My Sunday adventure


Note: This is another story sent to me by Emma. In it she details the events of one of her play-dates with a friend. I tweaked it in places to aid the flow of the story while using her own words as much as possible. Comments and votes will be greatly appreciated for her efforts.

I was already in my wetsuit when I arrived at the marina, becoming more and more tingly about the adventure to come. I was early but I just wanted to scope out the place first. I wanted to make sure no one was around to ask me any questions as to what I was doing there.

I parked my jeep and gathered up my gear. Then I headed for the path through the woods to the far end of the marina’s property. I figured this would be the best place to get ready and not be noticed, even though the marina was closed and not a person could be found.

I geared up just at the edge of the woods. Then I walked off the bank of the river just around the bend of the last pier where I could see Amy’s boat was moored. I waded in until it got deep enough for me to slip on my flippers and dive mask.

I went below the surface and started swimming almost a half mile around the bend to Amy’s boat. When I got close I poked my head out of the water, carefully moving around the docked boat. All was quiet; it seemed like she wasn’t around although I was sure she was.

I pulled my flippers and mask off while I was still in the water. Then I quietly put them on the dive deck before I climbed aboard. I removed my twin tanks and then hid all my gear under a tarp, leaving on my weight belt, wetsuit, booties and gloves.

I snuck up to the upper cabin where I crept inside. At first I peeked around, making sure I was alone. Then I went for her desk in a small alcove near the bar.

I sat in the chair, opened her desk up and began looking through the drawers, rifling through any papers I came across. I never even heard her sneak in behind me! The next thing I felt was a cold crack to my head, a stunt worked out between us involving her gun handle to my head. Then I slumped and slid out of the chair I’d been sitting in.

I was dragged across the floor and then into a reclining easy chair. I felt myself being tied into the reclined position, becoming more excited by the moment. My hands were bound to the armrests, my chest to the top part, and my calves to the foot rest. I was gagged with a cloth between my teeth for added effect.

I sat there motionless and lifeless for a good while, knowing Amy was probably sitting opposite me. I strongly suspected she was watching me, enjoying herself while admiring her handiwork. I opened my eyes a little and saw she was indeed sitting there opposite me, smiling at what she had done to me.

I fully opened my eyes and confirmed I was all tied up. Then I started to struggle, grunting into my gag with muffled cries. It sounded like gibberish as I tried to ask what the hell has happening.

She told me to shut up and just sit there. Then she explained how she had caught me trespassing and breaking in, not to mention searching through her private things. She claimed she was in shock that I had broken the trust between us both, even though our relationship had only been a short one. Then she asked if I knew how curiosity had killed the cat.

She told me how I must have seen the books on her alcohol bootleg business. She also mentioned how I must have noticed the protection payments she had received from the bars around town. Now that I had seen those things she made the observation that I needed to disappear.

Her words were getting to me and I really started to get a buzz of arousal. I was helpless; there was nothing I could do to stop her. This play was going better than I’d expected!

I tried to let out muffled protests in an attempt to assure her that people I knew would find out I was here. As though deciphering my gibberish she told me she knew that if I ever went out to do some snooping I would never bother telling any of my few friends and that nobody knew I was there with her. Then she just sat there opposite me in silence and watched me squirm for a while, even going so far as to touch herself while enjoying watching me wriggle around!

She stood up and then sat my chair upright. The ropes bit into me even tighter and it began to hurt. It was so tight that I almost hummed the safe tune.  The play was exciting but it was getting a little bit painful there.

She finally told me about the island and said that she knew of my fascination with it. She explained how that would be the perfect place to make me disappear. When I responded with more muffled protests she just smiled at me.

She went on by explaining to me the scenario she would pass on to everyone if my body was ever found: how I insisted on doing a little scuba out there alone. She would say how she begged me not to go and how she thought she’d talked me out of it but that I must have gone anyway. Her words were getting me more excited by the minute!!

She wanted to torture me in a peril or two before I succumbed to her final torment. She explained how excited she got whenever she saw my eyes as I climaxed during a dire peril. Then she walked around behind me where she slowly “chloroformed” me while I sat there helpless, holding a rag in place till my resistance was gone. My responses were all faked of course.

