Fetish swim


Lindsay was out lounging by the pool when Martin walked up to her. She looked up expectantly. That’s when he told her, “He wants you to run it again.”

“Oh does he now?”

“Yes, he does. He says there’ll be an extra payout for you at the end.”

“About time,” she muttered as she stood up. Lindsay thought she deserved to get paid a little more for each swim, considering all the underwater tasks she had to perform.

“Do I get a dive mask this time?”

“I’m afraid not. He says you can manage without one.”


She was heading for the pool when he called out, “Miss? You do realize he wants you to swim naked, don’t you?”

She froze, trying to decide whether or not to put up a protest. But she realized the guy was doing this to help pay off her debts. She still owed an incredible amount in taxes. The sooner she complied with each of his kinky requests, the sooner she’d be rid of him.

She shed her suit right there on the steps to the pool. It was already pretty revealing the way it showed off her cleavage. So what if the bastard wanted to see her nude. A lot of men had already seen all the goodies.

Lindsay waded into the water. Then she swam naked along the surface of the pool. She didn’t bother submerging as she was going to need to do a lot of breath-holding before this one was over.

When she reached the deep end she filled her lungs. Then she jackknifed downward. Lindsay swam to the bottom, a full 12 feet from the surface.

The door to the waterproof panel had opened up in anticipation of her arrival. Lindsay punched in the four digit code. An adjacent panel immediately slid open, allowing a few stray bubbles to flush up to the surface.

Exposed beyond the second panel was a small wheel. Lindsay began turning it counterclockwise. There was another hiss of sliding doors coming open, allowing more bubbles to flush to the surface.

Lindsay twisted the wheel until the doors were all the way open, revealing a small tunnel. Then she bubbled her way inside. It was narrow enough for her to pull herself forward using her hands to brace against the walls on either side of the narrow passage.

Embedded lights in the tunnel ceiling illuminated the way. The tunnel stretched forward a good forty feet. This always tested her limits a little, being as how she’d already had to hold her breath long enough to get this far. But she’d made this swim many times before.

By now she’d learned how to hold her breath long enough to open the damned tunnel and then swim all the way through. The first few times she’d tried it had left her with aching lungs. Now she was almost used to it.

At the end of the tunnel was a dangling regulator. Beyond lay another wheel she had to turn. Lindsay shook her head at all the things she had to do underwater to satisfy this bastard’s “enthusiasms”.

She grabbed the dangling regulator and cleared it before taking a breath, having learned how to breathe from it without a dive mask on her face. She was more winded than she thought she would be. She would have to be more careful and pace herself.

She breathed from the regulator while she worked at turning the wheel in front of her. For some damned reason it seemed harder this time. Had the bastard deliberately tightened it, making it more of a challenge?

The air hose suddenly went dead. Had her time run out already? Lindsay spit the reg out of her mouth before applying herself to the valve in front of her.

She grunted as she turned the wheel. She hoped the underwater cameras were picking up all the best parts of her nude, fetish swim. She thought about flipping him the bird. But she decided she needed the bread more than she needed to satisfy her desire to make an ill-advised gesture.

A panel slid open directly above her head. Lindsay quickly swam up into it. With any luck it would be a straight shot up to the – damn!

She could see the grate well above her, blocking her exit. A narrow opening appeared in the tunnel wall. Lindsay winced in disgust. Another long swim.

The opening was little more than the width of her body from her back to her chest, making it somewhat claustrophobic. The ceiling of the tunnel was made of Plexiglas. At least there were little indentations for her to pull herself along.

She knew what the bastard wanted here. So Lindsay rolled over onto her back. Then she grabbed a couple of handholds as she pulled herself into the tunnel.

She released bubbles out of her nose as she pulled herself through hand over hand. Sometimes her breasts pressed up against the top of the passage. Kinky bastard!

In the beginning she’d tried going through face down. But there were no handholds along the bottom of the tunnel, and the handholds above sometimes rubbed uncomfortably into her back. It was simply easier to go through lying flat on her back while pulling herself along. She hoped he was enjoying her nudity.

