General comments/contact me

This page is for general comments. Maybe you have feedback you want to share about the library. Maybe you have questions. Those will go here.

This is also a good place to post story ideas and requests. Remember, I get requests on a frequent basis and I cannot promise to put any ideas I receive into story form. However, you never know what idea will inspire me to write a story. So this would be a good place to discuss ideas as well. And if you see an idea and get inspiration to comment on that idea or to provide one of your own then please feel free. It never hurts to make a suggestion… and like I say, you never know what will motivate me to work on a story.

This is also a good place to make requests for stories I have written in the past but have not put up yet. For example I have posted approximately 240 stories and chapters of stories just to one underwater forum alone, not to mention others I have written and posted to various websites, some still open and some now closed. I wish to group all of them here in one location and it will take some time. But feel free to make the request and I’ll see what I can do to get it posted if I have not already.

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General comments/contact me, 3.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

85 Responses to General comments/contact me

  1. JL says:

    Hay, riwa, just jumping in to check the place out, and register. Looks like it’s gonna be fun…

  2. Oja says:

    Love the site. Hope to see the Shelly series up here soon.

  3. Kelly says:

    Cherious, Riva. VERY NICE and user friendly site.

  4. AGLover says:

    Great job, to both of you. Im sure once this site gets around. It will include many old favorites along with new ones yet to b writen. Hope it all works out!

  5. ee700 says:

    Thank You Very Much for your stories. Please don’t disappear again – it gives us DRY NIGHTMARES.
    Second, please repost your awesome Shelly stories.
    And continue Writing them!

  6. Aravanna says:

    Hi there, Amy here! Any chance some of the snuff club stories might turn up here?

  7. Fishtail says:

    Simply excellent site. Have to read it all. Good luck to you!

  8. johnmeres says:

    Hey Riwa, love the site. I tried posting my new story scuba pest 4 – Legacy here but maybe it didn’t work or gummed up too much space. Hope it didn’t cause you any problems. Anyway, Ill hope youll have a look at it on Aquafans as Id like to give something back to you after all the great stories you’ve written.

    Regards, John.

    • riwa says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I saw your story on Aquafans and I’m glad you posted it there for others to see. For the moment I’m not taking any other stories but my own here. I have a ton to upload and it will take awhile.

  9. Smith says:

    exlent stories.making me cum multiple times each are a exlent story writer.thank you very much for these stories.

  10. dinguheado says:

    Hey Riwa, I love the site, but there is one minor issue…and it’s admittedly, a nit-picky one.

    I tried to access your site on my phone the other day and couldn’t get past the enter-leave front page. With both links on the same line, it really confused the mobile browser. Any chance you could split them onto different lines?

  11. alias says:

    Can you do more non-swimmer stories? Perhaps adapt the Can’t Swim series from MMP into a story collection?

    • riwa says:

      I will certainly give it some thought. I have tried a couple of Can’t Swim stories in the past but I did not get much feedback so it is possible I did not write them according to specifications. I know everyone has their own perspective on how certain stories should go.

  12. alias says:

    Thanks. If you do one, can it involve Marisa Miller?

  13. poolboy says:

    Love reading your underwater stories! It would be great to see more of dr. Crocker and the 2 girls having more experiments. Thanks

  14. davidmiller says:

    Why do you start a series and then take so long to finish it? Mr Wayne SKG has been going on for months. How long has it been since you posted a chapter? Do not get me wrong, I love the Snuff Club series, yet it is frustrating to start reading one and then not get a new chapter for 2 months.

    • riwa says:

      I intermix other stories so as not to burn out on one particular set. It also takes time for me to get the flow of the next chapter in my head. I have been posting them to another forum so they are a few days or weeks behind getting posted here. I have two more chapters ready to upload but I’ve been in the process of posting the Star Trek series. I will upload those next two Mr. Wayne chapters this week. Sorry to leave you frustrated. But I’m glad you enjoy them and are looking forward to the next ones to come. In the future I will either have to shorten my series or wait until the series is completed before posting it all. I guess my hope was to generate interest and build up some enthusiasm.

  15. lookin4mermaid says:

    You have some great stories. They will help me in my quest. Thanks Riwa!

  16. The Waterboy says:

    Hey Riwa,

    Love your stuff, all of it.

