My visit to the British Virgin Isles (1-2)



I went to the British Virgin Islands for a little holiday fun and frolic. I’m scuba certified, so I showed my certificate before renting out some gear. Then I located a charter boat captain.

He introduced himself as Mike Hunt. Then he asked me the purpose of my charter. I told him I wanted to do a little scuba diving.

He asked me if I was interested in anything in particular. I told him I was hoping to get in a good fuck before my trip was over. Then he asked if I had any preferences as to where it occurred.

I looked at him in confusion. “Excuse me?”

“Do you like to fuck on dry land? Or would you prefer to fuck underwater?”

I was astonished. “You mean they allow you to do that around here?” He just smiled as he told me he knew of a place I might be interested.

I looked all around before telling him we didn’t have any ladies on board. He said that wouldn’t be a problem.

He motored us out to a location with other boats in the area before dropping anchor. There were a few snorkelers out in the water, many of them female. I noticed most of them were topless.

I motioned as I asked, “What is this place?”

“A popular spot for tourists and divers,” he replied with a smile. “I thought you might like this location. I’ve brought out groups of drunken Americans before who gear up and then go over the side. You’d be surprised what goes on under the surface out here.”

“What would you suggest I do?” I asked curiously.

“If I were you I’d just gear up, go underwater, and see what’s happening down there. That will give you a good idea what we do for fun around here.”

Now he had me curious. So I geared up and got ready. “Enjoy the scenery,” he said with a chuckle as I went backward over the side. I couldn’t help asking myself what the hell he knew that I didn’t.

Once in the water I went down toward the ocean floor. It wasn’t that deep, maybe 30 or 40 feet down. The flora and fauna were impressive.

What really got my attention was the action taking place all around me. Off in the distance I caught two scuba divers in an embrace. As I got closer, I realized they were going at it all hot and heavy.

Damn! They really did like to fuck underwater out here!

My cock got hard in no time at all. But I decided I’d better be moving along. I didn’t want them to get angry at my voyeuristic tendencies.

I headed down to examine the reef more closely. Two more divers came down. They were females, and both of them were naked.

I was pretty close to them when they both looked at me. A moment later I was startled to see them come together in a 69. They removed their regulators from their mouths and really went at it.

Bubbles spewed everywhere. They really feasted on each other before putting their regulators in their mouths to get some air. In no time at all I got hard again.

I figured I’d better be moving along. I didn’t want them to get angry with me for watching their show. So I finned off to go look at something else.

I looked up and saw a few bodies bobbing up and down in the water. I got close enough to observe a mixture of men and women. They were scattered all over, some of them topless, and some of them with nothing on at all.

I saw one male diver come up underneath a topless snorkeler. He pulled her down by the ankle, causing a lot of bubbles to burst up. He immediately moved his suit aside and then hers before he went right at it, fucking her in broad daylight just a few feet below the surface.

I couldn’t tell whether she was into it or if she was trying to push him away. Eventually he pulled out and swam off. She shot back up to the surface to gasp for breath. But she didn’t seem to be in any real distress. And I didn’t hear her scream for help or that she’d been attacked or anything like that.

I followed that diver as he swam up underneath another female. This one was totally naked. He pulled her right under and jabbed his cock inside her, fucking bubbles out of her mouth before she pushed him away. Talk about a hit and run!

I went up at the same time she did. I heard her laugh drunkenly. Then she began to swim around as though looking for her assailant. But he had moved on and appeared to be zeroing in on another one farther away.

I was horny as fuck and needed a release. I thought a distraction along the bottom would settle me down. So I dove back down for the ocean floor.

That didn’t help nearly as much as I thought it would. I saw a different American couple in dive gear really going at it. A swim trunk and bikini pieces swirled nearby as they fucked each other.

Damn! Mike had brought me out to witness an underwater orgy!

I watched the couple for several minutes. They didn’t seem to be upset by my presence. Hell, they hardly acknowledged me.

The woman kept looking in my direction. She finally motioned me over. I pointed at myself… “Who me?” She just waved me closer.

She was in the guy’s lap in an embrace when she came off his cock and turned around. He immediately entered her from behind and went right back at it. Either he was oblivious to my presence or he just didn’t care.