She emerged through the tunnel into a rectangular five foot by five foot space. The grate was in place well above her. At least it looked like there was an air pocket up there for her.

Lindsay shot up, emerged in the air pocket, and gasped loudly for breath. She had about a foot of space in which to catch her breath. At least she could take a couple minutes to compose herself.

She panted heavily, mentally calculating what lay ahead. That’s when she looked up and discovered the grate coming down onto her head. Apparently he wasn’t going to allow her to stay here long.

She angrily muttered, “All right – all right; I’m going!” Lindsay quickly filled her lungs. Then she turned and swam downward before the lowering grate could finish forcing her out of the air pocket.

She swam down past the opening to the narrow tunnel she’d just come through. There was another one farther below. It opened up about 15 feet down.

Lindsay reached the tunnel entrance. Then she angled her way inside, this time swimming with her back to the ceiling of the tunnel. She looked ahead, hoping against hope it wasn’t there…


The tunnel dead-ended. But there was a phallus sticking out of the wall. Lindsay immediately swam up to it and wrapped her lips around it.

She started sucking and deep-throating, hoping the damned sensor was picking everything up. How long would she have to suck this time? How long had that bastard set the timer before she could get out?

There was no thought about retracing her steps. The air pocket was surely gone by now. She would have to make it all the way back to the very beginning. And that was much too far on a single breath.

Lindsay sucked and swallowed for all she was worth. How long before this damn thing activated? This bastard and his crazy underwater fetishes!

She could feel it in her lungs. Lindsay was being forced to push herself again. What if she drowned in here? There was always that worry in the back of her mind.

Lindsay tried not to think about the alternative. Besides, the guy couldn’t run her through his kinky fetish maze again if she drowned; right? But what if he was grooming another girl to replace her? What if today was that day?

She redoubled her efforts, sucking and gobbling. The panel next to the phallus abruptly slid open, releasing a few bubbles. Lindsay anxiously swam through the opening before the damn thing could close back up and trap her inside.

There was a chamber with a glass tank above her. There was also another tunnel leading off to the right. Lindsay headed upward, deciding she needed another breath.

She emerged inside the glass tank, swimming to the top to gasp for breath. It was in the shape of a Houdini tank. It was narrow and confining, but at least there was an air pocket.

Lindsay was under no illusions. The bastard clearly wanted to view her naked body in here while she was catching her breath. But she focused on breathing deeply rather than deliberately trying to show off her goodies to the cameras recording it all.

She heard a hum moments before she looked upward. The grate in the ceiling of the glass tank was coming down. Her air pocket was being eliminated again.

She angrily cried out, “Can’t you give me one lousy minute to catch my breath?” But the grate kept inching downward. She didn’t have much time.

Lindsay inhaled just as much air into her lungs as she could. Then she submerged before the grate could push down on her head. She exited the bottom of the Houdini tank and swam down for the next tunnel.

She grabbed the lip and pulled herself inside. It was very nearly pitch black. She only went fifteen feet before it angled to the left, darkening the interior even more.

Lindsay pulled herself forward, her breasts swaying underneath her. She had a forty foot swim to make before the tunnel angled again. Another fifteen feet beyond and there would be another regulator waiting.

She moved herself along by reaching out against the sides of the tunnel, trying to get her eyes to adjust to the near darkness. Then it began to get lighter. She reached the corner and made the turn, the tunnel becoming more illuminated.

The regulator was right there, dangling for her to use. She swam to the end of the tunnel. Then she wrapped her lips around it before clearing it.


What the hell??

There was a glass panel right there in the wall behind the dangling reg. A wipeboard filled the glass panel. On it were the words, THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT FOR BEING RUDE TO MY GUEST. YOU’LL HAVE TO MAKE THE SWIM TO THE NEXT ONE.

Lindsay bubbled… SHIT! Then she began pulling hard across the chamber. That bastard!

There were two tunnels on the opposite side. The opening to the lower one had been illuminated. That was the one she was supposed to take… and she knew what that meant. Damn!

Lindsay angled for it. Then she pulled herself into the tunnel. She had another forty feet to swim. But it was what lay beyond that made her unhappy.

