Lori drowns for Amy


Lori drowns for Amy aka Lori’s Drowning Test

22 year old Lori Sattersby straps on the belt around her waist. She looks at her friend Amy Weinstaub and smiles nervously. “I’m not sure about this.”

Amy replies, “You want to do this for me, don’t you? You want to know what it feels like, don’t you?”

Lori takes a deep breath and nods. “You’re sure you can bring me back?”

“It’s not like you’re going to be dead or anything,” Amy sighs heavily. “I told you already.” Then her tone softens as she becomes sympathetic.

“Look; I know you’re nervous. You don’t have to do this, ok?”

“But I want to,” Lori says without much conviction.

“You don’t sound like it.”

“I want to!” Now she sounds determined.

Amy smiles. “That’s more like it.”

Lori looks at her watch. She takes a deep breath. Then she activates the timer as she steps off underneath the high dive, hitting the water with a splash.

Amy activates her the timer on her watch as her friend steps off the edge of the pool. For the moment, she’s incredibly aroused. She never dreamed she would be able to get her roommate to agree to this, much less become a lifeguard with her.

Lori allows the weight belt to drag her down to the pool floor. It’s 12 feet below the surface. She can feel the pressure, and she pinches her nose to equalize, minimizing her discomfort.

Her watch reads 5 seconds as she reaches the bottom. Instinctively she holds her breath. Now what the hell is she supposed to do while she’s down here waiting to drown for her friend?

At 10 seconds, she begins to move around along the floor. Lori looks for loose change, jewelry… something to occupy her time. She doesn’t want to just sit still and wait for the inevitable… although, upon second thought, maybe that would be better.

The watch shows 20 seconds have gone by as she wonders what she was thinking of when she agreed to this. Already, she feels a little discomfort in her chest. She knows she can hold her breath longer. Is it because she’s become anxious knowing she’s going to drown down here and that Amy’s going to have to haul her to the surface and revive her?

She releases a few bubbles out of her nose. Then she decides to sit still and wait. At 30 seconds, she decides she’s committed. Besides, she knows Amy is quite professional when it comes to administering CPR.

Lori allows more air to burble out through her nose at 35 seconds. She wants to keep her sinuses clear so her nose won’t burn. She’s also trying to relieve the growing discomfort in her chest. She didn’t think it would be this difficult. Maybe they should have practiced more. But deep down, she just wants to get this over with.

She looks at her watch to check the time. Lori congratulates herself on reaching 40 seconds without quitting. Still, she can’t help wondering whether or not she really wants to go through with this.

At 45 seconds, she studies a crack in the floor to help take her mind off the task at hand. She was sure she could make a minute and a half easily enough. Maybe her anxiety is gobbling down her air reserves.

Lori burbles a little more air out of her nose at 50 seconds. Her lungs start to burn in protest. Definitely should have tried a couple of practice breath-holds first. Oh well… too late now.

At 55 seconds, she feels her first, small chest contraction. It’s as though her lungs already want to inhale. Damn! She hopes she can stay down long enough for their agreed-upon time frame.

Lori checks her watch. She sees she’s now been on the pool floor for a minute. She has to go another 30 seconds at least. But does she really want to drown for Amy? Maybe they should put it off for another time. Oh hell; best to just get it over with!

At 1:05, she fights against a serious chest convulsion. Her lungs want air; this is not going well. She knows she should be able to hold her breath longer.

At 1:10, she feels a growing sense of panic start to well up inside her. Lori loses a small burst of air. Can she stay down long enough? Or will instinct make her ditch her weight belt and shoot up to the surface?

At 1:15, she checks her watch. Only fifteen seconds to go in order to reach her desired time. That’s when Amy will join her to help her along as she drowns. Lori feels a fearfully erotic shiver at the thought.

Her lungs feel like they are burning as she reaches 1:20. She looks up at the surface and contemplates aborting the whole damned thing. But that would mean she would have to come back down and do this all over again. Better to try to get it done the first time. Maybe Amy will leave her alone after this.

At 1:25, her lungs put in an order to be refilled. Her chest heaves as she holds the watch up to check on her time. Her cheeks instinctively bulge. Amy better get her ass down here quick, or she’s going to give up and call the whole thing off.

She strains for all she’s worth as the seconds tick by. Lori finally reaches 1:30. A splash from above indicates Amy’s coming down, right on cue. Air billows out of her mouth like an exploding balloon. Lori clamps a hand over her mouth and nose. Gawd; this is intolerable! What the hell was she thinking??

At 1:35 Amy arrives, a weight belt strapped around her waist. She smiles happily at her friend. Lori thinks she looks way too damned eager!

Lori’s body tries to inhale at 1:40. Her lungs convulse from each attempt. Her eyes are wide with fright, and she shakes her head. It’s time to cancel this stupidity.

A couple of seconds later, she inadvertently inhales. Water goes down her windpipe, causing her to cough. Lori instinctively flails for the surface.

Amy watches with great excitement. At 1:46, she grabs onto an ankle and holds onto her roommate as per their agreement. Her body tingles like crazy, her kitty throbbing.

At 1:53, Lori’s body goes through a series of shudders and spasms as she tries to reject the inflow of water down her windpipe. Her mouth opens and closes as she coughs up bubbles. Amy almost orgasms right then and there.

Lori is still feebly waving her arms as her watch shows 1:58. She looks up at the surface of the pool; oh, so far away. It hurts like hell!

At 1:59, Amy mentally prepares herself to give her friend CPR. But right now, it’s just too damned erotic. She can hardly contain herself.

Lori spasms violently as her timer reaches 2:03. It does not register that her friend is cumming and bubbling from all the excitement. All she knows is she wants to get back to the surface where she can breathe normally.

At 2:07, Lori’s body finally goes limp, other than a few stray muscle spasms. Sporadic bubbles escape from her lungs to swirl to the surface. The weight belt slowly pulls her back down, indicating Amy no longer needs to hold onto her ankle.

At 2:10, Amy detects no further movement from Lori. She shudders from a delicious orgasmic aftershock as she pops the catch to the drowned woman’s weight belt. It falls away, making it easier to get her back to the surface.

Amy grabs the catch on her own belt and prepares to pop it open as her watch registers 2:15. It was erotic as hell. She really appreciates her roommate’s role in all this. It was totally worth it!

At 2:20, exactly ten seconds after Amy detects no movement in Lori, she ditches her own belt. Then she swims the drowned woman up toward the surface. There is only one thing on her mind: the promise to revive her friend.

Amy pushes Lori’s upper body out of the water onto the edge of the pool at 2:26. She quickly climbs out of the water. Then she goes to work.

Both watches show a time of 2:32 as Amy begins CPR. She’s done this so many times before that she could do it in her sleep. Still, she consciously retrieves all her training from memory to make sure she doesn’t miss anything.

At 2:45, Lori’s eyes blink. There’s a spasm in her chest. Amy feels a surge of triumph.

Lori coughs up a mouthful of water at 2:49. She blinks again as she gasps for breath. A coughing fit spews up moisture.

At 2:55, Lori rises up and hugs Amy. Her friend asks her how it was. She says it was frightening, and it hurt a lot. But she feels like she experienced something of a sexual nature during her drowning. Lori tells Amy that next time, it is her turn. Amy says she will think about. Lori tells her, “No, you owe me a drowning.” Amy laughs and nods her head.

2004; 2022 (written Jun 26 ’04; ed. Jan 31 ’22 by riwa)

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