    You ever think about putting up some links to the other sites you’ve posted on, those that remain open, at least? I was hoping to read some other people’s stories on these sites.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

  17. Perv13 says:

    Would LOVE to see more Celebrity Snuff and Canibalism stories.
    Some of the ones I’d like to see on the menu – Jennifer Love Hewitt, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Chloe Moretz, Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber. Toothsome Ladies All.

  18. scubaref says:

    Would love to see stories about scuba wrestling between women and women & women and men . . . & then what that just might lead up to . . . thnx.

  19. riwa says:

    Thanks for all your comments and ideas. I will have to see what I can do. Perv13, I will give your ideas some thought. Scubaref, I am reading a scuba handbook and will see if I cannot find a way to include a scuba story in the next few months. But I have a lot of projects and requests and I do try to go where inspiration takes me.

  20. miki456 says:

    Hi here are a couple of story ideas:
    poolboy distraction: a naughty wife is distracted by pleasuring the poolboy and forgetting to go turn off the poolpump so hubbie can work on it safely, his hand gets stuck and now he is at the hand of the skillful hands of the wife finishing off the poolboy iin time to realize what is going on

    another one about a hot couple tieing a third lover in a boat in a lake and unplugging the drain so it slowly sinks as he watches the other two fully engaged in each others bodies on the floatie teasing him

  21. rubberholic says:

    I loved the “not the fastest girls in town anymore” story….I would like to see a similar story but with the two ladies suffocated with clear bags! I would love to see them tied to a chairs, facing each other, seeing who can last the longest! Thanks for all the great stories, RIWA!

  22. Anthony says:

    I love the stories I would love to take myself to the limit its so erotic

  23. UW Hubby says:

    Love the underwater stories. Had my first non-solo experience at 19 and have been playing ever since. Would love to see a MMF story which was my best experience so far.

  24. Tyler Gillette says:

    Can you make some more sex underwater stories with pictures? Especially of women having intense orgasms underwater! Those are the best!

  25. epicman says:

    Would love more Snuff Club stories. Would love to hear about Mistress Chastity meeting her end.

    • riwa says:

      I have a Snuff Club story in the works. But I will have to give some thought to dealing with Mistress Chastity though. She deserves a fitting end, one that requires a lot of thought and not a casual snuffing.

  26. Louise says:

    I have just discovered your wonderful stories. They are the most erotically charged writings I have ever come across. I thought you should know quite how powerful an effect you have on this new convert.
    I have been left with my imagination doing somersaults putting myself in the role of your willing next victim.
    An all to common reaction which I’m sure you find tiresome!
    Thank you

  27. Gally says:

    Hey there, this is the first ive found of your site, and I must say its impressive. Its hard to find good snuff stories on google, which brings me to my point. Could you possibly do younger ones? Dont get me wrong, Im not a pedo, and dont even get off to snuff in general, I just like stories to be especially brutal, and damaging to innocence which is the true spirit of these genres. Im not a great writer myself, but I have some great ideas if you would like to hear them. My email is posted so write me if you do. Keep up the good work! Gally Gregman.

  28. Bill says:

    Need more male theme/ Sissy humiliation/ snuff stories

    • riwa says:

      It is not something I usually write about. But I do have a male/male humiliation/hanging story pending. And there are others who have expressed an interest in sissy humiliation and snuff. So I will keep an open mind concerning future stories. Thanks for commenting.

  29. Mike says:

    I hate to whine, but I’d love to see more installments of the Hannah series. You have a great site.

  30. person1me says:

    I’ve enjoyed this site a lot, especially the Snuff Club stories. You should return to that series, I love Mistress Chastity and really want her to snuff a whole bunch more victims. Don’t kill her off for a good long while yet, she should have a chance to build up a legacy and train her replacement first. Not so fond of the anal sex though, if it’s your thing more power to you but personally I’d tone that back a little.

    • riwa says:

      I understand not everyone is into the anal sex. For the Snuff Club it serves as a way to have sex without the girls risking popping their sensors. So I will probably still include it when the situation and context permits. But a lot of the allure is the risk so there will no doubt be plenty of regular sex I’m sure. Thanks for your comment.

