looking at those three tantalizing coils of rope. Maybe one of them will volunteer herself for later in the day!

Fiery Margo in her red dress and auburn locks stands next to me, telling me how excited she is that her sister Julia will be hanging for us today. Julia is one of the three who volunteered to hang for my pool party. I’m terribly excited myself, and I can’t wait for the hangings to commence.

Pool party 1Our three suicides suddenly make their appearance by filing out of one of the side rooms. The buzzing of conversation quickly dies off as everyone turns to look at our special guests. They look absolutely stunning in their nudity! Immediately everyone begins to murmur admiringly, pointing and gesturing and talking about the hanging to come.

I see three sets of pert breasts… three sets of erect nipples. I’m quite pleased to see how aroused they all seem to be. They must be terribly excited about the prospects of hanging today for my intimate little group.

Since Rick built my gallows, I decided to give him a special place in the proceedings today. I nod and watch as he retrieves a wooden set of steps. He places them right in front of noose number 1.

“Go first, sis!” Margo calls out enthusiastically. There are good-natured chuckles among my friends as Julia blushes. But from where she’s standing it looks like she will indeed go first. What a thrill to see that sexy redhead be the first one to hang!!

“Let’s have a hand for our three volunteer suicides!” Rick proclaims as he motions at them, always the showman. Everyone looks and points and then applauds politely. The moment is almost at hand!

“Isn’t Julia sexy?” Margo tells me quietly, hands on her hips. “I can’t wait to watch her kick! In fact I almost volunteered to join her today!”

“There’s always the fourth of July, hun,” I chuckle. She giggles in response.

Pool party 2Rick retrieves three sets of handcuffs and then attaches them to the right wrist of each girl. For the process to be truly voluntary, each suicide must complete the work of binding herself. Her hands must not be free when she hangs, and it must be her own doing.

You see, this is not about them masturbating in the noose. It’s about them in bondage hanging to death, voluntarily giving away the pleasures of this world for the entertainment of my guests. But it will be an added thrill to watch those nooses strangle their delicious bodies! I won’t be the least bit surprised if any of them have an orgasm or two while they’re kicking their lives away.

Julia slowly climbs the steps and takes her place on the first stool. I can tell she’s a little hesitant as she reaches out and grasps the noose dangling right in front of her. I would probably be nervous too. But she loops it around her neck without the least hesitation, making sure the knot is situated near her right ear.

As she is getting herself ready, Rick moves the steps over for Frieda’s turn. I can’t help wondering if Frieda lives in a tanning booth; her luscious body certainly shows it. I think her bronzed form will hang nicely in contrast to Julia’s paler complexion.

Julia brings her hands behind her back as though fumbling for the cuffs. Somehow she manages to attach the free one to her other wrist. Now she’s ready and she watches Frieda right next to her work at looping the noose around her neck.

On the far end Jocelyn climbs the steps Rick has thoughtfully moved in front of her stool. She looks at the noose that awaits her and I see a flash of hesitation in her eyes. But that’s ok by me. I don’t mind if any of these girls show a little nervousness. After all, the trepidation of knowing one is about to hang to death is an integral part of the erotic thrill of the whole experience.

Pool party 3On the middle stool Frieda reaches behind her back and cuffs her arms together. She has less of a struggle with this than Julia did. It makes me wonder if she’s cuffed herself before, perhaps as practice for this very special moment? I smile with amusement at the thought.

At the end I see Jocelyn hesitantly loop the noose around her own neck. Of the three she seems the most reluctant. It makes me wonder if she was talked into doing something she really didn’t want to do.

She’s had ample time to back out. But the fact that she’s here and has voluntarily climbed onto the stool indicates she is willing to hang of her own free will. I’m particularly excited to see what kind of dance she gives us.

I watch closely as she reaches behind her back and nervously clatches the free cuff around her remaining wrist. There she’s done it; all three have done it. They’re fully committed now; each one is ready to hang for us. I can’t believe how excited I’ve become! And my guests have now eagerly lined up around the pool to watch!