The woman waved me closer with a sense of urgency. She grunted exhalations out of her regulator. Was she in trouble?

I swam closer to see if I needed to render some assistance. She waved me even closer. I was within arm’s reach when she lashed out and grabbed me.

In no time at all she’d pulled my trunks down. Then she spit the reg out of her mouth and swallowed me whole. The guy she was fucking just kept pounding her as though he was trying to drive his cock right through her.

She gulped me down like a woman possessed. She must have sucked me for about a minute or so before corralling her reg and taking a breath. But she only took a few puffs before she went right back at it.

It was so damned erotic that I stood no chance at all. I quickly shot my load into her mouth. I had so much cum that it leaked out through her clenched lips as she tried to swallow it all.

When she’d finished me off, she put her regulator back into her mouth. Then she pulled my trunks back up. She grinned at me before slipping off her man’s cock, turning around and impaling herself upon it back onto his lap in that same embrace as before.

He hardly broke stride, grunting exhalation bubbles. She cried out as she took his cock deep. I just shook my head in amazement before deciding it was time to move on before I got entangled in something crazy.

The place was unbelievable! There were divers and snorkelers all around. But it wasn’t like we were congested or anything. They were spaced out for privacy, yet the water was clear enough that you could often surmise what kind of activities they were engaging in, especially if it was something of a sexual nature.

I moved around until I found that hit-and-run diver. I watched as he pulled another topless American down below the surface. This time he made her suck his cock.

She grunted up bubbles as he jammed it down her throat. At first I thought he was going to drown her. Then she broke away and shot up to the surface, forcing him to go looking for different prey.

I saw her up at the surface. She didn’t act panicked or freaked out or anything like that. Was it that she hadn’t minded the sudden assault? Or was she too drunk to care?

I had some air left in my tank, so I headed back down toward the reef. I needed to get all this sexual excitement out of my mind. My cock had gotten hard again, and I needed to calm myself down so I wouldn’t breathe so heavily.

I rounded the edge of the reef and caught sight of those two hotties again. Had they been in that 69 position the entire time? Or had they paused to take a break? I could only shake my head in wonder.

The blonde on top caught sight of me and waved me over. She put her reg back into her mouth, disengaging from her partner. Then she anxiously waved me closer… “C’mon, get over here!”

I got close enough for her to reach out and pull my trunks down. My cock sprang free and immediately started to harden. She removed her reg and quickly swallowed me whole.

Her friend only paused for a few moments to refill her lungs. Then she removed her reg and went right back to work on her partner’s snatch. My cocksucker moaned up bubbles as she wriggled and squirmed at the assault taking place on her muff.

I was astonished at having been lured in and getting my cock sucked a second time on my first dive of the day. Was this what Mike had hinted about? It had all been so crazy, yet no one was treating any of it as though it was out of the ordinary.

The blonde came off my cock, putting her regulator back between her lips. She turned her back to me, found my erection and then impaled herself on it. Her companion smiled as she offered a muff to munch on while I was using her other end.

What else could I do? I was horny, and a velvety slit had just impaled itself upon my throbbing dick. So I grabbed her hips and gave it to her good.

She grunted and moaned into the muff she was eating. Her partner acted like she was in heaven. Apparently they were not at all averse to enjoying a little cock while feasting on clam.

The brunette broke away and pulled her friend off my dick. She took a few puffs from her regulator before she attacked my cock with her mouth. She was just as hungry for it as her companion.

I groaned into the reg in my mouth as she gobbled me down. Her blonde companion immediately took advantage of the situation by going between her legs and eating her out. More bubbles of pleasure spewed up between the three of us.

After more sucking, the brunette came off, got her regulator and refilled her lungs. She turned around and had me impale her muff with my dick. But her companion went directly underneath her in another 69 to work on her clit.

I thrust good and hard, fully enjoying myself. The blonde pulled my cock out of her friend’s slit and sucked on me for a few moments, glubbing up bubbles. Then she pulled me out of her mouth and pushed me back into her friend’s snatch.

I grabbed the brunette’s hips and thrust good and hard. She really grunted and bubbled. It was so damned arousing that I couldn’t hold back.