  31. person1me says:

    One of aspects of the Snuff Club stories which I think work extremely well is gambling and elements of chance. It’s often very entertaining when characters dodge the bullet so to speak and continue to have adventures in following stories. I also love it when certain attendants become the focus of the action, it’s best when characters are given backstory and motivations. As for the male club members, I think you should work on creating more of them with unique traits and personalities. I also like it when you work at detailing the ‘atmosphere’ of the club, for me I am always imagining it a lot like a smoky risky 1940s cabaret bar filled with dangerous women and shady customers. Finally one last thing I want to mention, it good that every chapter on the site has a brief synopsis but it sucks when those have major spoilers in them (sometimes the spoiler can be in the synopsis for the next chapter which can be directly above the one you are planning on reading). Please watch out for that. I don’t want to know if the girl loses her head until I’ve actually read the chapter lol. By the way keep up the great work, good quality work like this is hard to find.

    • riwa says:

      You are right about spoilers. I have to balance between giving a reader enough information or providing too much. I try my best but sometimes they want an indication as to what might be in a chapter to make it worth their while to read.

      As for characters and backstories I suppose that depends on the type of story being presented. If it consists of several chapters I do try to give more backstory. I’m glad you are enjoying it and thanks for the comments.

      It can be a challenge producing fresh Snuff Club material and I do the best I can when inspiration strikes to go back and present interesting material whenever I visit that place again to pull a story out of there. I can tell you there are five chapters to a Snuff Club story I have started awhile back but have never finished. I’m also trying to work on a 4th chapter to the story A Wife’s Proposal and am about halfway completed on that one.

  32. person1me says:

    Don’t know if this helpful with regard to the spoiler situation but there maybe a possible solution which allows everybody to be happy. I don’t know how the scripting works on this site but on other sites across the web you often see people place a warning of such and such a spoiler and then type the actual spoiler in text coded the same colour as the background (i.e. white in this case). If you want to read the spoiler all you have to do is mouse over and highlight the hidden text to read it.

  33. AO1991 says:

    I really like your stories. I know that you do a lot of drowning stories with famous actresses, but here’s a request that I think is a no-brainer, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been requested yet.

    A drowning story with none other than America’s new Sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence.

    Think about it.

  34. Laeticia says:

    Your Work is realy good… i realy love your story with aquafantasies… By the way, who is the girl in the last story ” last swim”… April ? How many perils does she do ?

    • riwa says:

      I think April has done four – Moonshine and Curses 2, Lifeguard, Stuck, and that Last swim (which originally was part 3 under the heading of Trilogy in MIP6.

  35. Cyberzombie says:

    It seems that the stories have all disappeared! May I inquire as to what happened?

  36. bubbareed says:

    Where the fuck did the stories go?

  37. suresh says:

    I don’t know why you deleted all your stories. its really i very big disappointment for me and for all your fans. If you going to stop write stories then we really going to miss your writing style and amazing stories. Anyway you may have your own reasons for deleting stories I just like to say thanks for giving us all those stories. I am looking forward to see your stories again. I don’t stop check this site occasionally. Have a nice day.

  38. Vyss says:

    I KNEW that I should have made a siterip of your site just in case. Now all your wonderful stories are deleted with no way for me to get them. Fucking procrastination.

    • Smork says:

      Damn! Where are all the stories gone???

      • riwa says:

        As I mentioned previously, I will be making an announcement about what happened.

        • M1sterH says:

          So tell us already. It’s been two weeks. Even something simple like; “I will be moving to a paysite; it’s a work in progress.” or “I have had legal issues, but I’m working around them.” No communication makes people nervous.

          • riwa says:

            I am working on it. I am a slow, methodical person and desire to have my ducks in a row. I don’t want to make an announcement on one day, only to discover I have made a mistake and need to make another one later. I hope to have something to tell you by this Saturday, which would be two weeks from the date of story removal.

  39. kirby says:

    Please !!!!!!! Restore some of the daughter and mother pool stories in the incest area. The stories of daughter servicing her father in the pool and the one where the mother and her friend “plays” with the mother’s son in the pool. Please !!!!!!! Thanks!

    • riwa says:

      I’m glad you enjoy those types of stories. I am giving careful consideration to what I should repost. I cannot make any promises, but I will certainly give it some thought. In the meantime I have a mother-daughter seduction story I wrote back in 2010 I am preparing for Riwas Reads.

  40. warren says:

    I miss reading your stories!! Bring tham back pls…

    • riwa says:

      Thank you for the compliment. I am working on bringing many of them back. Some I am editing to try to improve, and a few others will be going into the store. But I have a lot of stories to sort through as well as several ongoing new projects. I’m glad you enjoyed them and I will keep working to bring what I can back to the library while considering what to post to the store. Thanks.