Rick removes the steps from the three stools, pulling it well back out of the way. Then he slowly walks over to stand next to me. “You’re hanging pool party is all set to commence, hun,” he tells me quietly. I can detect the eagerness in his voice, an eagerness for these naked beauties to start swinging.

All three girls stand looking over at me expectantly, their toes hanging off the front of their stools. The pool area has gotten deathly quiet. And is that Jocelyn I hear whimpering a little upon her stool? Her nervousness is simply intoxicating!

“You may announce them, Rick,” I tell him formally. “After all, you did such a fine job on the gallows. It’s perfect!”

“Thank you, hun,” he tells me. Then he clears his voice before gesturing grandly…

“Ladies? You may proceed with your hanging! One at a time please; we wish to enjoy each one of you dancing for us! And it will allow your companions to take mental notes for the moment it becomes her time to swing.”

Pool party 4For a moment nobody moves. Then Margo calls out, “Step off, Julia! Show everybody how my hot, sexy sister puts on a good hanging show!” A moment later Julia does precisely that by stepping forward off her stool, knocking it over backward as Frieda and Jocelyn both gasp at her.

Pool party 5She pitches forward with her legs fluttering until the rope pulls her up short. She lets out a surprised squawk and her eyes fly open. Then she starts to swing back and forth. Frieda and Jocelyn can only stare in awe, knowing they will soon be taking that very same fateful step.

Pool party 6Julia quickly gets a sexy grimace on her face, only now discovering that the truth of hanging is so much more than the fantasy. Her hands and arms jerk wildly behind her back as she gawks and gurgles. But her nipples are hard as little pebbles as her boobs bounce divinely. It’s a delicious display of pain, suffering and eroticism; it leaves me absolutely breathless!

“Look at her go!” my friend Stella gasps. “What a fuckin’ DANCER!!” Finnegan adds with delight. “She dances like she was BORN for the noose!” Rita observes with great admiration. All three are impressed with her sexy twists and gyrations. And so am I, especially since that look of agony on her face is simply priceless!

Pool party 7“Fuck yeah, sis!” Margo suddenly blurts out. “That is so fucking HOT!! Show these bitches how a true gasper hangs in the noose!!”

All the ladies across the pool ooh and ahh as Julia suddenly comes into her own. Has she heard her sister’s comments; does she want her to be proud of her performance? She suddenly starts kicking and swinging like a ballerina, her sexy naked body oh-so-animated as she strangles in the noose.

It’s a sexy dance, one hell of an erotic dance!! Even Frieda and Jocelyn cannot help but watch in awe from their respective stools. Is that fear or admiration I see in their eyes? Surely now they know what delicious suffering they have to look forward to!

Pool party 8Julia’s knees suddenly come together and she does this amazing little bunny hop! Her eyes roll as her tongue tries to poke out of her mouth. I swear it looks like she is having an incredibly hot orgasm right there in the noose, right in front of all of us!

I hear gasps and murmurs from my guests as they watch with great enthusiasm and excitement… “Oh fuck!!” “Would you look at that?!” “Is she cumming??!! I think she’s cumming!!” “Damn; that is SOO fucking sexy!!” Even Margo is enthralled by her sister’s performance, and I hear her blurt out, “Oh fuck; yeah!! Kick it, Julia; kick it, sis!!”

Julia jerks hard in the noose… and then suddenly hangs limp. Her sexy, naked body twists in place as it slowly swings back and forth. Then we all hear a splattering sound in the pool directly below her feet.

“Look at that, everyone!” Rick observes, and I motion with him. “She’s going all right… she’s pissing herself!” Others murmur and point with admiration. Frieda and Jocelyn just look at each other as realization sets in, knowing they are both in for a deliciously painful hanging.

Pool party 9Frieda stares at Julia’s limp, dangling body, no doubt observing the look of pain and agony on her face. She hesitates, appearing as though she is suddenly deep in thought. Has she changed her mind; is she having second thoughts? I cannot blame her if she is, not the way poor Julia suffered so admirably in her noose. But she has volunteered and is all noosed up; it is much too late to back out now!

