Irina’s favorite drowning scenes


My name is Irina. I love being underwater. But there’s something about me I find hard to share with others.

You see I have this drowning fetish. I like scenes of woman in drowning peril. It really turns me on, but I’m not sure why.

I’ve always liked the water. I’m a decent swimmer and I can hold my breath. There’s just something about drowning that has this effect on me.

I can’t really tell you the first drowning scene I watched that had such an effect on me. I think it was some zombie that rose up out of the water and pulled this woman in a canoe into the lake. I just remember thinking she was going to drown and how it really gave me the tingles.

Since that day I’ve seen many movies and snippets of videos. I even like to watch the occasional drowning put out by these smaller underwater companies. These days there is a lot of content out there for the drowning enthusiast.

I was thinking about it the other day. There are four scenes from movies that really make me hot. If I replay them over and over I get so turned on that I have to make myself cum. So let me share them with you in no particular order.

The first one is a drowning in the bathtub. I believe it’s called “White of the eye” or something like that. I’ve never watched the entire movie. But I’ve replayed that bathroom scene over and over again.

This woman is in front of a mirror trying to fix her contact lens. This guy comes in and grabs her. He flips her upside down, bonks her head on the ground and knocks her out. It’s a little unrealistic to me how he gets her unconscious like that. But that’s ok because it leads to something really erotic.

He lays out some towels on the floor. Then he rolls her up in them. That’s when he ties her up with twine or wire so tight she can hardly move.

From there he carries her into the bathroom to a tub that has already been filled with water. She’s still unconscious, and she’s wrapped up like a mummy so she can’t do a damned thing. Maybe that’s part of what makes the scene so hot for me.

He slowly lowers her unto the bathtub until she’s completely submerged. There’s a moment or two where she’s just lying there unconscious. In those last few blissful seconds she’s totally unaware of her situation…

She’s about to wake up to the horror she’s now about to face…

Her eyes suddenly open and she realizes she’s lying in the bottom of the tub. She bubbles in horror as she discovers she’s wrapped up tight and can’t lift her head out of the water. At this point she’s truly doomed. It’s where my juices really start flowing.

The bad guy cruelly lifts her head up out of the water. She looks up at him and gasps in terror. She’s too shocked to scream or cry out. It must be the horror of being so helpless lying in the tub all wrapped up like that.

You know how in some of these bathtub scenes the woman goes under and then comes back up? In this scene the killer pushes her back down to the bottom of the tub. Then he sort of “puts his foot down” you might say by putting his foot in her chest.

All she can do is bubble in horror. That’s when my excitement nearly goes off the charts. He’s going to drown her; she knows it; there’s nothing she can do about it.

To me, this next part is the best part. He holds a mirror down so she can look at herself. All she can see is the face of a submerged woman who’s about to drown… and the woman is her!

The bubbles start coming up as he slowly moves the mirror back and forth across her vision. She watches herself until she runs out of air. The moment she finishes drowning is the moment she no longer looks at her own reflection.

All she can do is stare upward with lifeless eyes as a few stray bubbles dribble out of her mouth. By this time I’m so incredibly horny that I’m either touching myself or rushing in to draw myself a bath. The sheer helplessness of being drowned like that is such an incredible turn-on.

That one was in a bathtub. The next one I want to describe for you takes place in a lake at night. It’s a scene from the movie Cabin by the Lake.

Now I love the drowning of Kimberly in the blue dress. It’s just a shame she had some sort of infection and couldn’t film her scenes underwater with he was tending his “garden”. Seeing her as a dummy down there sort of spoiled the moment for me.

Anyway I loved the way he pushed her into the lake before reaching down, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her back up. She was terrified out of her mind. Then he cruelly let go of her, allowing her cement block to take her all the way to the bottom of the lake to drown.

The scene I really loved though was the next girl. Her name was Mallory. Supposedly she was afraid of the water.

He took her out onto the lake with the promise he would let her go. Instead he wanted to take her to the very spot of his underwater garden so she could see it because “she was special”. The way he calmly kissed her forehead before pushing her in makes me dream of some boyfriend doing that to me before pushing me overboard.

Anyway, he pushed her backward into the water. She let out a scream, her worst fears about to come true. She’s afraid of the water, and now he’s going to drown her.

This scene is very similar to the drowning of Kimberly. There is one major difference though. In Kimberly’s scene he pushed the cement block in first. Then he pushed her in afterwards.

Now she should have sank like a stone before he could grab her hair. But I still enjoy the scene. I love the way he pulls her up, looks at her clinically, and then lets her go to drown on her way to the bottom of the lake.

In Mallory’s scene he pushes her in first. Then he drops to the deck of his boat. He slowly pushes the cement block right to the edge as he gives her a knowing look.

The look on her face is priceless. She now knows why he brought her out here, and she knows he’s going to kill her. What’s more, he’s going to kill her using the very thing she’s so frightened of. I love imagining I’m in Mallory’s situation, knowing I’m going to drown.