She brought the zodiac around to the dive deck of her boat. Then she untied me, carried me out and then laid me on the dive deck. She put my gear in the boat before tying my hands over my head, making sure to tie a crotch rope up to my wrists just for the fun of it.

I “awoke” just as she was finishing up with me. Then she took me over to the island in a slow troll. She went nice and slow, taking her sweet time so she could tell me what she was going to do to me.

Once again I let out a bunch of muffled protests that sounded like gibberish. I fiddled with the ropes and then looked down between my legs when I saw how she had tied me up. When I looked up at her she just smiled wide.

She deliberately reached down to pull on my body, dragging me around a little. Every tug triggered an erotic jolt though my body! I actually orgasmed twice before we even reached the island!!

She rode the zodiac right up to the shore and then dragged me out onto the bank. When she untied me I was so exhausted I could hardly stand! Then she pulled a pistol out of her duffel bag and ordered me to move.

She directed me up to the castle and I wobbled as I walked. She certainly got plenty of enjoyment from seeing me like that. I went on with my typical protests… “You won’t get away with this!” I even called her a crazy bitch and everything! But it just made her get rough with me… of which I loved every minute!

She directed me up the path around the main building. Then she pushed and shoved me toward the back. She told me to stop as we got closer and we approached what seemed to be some sort of well.

I curiously peeked inside as she giggled at me. Then she grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me. This time she reached into her duffel bag and pulled out a pair of cuffs which she snapped onto my wrists.

She turned me around and then gave me a devilish grin. “First torture; then your demise, you curious little bitch.” I could tell she was loving what she was doing to me!

I whimpered and whined as she gagged me again, this time the gag completely covering my lips. She sat me on my ass on the ground near the well and I heard a lot of goings on behind me. But I couldn’t see anything! Not knowing what she was going to do to me next got me even more aroused!!

She stopped after a short time and then I heard her sigh in relief. Then she yanked me up and pulled me close. When I saw the new rope on the spool over the well I knew right away what was going to happen to me!

I looked down and saw the water’s reflection only 10 feet down or so. Then she coiled the rope and tied it with knots in several spots under my booties. Amy knows I love my soles rubbed with rope because it gets me overly excited.

She went on to form a crotch rope with the slack. Then she cinched it all up. She concluded by placing me on the edge of the well and tying me up so I was all ready to go!

She began sliding me down into the well nice and slow, taking her time because of the way she enjoys the image of me being bound and helpless and knowing my fate. As I dangled there in growing excitement she commented on how she hoped I would enjoy my little dip. Then she lowered me down into the water.

She toyed with me, dropping me into the water and then bringing me right back up. Then she giggled as she called out, “Nice and slow for the curious little bitch!” This time she took her sweet time lowering me until I was under the surface wriggling and squirming and bubbling out of my nose like crazy! That’s when I climaxed so very, very hard!

She was enjoying it so much that she sent me down into the well for several more dips. In a short time I suffered through two more orgasms so very close together. In no time at all I was in La-La land, all dazed and woozy. When she finally pulled me out and sat me down I just slumped in sheer bliss.

Amy let me regain my composure, untying me and removing my gag. Then up came that damned pistol again as she told me to move. I found it hard getting to my feet, even more than when I was back on the beach at the zodiac. She just chuckled as she roughly escorted me around the back of the island to the tunnels.

I couldn’t say much; I was pretty wiped out although I did do some whimpering. I managed to get out a few snide comments over what a bitch she was. Each one of those simply earned me another push in the back, a shove or a kick.

I had no idea of my bearings as I had never been into any of those tunnels before. She picked one and shoved me forward as though she knew exactly where she was taking me. The terrain sloped downward like a ramp and I wondered what lay at the very end.

The ground was sandy and rocky, but we walked in almost 100 feet of light that still shined in from the outside. Then we hit one of those gates blocking our exit. By then the water was already up around my ankles.

Amy dropped the duffel bag and then pushed me around a little. She cuffed both of my wrists to a high bar on the gate so I couldn’t resist her. Then she carefully exchanged the cuffs with a rope she used to stretch me high, leaving me in my booties still flat on the ground.

I nervously asked what she had planned for me, feeling that familiar erotic buzz return in a rush. She just giggled before gagging me again. Then she left me there all alone!!

For a moment I started to panic, my vain struggles doing nothing more than getting me extremely aroused! Then I saw her coming back, this time with all of my scuba gear. I tried kicking at her but that didn’t do me any good at all.