I pumped my second load of the dive into the snatch of the brunette. I had just finished when the blonde pulled my cock out, sucked me a few times, and then anxiously tried to slurp my cream out of her friend’s muff.

It was about that moment when my tank went dry. I’d been down so long that I’d become distracted. But I knew better than to panic.

I quickly broke away, indicating I was out of air. I waved goodbye before heading to the surface. I released my regulator from my mouth and then released the last of my breath all the way up until I burst up gasping.

I found Mike’s boat and headed over. He smiled when he saw me. Then he helped me back on board.

“Out of air,” I gasped in explanation.

He smiled. “I thought you were down there for quite a while.”

“You didn’t… warn me there were barracuda in these waters.”

“You do have to be careful out here,” he admitted. “Some of them can get rather horny. I noticed you were occupied a couple times down there.”

I blushed as I looked him in the eye. “Just what did you see down there?”

“I’m just the captain,” he replied with a smile as he went over to the cooler. “I don’t watch and tell. Besides, most of my charters end up drunk anyway. So who knows what really happened down below?” Then he tossed me a bottle, telling me to take a break and have a cold one.

2021 (written Aug 6 ’21 by riwa)


We had a couple of beers as we watched the activity all around us. I wanted to go back down, but I figured it would be better to wait for a while. I don’t like to have a second dive so soon after the first one.

We were out for a couple of hours enjoying the view when I decided I might as well get in one more dive before heading back to the marina. Mike saw me going for a second tank to my scuba gear and smiled. “Going back down after another hottie?”

“Well… I don’t know about that. I just thought I’d go back down for a second dive before calling it a day.

“You going to pull one down to the bottom of the sea and fuck her for me?”

“Pull her all the way down? Isn’t that a little dangerous?”

He shook his head with a smile. “I don’t ask questions. Besides, my passengers are usually too drunk for me to believe anything they might share with me once they’re back on the boat.”

“Does that include me?” I didn’t think I was that drunk. He just laughed.

A thought suddenly occurred to me. “What about drownings?”

He didn’t seem all that concerned. “What about them? Tourists and locals drown out here all the time. Sometimes a body is found. But a lot of times the sharks get a hold of it and haul it out to sea. We’ve certainly had our share of disappearances out here.”

“You said tourists and locals come out here. Don’t the locals warn the tourists?”

“Some do. But many of the tourists have been drinking and don’t care all that much. Some seem to be in it for the anonymous sex and for the thrill of a hot fuck at the bottom of the reef. Maybe they’re in it for the danger. Or maybe they don’t think there is any danger.”

“And the locals?”

“Those who wish to avoid the danger don’t bother coming out here. Those that do? I can only hazard a guess as to why. Maybe they like the thrill. Or maybe they like the sight of all the nude flesh on display.”

“So you mean I could get into the water and…”

“I’m not your chaperone. What you do under the surface is your own damn business, just like the last dive you made earlier.”

“Wouldn’t you be obligated to tell someone if I, uh… I… accidentally drowned someone?”

“You can’t tell me any lies if I don’t ask any questions, right?”

I thought it over for a long moment. Then I started to gear up. My cock was starting to strain in my trunks.

He looked out over the water. I couldn’t help calling out, “See anyone you like?”

“I see a couple I’d love to pull down, fuck, and then… well… you know.”

“You mean you’ve thought about it before?”

“Causing someone to bubble her last while pumping her good and hard? Sure I have! Who hasn’t?”


I was astonished as I finished gearing up. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to fuck someone else out here, much less drown them. But the idea sure was making me hard.

I was ready to go over the side when he pointed a woman out to me. “See that one? The blonde with the boobs? She’s been giving us the eye ever since we got here. I’ll bet you a hundred dollars she’s scuba certified and can breathe off a regulator down on the bottom while she’s taking it hard and deep.”

I looked in the direction he was motioning. Sure enough, it looked like there was a blonde out there. I got a glimpse of her tits, which only made my dick stiffen even more.

Mike smiled knowingly at me. “Why don’t you go over and introduce yourself? Pull her under and give her a poke for me.”

“I just might do that,” I replied with a smile.

