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This page is for general comments. Maybe you have feedback you want to share about the library. Maybe you have questions. Those will go here.

This is also a good place to post story ideas and requests. Remember, I get requests on a frequent basis and I cannot promise to put any ideas I receive into story form. However, you never know what idea will inspire me to write a story. So this would be a good place to discuss ideas as well. And if you see an idea and get inspiration to comment on that idea or to provide one of your own then please feel free. It never hurts to make a suggestion… and like I say, you never know what will motivate me to work on a story.

This is also a good place to make requests for stories I have written in the past but have not put up yet. For example I have posted approximately 240 stories and chapters of stories just to one underwater forum alone, not to mention others I have written and posted to various websites, some still open and some now closed. I wish to group all of them here in one location and it will take some time. But feel free to make the request and I’ll see what I can do to get it posted if I have not already.

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94 Responses to General comments/contact me

  1. I.M.Peruser says:

    Hello Riwa. I’ve been a fan for a while, love your stories. I have, as you may have guessed, a question.
    Several of the stories you’ve mentioned have illustrations from JustPaul. I know he’s done some animations as well, including the Teacher series. I was wondering, do you know if he has them posted or for sale anywhere? I recall seeing them once, but no longer.
    Thanks for any help you can provide. Keep on keepin’ on, looking forward to more of your writing.

  2. nooseslavestephen005 says:

    Hello Riwa,

    I am a man who is highly aroused by the thought of a sexual death and I have come up with a couple of modifications to Victor’s guillotine. I hope you not mind.

    The first is that when the timer is triggered, the blade does not fall immediately. Instead, the lunette is locked in place (making escape impossible) with an audible click loud enough for everyone to hear. The second change is that a period of say five or ten seconds would then elapse before the blade is released. This period could be accompanied by just silence, or an alarm or perhaps a voice recording giving a count down – five, four, three …….. etc.

    In any event, can you imagine how the participants would react? I am certain the men would orgasm immediately! As for the female in the guillotine; the mixture of terror and lust would be incredible.

    I have given much thought to how long the elapsed time should be and feel that five seconds is too short – not enough time to fully comprehend what is about to happen. Anything more than ten seconds is, I feel, too long. So I think somewhere around eight or nine seconds is perfect. The important thing is that everyone would know the exact time period.

    As a man with a deep and unhealthy interest in dying a sexual death, I personally would love to ride the guillotine. To be strapped into the guillotine, face up, seeing the blade above me, my cock being ridden hard by a gorgeous Femme Domme is an amazing concept! I would volunteer like a shot. I have imagined on numerous occasions hearing the lunette lock in place and I have counted down the eight seconds – orgasming every time before the blade falls. What a beautiful way to go!

    I love your web site, particularly your stories involving voluntary snuff and those involving hanging. My own fantasy – no it is more than a fantasy – my own serious desire is to be hung until dead in a room full of women all taking sexual pleasure from my demise.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. stephenpstone says:

    Read Victor’s Guillotine up to chapter 9 very good. Puzzled as to why some of the women are not in the nude at all time

    • riwa says:

      Women riding tend to ride in the nude. Women watching choose if they want to watch nude or not. There can be exceptions of course. I don’t know if I always wrote that clearly or not.

  4. anthony11434 says:

    Hello, how are you doing? This site is amazing and love the stories that are provided. I am a fan to the underwater adventures of Emma and I have visited your page to purchase the Robyn’s Revenge. I wish to ask if the continuation will happen or if there is any way I can encourage you to help finish the story. I am from the U.S. but I did notice the donation button as well and I would like to help as best as I can if it would help finish the story or continue to a unique rescue / twist / or peril. I do hope that everyone is safe. Please reply when possible.

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