He pushes the block in with a splash. At the very last second she gives him a look of defiance. Then she’s pulled right under.

I love the sound they make when the cinder block takes them down. There’s a gasp and a cry followed by a gurgle as their head submerges. I’m not sure if I like Kimberly’s gasp better or Mallory’s.

Anyway, it’s the worst trip of Mallory’s life. Down she goes, struggling and bubbling the entire time. It’s too bad the sheriff and his friends are there to save her.

When she reaches the bottom she is formally introduced to “The Garden”. All these drowned bitches are tethered to cement blocks. All but Kimberly are portrayed by real bodies. By this time I’m usually so horny I can hardly think straight.

Later in the movie Mallory makes a second descent along with the guy’s publisher. Once more they’re tied to a cement block. I love the scene of the two of them being pulled down together to the bottom of the lake.

I like to imagine a different ending. I picture the sheriff getting there too late. Mallory and the book publisher drown together, their bodies bumping against each other. Sometimes it’s all I can do not to reach down and touch myself.

There’s another scene that really gets to me. I believe it was from a short TV series. I think people are killed in every episode.

In this one episode this woman has a gun in her hand and is out in a forest. I don’t know if she’s the hunter or the hunted as I never watched the series. But I’ve replayed this scene countless times.

She gets knocked out (of course she does). When she awakens she’s chained to a cinder block inside a boat dock. She can’t get the chain off from around her ankle.

The bad guy comes in and she starts trying to talk her way out of her situation. But it does her no good. Eventually he picks up the cinder block to throw into the water.

The block hits the water and sinks right away. It pulls the lady off her feet. The chain drags her to the edge of the boat dock while she cries out the entire time.

For a moment she clings to the dock. It’s at this moment she knows for sure she’s going to drown. Her terror must simply be off the charts.

She loses her grip and is pulled off the dock into the water. Right away she discovers the peril she’s in. The chain has been set to a particularly cruel length.

She’s not totally submerged as she probably expected herself to be. Instead a part of her head is above water. She cannot lift her mouth and nose high enough to breathe. But she can still see her killer standing there observing her.

It’s at this part of the scene where I really go nuts. Her arms are free and she flails at the surface in a desperate bid to pull her head up high enough to get a breath. But she just can’t do it.

We see her perspective of the killer as the water laps at eye level. Then we’re shown her struggling in the water. The surface starts to settle down as she drowns right there with part of her head sticking up.

I can only imagine the terror she must have felt. Being tethered like that with part of your head sticking up must have been horrifying. It gets me every time.

A short time later we’re shown her head sticking up. The water is quiet; she drowned several minutes ago. By this time if I haven’t cum yet, I’m usually so damned close.

All three of these scenes make me wet myself whenever I’m watching them. But it’s this fourth scene that really gets to me. And it takes us back to the bathtub.

This time it’s Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeifer in “What Lies Beneath”. He’s drugged her so she cannot move her muscles. Then he puts her in a tub and turns on the faucet.

He’s so clinical the way he describes what’s going to happen to her. He even calls someone and asks them to come check on her. By then she will have drowned in the tub.

I like this scene because of the peril of rising water. She has time to watch what’s going to happen to her. She has time to think about the fact she’s going to drown. That “mind rape” really gets to me.

There’s other stuff that happens, but that’s not what’s important. The important thing is she’s left alone to deal with a filling tub. The water just keeps rising and rising.

She has to find a way to shut off the water. If that doesn’t work, she has to find a way to drain the tub. But in her condition it’s terribly difficult, being as how her muscles are slow to respond.

I like to imagine myself in this situation. Only I like to pretend my muscle function is not returning in time. All I can do is watch in horror as the tub slowly fills.

It takes minutes before it finally reaches my chin. By now I’m in a panic. But I’m also so damned aroused I can hardly stand it.

The water continues to rise and I can’t move a muscle. It slowly rises until it covers my mouth. I struggle to keep my nose up, but the water just keeps rising and rising.

By this point I can’t breathe. The water has risen past my nose. It keeps filling the tub and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

It reaches my eyes and I start blinking as the panic increases. My heart hammers in my chest. My pussy throbs from a terrible ache of horrific anticipation.

How much longer can I hold my breath? How long until my lungs give out? Is anybody going to reach me in time? Oh gawd; if only my muscle function would return!

I soon feel my stomach start to contract. It sends mini-convulsions to my chest. My lungs burn as they ache to be refilled with fresh air.

The water continues to rise as the strain in my chest intensifies. I can’t hold my breath much longer. By now the water has nearly reached the top of the bathtub. I’m completely submerged.

I struggle to hold my breath as my lungs heave in agony. I can only see underwater. I can see water still coming out of the faucet into the tub, a faucet I cannot shut off. Then I find myself cumming and drowning.

So there you have it: the four TV and movie scenes that really get my motor running. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go take a bath. I need to hold my breath and imagine myself drowning as I get off at the bottom of the tub.

2020 (written Jun 9 ’20 by riwa)

(vidcaps taken from the aforementioned shows and used for illustration purposes.)

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