Pool party 10“Well, Frieda; we’re all waiting!” Rick calls out to her. “Show us what you’ve got, girl!” She swallows hard before starting to step off the stool on her own. It’s as though she’s determined to carry through on her commitment to hang for us today.

Pool party 11Her stool topples behind her and for a split-second she’s in mid-air, gasping in shock at what she’s just done. The look of astonishment in her eyes is absolutely priceless! Then she hits the end of her rope with a little bounce.

Pool party 12Almost immediately her legs start pedaling, frantically kicking for the stool which is no longer beneath her. She gawks and gurgles as her arms jerk hard behind her back. She’s really having second thoughts now, but it’s much too late for that! Now we’re all being treated to the erotic sight of her agonizing dance as she hangs to death! Poor Jocelyn can only gasp at the sight before her, knowing she is next.

Pool party 13Frieda’s motions are frenzied, her dance a mixture of panic and eroticism. She kicks hard, swinging with wild abandon! It’s wonderfully erotic and I have to fight to catch my breath as I watch!

“Damn; she’s good!” Rick says to me, and I have to agree. Even Margo is impressed.

“Fuck; what a fighter!” the fiery redhead blurts out. “She’s sure giving Julia a run for her money!!”

“It’s instinctive,” I murmur appreciatively as Frieda swings back and forth. “She wants to fulfill her commitment to us, but her body wants to live! That’s what makes her dance so divine, so moving!”

Pool party 14Her knees bend as she rasps for breath. She’s really fighting it now, fighting that constricting coil! Her orgasm is literally forced out of her body! I inhale sharply… nearly cumming right along with her. Fuck; what a thrill!

Jocelyn stands on her stool and watches Frieda in awe, her mouth open in amazement knowing she is next. I get the impression she doesn’t know what to think. It makes me wonder if she’ll be the one who tries to back out on her agreement to dance for us in the noose.

Pool party 15Almost always there’s one who is really hesitant in the end, one who ultimately resists. I know because I’ve seen several group hangings before. It’s why I’ve always wanted my very own hanging pool party to start out the summer on a high note.

Frieda’s body slows down, swaying gently as she twists and twitches in the noose. I sense she is still alive, although just barely. I don’t think she’s conscious, but her heart must still be beating in her chest. It won’t be for much longer.

Jocelyn’s foot slips and she looks like she is trembling noticeably. The wild look in her eyes is incredible… so erotic. I think she truly understands how much she is going to suffer as she hangs for us today.

“I’m not sure she wants to go through with it,” Rick murmurs in my direction. “She definitely looks like she’s having second thoughts,” Margo adds quietly.

I see something flicker in her eyes, something that tells me otherwise. I’ve actually seen it before in the expressions of girls who are fearful at first, but then suddenly become resolute in their determination to go forward. “Don’t worry,” I reassure them as I cross my legs. “She’s going to go through with it; I can tell.”

Pool party 16“How?” Margo wants to know. “How can you tell?”

Jocelyn surprises us all as she virtually leaps off her stool, loudly blurting out… “I want to HANG!!” It’s the exact same moment Frieda’s bladder releases… how appropriate! Inwardly, I know this one is going to be the best of all.

Pool party 17There is an audible gasp from everyone in the pool area as she launches herself into the air!! Then she hits the end of her rope and bounces with a loud “AWK!”

Her knees bend as she starts gawking and gurgling. Her breasts are so full, her nipples so severely erect as the noose profoundly strangles her. Then she’s cumming so very, very hard! My gawd; that sexy slut is orgasming up a storm!!

Pool party 18Jocelyn’s naked body writhes and twists and jerks like crazy. But amazingly those knees stay up! She grunts and gurgles as though she can’t stop cumming… WON’T stop cumming!!