She managed to get my twin tanks onto my back. Then it was my flippers and dive mask. When she was done she just stood back and admired me all bound up like that, a strange look of lustful fulfillment in her expression!!

When she looked down at the water I wondered what she was looking at so I looked down too. That’s when I realized the water had risen up to my calves within the last twenty minutes or so!! Then I remembered how the tunnel was a downward slope. That’s when I realized the trouble I was in!!

Amy took some rocks and began methodically setting them all around my feet, placing several around my slightly spread legs. Then she gave me this rather disturbing little smile. “It’s too bad things couldn’t work out between us,” she told me. “You’re a real cutie; I’m going to miss you deeply. Oh well… business before pleasure.” Then she started rubbing me!

The seam of my wetsuit always does a number on me. But her compounding things by rubbing me right there only made it worse! In no time at all I was writhing and moaning!!

“I really don’t think anyone’s going to find you down here, hun,” she told me. “If they do I suppose they will probably suspect foul play. But by whom I wonder? Certainly not innocent little ol’ me, right?” She touched her chest and gave me an innocent smile as she shook her head. Then she cackled sinisterly.

Until then it had been a wonderfully erotic Sunday afternoon play. But now I was genuinely scared… and damned close to humming my safe tune! But for some reason I held off.

Amy clutched me hard, erotically grinding up against my body. Then she smiled as she pulled off my gag. I barely got out the word “DON’T” before she shoved my reg in my mouth.

“That air should last you until the tide comes in, hun,” she said with a smile. “Then I suppose you’ll probably suffocate or drown. Either way makes no difference to me.” Then she said her goodbyes before turning and walking away. She just left me there all alone in water already up to my knees!!

I frantically tugged on my legs, struggling against the ropes that held me fast. But it was utterly hopeless… and Amy was well out of sight!! That’s when it slammed into me like a train coming down the track!!

It felt like a massive wave, a volcanic orgasm that shook me to my very core! Then it seemed to branch out, hitting me in multiples!! My body shook like I was in a car wreck!!

It had been so long since something like that had happened to me. When it was finally over I simply slumped! I felt beat up… like I had been in a fight or something!

It took a while to regain my composure. But by then the water had risen to my waist! The pressure against my suit was once more giving me such a terrible excitement!!

I looked outside to see that night was falling fast. That’s when I thought she had really left me!! Once more I began tugging against my bonds, flexing my legs and pulling hard with my arms. But my wrists never budged an inch!!

Once again I felt myself slipping into the abyss of pleasure. This one didn’t feel quite as severe but I still tried to hold it back. It was a futile effort and it slammed me again. It grabbed me like a current, carrying me along until it subsided.

When it passed I was nothing more than a wet noodle! I could hardly stand; my legs trembled as my body quivered! I gulped compressed air into my lungs as though I couldn’t get enough. It made me wonder how much I had left in my tanks!

I tried staying upright on my feet, wondering where the hell Amy had gone. Then I began to think the worst. What if something had happened to her, preventing her from getting me out of this? Or worse, what if I had been completely wrong about trusting her?? Would she really do me in???

The feeling swelled within me again as the water reached my chest. With the pressure between my legs now pressing into my chest, I felt myself going again! I was really afraid another earth shaking climax might cause me to drain my tanks and pass out!! I barely had enough strength as it is!!!

It hit me again, but seemingly at half the intensity of my last orgasm. Then through my delirium I saw Amy wading back to me. She seemed to be rushing a bit, seeing how quickly the water had risen.

She set me free although by then I could barely move. Then she helped me climb back up the tunnel out of the water where we found a place where she allowed me to sit and catch my breath. Then we chatted for a bit.

We shared our thoughts with each other about the time we were separated during the rising tide. I told her how I worried about what might have happened to her and she talked about how she had miscalculated the tide. Then she helped me back to the zodiac and we made it back to her boat where she went and docked at the marina.

By then it was dark. But I didn’t even have the energy to eat!! I wanted nothing more than a shower and a good night’s rest after having endured a terribly erotic play. It was an adventure I would remember for a long, long time…

(Inspired by one of her plays and written Nov 5 ’08 by Emma; ed. Oct 24 ’13 by riwa)

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