I put my regulator into my mouth before going backward over the side. Then I headed for the ocean floor. There were bodies in the water, but for the moment there wasn’t anyone in my immediate vicinity.

There was a section near the reef that sloped downward even deeper. So I did a little exploring. Then I looked upward. That big breasted blonde was floating face down, looking down on me while breathing from her snorkel.

I watched as she came down toward me. She was wearing dive fins, making good progress as she kicked herself down. She was beside me in no time at all.

She quickly got right to it, pulling my trunks down and pulling out my erection. Then she blew the snorkel out of her mouth and started sucking on my dick. She was a real pro.

She held her breath for a long time, gobbling my meaty pole before she grabbed the reg in my mouth. She jerked it out and put it between her lips. She took a few puffs before giving it back to me. Then she went right back to work on my schlong.

Gawd; she was good! I couldn’t hold back at all! A moment later I was pumping a load down her throat.

She swallowed it all. Then she smiled before taking the reg from my mouth. I let her use it as we slowly finned our way back to the surface.

We popped up and panted for breath. We both lifted our dive masks up off our faces. Then she smiled as she complimented me on my package.

We briefly made introductions. She said her name was Molly. I told her my name was Ward.

“So tell me, Ward. What brings you out to these waters?” She sounded like she’d been drinking a little.

“Just thinking of doing a little fishing.”

“Is that all? Or were you thinking of doing a little more?”

“What do you mean?”

“I saw the boat you came out on. His name is Mike. We’ve fucked a few times at the brothel in town.”

“Is that so?”

“I know Mike very well. He loves the fuck-drown.”

“He does?” I tried to act shocked.

“Oh, c’mon! I know you two were looking in my direction. And I know you were looking around at some of the other girls out here. Take that one over there, for instance.”

I turned to look. “Which one are you referring to?”

“The one in the very skimpy two-piece. See her over there? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t enjoy fucking her as she drowns; am I right? I know Mike certainly would!”

“What makes you think I would enjoy fucking her as she drowns?” Then I winced as my stiffening cock betrayed my words.

She just laughed. “I know because I’m a good judge of character. Besides, I’ve seen it before. You look the type.”

She moved closer. Then she conspiratorially asked, “Would you like a little help?”

“You’re kidding! You mean you’d actually help me drown her?”

“I’ve seen a couple others drown women out here. They were drunken Americans who mostly got carried away. But maybe they weren’t all that drunk. And maybe it was more deliberate than accidental.”

“And you didn’t do anything to try to stop them or help those poor girls?”

“Why should I? It’s none of my business. Besides, I only assumed they were fucking on the bottom of the reef at first. I was too far away, minding my own business. Then the girls started hitching and convulsing. That’s when I knew they were being drowned. By then it was too late.”

“That sounds horrible.” Then I winced again. My cock was rock hard as I imagined girls being fuck-drowned at the bottom of the ocean.

“Yeah, I can tell you think it’s horrible,” she chuckled, rubbing my bulge as she tread water right there with me. “Would it interest you to know how much it turned me on watching those poor bitches drown? Hell; maybe they deserved it!”

She gave me a deep, soulful kiss. I could taste the alcohol on her breath. Then she reached down again to rub my growing bulge in my trunks.

She conspiratorially moved closer. Then she told me, “I’ll give you a minute to get ready, ok? Don’t worry; I’ll keep an eye on you. I want to watch this one up close.”

She pulled her dive mask down over her face. Then she put her snorkel back between her lips before finning away.

I turned to look over at the woman she’d pointed out. The idea of fucking her as she drowned was making my cock really hard.

I put my regulator back into my mouth. I took a quick glance over at Mike’s boat, wondering if he was watching me. Then I headed back down for the bottom.

From the ocean floor I watched the girl Molly had pointed out. I was turned on at the thought of fucking and drowning her. I also felt the faintest twinge of a guilty conscience about it. But I figured I could always justify it as us going too far, resulting in an unfortunate accident.

I zeroed in on the girl we’d discussed, slowly finning my way upward. She was treading water well above me, not paying any attention to what was coming up underneath her. A moment later I grabbed her ankle and pulled her down.

She immediately began to twist and struggle in my grasp. I pulled her deeper toward the base of the reef. Then I hauled her toward the slope where it went deeper and contained formations in which to hide her body.

