The consequences of snooping (an Emma story)


It was a high-end hotel with a high-end clientele. It was the perfect job for a snoop like Emma. As a housekeeper, the petite little Asian loved nosing around in the rooms of the guests, especially when there might be something interesting to find.

She wasn’t a thief, not in the truest sense of the word anyway. She never went into a room with the intention of taking anything of value. She always left alone any money or jewels she discovered.

On the other hand, there was always the temptation of discovering something she couldn’t resist. She was always on the lookout for something that might aid her in getting a little high. So she wasn’t adverse to the possibility of swiping someone’s stash of drugs.

She wore a sexy French maid outfit with management’s approval. It served her well, helping to get her out of trouble on more than one occasion. Feigning innocence and batting her eyelashes while displaying her outfit was usually enough to get her off the hook.

Whenever she got into deeper trouble, she always used her fallback position. That included apologizing profusely, followed by offering to get down on her knees and using her mouth if necessary. That tactic had also served her well.

The number of guests she’d sucked was growing. Cock was her favorite part of the male anatomy. Sometimes she would snoop around just enough to get herself into trouble, a situation that would ultimately lead to her swallowing someone’s “protein shake”.

Getting caught by females was another matter entirely. She was usually able to slither her way out of trouble with them. But sometimes she was forced to use other methods.

One rather unfortunate predicament resulted in a hot and heavy make-out session with an attractive woman as her way of apologizing. Another bitch had forced her to please her orally in order to keep from losing her job. Emma had dutifully complied, but not after putting up a bit of a protest… well, just enough to push the buttons of the rather annoyed guest.

Those were the times that getting herself out of trouble had proved to be the most erotic. Emma loved the thrill of getting caught, an event that was usually followed by offering up some sexual favor in order to get herself off the hook. The mischievous little Asian thrived on the risks she took, mostly because they often led to some rather forced – yet highly erotic – rewards.

Today she found herself slipping into “risk-mode” again as she pushed her housekeeping cart down the hallway. It had been awhile, and she was feeling in the mood to do a little snooping around. A chance encounter with a door propped open seemed just the thing to whet her appetite.

“Housekeeping!” she called out as she dutifully knocked on the door. There was no response. She cautiously looked up and down the hall before carefully slipping inside.

Her heart beat rapidly the way it usually did whenever she was in the middle of taking another unnecessary risk. She soon discovered she was in the suite of a high-paying guest. She licked her lips with anticipation as she looked all around.

Surely there had to be something interesting lying around in here. Was it possible she might find a bag of weed? What if the guest was involved in something illegal?

Tingling with excitement, Emma began a careful search of the room. She nosed all around the living area, finding little of interest. Then she slipped into the adjacent bedroom.

This was where she usually hit the mother lode. Emma headed straight for the dresser. But she found nothing of interest.

She’d just opened and closed the last drawer when she heard someone clear their throat. She stood up with a start, only to see a middle-aged woman of Spanish descent standing there glaring at her with her hands on her hips. Emma got the distinct impression she’d been standing there silently watching her the entire time.

The woman seemed strangely familiar to her, as though she’d seen her somewhere before. The guest was not that much taller than her. Thus, it gave Emma a sense of confidence, believing she should be able to talk her way out of this particular situation.

“Find what you were looking for?” the woman asked coldly, her eyes narrowing with menace.

“You startled me!” the little housekeeper blurted out. “I was just checking to see if you had everything you needed!”

“The housekeepers I know usually don’t go snooping around in other people’s dressers. You weren’t taking the sheets off the bed. And you certainly weren’t gathering up wet towels. So would you mind telling me what the hell you think you were looking for in there?”

“I wasn’t looking for anything!” Emma protested innocently. “I announced myself outside the door, but nobody answered!”

“So that gives you the right to come inside and snoop around? What’s the matter, hun? Can’t read the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign I hung on the handle outside the door?”

Emma had deliberately ignored the sign. Now she felt a massive surge of erotic tingles at having been so blatantly caught. But it was probably time to try extricating herself out of the situation.

“It was an honest mistake!” she blurted out in protest. “I was just collecting towels and I thought I heard someone in the bedroom is all! I was looking around to see if someone was still in the room so I could come in and clean!”

“Looking to see if someone was still in the room, eh? So tell me, hun. Who did you expect to find in that dresser? Tiny Tim?”

