Finals Week – Sadie


Sadie knew she’d failed not one, but two courses. That meant her life was now in jeopardy. Those who failed more than one class found themselves facing a lottery to end up on the menu for the spring cookout.

The idea of being impaled on a spit intrigued her. But she seriously doubted she could handle the pain. Her sorority sisters would not take too kindly to that.

There was another option left to her. It was one several of the students took when they failed a course. She could arrange to have herself snuffed for the pleasure of others, leaving it up to them as to how they disposed of her body.

Sadie felt strangely calm as she headed over to the fraternity. She already had an idea how she wanted to go about it. She wanted cocks while she was being snuffed.

She found Hal, one of the guys she frequently gave herself to. He knew all about her kinks. When she explained her predicament he seemed to know exactly what she wanted.

“So will you help me?” she asked, her heart fluttering at what she was contemplating.

“My choice?”

“Your choice,” she told him with a smile. “I just want a bunch of cocks around. I’d like to be fucked while you’re snuffing me. You can even use my body after I’m dead.”

“I intend to, Sadie,” Hal told her with a smile. “I’ve always wanted to engage in a little necro play. I just haven’t had the opportunity… until now.”

The look he gave her made her shiver. He thought he saw something in her eyes. “You’re not backing out, are you? You might survive the lottery.”

“But I might not,” she told him. “It depends on how many F’s get passed out. The fewer that fail, the greater my odds. I’d rather go out this way. The girls will respect my decision. It will keep me in good standing with the sorority post mortem.”

“Once I call the guys, there’s no going back.”

“You’re not going to give me a chance to back out?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Maybe you’d better not.”

“10 pm. Vance will want to get in on this. He has that comfortable furniture you like so much.”

“Nice and cushioned, Hal. You’re so thoughtful.”

“I’m looking forward to fucking your cooling corpse, Sadie.”

She inhaled sharply, almost feeling faint. Then she smiled before heading off to the sorority. Sadie had to get her things in order.

She returned at 9:45. Hal already had the guys there. She saw Vance and three others.

She’d been with every one of them at least once. So she knew what they were packing. Sadie felt her breath catch in her throat.

“Ok, guys,” she said as she started to sway on her feet. “Your snuff-kitten has arrived. Let’s get this party started.”

She did a strip tease for the guys, slowly removing every article of clothing. At the same time she went around to each one, helping them remove shirts, pants and underwear. By 10:05 everyone was naked.

Sadie got down on her knees and started sucking cocks. The guys all crowded around. She swallowed one while stroking two more. The other two cocks simply waited their turn as their owners stroked them.

Sadie began to hyperventilate. She looked up at Hal before asking, “Can I ask how you’re going to do it?”

“It’s a surprise,” he told her with a wicked grin.

“You’re such a tease.”

Sadie was becoming more and more apprehensive. At the same time she was feeling an arousal unlike any other. She wondered if this was how many women felt when they knew they were about to be snuffed.

The guys finally got her up onto her back on Vance’s soft furniture. Sadie wondered if her death was going to cause a problem. At the same time she figured Vance would be the hit of the fraternity once everyone found out she’d been snuffed in his room… perhaps on this very furniture.

She shivered from an insane arousal as her breath caught in her throat. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this! Just how the hell was Hal going to do her in? Did it really matter?

She tipped her head back, taking the first cock into her mouth that suddenly appeared right in front of her. She reached over and grabbed two more, eagerly stroking them. She wondered if they would spurt on her at the moment of truth.

Someone lifted her feet and wrapped them around yet another cock. Was that Hal or Vance? Sadie didn’t care, but she was thrilled at giving someone a footjob.

She felt a finger reach down and rub her button. Sadie moaned with pleasure. This was going to be a night to remember.

All of the sudden she experienced a blinding pain in her stomach. It made her back arch as she cried out into the cock in her mouth. It felt like she’d been knifed in the gut.

The agony was unlike any she’d experienced before. It made her dizzy. It also made her extremely horny at being stabbed in her belly.

The guys shifted their positions. Now she had Hal down her throat. Who had stabbed her? Did it really matter?

Someone had grabbed her feet; she was giving another footjob. She moaned with Hal’s cock deep down her throat. Then she felt the knife slide out of her belly.

It plunged in again, making a second wound. Sadie screamed into Hal’s cock in her mouth. She looked up at him to see he was smiling down at her.

The guys all shifted positions. This time she wasn’t allowed to use her feet. The guy between her legs slid right into her wet pussy.

The knife was pulled out again. Then it was plunged back in. Sadie’s back arched as she cried out in orgasm.

They kept going around her, each one sliding his cock into her mouth. A different fraternity member got to stick his dick inside her. But the knife kept being pulled out before plunged back in. And each time she climaxed in agony.

Sadie became dizzy. She was losing a lot of blood. Her senses were dulling. But her arousal was off the charts with orgasm after orgasm.

The guys rotated again. This time Hal announced he was the one who was fucking her. “Time to enjoy your dead body, Sadie.”

The wound was gaping in her belly when he grabbed the knife and twisted violently. Sadie stiffened before shuddering hard, cumming all over him. He violently twisted again until Sadie found herself in an endless orgasmic loop.

She felt cocks splatter her naked body. The one in her mouth also went off. Now she was coughing up blood.

“This one should do it, darling. Goodbye, Sadie. I’ll make sure you roast at the cookout tomorrow.”

He grabbed the knife and twisted hard. Sadie tensed again, although the pain was starting to dull. She felt him begin to slice her open, causing her intestines to spill out. She was cumming until she didn’t feel anything anymore as the guys began the process of fucking her sexy corpse.


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