She pulled as hard as she could. This time she could really feel it in her lungs. Damn her for that bitchy attitude she’d displayed to his guest.

He’d deserved it, of course. At least she thought he did. She should have known there might be consequences if she mistreated his guests in any way.

Her lungs were burning when she emerged from the tunnel. The regulator was there. But so was the phallus embedded in the wall.

Lindsay swam for the regulator just as hard as she could. She grabbed it and frantically wrapped her lips around it. She cleared it before trying to take a deep breath…



Lindsay winced as she tried to back herself up against the phallus sticking out of the wall. She managed to impale herself on it. Then she pushed hard against it.

It was long and thick; it really filled her. The more she impaled herself, the more she could feel air starting to hiss through the reg in her mouth. It was crazy being forced to fuck for her next breath like this!

She took the phallus just as deep as it would go. The reg opened up even more, allowing badly needed compressed air to hiss through. Lindsay began sucking on the regulator like crazy as she fucked the phallus against the wall behind her.

That bastard! He loved watching her fuck his toys underwater! At least it was easier to fuck a dildo than it was to fuck any of his friends, especially that bastard who’d been here last week.

She grunted as she took deep breaths while inhaling as much air as she could receive. It was humiliating as hell. But she was more than willing, so long as it allowed the regulator to keep providing the air she needed.

She felt the pressure drop ominously. Time to get moving again. Lindsay filled her lungs before the reg totally shut down.

She pulled herself off the phallus and headed toward the last tunnel. Then she would be into a smaller pool. She might have a little bit more of a swim to make. But at least it would finally conclude what she had begun to call her fetish swims.

She headed for the last tunnel. It was just wide enough to where she couldn’t brace herself against the walls on either side. She would have to kick and pull herself all the way through.

It was a long swim this time. It was sixty feet, all on her own power with no leverage to help move her along. Lindsay powered through, hoping this fetish swim was just about over.

She saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Lindsay pushed herself harder. Bubbles trickled out of her mouth; she was running out of breath again.

She emerged from the tunnel, only to stop short in alarm. That bastard she’d been rude to was drifting right there in scuba gear at her level. He was totally naked, sporting a long, thick erection…

Oh, HELL no!

Lindsay shook her head as she headed for the surface. It was about ten feet up. But when she looked upward she saw something reflecting back at her.

She almost slammed into it full on. She hit it with her hands outstretched. A Plexiglas barrier prevented her from surfacing, much less getting the air she needed.

She beat on it as she bubbled anxiously. Then she looked downward. The bastard she’d been rude to was right there waiting for her near the bottom of the pool. At least he had an air supply.

She swam down toward him, cursing inwardly. She submissively motioned she was out of air as she approached. No point in being rude to him now, not when he had the power of life and death on his back with the regulator between his lips.

He smiled as he pointed at his erection. Lindsay made a slashing motion across her throat… “I need air now!” He just motioned at his dick in reply.

Oh, FUCK no! But what else could she do? The surface had been cut off by that Plexiglas barrier.

She looked up, confirming it was still in place. Her lungs heaved in her chest. Would he let her drown if she didn’t suck? Did she dare take the chance?

Reluctantly she grabbed his erection, pulling herself to it. Then she gulped it down. She did her best to suck on it, her hungering lungs heaving from lack of air.

She grunted as she kept losing her breath through her nose. She made the slashing motion across her throat again. The regulator finally appeared in his hand right in front of her.

Lindsay hastily snatched it away before cramming it between her lips. She hungrily gulped down huge breaths of air, trying to satisfy her starving lungs. At least her breathlessness was subsiding.

She didn’t have it long before he reached down and yanked it out of her mouth, causing bubbles to spew out past her lips. Then he pointed at his dick. Lindsay obediently went back to work, throwing herself into her underwater blowjob as best she could.

She still didn’t like the guy. But he had the air supply she needed. Occasionally she glanced up at the surface. But it looked like the barrier was still in place.

She sucked and gulped, doing her best to get him off. Would she be rewarded if he came in her mouth? Maybe if she swallowed his load she would be allowed to reach the surface.