  41. thetiger39 says:

    Could you write a story where a bride is beheaded by the groom by machete at their honeymoon? Consensual of course and had lots of sex beforehand and after snuff. And takes place in a world where consensual snuff is the norm

    • riwa says:

      I will add that idea to my ideas folder. It is an interesting suggestion. I cannot promise anything, but by having it written down somewhere I can refer back to it. Maybe one day inspiration will help me put together a story along those lines. Thanks for your suggestion.

  42. kirby says:

    Hi Riwa,

    Hope all is well with you. PLEASE, PLEASE !!!!!!! Post the two stories of the daughter, father, and mother pool stories in the incest area. The stories of daughter servicing her father in the pool and, the one where the mother and her friend “plays” with the mother’s son in the pool. PLEASE !!!!!!! Thank you very much !!!!!

    • riwa says:

      Some of those stories and chapters have gone up at my sales site. I will check my archives and see if there might be something similar I can post here in the future. I did spend the day looking at stories I will probably be putting up here over the next few weeks and months along with some reposts. Thanks for the feedback.

  43. voodoolisp says:

    Please post the Grandpa’s Birthday hanging story. That one was great! Thanks!

    • riwa says:

      I will keep that one in mind for a future post when it is time to repost another hanging story. Glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback.

  44. jeddadiahhock says:

    Do you have any plans of reposting the “Robyn and Holly” and “Robyn’s Revenge” stories, either here or on Riwa’s Reads? Those were always my favorite stories here, and I’ve really missed them when you removed everything from the site back in 2014, since I can’t find them anywhere else – not even has them.

    • riwa says:

      To be honest there wasn’t much feedback to indicate folks enjoyed that particular series. But since you bring it up I will give it some more thought as to where to repost it. Thanks for the feedback and for bringing it to my attention to reconsider. 🙂

  45. kraftdinner says:

    Hi Riwa, I’ve been a fan of your site for quite a few years now. I haven’t been on it recently, but now that I’m checking back, I noticed that my favourite story is gone. I was wondering if you could make it available either here or on Riwa’s Reads? I don’t remember the title of the story, but it was about a teenage boy getting into a pool, not knowing about two other middle-aged men who were in the pool. They all start frolicking, and then the boy’s mother comes out and watches them all. Could you make it available again some how?

    • riwa says:

      I had to check my files but I found the story you are talking about. It is called The Boy Who Mows the Lawn. I haven’t decided what I’ll do with it yet, but I’m glad you pointed it out to me. I have a couple ideas as to what I can do with it. Thanks for your feedback.

      • kraftdinner says:

        Yes, that one! I love that story, it’s so hot 🙂 it has so many themes that I enjoy in it. Easily my favorite of your stories. If you ended up putting it on Riwas Reads, I can guarantee you at least one purchase.

  46. rafterman says:

    Hey Riwa – I’ve enjoyed your writing for years now on Aquafans and here. Just curious about one of the stories that disappeared from the site. The “Apartment Neighbor” stories were some of my favorites. Any chance they’ll reappear?.

    • riwa says:

      I have no idea. I am reposting stories here as well as to the store. I am also writing new stories. So I’m not sure how long it will take for some stories to reappear somewhere. Thanks for your interest and the feedback.

  47. jeddadiahhock says:

    Any update on possible reposting of “Robyn and Holly” or “Robyn’s Revenge”?

  48. hughe1971 says:

    First can I say thank you and I would like to ask what happened to the underwater sex slave story I was half way through and it disappeared

  49. clover says:

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of your stories and I wanted to say thanks!
    But one thing I noticed is that all my personal favorites are gone! It was quite a while ago but stories like the 3 spies (each who got snuffed in a different way), the picture story where the husband used a belt to strangle his wife, the one where a woman closed the pool covers when another woman was still swimming, or the 13 or 14 snuff club stories about the different Teri’s who enjoy being strangled dissapeared!
    Where did those go? I was hoping they would be reuploaded someday… are they all somewhere else?

    • riwa says:

      Some have gone to my uwfetish store and some have been reposted. The rest are waiting to be posted in one location or the other. Thanks for your interest.

  50. jeddadiahhock says:

    Any update yet on possible reposting of “Robyn and Holly” or “Robyn’s Revenge”?

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