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” Emma replied, lowering her head while becoming all apologies. “My mistake. Since someone is still in here and hasn’t checked out yet, I’ll just be on my way. Sorry for troubling you.”

The petite little Asian housekeeper had just started to step past the guest when she was abruptly shoved backward. “Not so fast!” the Hispanic woman declared ominously. “You can’t just snoop around inside my dresser and then expect to walk away unscathed!”

Emma blurted out in protest, “I told you I was just looking to see if you needed anything! If you’ll just let me go, I’ve got other rooms to attend to!”

Once more she started to move past the hotel guest. And once again she was shoved backward. “Hey!” the petite Asian sputtered in protest as her erotic tingles intensified. “There’s no call for that! I need to get back to work!”

“It’s not as simple as that,” the woman told her threateningly. “I’d say I’ve caught myself a little hotel thief. I think management needs to be informed as to the nature of your nosey little activities. Don’t you?”

Emma gulped nervously. Then she boldly took a step forward. “I am NOT a thief!” she protested, her chest swelling indignantly. “I told you I was just in here checking on…”

“I know what you were checking on,” the woman interrupted coldly. “You housekeeping bitches are all alike… sneaking in and stealing what you can. The lot of you should be horse-whipped.”

Emma indignantly blustered, “Are you calling me a thief?”

“I’m calling you a thief AND a liar!”

“I don’t have to put up with this!” the Asian blurted out, shivering like mad from incredibly erotic tingles. “I’m a hard-working employee! There’s no reason for you to treat me like this! I told you it was an honest mistake! What more do you want?!”

The female guest wasn’t the least bit convinced. “Tell me, you little thief. How many rooms HAVE you broken into today?”

“I don’t break in!” Emma shot back. “I told you I was sorry; ok? Nothing’s been taken! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to work!”

Once more Emma tried to brush past her. This time the woman lashed out angrily with her hand, wrapping her fingers around Emma’s throat while pushing her back against a wall.

The petite little Asian gasped and gurgled. Her eyes were wide as her pussy throbbed like crazy. This was becoming incredibly erotic… and more than a little precarious!

“Yes, you little piece of shit! I think you and I SHOULD be getting back… getting back to your manager so we can have a nice little talk about how you were snooping around in my room. Does that sound good to you?”

Emma struggled to pry the woman’s fingers off from around her neck. “I’m sorry!” she gasped breathlessly, her pussy screaming at her from the danger she now found herself in. “Let me go! What do you want from me? I’ll do… *GAWK* anything you want!”

The Hispanic woman responded with a laugh. “Is this your pathetic little attempt at bribing me, you little thief? Are you offering me money or something?”

She squeezed just a little tighter with her fingers, licking her lips as though she was enjoying herself. “Whatever!” Emma gasped anxiously. “Just let me go!”

The frightened Asian clawed at the hands round her neck. She was painfully aware this bitch was far stronger than she was despite their similarity in height. She could end up in real trouble here!

“You little thief!” the woman spat out, abruptly letting her go. “You can’t afford me! I’m rich and famous, you know? I really ought to march your sorry ass down to your manager!”

Emma gasped wildly for breath, rubbing her neck where it had been squeezed. Then she desperately reached out toward her with pleading eyes. “Don’t do that, ok?” she wheezed, frantically shaking her head. “I’ll do anything you want! I’ll make it up to you! Please!” She was still incredibly aroused. But now the number one priority was saving her job.

The Hispanic woman appeared to stop and consider the matter. “Make it up to me?” she repeated curiously.

“Yes; I’ll make it up to you!”

“Anything I want?”

Emma though she saw light at the end of the tunnel… light and a prolonged erotic encounter. Her pussy was wet from the encounter. “Yes – yes! Anything you want!”

Emma held her breath, hoping the hotel guest would go for it. “Interesting,” the woman mused thoughtfully. Then she stepped forward, grabbing Emma by the chin. “Very interesting. An intriguing offer!”

She appeared to look the trembling Asian up and down with great interest. Emma shuddered from a terrible arousal, afraid she was going to cum right in front of the sexy bitch. That would be humiliating as hell!

“Perhaps we can come to some small arrangement,” the Hispanic sighed, acting as though it was a very great concession on her part.

Her eyes narrowed coldly as she looked hard at the trembling housekeeper. “Very well. Meet me down in the hotel swimming pool tonight after midnight. Meet me down there and I’ll THINK about not telling your manager!”

