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Update/My 12 unpleasant days of Christmas

A brief update followed by “My 12 unpleasant days of Christmas” where a former girlfriend puts me into debt with all the crazy gifts she gave me last year. Continue reading

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An execution favor for Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson from the DFN Academy has a request for me. Two of her girls have been sentenced to be executed. But they remembered me from our time together at Club X during their asphyxia training and have asked that I partake in their executions through sexual asphyxiation. When my girlfriend watches, she gets all turned on and wants to see if she would be a good candidate for the DFN Academy. Continue reading

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The cruel death of Liz

After a final blowjob, Liz is treated to some BDSM before she is noosed, hanged and impaled. (written by request) Continue reading

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Condom roulette (9&10)

Alison survives Dana’s strap-on with a condom. Then the guys show up. It soon turns into an orgy before Dana’s husband Dustin decides he wants to fuck Alison. But Dana decides her husband should use one of the condoms while fucking her. Continue reading

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Air Raid

Dorothy and her friend are on their way home with some purchases when the air raid sirens go off. They rush to the nearest underground public toilet and discover they are not the only ones taking shelter in the pitch black building. When a direct hit could end your life, there seems to be only one thing to do to pass the time during the horrific bombing. Continue reading

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September 18, 2016 The toothache

I have a broken wisdom tooth I’d been using for years, mostly because I had a nearby molar pulled. But a couple days ago it really began to hurt. I went to the dentist Friday at closing time, only to … Continue reading

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My Visit to Wales

I’m told I can find Dorothy at a certain address up in Wales. But when I arrive I discover she’s all tied up in a bathtub filled with water, sharing a double ended dildo with a female friend who is similarly bound. The partner of the female friend is enjoying getting off doing watersports on them both while submerging them. I’m encouraged to join in. Continue reading

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The farmer and his wife (male themes; hanging)

William is on his way home from college when he loses his way while looking for gas. He stops to ask a farmer for some gas and directions back to the main highway. But he has picked the wrong farmer and ends up bound and naked in the barn to be used as his noosed, sexual playtoy. Continue reading

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Beheading Ron’s whore-mother (graphic)

Ron’s mother wants him to enjoy abusing her and then snuffing her. So he invites me over to take part. She is all too eager to have a friend over to have another cock to fuck her and to enjoy watching her die. Continue reading

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Bubble Trouble

He has to hide her in the hot tub or his wife will find out he’s getting an underwater blowjob. Continue reading

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