She put up quite a struggle as I popped the strings to her bikini. She was still fighting me when Molly suddenly arrived from out of nowhere and grabbed her by her wrists. That gave me the distraction I needed to pull my trunks down and enter her from behind.

My victim was nice and tight. I held onto her hips as I thrust nice and deep. Molly held onto her wrists as I enjoyed a deep, underwater fuck.

Our victim was soon hitching and straining to hold her breath. Molly motioned for the regulator in my mouth. But she did not snatch it away from me like before.

I willingly gave it to her. Molly accepted it, placed it between her lips, and breathed deeply. Then she reached out and groped the breasts of our prey. The young woman was clearly an American.

Molly helped me grab our victim’s wrists to keep her under control. Then I pulled them behind her back as I continued to thrust. I could tell she was close to losing her breath.

I wasn’t sure whether or not the one I was fucking had been drinking. Maybe it didn’t matter. At that point I simply didn’t want to stop. I was shamefully aroused over the crime I was about to commit.

She suddenly glubbed up bubbles. Then she started thrashing about in my grasp, her snatch clenching like crazy. She hitched and gurgled, her pussy milking the cream right out of my dick as Molly continued to molest her.

I motioned for the regulator as our victim’s struggles lessened. Molly handed it back to me. Then she pulled the drowned woman off my cock.

I watched in astonishment as my accomplice began licking and slurping on her still twitching snatch. She appeared to be trying to suck all my cream out of her. It was incredibly erotic.

I popped Molly’s bottoms down and thrust my dick into her from behind. I was still hard, perhaps from witnessing the drowning I’d just taken part in. Molly groaned and trembled as I pounded her from behind while she continued to feast on the drowned woman’s twat.

Molly finally needed the regulator again. She reached back and pulled it out from between my lips. Then she came off my dick.

She swung the drowned woman around in my direction. Then she guided the head to my semi-hard cock. It was the first time I’d ever stuck my dick between the lips of someone who had drowned. It was shamefully arousing.

Molly moaned into the regulator as I fucked the drowned American’s mouth. She caressed the limp, yielding body all over as though incredibly turned on by the event. Then I got the reg back as Molly kissed the drowned woman’s lips.

We spent several minutes playing with our victim’s corpse. I finally pumped another load into Molly from behind as she feasted yet again on the drowned woman’s pussy. Then we pushed the body deeper into the formations before gathering our possessions – meaning our suits – and heading back to the surface.

We came up a few hundred yards from Mike’s boat. She kissed me before bidding me farewell. Molly even thanked me for allowing her to participate.

She told me that had been the very first drowning she’d ever participated in out here in these waters. A part of me wondered if that really was the truth, especially when she said it was the most erotic thing she’d ever done with somebody.

She asked how long I would be staying in the British Virgin Isles. I told her I planned to be around for a few more days. She told me she’d love to meet me out here again if it worked out. Then she headed off in the direction of what I can only assume was the boat she’d come out on.

I swam to Mike’s boat before climbing aboard. “So how was Molly?” he asked with a sly grin as he helped me aboard.

I gave him a dirty look. “You knew all about her all along, didn’t you! And you didn’t even warn me!”

“I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”

He looked all around the ocean. Then he leaned in close. “Tell me. Did she really help you drown that girl? It certainly looked like it from where I was watching up here.”

“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies, remember?”

“Oh yeah; I forgot. Still…”

He looked over in the direction of Molly and her boat. Then he shook his head. “I never would have thought her capable of something like that. You just never know about some people.”

He smiled as he went over to a chest. He pulled out another bottle and tossed it to me. I opened it up and took a drink.

“Another American boozing it up on my boat,” he said with a shake of his head. But I did not fail to notice his sly smile.

“Ready to go back to shore, Ward?” I nodded as I told him I was ready. Perhaps it was best not to linger too long near the scene of the crime.

He pulled up anchor before starting the motor. Then we headed back. During the trip back, neither one of us acted as though we knew there was a young woman lying drowned on the bottom of the ocean with some of my cum no doubt still inside her.

9-24-21 (Inspired by a Mike Hunt story suggestion)

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