“Swimming pool??” Emma gasped in surprise as a new flood of erotic tingles hit her heard.

“Are you deaf?” the woman growled menacingly.

She lashed out and grabbed her by the neck, threatening to choke her once more. She certainly appeared to enjoy strangling insolent housekeepers. Emma rasped for breath, on the verge of a massive climax.

“I said ‘meet me down in the hotel swimming pool after midnight’! Do I make myself clear?”

For some reason Emma just had to push one more button. “And if I refuse?”

It was the wrong thing to say…

The guest’s eyes narrowed coldly as she squeezed harder. “I can think of several unpleasant things that could happen to a little thief like you, honey. You might simply disappear off the face of the earth. No one would ever find you again. Do I make myself clear?”

The frightened Asian gasped and gurgled, her pussy tingling like crazy over the trouble she found herself in. The Hispanic bitch was saying terribly arousing things. Still, maybe it was time for self-preservation to kick in?

“I said… ‘do I make myself CLEAR’??” For emphasis, the woman slammed Emma back against the wall.

“They’re clear – they’re clear!” the frightened housekeeper gasped, struggling to get the words out past her constricted throat. “I’ll be there… swimming pool… midnight!”

The woman let her go. Emma coughed and wheezed as she tried to get her breath back, wincing as she fought to hold her impending orgasm at bay. Then the Hispanic woman reached down and grabbed her little nametag, fingering it while staring intently at it.

“Emma, is it?” she sneered. “Well, Emma. My name’s Salma. Perhaps you may have heard of me? No matter!” Then she paused before looking at the trembling Asian with menace in her eyes.

“I think you should know I’m a woman not to be trifled with. I mean business, honey, and you’d best not forget it. It wouldn’t be wise to piss me off, if you know what I mean. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Emma replied meekly as she nodded her head. “It’s clear.”

“You WILL be down at the hotel pool by midnight; correct?”

“Yes, ma’am; I will!”

“Very good. Because if you’re not, we’re going to end up having ourselves another little chat. And I can assure you, it will not be nearly as pleasant as this one has been. If you cross me, you’ll find yourself wishing you had only lost your job instead of what I’m going to do to you. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Emma nodded vigorously. She was trembling so bad she was afraid she was going to orgasm right there in front of the ominous sounding guest.

“That will be all,” the woman said with a dismissive wave as she turned away. “Now SCAT!”

Emma rushed out of the room. She reached her cart and pushed it a couple doors down until she found a room she’d already cleaned. She snatched up her master keycard, opened the door, rushed inside…

…and then winced and shuddered, moaning softly as it crashed over her, a monster of an orgasm that left her weak and breathless…

Emma was down at the indoor pool at a quarter to midnight wearing her tight, black Speedos. It was cut well up her thighs, and it accented her chest, although she had small breasts. It was the sexiest swimsuit she had, and she’d worn it deliberately.

The decision to come down to the pool wasn’t all that hard to make. She really couldn’t risk losing her job, and she wasn’t about to call Salma’s bluff. But there was also something else at play.

Emma was drawn to the attractive, middle-aged Hispanic, and she couldn’t help herself. She was also an incurable flirt, as well as a mischievous imp. The thought of getting under the woman’s skin was simply too irresistible to ignore, especially since she could earn herself some delicious tingles by being abused in and underwater. It was a calculated risk, but it was one she was more than willing to take.

She casually swam a few laps back and forth while keeping an eye on the door to the hall. She was already tingling with anticipation over what Salma might do to her. The woman had certainly given her a long, lingering look back in the room. With a little luck, this could turn out to be an erotic night to remember.

The door swung open a couple minutes after midnight. Emma watched the proud Hispanic stride in. She was wearing a reddish-brown two-piece that seriously accented her cleavage.

It looked like it was designed to be more ornamental than functional. For some reason Emma got this mental image of an Egyptian princess, one that was not to be trifled with. She couldn’t help drooling with desire as the tingles renewed all over again.

“I see you’re down here,” Salma observed dryly. “How sensible of you.”

“You didn’t leave me much choice!” Emma shot back indignantly. It was time to start pushing buttons again… time to see just how far she could poke the bear and still get away with it.

“Aren’t WE insolent tonight,” the middle-aged woman replied sourly. “Not too concerned about keeping our job, are we?”