She was grunting up bubbles as she made another slashing motion across her throat. The reg dutifully appeared in front of her face. She frantically snatched it up, anxiously cramming it between her lips.

Lindsay took deep, satisfying breaths. That felt better. It was amazing how good compressed air tasted when there was no other air to be had.

He suddenly flipped her around. Then he pushed his dick into her from behind. A moment later he yanked the reg out of her mouth, causing her to spew up bubbles.

Lindsay couldn’t believe how much his dick filled her. He thrust so deep that it almost hurt. But she figured it was better to get him off in order to be allowed to escape the pool with her pride only slightly dented.

He really pounded her hard. Lindsay couldn’t believe it! He rammed her as though she was nothing but an underwater fuck-toy!

She could feel it in her lungs again. She needed another breath. She made a slashing motion across her throat. This time the reg did not appear in front of her. Did that mean she had to get him off before she got a refill?

She did her best to fuck him back, anxious to make him cum. Lindsay’s lungs were straining. She really needed another hit off that regulator!

She lost more bubbles as he pounded her hard, almost as though he was trying to fuck the breath out of her body. Then she felt him swell inside her. A moment later his hot seed filled her love tunnel.

Lindsay cried out despite herself. A warmth of pleasure flushed through her. Being used like that had been humiliating as hell. At least it had been somewhat enjoyable in that she’d gotten an orgasm out of the deal.

He finally pulled out of her. Lindsay turned toward him, reaching out for the regulator. He just shook his head and backed away before pointing up at the surface.

What? He wasn’t going to give her any air?? Did that mean the surface was going to open up?

Lindsay shot upward, her lungs on fire. She needed another breath and she needed it now. But as she approached she could see the barrier was still in place.

She reached the Plexiglas and anxiously pushed up against it. But it would not give. She tried to swim to the edge of the pool, looking for an opening. But the barrier covered the entire surface of the small pool.

She looked up to see her benefactor standing there along the edge of the water. His hands were on his hips and he was shaking his head. Gawd; what did that mean??

She cried out as she lost another burst of bubbles. Lindsay pounded against the Plexiglas as her lungs heaved insistently. Then she reflexively gulped a mouthful of water.

She instinctively tried to cough it out. That resulted in her inhaling another mouthful. Lindsay immediately went into a series of seizures, screaming her breath away as she tried to beat on the immovable Plexiglas.

Her struggles lessened as she began convulsing, bending over at the waist each time she swallowed another mouthful of water. She hitched and gurgled as stray bubbles leaked out past her parted lips. She stared upward in horror as her negatively buoyant body began to descend to the depths.

She drifted downward until she reached the guy who’d just finished fucking her. She was conscious enough to feel him push his dick between her lips. Gawd; there wasn’t time for this!

She barely gagged up a bubble or two as she felt internal organs shutting down. Lindsay finally went limp. Now there were hardly any muscle twitches.

The scuba diver continued fucking her mouth for a couple more minutes. Then he turned her around face down and penetrated her ass. Lindsay’s drowned, naked body jerked with each thrust, her breasts wobbling underneath her as he pounded her good and hard.

He fucked her for several more minutes until he left a second deposit deep inside her. This time it was left in her ass, a cream stream matching the one coming out of her slit. Lindsay did not react in the slightest.

He turned her over and caressed her, groping her boobs while making her auburn tresses swirl. She stared upward with unseeing eyes. Then he let her go. Lindsay slowly drifted to the bottom of the pool, landing upon her back as a couple stray bubbles escaped past her parted lips.

He slowly finned his way upward, exhaust bubbling to the surface. This time the cover was gone. He made his way to the shallow end where he slowly emerged out of the water by climbing the steps.

His host was right there to greet him with a smile. “I hope this makes up for her rudeness during your last visit, my friend.”

“It more than makes up for it. But what are you going to do for another fetish swimmer?”

“I hear Selena is having trouble with the IRS. I just might give her a call.”

“Contact me if you do. I’d like to be in the pool waiting for her as she finishes her swim.”

2021 (Written for jqpublic Nov 29 ’21 by riwa. Based on an idea of his from many years ago.)

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