There are gasps and murmurs of excitement from among my gathered friends as they watch the erotic spectacle. They are as stunned as I am at Jocelyn’s sexy dance of death! The one I thought would be the most resistant is turning out to be the one who wants it most, even more than Margo’s sister Julia!!

Pool party 19

Jocelyn grunts and gurgles, rasping hard for each little breath while working those knees just as hard as she can. The expression on her face is one of sweet agony, such unbearable suffering so erotic with its intensity. It’s as though she’s fully embracing her hanging, hungrily welcoming those sweet, painful orgasms as she strangles to death!

The pain she’s enduring; such sweet agony! And the way her knees keep jerking upward makes me wonder if she’s trying to orgasm herself to death! I can’t even begin to imagine what that sexy slut is experiencing right now! But it takes my breath away, giving me my own dangerous stirrings and fantasies!

Pool party 20It’s the longest dance of the three and it’s erotic as hell! I’m on the verge of cumming myself; I swear I’m right at the precipice! Then Jocelyn spasms a couple of times before going limp, her sexy body twisting and turning as she gently sways back and forth.

The pool area goes deathly silent, everyone staring in awe at the spectacle we’ve just witnessed. Then Jocelyn’s body rotates until I can see her expression. There’s a look of bliss in those glazed, suffering eyes.

A moment later her bladder releases; we all hear it splatter into the pool below. It’s as if she is personally telling me, “Ok, Susan; I’m finished! You can cum now to the sight of my sexy, strangled body dangling for your pleasure!” And at that moment I most certainly do cum up a storm as she slowly twists in place.

I wince and shudder, trying not to scream out my ecstasy from such an erotic moment. Her bladder continues to empty, continues to dribble into the water below. It’s a hell of a climax to an incredible display! Even Margo is in awe, gasping and muttering to herself how sexy it was!

Pool party 21Rick finally speaks up… “Ladies and gentlemen: this concludes the hanging portion of Susan’s pool party. I’m glad you all could be here today to share such an erotic event with her. Feel free to examine our lovely suicides up close.” Then he walks over and proceeds to move the stools away from the side of the pool, standing them up in the process.

I stand up and walk over with Margo, a bit wobbly from my orgasm, but feeling oh so fulfilled! Then we closely study each body. “That was so fucking sexy!” she finally whispers to me. “Don’t tell anyone I said so, but Jocelyn’s hanging was erotic as hell! Julia would kill me if she heard me say that!” I have to chuckle at that.

Pool party 22“Don’t worry, Margo; I won’t tell her,” I giggle. “However, I’m sure we can make some special arrangement for her concerning your ‘execution’ if you like. The day’s still young and I’m sure my guests wouldn’t mind witnessing another hanging.”

“Oh, Susan; don’t tempt me!” she gasps excitedly.

A couple of the girls come over and closely inspect the bodies, “oohing” and “aahing” appreciatively. Then Ruth approaches in that sexy red dress she’s wearing. Her eyes are glazed and she’s breathing funny.

“Susan, that was so exciting!” she blurts out breathlessly. “I can’t believe how turned on I am right now!” I smile and nod agreeably; I’m horny as hell too.

Pool party 23“Say, you wouldn’t be planning on any more hangings today, would you?” she asks hopefully.

“Now I don’t know,” I say, giving Margo a knowing smile. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’d love to volunteer!” she gasps breathlessly. “Seeing those girls orgasm as they strangled to death has me all worked up. I’d like to be the next one!”

“Well,” I muse thoughtfully. “Maybe we can arrange something for later this evening when the sun goes down.

“GREAT!!” she gushes. “I can’t WAIT!!” Then I look over at Margo, and I see her eyes flash excitedly. When she nods eagerly, silently tapping her own chest with a finger, something tells me my party is about to be blessed with a hanging duet for when the sun goes down…

© 2014, 2015

(written for Susan Coquin May 8 by riwa; ed. Jan 16 by riwa)

(Story inspired by Susan Coquin’s blog and great poser renders which are used for illustration purposes only.) Susan’s album with other renders Susan’s blog

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