“Let’s just get this over with; ok?” the defiant little Asian retorted. “I have to get up in the morning and report back here for work, you know!”

“Not if you don’t have a job, you don’t.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

The woman shrugged her shoulders as she turned toward the door. Then she calmly asked, “Shall we go have a little conversation with the night clerk?”

“No; wait!” Emma blurted out, her heart racing as her lady parts tingled. “I’m here, ok? You don’t have to do that. I’ll do what you want; all right? So what do you want from me?”

Salma casually replied, “Oh, nothing much. I just want to watch you swim around a little, you little thief.”

“I’m NOT a thief!”

“Just get your ass underwater and swim back and forth for me before I feel encouraged to shorten our time together. I’m sure the night clerk would be most happy to give me the number to your manager if I were to ask for it.”

“Underwater?” Emma protested. “But I’ll have to hold my breath!”

“That’s right. You’re brighter than I thought! Now I suggest you get to it, you little thief.”

“Stop calling me that!”

The Hispanic woman casually turned toward the door as she quietly muttered, “I wonder how quickly one can have an insolent thief fired from her job?”

Emma felt a jolt of arousal as she lifted up her hands in resignation. “All right – all right; I’m going! There’s no need to bring my manager into this!” Then she took a deep breath and slipped under the surface before launching herself off the wall toward the opposite end of the pool.

She released a few bubbles out of her nose as she swam the entire length underwater. The fact the woman wanted her below the surface was an ominous sign. She felt another surge of erotic tingles as she wondered just how long she was going to be forced to hold her breath before their encounter came to a conclusion.

She reached the far wall and surfaced in an explosion of bubbles. Emma turned to look at the woman who now literally held her job in the palm of her hands. “Satisfied?” she called out defiantly.

“Just get your little Asian ass back underwater!” Salma called back.

“Spanish pervert!” Emma muttered under her breath, just loud enough for the woman to hear.

“What did you say?” The Hispanic woman had her hands on her hips and appeared to be fuming.

Emma quickly slipped under the surface, her eyes flashing mischievously. She almost giggled as she kicked with her legs, pulling smoothly with her arms as air trickled out of her nose. Emma felt another erotic shudder as she wondered what price she was going to have to pay for that last bit of verbal stupidity.

As she approached the wall in the shallow end, a set of legs suddenly landed in the water right in front of her. Strong hands reached down, grabbing her by the arms and jerking her head up out of the water. “What did you call me?” the woman growled angrily.

“Nothing,” Emma muttered as another jolt of erotic tingles hit her hard. “I was just getting my breath is all.”

“Don’t give me that!” Salma snorted, her eyes narrowing dangerously. “I know you called me something. Now what did you call me, you mouthy little thief?”

“I said I can’t believe you want me to swim back and forth!” Emma shot back stubbornly. “Now I suppose I’d better get back to the other end of the pool the way you want me to… MA’AM!” She emphasized the last word sullenly, deliberately pushing the woman’s buttons again.

Emma felt her heart skip a beat as she gasped for breath. She quickly slipped under the surface, wondering if she’d pushed things a little too far. Then she started swimming back toward the opposite wall…

“WHY YOU LITTLE SHIT!” A moment later she heard Salma swimming hard after her up at the surface.

Uh –oh…

The woman was hard on her heels, churning the water at the surface with her arms. Emma swam just as fast as she could, bubbling like crazy as her heart pounded in her chest. But a hand snagged her ankle just as she reached the deep end of the pool.

She was jerked back, burbling in protest as the two briefly wrestled together. It quickly became clear to her that Salma was much more athletic in the water despite their mere two inch difference in height. Emma knew she was in big trouble, and it gave her a massive jolt of erotic tingles.

Emma popped up out of the water, gasping and sputtering indignantly. “Hey; what’d you do that for?”

“Spanish pervert??” Salma roared angrily, clearly infuriated. Obviously she’d heard Emma’s ill-advised choice of words.

“Let’s see how long you can hold your fucking breath, you little thief!” Then the foolish little Asian was shoved down below the surface.

Emma grunted in alarm, her body tingling like mad as her pussy ached for a sexual release. Now she was really in for it… and she was terribly aroused! She was also a little nervous, wondering if perhaps she’d pushed the enraged woman just a bit too far.

She was pulled back up; gasping, sputtering and protesting. But there was no chance of getting her breath back. Almost immediately the petite little Asian housekeeper was shoved right back down below the surface.

Her feet came in contact with the pool bottom as she bubbled out of her mouth and nose. But it did her no good. She was unable to push herself back up against the hands that gripped her shoulders.

Her lungs began to strain as she instinctively put up a struggle. She tried to break free, but she was caught in a surprisingly strong grip. Then she was abruptly pulled back up, gasping and sputtering like crazy.

“So you think I’m a Spanish pervert, do you?” the woman growled menacingly.

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID – ARGHURBLURBLE!” Back down she went in a flurry of bubbles and a surge of erotic tingles. This time Emma decided it was best to focus less on resisting and more on holding her breath.

She tried to relax and concentrate on keeping her breath in her lungs. But it felt like she was being held under much longer. Her lungs began to strain until she couldn’t help herself.

Emma began to thrash about in growing panic. Air spewed out of her mouth until she was jerked back up, gasping like crazy. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” she sputtered in protest. “YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS, YOU KNOW!”

“Not if you have an accident in the water, you little thief! Then you won’t be breathing a word to anyone!” And with that she was forced back down.

Emma felt a jolt of horrific tingles at the implied threat. Her pussy was screaming at her, her body on fire from a fearful arousal. Once more she tried to relax and hold her breath. But her lungs were already heaving, and she felt a surge of growing panic.

Once more Emma started to thrash about, bubbles spewing out of her mouth. She was jerked back up until her head popped up out of the water. When she looked at her adversary she saw that Salma wore the expression of an angry woman who was clearly enjoying herself.

“ALL RIGHT – ALL RIGHT; YOU WIN!!” the exhausted Asian sputtered in resignation. “I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP!”

To her complete and utter shock, Salma pulled her close and kissed her lips hard. Emma moaned weakly, her eyes rolling as her body shivered with incredible tingles at the change in tactics. It was erotic beyond belief.

She responded almost instinctively, kissing the fiery Hispanic deeply in return. ‘Maybe this isn’t going to be so bad after all!’ she thought with growing excitement.

Salma pushed her away, holding her at arm’s length. As Emma looked at her face, she got the terribly erotic impression of a predator sizing up its prey. Then with a cackle of sadistic pleasure, the woman forced her back down into the water…


Emma cried out in surprise, bubbles frothing up to the surface. This was the last thing she’d expected, being seduced before being brutally submerged. Her body sang with wildly erotic tingles as she wriggled and squirmed, struggling to hold her breath as her lungs began to strain again.

She was abruptly pulled back up out of the water. Emma gasped madly for breath. Then Salma abruptly jerked her close, brutally kissing her again. Emma moaned weakly into the aggressive woman’s mouth, unable to get her breath back.

When they pulled apart once more, Emma had a dazed look in her eyes. That’s when her tormentor leaned in close, the two of them now treading water in the deep end. “I can drown you anytime I want, you little tart. What do you think about that?”

Emma’s eyes flew open in horror as another erotic jolt of tingles hit her hard. She inhaled sharply, whimpering with fright. Then with a cruel laugh Salma shoved her back down below the surface.

Hands gripped her shoulders as though she was locked in a vise, holding her down and keeping her submerged. Emma instinctively started to thrash about again, the woman’s dangerous observation ringing in her ears. If she wasn’t careful, the bitch might actually drown her… and there wouldn’t be a damn thing she could do about it!

She wriggled and squirmed as it swelled within her. Emma winced and bubbled in growing panic. She tried to hold it back as she concentrated on keeping the remaining air inside her lungs. But it was too late, as her chest was already heaving from a breathless inferno.

She looked upward, only to see a very determined face looking down at her with wicked glee. That’s when it struck Emma like a thunderbolt… GAWD; SHE’S REALLY ENJOYING THIS! WHAT IF SHE DECIDES TO DROWN ME??

That horrifying thought is what finally pushed her over the edge…

Emma winced, arching her back as an orgasm washed hotly through her body. Air billowed freely out of her lungs as her hands flexed helplessly, her toes curling. Her eyes rolled as her lungs heaved insistently in her chest.

The petite little Asian grunted weakly, unable to put up a struggle. She found herself wondering if she’d made a serious miscalculation with the Hispanic hottie. Was this miscalculation about to result in the end of her life? Was the bitch going to drown her?

2012; 2021 (written May 4 ’12; ed. Dec 15 ‘21 by riwa)

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